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Watertown Daily Times, Watertown, NY, Friday, June 23, 1905




Comrades from All Parts of the Union,

Here for Old Home Week, Meet Again

With the Men With Whom They Camped
and Marched and Fought


At Odd Fellows' temple last evening the survivors of the 10th New York Heavy artillery gathered at a camp firs. Several hundred people were present, and the program, which consisted of music, singing and interesting war reminiscences, was much enjoyed. Following a selection by Huff's orchestra, prayer was offered by Rev. E.G.W. Hall after which Dr. E.A Chapman introduced Maj. D.W Burdick of Ithaca as the first speaker. Maj. Burdick said that at the time of the Civil war, the United States was not the world power that it is today. There is no other nation now more respected than this, he said, and a great deal of the credit is due the veterans who fought so bravely in the Civil war. The old 10th had never failed in the past and never would in the future.

M.A. Reed of St. Joseph, Mo. was the next speaker. This is the first reunion of his old regiment that Mr. Reed has ever been able to attend. He spoke of the intense pleasure he had wxperienced in meeting his old comrades after being separated from them for so many years.

W.A. Mayhew of Wisconsin, the next speaker, said that comrades of the 10th were always ready to emphasize "old Jefferson county' when asked what regiment they belonged to. He told of the deeds f the 10th artillery and said that although a resident of the west he always had a warm place in his heart for Jefferson county.

John Hayes, another veteran from Wisconsin, was called on for a recitation and responded in a stirring poem entitled: "Because He Wore the Blue." Mr. Hayes also gave a humorous recitation, telling how he came to join the army. Eliot G. Johnson gave a vocal selection, after which Jame S. Ward of San Diego, Cal. related several anecdotes of army life. The boys in blue were getting fewer in number every year, he said, and soon there would be no more camp fires.

Otis Dewey, of Watertown, South Dakota, was another survivor who was enjoying his first reunion with his old comrades. He said he had enjoyed shaking hands with his war time friends more than he had ability of tongue to tell. W.C. Porter of Theresa told a number of humorous tales of the war, which greatly amused those present. Rev. E.G.W. hall followed with an army song. D.C. Hurd of Utica was the last speaker of the evening. He spoke feelingly of the comrades who had passed away and said he hoped to attend many more reunions.

The following veterans were in attendance:

  1. James Miller, Clark Mills,
  2. Lyman Dickerson, Watertown
  3. W.H. Hawes, Vergennes, Vt.
  4. F.M. Connors, Adams
  5. H.D. Payne, Julius A Quencer, Watertown
  6. F.F. Bellinger, G.W.Sisson, Evans Mills
  7. A.J. Drake, Felts Mills
  8. A.W. Goodale, J. Demares, Watertown
  9. F.H. Henry, Carthage
  10. John Champ, Watertown
  11. M.A. Reed, St. Joseph, Mo.
  12. Arthur A. Russell, Watertown
  13. Joseph St. Louis, Black River
  14. Peter Bergevin, B.J.Eames, John G. McCarthy, James Felt, Watertown
  15. A.H. Allen, A. G. Glass, W.A.Hammond, M.J. Walker, L.H. Keller, Caleb M.Lyman, Willis A. Babcock, Adams
  16. M.E. Maltby, Irving Whitford, N.G. Whitford, Andrew Greene, Adams Centre J.E. Benway, Albany
  17. Amasa Miller, Algona James M. Middleton, Lorraine
  18. M. Meeks, Sackets Harbor
  19. Charlee Catlin, Adams
  20. T.J. Delmore, Carthage
  21. L.J. Wait, Belleville
  22. James M. Wright, East Rodman
  23. James Parish, Glen Park
  24. A.B. Hall, Levi Washburn, Watertown
  25. F.O. Sherman, Syracuse
  26. E. Huestis, Rochester
  27. George E. Hill, South Rutland
  28. R.M. Grant, Rodman
  29. W.C. Porter, Theresa
  30. E.A. Chapman, I.A. Traver, William Quinn, Watertown
  31. E.P. Reese, George Steinhilber, Evans Mills
  32. Ed Short, Alfor Gates, Carthage
  33. J.H. Mosier, L.W. Hoverman, R.M. Cooper, Philadelphia
  34. Chester Mitchell, Sterlingville
  35. B. Persons, Castorland
  36. E.G.W. Hall, Nunda, N..
  37. James Crimmons, Harrisville
  38. G.A. Dyer, Silver Creek, NY
  39. James S. Ward, San Diego, Cal.
  40. G. Avery, G.W. Exford, G.J. ritland, Roselle Saunders, Carthage
  41. S.J. Bartlett, Castorland
  42. R.B.Scott, W.T.Lewis, Black River
  43. John Keller, Deer River
  44. John C. Carpenter, Sanfords Corners
  45. G.E. Flanders, Felts Mills
  46. Andrew Haller, Beaver Falls
  47. Morris Griffin, L.H. Stevens, Watertown
  48. Houston Weaver, Frank Saunders, F.E. Ashcraft, Natural Bridge
  49. George Becker, Peoria, Ill.
  50. J.P.Hayes, Oregon, Wis.
  51. Stephen Faulkner, Lacona
  52. Norman George, Watertown
  53. Frank Dunn, Redwood
  54. O.E. Shaw, Omar
  55. Nelson Sheley, Theresa
  56. L.A. Butterfield, Redwood
  57. Lewis W. Eddy, William Joles, Nathan Murphy, A.J. Spaulsbury, S.W. Sargent, Clayton
  58. E.L.Fikes, E.H. Cohn, Lyman Pickard, Evans Mills
  59. John Aker, J.W.Johnson, Ira O. Banks, Chaumont
  60. W.H. Comstock, Henderson
  61. A.J. Kilburn, Brownville
  62. J.G. VanEpps, Syracuse
  63. W.C. Hill, Watertown
  64. L.D. Spalsbury, Philadelphia
  65. A. Shead, Carthage
  66. W.L Wilcox, Belleville
  67. Daniel Hose, Bryant Streeter, Watertown
  68. Chris Dingman, John Christler, G. Wood, Jacob Bruce, Dexter
  69. R.J. Kelly, North Rose, NY
  70. Doro Horton, Chaumont
  71. C.F. Wilson, Rochester
  72. Richard Powers, Oswego
  73. H.E. Blackstone, Adams
  74. Horace Holloway, Sackets Harbor
  75. B.A. Harris, Brownville
  76. J.H. Parker, Cape Vincent
  77. D.W. Burdick, Ithaca
  78. David Zimmerman, Brownville
  79. Robert Thompson, Frank D. Seeber, W.H. Underwood, Dexter
  80. James Dier, Gouverneur
  81. M.D. Swan, Belleville
  82. Edgar H. Brundridge, Adams Centre
  83. H. Groat, Philadephia
  84. Fred Bennett, Carthage
  85. L.E. Ostrander, Walter Seeber, Limerick
  86. Melzer Welch, Sackets Harbor
  87. A.A. Luther, George r. Carpenter, Watertown
  88. Wallace R. Hill, Deer River
  89. M.D. Manvil, Adams
  90. G.W.Cross, West Winfield, NY
  91. Gilbert Chapman, Arthur White, Cape Vincent
  92. John W. Caris, Omar
  93. Henry McNulty, Saranac Lake
  94. Ambrose S. Crook, Champion
  95. John W.Gorse, Carthage
  96. C.T. Caldwell, Novi, Mich.
  97. W.H. Bundy, E.G. Clark, Clytus Shepherd, L.Grant, John Brennan, Watertown
  98. G.F. Hentse, Three Mile Bay
  99. J. M. Horton, Chaumont
  100. O.L. Fuller, Sandy Creek
  101. M.J. Carey, Chaumont
  102. Henry Damon, Pierrepont Manor
  103. William D. Sweet, Plessis
  104. W.D. Greene, Robert Huffman, Joseph Horton, Watertown
  105. Thomas S. Taggart, Utica
  106. W. Edgebroadt, Brownville
  107. V.A. Blanden, Belleville
  108. William B. Taylor, Buffalo
  109. C.M. Ockford, Henry Beecher, Henry M. Barber, A.P. Soper, O.B. Cadwell, J.T. Relyea, Watertown
  110. John Combs, L.C. Angel, John Northrup, John M. Wilcox, Three Mile Bay
  111. J.L. Empey, Orlando, Fla.
  112. Cyrus House, Brownville,
  113. Samuel Knowles, Carthage
  114. George L. Rogers, Canton
  115. W.A. Mayhew, Clinton, Wis.
  116. Fred Schafer, Cape Vincent
  117. J.S. Dryer, Antwerp

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