Explanation of abbreviations

18th Corps Hsp BWL Broadway Landing Va
2nd Division Hsp ALX Alexandria, Va
Annapolis Hsp ANA Maryland
Armory Sq Hsp. WSH @ 17TH E of 11th St.
Ascension Church Hsp WSH H St @ 10th St NW
Augur Gen Hsp ALX Alexandria, Va
Balfour Gen Hsp PRT Portsmouth, Va
Broadway Base Hsp ITF Virginia
Bellevue General Hsp NYC New York City
Bermuda Hundred Hsp BHH Bermuda Hundred, Va
Blake Hsp NYC Hart's Island NYH
C" Street Hsp WSH 360-364 "C" St NW
Camp Arthur Hsp NYH Staten Island NYH
Camp Barry Hsp WSH Corcoran's Farm H St NE
Camp Curtin Hsp HRB Harrisburg Pa
Camp Ohio Hsp WSH Tennalyton DC
Camp Parole Hsp ANA Annapolis, MD
Camp Seward Hsp AUB Auburn, NY
Camp Stoneman Hsp ITF Falmouth, Va
Campbell Hsp WSH Boundary St at 5th st
Capitol Barracks Hsp WSH 2nd St at E & A Sts SE
Capitol Hsp WSH Capitol Bldg
Carver Hsp WSH Meridan Hill
Caspari's Hsp WSH A St near Capitol
Central Park Hsp NYC New York City
Chestnut Hill Hsp PHL Phila Pa
Chumbarazzo Hsp RCH Richmond Va CSA
Circle Hsp WSH Washington Circle
City Hall Hsp WSH 4th & 5th Sts NW
City Infirmary WSH E St at 4th & 5th Sts
City Point Depot Hsp CPH City Point Va
Cliffburne Birks Hsp WSH Meridan Hill
College Hsp WSH O" Street at Georgetown
Columbian Gen Hsp WSH Meridan Hill W/14th St Ro
Convalescent Camp ALX Alexandria, Va
Cranch Hsp WSH Corner 6th St NW
Cumberland Hsp CMB Cumberland, MD
De Camp Hsp NYC David's Island NYH
Depot General Hsp CPH City Point Va
Desmarrez EENT Hsp WSH 14th St & Mass Ave
Division Hsp Kelly's Ford ITF Kelly's Ford Va.
Douglas Hsp WSH Corner N.J. Ave & I Sts
Ebenezer Church Hsp WSH 4th & 5th Sts SE
Eckington House Hsp WSH Bladenburg Rd.
Emory Hospital WSH Near Congressional Cemetery
Engineer Brigade Hsp WSH Near Navy Yard
Epiphany Church Hsp WSH G St at 13th St NW
Eruptive Fever Hsp WSH 1at St at B & C Sts SE
Fairfax Hsp ALX Alexandria, Va
Fairground Hsp PTB Petersburg, Va
Falmouth Hsp FKB Fredericksburg, Va
Field Hsp SHH Sandy Hook, MD
Filbert St. Hsp PHL Philadelphia, Pa.
Finley Hsp WSH Kendall Green
Fort Albany Hsp ALX Alexandria, Va
Ft Baker Mt Hope Hsp WSH Washington, D.C.
Fort Columbus Hsp NYH New York Harbor
Fort Corcoran Hsp WSH Washington, D.C.
Fort Davis Post Hsp WSH Washington, D.C.
Fort Delaware Prison Hsp WLM Wilmington, Delaware
Fort Lyons Hsp ITF Virginia
Fort Mahan Hsp ITF Virginia
Fort Richardson Hsp ITF Virginia
Fort Richmond Hsp NYH Staten Island NYC
Fort Ricketts Hsp WSH Washington, D.C.
Fort Sandy Hook Hsp NYH New York Harbor
Fort Schuyler Hsp NYH New York Harbor
Fort Snyder Hsp WSH Washington, D.C.
Fort Stanton Hsp WSH Washington, D.C.
Fort Wagner Hsp WSH Washington, D.C.
Fort Whipple Hsp ITF Virginia
Fort Wood NYH NYH New York Harbor
Fort Woodbury DC WSH Washington, D.C.
Fort Worth Hsp Va FWH Virginia
Fortress Monroe Hsp FMH Virginia
Frederick US Gen Hsp FDK Frederick, MD
Giesboro Hospital WSH Giesboro Point DC
Grant USAG Hsp NYH Williet's Point NYH
Hampton Gen Hsp FMH Fortress Monroe, Va
Hancock Sta Field Hsp HFH Virginia
Harewood Hsp WSH 7th St at Soldier's Home
Hicks USAG Hsp BLT Baltimore, Md
Islington USAG Hsp PHL Philadelphia, Pa.
Ira Harris USG Hsp ALB Albany, NY
Island Hall Hsp IHH Harper's Ferry VA
Jarvis Hsp Balt Md BLT Baltimore, Md
Jeffersonville Army Hsp IND Jeffersonville, Ind.
Judiciary Sq Hsp WSH City Hall at 4th & 5th Sts
Kalorama Infectious Hsp WSH Kalorama Hts - 21st NW
Letterman Hsp GTY Gettysburg Pa
Lincoln Hsp WSH E. Capitol St.
Louden Park Hsp BLT Baltimore, Md
Lowell USAG Hsp PRT Portsmouth, Grove, RI
M.E. Church Hsp WSH Dumbarton St. SW
Madison Barracks Hsp MBH Sackets Harbor NY
Marine Hsp NOH New Orleans LA
Martindale Barracks Hsp WSH Penna & N.H. Ave
McClellan Hsp PHL Phila Pa
McDougal Hsp CSA RCH Richmond Va
McDougall Hsp NYH New York Harbor
McKim's Hsp BLT Baltimore, Md
Monroe Hsp PHL Philadelphia, Pa.
Mower General Hsp PHL Philadelphia, Pa.
Mt Hope Hsp WSH Fort Baker, DC
Mt. Pleasant Hsp WSH Meridan Hill
National Hsp BLT Baltimore, Md
Ninth Corps Hsp PTB Petersburg, Va
Ninth Corps Hsp II ITF Mead's Station, Va
Odd Fellows Hall Hsp WSH 8th St SE at Navy Yard
Park Lane Hsp PHL Philadelphia, Pa.
Patent Office Hsp WSH 7th St at F & G Sts NW
Patterson Park Hsp BLT Baltimore, Md
Post Hsp ITF Martinsburg, Va
Post USAG Hsp ALB Albany, NY
Presbyterian Hsp WSH Bridge & Washington Sts
Pt of Rocks Hsp 18th AC POR Point of Rocks, Va
Reynolds Brrcks Hsp WSH W of White House
Rush Barracks Hsp WSH S of White House
Russell Barracks Hsp WSH Kendall Green
Ryland Chapel Hsp WSH Corner 10th & D Sts SW
Satterlee Gen Hsp WPH W. Philadelphia, Pa.
Schoolhouse Hsp WSH 5th St at Judiciary Square
Second Corps Hsp BPH Belle Plain, Va
Segwick Brrcks Hsp WSH 18th & 19th Sts NW
Seminary Hsp GTY Gettysburg Pa
Seminary Hsp WSH Corner G St "Officers"
Sherburne Barracks Hsp WSH 1st & E Sts at NJ Ave
Sheridan Field Hsp WIN Winchester Va
Sickles Hsp WSH Washington, D.C.
Slough Gen'l Hsp ALX Alexandria, Va
Soldier's Hsp ITF Point Lookout, Md
St Aloysius Brrks Hsp WSH 7th & K Sts NW
St Elizabeth Hospital WSH Anacostia, DC. Insane
St James Hsp N.O. New Orleans LA
Stanton Brrcks Hsp WSH I St NW at 2nd & 3rd Sts
Stone Hsp WSH Meridan Hill E of 14th St
Summit House Hsp PHL Philadelphia, Pa.
Third Division Hsp ALX Alexandria, Va
Tilton Hsp WLM Wilmington, Delaware
Trinity Church Hsp WSH Lingan St. at 1st & 2nd NW
Trinity Church Hsp WSH Corner 3rd & C Sts NW
Troy Hsp TRY Troy, NY
Turner's Lane Hsp PHL Philadelphia, Pa.
U.S. Barracks Hsp WSH 18th St SE at Navy Yard
U.S. Barracks Hospital NOH New Orleans LA
Union Chapel Hospital WSH 20th St at NW Penna Ave
Union Hotel Fry Hsp WSH Bridge & Washington Sts NW
United States Gen Hsp FDK Frederick, MD
United States Gen Hsp FFX Fairfax, Va
United States Gen Hsp BRS Bristol, Pa
United States Gen Hsp BUF Buffalo, NY
United States Gen Hsp BVY Beverly, N.J.
United States Gen Hsp CHS Chester, Pa
United States Gen Hsp PHL Philadelphia, Pa.
United States Gen Hsp ROC Rochester, NY
University Hsp NOH New Orleans LA
USAGH Providence RI PRV Providence, R.I.
USN Hsp Ship USN USN "Black Diamond"
USN Hsp Ship USN USN "Thomas Morgan"
USN Hsp Ship USN USN "Western Metroplis"
USN Hsp Ship USN USN "Express"
Ward USG Hsp NWK Newark, N.J.
Washington Arsenal Hsp WSH U.S. Arsenal Grounds
Water's Warehouse Hsp WSH High St at Water Sts
White House Hsp WHL White House Landing, Va
Whitehall Hsp PHL Philadelphia, Pa.
Williams Barracks Hsp NYH Sandy Hook, MD
Wisewell Barracks Hsp WSH 7th & O Sts NW
York Gen Hsp YRK York, Pa

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