timus.htm N. Watertown & Juhleville Dir.




Published by J.D.Huntington, Watertown, 1855


Ackles, Miss M. A., Domestic, 11 Moulton.
Adsit George A., Blacksmith, 11 Main.
Ainsworth, S., Machinist, 10 Moulton.
Allen, S., Wagon Maker, 1 Wall.
Angel, Truman S., Grocer, 51 Main.
Angel, Charles B. Clerk, b 51 Main.
Angel, -----. Clerk, b 51 Main
Austin, Miss A. Tailoress, b 17 Leray.
Babcock, Geo. Laborer, b on Butternut.
Bagley, William, Machinist, 50 Evans.
Baldwin, B H. Joiner, 28 Main.
Barclay, R. Proprietor of Black River House.
Bates, Bradley, Grocer, b Spalsbury's Hotel.
Bascom, George, Mechanic, 21 Evans.
Bingham, Mrs. E. Tailoress, 52 Evans.
Bingham, Luther, Joiner, b 52 Evans.
Binsse, J. Land Agent, 55 Main.
Blount, A. Retired Farmer, 11 Edmunds.
Borden, D. J. Painter, 26 Evans.
Bowers, S. Teamster, b 47 Main.
Bowker, S. Blacksmith, 3 Wall.
Bradford, J. N. Machinist, b 14 Moulton.
Brainard, George, Blacksmith, b 34 Main.
Brennan, James, Laborer, North, n Lynde.
Brockway, Hugh F. Joiner, b 11 Moulton.
Brown, William, Joiner, 21 Edmunds.
Buck, George A. b Spalsbury's Hotel.
Buck, Miss G. A. b Spalsbury's Hotel.
Burns, Jane, Tailoress, b on Butternut.
Butler, Mrs. H. Widow, b 20 Main.
Cary, Thomas, Machinist, b 55 Evans.
Case, Rodney, Pump-maker, 53 cor North & Evans.
Case, Lorenzo, Joiner, 18 Moulton.
Case, Curtiss, Joiner, b 18 Moulton.
Chase, D. W. Blacksmith, 13 Leray.
Clemens, Phillip, Laborer, rear of 25 Main.
Clyde, Robert, Laborer, b 47 Main.
Collins, John, Shoemaker, Leray, n Covered Bridge.
Cole, S. Farmer, new st. North of Main, bel Edmunds.
Conway, A. Blacksmith, 25 Moulton.
Cook, William D. Miller, 7 Edmunds.
cornwall, Erastus, Teamster, 10 Evans.
Cornwall, Jonathan, Turner, 27 Evans.
Cornwall, D. Joiner, Grove, n Centre.
Cory, P. Blacksmith, b 25 Moulton.
Cozeno, John, Laborer, 30 Main.
Cramer, Jacob, Joiner, 40 Main.
Crank, Miss E. Tailoress, b Grove, n Centre.
Culver, Warren F. Machinist, 10 Wall.
Daily, Ellen, Domestic, 4 Moulton.
Dana, Miss J. b Black River House.
Davison, W. Paper-hanger, 25 Evans.
Delmore, Michael, Laborer, foot of Wall.
Delong, Mrs. Widow, 12 Wall.
Dickerson. D. Clerk, b 9 Evans.
Dorey, M. Blacksmith, 13 Evans.
Dorey , Thomas, Blacksmith, b 13 Evans.
Dorey, James, Axe-maker, b 13 Evans.
Eddy, E. A, Blacksmith, 38 Main.
Elliott, William, Laborer, 35 main.
Empy, John, Laborer, 2 Angel's Row.
Estlestine, William, Joiner, Leray, n Elm.
Failing, Warner, Proprietor of Failing's Hotel.
Failing, Harvey, Constable, b Failing's Hotel.
Failing, George H. Farmer, b Failing's Hotel.
Failing, William S. Clerk, b Failing's Hotel.
Failing, Miss E. M. b Failing's Hotel
Fairchilds, A. Cabinet-maker, 34 Evans.
Farall, P. Laborer, Binse, n Leray.
Fay, John, Farmer, Butternut.
Ferris, George, Civil Engineer, b Failing's Hotel.
Fish, M. M. Blacksmith, 17 Moulton.
Fowler, Philo, Overseer on Railroad, b Spalsbury's Hotel.
Frazier, John, Laborer, 50 Evans.
Frazier, T. J. Machinist, 14 Moulton.
Frisbie, J.S. Dealer in Real Estater, cor Munson & Elm.
Frisbie, B.S., student, b cor Munson & Elm.
Fuller, Ruth, Widow, cor Evans & Moulton.
Gates, Mrs. H. Widow, 20 Main
Gates, W. H. Overseer on Railroad, b 20 Main.
Gates, Miss H. A. b 20 Main..
Gates, H. A. b 20 Main.
Gates, J. C. Blacksmith, 2 Edmunds.
Goulding, Mary, Domestic at Spalsbury's.
Grace, Michael, Laborer, 55 Main.
Gyat, Peter, Tanner, 8 Leray.
Hancock, D. Moulder, b 10 Wall.
Hanley, James, Laborer, 12 Edmunds.
Hart, Patrick, Laborer, 6 Edmunds.
Haven, Dexter, Mechanic, 16 cor Leray & Lynde.
Haven, Nathaniel, Joiner, b 52 Main.
Henderson, Mrs. Domestic, 2 Edmunds.
Herrick, F. Joiner, 15 Moulton.
Herrick, Daniel, farmer, b 15 Moulton.
Hickey, John, Moulder, 49 Evans.
Hill, Mrs. H. Widow, b 7 Wall.
Hill, Martha, b 7 Wall.
Hoose, Odel, Laborer, 4 Angel's Row.
Hoose, David, Sailor, b 4 Angel's Row.
Hughs, Samuel, Laborer, b 47 Main.
Hunter, Margaret, 12 Moulton.
Irvin, David N. Cabinet-maker, 41 Evans.
Ishum, Phillip, Distiller, b 34 Main.
Jenks, Clark, Joiner, Leray, n Elm.
Joy, Mrs. A. Widow, b 18 Moulton.
Keough, Thomas, Laborer, North, n Lynde.
Kellogg, A. H. Joiner, Cor of Lynde & Davison.
Kelsey, Henry, Farmer, 56 Main.
Keon, Patrick, Coroner, 16 Evans.
Kerscher, Pauline, Domestic, 55 Main.
Klyne, Robert, Laborer, rear of 25 Main.
Knapp, Thos. Shoemaker, 9 Evans.
Lado, F. Axa Grinder, Grove, n Centre.
Lado, Joseph, Blacksmith, Grove, n Centre.
Langden, Benona, Cabinet-maker, b 25 Moulton.
Lashley, J. N. Painter, b 27 Evans.
Lauftis, Thomas, Laborer, b North, n Lynde.
Lawrence, A. J. Tool-maker, b 18 Moulton.
Lenox, Eli, Joiner, 17 Moulton.
Lieb, Rosa, Domestic, 55 Main.
Lindsay, William Turner, 9 Wall.
Lindsay, William Jr., Joiner, b 9 Wall.
Loan, Mrs. E. Widow, rear of 25 Main.
Long, Nelson, Joiner, Grove, n Centre.
Lyon, J. B., Carman, Centre, above Grove.
Lyon, Edward, Moulder, North, n Lynde.
Magoveny, James, Furnaceman, b on Butternut.
Malopey, P. Laborer, rear of 25 Main.
Maloney, Matthew, Laborer, rear of 25 Main.
Matthews, Thomas, Mechanic, 36 Evans.
McCarn, David, Joiner, b Black River House.
McCarty, Mary, Domestic, 18 Moulton.
McCormick, William, Joiner, b Spalsbury's.
McCormick, D. Carriage-maker, Centre, n Grove.
McCue, John, Laborer, 25 Main.
McGuire, Edward, Bar-keeper at Black River House.
McGuire, William, Blacksmith, b 2 Edmunds.
McMinn, John, Blacksmith, b 18 Moulton.
McMinn, James, Joiner, 20 Moulton.
McOmber, David, Painter, b Butternut.
Merrell, A.B. Joiner, 30 Evans.
Miles, S. N. K. Sash-maker, b 11 Moulton.
Millard, Halsey, Miller, 11 Evans.
Millions, John, Farmer, 52 Evans.
Millions, Miss R. D. Tailoress. b 52 Evans.
Millions, Miss E. J. Tailoress, b 52 Evans.
Millions, Miss S. E. Tailoress, b 52 Evans.
Mills, Ansel, Farmer, Cor Leray & Evans.
Morse, John, Laborer, b 51 Evans.
Muldowny, Thomas, Laborer, 3 Angel's Row.
Munn, George J. b Spalsbury's.
Murray,------, Miller, b 53 Evans.
Nelson, Mrs. M. Widow, 56 Main.
Nelson, Henry, Painter, b 56 Main.
Nelson, Julia, b 56 Main.
Nelson, Isabella, b 56 Main.
Niblock, Samuel, Wagon-maker, cor Lynde & Davison.
Noteman, Jacob, Farmer, North side Butternut.
Parker, D. Cooper, 6 Moulton.
Patrick, Jacob, Furnaceman, b Butternut.
Patterson, Chaucey, Mason, 9 Moulton.
Patterson, Hiram, Mason, b 9 Moulton.
Payne, William, Laborer, 29 Main.
Perry, Miss M. Tailoress, b cor Lynde & Davison.
Phillips, Richard, Joiner, 32 Main.
Phillips, Miss F. b 32 Main.
Phillips, Richard, Teamster, Leray, n Elm.
Phillips, George, Blacksmith, Centre, n Grove.
Pierrepont, T. Sash-maker, b 11 Main.
Plato, Menzo, Beer manufacturer, b 40 Main.
Plato, Nelson, b North side Main, n Railroad Track.
Randal, Cyrus, Moulder, 51 Evans.
Ransom, John F. Sash manufacturer, 11 Moulton.
Rickerson, Mrs. E. Nurse, Centre, above Grove.
Roderick, Mary J. Domestic, 25 Moulton.
Robbins, D.S. Grocer, b Spalsbury's.
Rogers, J. W. Cooper, 47 Main.
Rugg, William, Mason, 13 Main.
Rugg, Henry, Blacksmith, 7 Wall.
Russell, John, Paper-maker, 44 Evans.
Russell, John K. Saloon-Keeper, 38 Evans.
Ryther, Charles, Machinist, b 10 Wall.
Sabin, E. Justice of the Peace, 44 Main.
Sabin, Miss E. b at 44 Main.
Sandiforth, Mrs. L. b at Failing's Hotel.
Scott, G. B. Tanner, b at 21 Edmunds.
Scovill, J. Joiner, 2 Edmunds.
Seaver, William, Distiller, 10 Edmunds.
Sharlow, C. Laborer, 39 Main,
Sherdon, Mary, Domestic, 9 Evans.
Shory, Asa, Shoemaker, 2 Wall.
Skellenger, S. Teamster, 11 Evans.
Slater, Eliza, Seamstress, b Butternut.
Sloat, John, Cooper, 52 Main.
Sloat, Harrison, Mechanic, 21 Evans.
Smith, Stewart, Joiner, 17 Leray.
Smith, Simeon, rear of Blanck River House.
Smith, Henry A. Joiner, b rear of Black River House.
Smith, John, Joiner, 7 Moulton.
Snyder, R. S. Dealer in Medicine, 20 Evans.
Spalsbury, R. H. Proprietor of Hoter, 3& 5 Main.
Spalsbury, Mrs. P. b Spalsbury's Hotel.
Spalsbury, Miss R. H. b Spalsbury's Hoterl.
Spears, William, Distiller, 34 main.
Speas, William, laborer, b 34 Main.
Speas, George, Cooper, b 34 Main.
Speas, Mrs. J. Widow, b 34 Main.
Starkweather, H. Joiner, 8 Moulton.
Stone, George, Teamster, 25 Edmunds.
Stone, E. Painter, Davison, n Lynde.
Swenee, L. shoemaker, Juhelville, n Grove.
Taylor, J. G. Moulder, 15 Moulton.
Turner, A.B. North side of Main. n Railroad.
Turner, Nelson, Painter, 23 Moulton.
Turner, Mrs. B. Widow, 20 Evans.
Tynan, D. Laborer, over 25 Main.
Vincent, William, Leray, North of Elm.
Wait, Ezra, Lumber merchant, 26 Main.
Wait, Isaac, Joiner, 5 Moulton.
Wait, Daniel, Joiner, b 5 Moulton.
Welden, James, Laborer, 58 Main.
Wells, C. J. Grocer, 21 Main, (after May 1st, 30 Stone.Watertown.)
Whitmarsh, L.D. Joiner, b 19 Moulton.
Woodard, D. Miller, 18 Leray.
Wright, Charles, Laborer, 1 Angel's Row.
Wright, Charles, Lawyer, 19 Main, (after July 1st, 27 Clinton, Watertown)


Allen, George, Machinist, 14 Water.
Allen, Sylvia, Tailoress, b 14 Water.
Baird, Daniel, Watchman, 2 Goulding.
Bissell, George, Joiner, Ridge, n East Factory.
Borden, N. Blacksmith, b cor Ridge & East Factory.
Bordon, Mrs. C Widow, b 9 East Factory.
Boyd, Joseph, Factory Hand, 11 Water.
Burns, Miss M. J. Domestic, 16 East Factory.
Carter, Lawrence, Sawyer, 38 Water.
Coffeen, M. Millwright. Ridge, n East Factory.
Goffeen, Miss Mahala, Tailoress, b Ridge, n East Factory.
Cutler, E. Laborer, b 16 East Factory.
Davenport, Miss R. b 11 East Factory.
Davis, A. Founder, 8 Goulding.
Decant, T. Painter, 14 Goulding.
Forbes, William, Mason, b 16 East Factory.
George, Henry, Machinist, 44 Water.
Goulding, George, Machinist, 6 Goulding.
Hamlin, Eli, Blacksmith, Cor East Factory & Ridge.
Hawver, William, Moulder, 3 East Factory.
Hull, E. Carman, 24 East Factory.
Huston, John, Blacksmith, Ridge, above East Factory.
Lewis, C. C. Paper-maker, 11 East Factory.
Malliard, Miss J.J. Tailoress, 16 Goulding.
Martin, James, Laborer, 6 East Factory.
Mattis, Nelson, Laborer, 19 Water.
McCay, Daniel, Laborer, 25 Water.
McGinnis, Arthur B., Farmer, Ridge, n Prospect Hill.
McGrevy, Charles, Cabinet-maker, 40 Water.
McQuilley, John, Laborer, 12 East Factory.
Miser, Nathan, Tanner, 7 East Factory.
Nellis, James, Wagon-maker, 9 East Factory.
Nelson, E. D. Machinist, Ridge, near East Factory.
O'Dougherty, P. Lumber manufacturer, 31 Water.
O'Dougherty, Jon, Farmer, b 31 Water.
Pease, Benjamin, Miller, rear of 44 Water.
Reibeau, Luke, Blacksmith, 21 Water.
Remore, H.H. Miller, 22 East Factory.
Robbins, J. B. Machinist, 4 Goulding.
Sawyer, James, Sawyer, 10 Goulding.
Smith, Miss Betsey, b 7 East Factory.
Spalding, D. W. Laborer, Ridge, n East Factory.
Stewart, James, Carriage-maker, b 15 East Factory.
Stodard, George A. Miller, 25 Water.
Stowers, Stephen, Confectioner, 16 Goulding.
Therry, Mrs. C. E., 39 Water.
Therry, L.C., Teacher of Languages, b 39 Water.
Thornton, R Mason, 16 East Factory.
Underwood, Mrs. M. Seamstress, over 19 Water.
Vallet, James, Wood Turner, 42 Water.
Vallet, Mrs. J. Widow, b 16 Goulding.
Wait, John, Moulder, b 3 East Factory.
Wakefield C. Machinist, 18 East Factory.
Webster, S. G. Blacksmith, 12 Goulding.
Wilson, William, Millwright, 15 Water.
Wilson, William, Carriage maker, 15 East Factory.
Wood, William W. Joiner, b 6 East Factory.


Adsit, Miss Phebe, Seamstress, over 26 Court.
Adsit, Byron B. Laborer, b over 26 Court.
Avery, H. C. Clerk, b Globe Hotel.
Bobson, John, Shoemaker, 20 Franklin.
Brainard, Mrs. C. T. Seamstress, over 26 Court.
Corbier, Joseph, Painter, Northside Coffeen, bel Hewett.
Fisher, Hiram L. Clerk, b 9 State.
Hayes, Thomas, Laborer, 32 Franklin.
Jones, L. O. Saloon-keeper, 28 Public Square.
Jones, H. Laborer, rear of 21 Sterling.
Lamon, Miles F. Clerk, b 103 State.
Masury, Dr. John, (Proprietor of Masury's Family Medicine), 21 Sterling.
Masury, Miss Eveline T. Teacher of Music, 21 Sterling.
McCue, James, Laborer, 32 Franklin.
Paddock, Ira F. Grocer, 9 Mechanic.
Robison, Mrs. S. M. Widow, East side Madison Square.
Smith, William, (Col) Cook, 34 Franklin.
Smith Wells B. Tailor, 6 State.
Streeter, Mrs. John L. Widow, over 30 Court.
Thayer, B. C. Axe-maker, rear of Baptist Church.
Trumbull, M. L. Grocer, b at Earll's Hotel.



Elected November 7, 1854

Governor----Myton H. Clark.
Lieut. Governor.----Henry J. Raymond.
State Prison Inspector ---- Norwood Bowne.
County Treasurer ---- James M. Clark.

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