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"The Adams Visitor" Printing Office
A. Kellogg & Son Brewers
A. Kellogg & Son Malster
A.Maxon & Son Lawyer
Adams Cheese Factory Cheese Factory
Adams Lodge Good Templars
Allen, John H. Butter & Produce
Angers, Alfred Hairdresser
Armsbury, Stiles P. Photographer
Armstrong, James Tailor (Custom)
Barber, Miss E. M. Music Teacher
Barney & Bartlett Jewelers & Watchmakers
Barney, Sewell A.  
Bartlett, Henry D.  
Bauder, Delos, Proprietor  
Bauders' Hotel Hotel
Bemis, Nathaniel O., Allopathist Physician
Blackstone, William E.  
Boker, Peter Cartmen
Bond & Smiley General Merchandise
Bond, George W. Insurance Agent
Bond, George W., Dept. Collector, US Revenue
Bond, Samuel N.  
Bond, Samuel N. Justice of the Peace
Boudiett, Joseph Boots and Shoes
Bradgon, George C., Pub.  
Brown, Arthur J. Lawyer
Brown, James S.  
Brown, Orville J.  
Buckley, Lyman M.D. Druggist
Burns, Miss Mary E. Music Teacher
Carter, Theron T.  
Chamberlain, Samuel H. Groceries
Chittenden, Thomas C. II Justice of the Peace
Chittenden, Thomas C. II Lawyer
Chittenden, Thomas C. III Insurance Agent
Cleveland, James A.  
Cook, Brown & Co. Crockery & Glass
Cook, Brown & Co. Groceries
Cook, James R.  
Cooper, George, Proprietors  
Cowles, Eber Carpenter
Cowles, Henry M. Dentist
Dixon, William Gonsmith
Doane, Jefferson H. Live Stock Dealer
Dodge, Gilbert S. Groceries
Draper & Steele Insurance Agent
Draper & Steele Jewelers & Watchmakers
Draper & Steele Sewing Machines
Draper, E. Compton  
Dwight & Eddy Booksellers
Dwight & Eddy Music Dealer (Sheet Music)
Dwight & Eddy News Dealer
Dwight, D'Alton  
Dwight, D'Alton Telegraph Operatpr
E. D. Spicer & Co. Soap and Candles
Eddy, Justus  
Edwards, Henry F. Pump Maker
Elmer, Moses Butter & Produce
Estabrook, George W. Glazier
Estabrook, George W. Painter
Fish, Howard E. Saloon
Fish, Howard E. Variety Store
Fish, Lester  
Fish, Lewis G.  
Fox, Ashby D.  
Fox, Miletus H. Carriage Maker
Fuller, Jerome Livery Stable
Gaylord, David Carpenter
Gaylord, Miss Electa Dressmaker
Gilbert, A. B. Tailor (Custom)
Gilbert, Albert B. Clothing (Ready Made)
Gilbert, William A. Butter & Produce
Giles, Abner R. Turner of Wood
Glass, James M. Carpenter
Grant, George W. Cement & Gravel Roofing
Green & Lovelee General Merchandise
Green, Henry Jr.  
Green, Nelson Postmaster
Greene & Lovelee Sewing Machines
Greenly, Albert M. Live Stock Dealer
Grenell, Miss Marcia Dressmaker
Griswold & Fox Harness & Trunks
Griswold, Jeremy  
H. C. Jones & Co. Groceries
H. G. Taylor & co. Tobacconist
Hale, A. P., Botanist Physician
Hales, Miss ------- Hair Jewelry (Maunfacturers of)
Happ, W. Fred  
Harmon, Samuel Insurance Agent
Haslett, Mrs. William Dressmaker
Henstis, William Blacksmith
Herrick, Mrs. F. Cloak Maker
Herrick, Mrs. F. Millinery
Holley, Morgan L. Live Stock Dealer
Holman, David O. Iron Founders
Holman, David O. Machinist
Holman, David O. Saw Mill
Horton, Allen G. Butcher
Horton, Allen G. Ice Dealer
Houghton, J. Dunbar Surveyor
Houghton, Rev. J. Dunbar Civil Engineer
Hungerford, S. D. Insurance Agent
Hunt, Rev. Isaac L., M. E. Clergymen
Hunt, Rev. Ward, M. E.  
Huntington, R. H. Insurance Agent
Ingraham, Austin W., Proprietors  
J. A. Cleveland & Co. Seedsmen
Jackson Hall Public Hall
James, William R. Saloon
Jewell, F. F., M. E.  
John Walt & Co. Hardward
Johnson, W. Morton Coal Dealer
Johnson, W. Morton Waterlime and Cement
Johnson, William Morton Express Agent
Jones, Henry C.  
Jones, Henry C. Jr.  
Kellogg, Alonzo  
Kellogg, George B. Insurance Agent
Kellogg, J. Clark  
King, Charles  
King, Mrs, Nahum Music Teacher
King, N. D.  
King, William  
L & LG Fish Blacksmiths
Lamson, D. Ward Manufacturer of Wine and Dealer in Wine Plants
Langworthy, Russell  
Lewis, John S. Tanner
Lewis, N., Manufacturer  
Little, John W. (with Greene & Lovelee) Tailor (Custom)
Lockwood, Daniel B. Billiard Rooms
Lord, Edward, Presb.  
Lovelee, Albert J.  
Lyons, Asa Mason - Stone and Brick
Marriott, Morris  
Marsh, E. Jay Lawyer
Martin, George W. Dentist
Mason, D. W. Music Instrument Dealer
Maxon, Alonzo  
Maxon, Dr. Edward R. Nurseryman and Florist
Maxon, Paul C.  
Maxon, Thomas V.  
Maxson, Edwin R., Allopathist Physician
Merrill, Stephen Cooper
Morgan, Heman Constable
Morgan, Heman Deputy Sheriff
Neville, Benjamin Jewelers & Watchmakers
Nichols, Miss H. Cloak Maker
Nichols, Miss Harriett Dressmaker
Nichols, Miss Harriett Millinery
Overton & Langworthy Chair Makers
Overton & Langworthy Furniture Dealer
Overton & Langworthy Undertaker
Overton, Henry F.  
Parham, David Cartmen
Parham, Mrs. E. A. Millinery
Parham, Robert B. Carpenter
Phillips, Henry R.  
Pitcher & Happ Grist Mill
Pitcher, Seymour H.  
Potter, John H. Boots and Shoes
Puffer, Mrs. William Cloak Maker
Puffer, William Bakery
Randall, Benjamin Butter & Produce
Rasey, Mrs. Mary Dressmaker
Ripley, Orrin Butcher
Rising Sun Lodge, #234 F. & A. Masons
Ross, John Cooper
Salisbury & White Nurseryman and Florist
Salisbury 2nd, Edmund S.  
Salisbury, Edwin S.  
Saunders, Thomas P. Lawyer
Schram Brothers Hardware
Schram, John  
Schram, Mrs. John Music Teacher
Schram, Robert D.  
Schrom, James C.  
Seely, Eli A.  
Seely, Phillips & Co. Carriage Maker
Segar, Cyrus E. Insurance Agent
Segur, Cyrus E. Railroad Agent
Shepard, Dewitt C. Constable
Smiley, R. E.  
Smith, D. Clinton Painter
Smith, David Butter & Produce
Smith, Dewitt C. Glazier
Smith, Douglas Painter
Smith, E. Kinsley Livery Stable
Smith, Frederick A. Butter & Produce
Smith, Miss Julia Dressmaker
Smith, Mrs. F. Dressmaker
Smith, Philander Land Holder
Soule, Harvey Glazier
Soule, Harvey Painter
Spicer, Edward D.  
Spicer, John G.  
Stearne, Carter & Co. Boots and Shoes
Stearne, Carter & Co. General Merchandise
Stearne, Phillip  
Steele, R. Frank  
Steele, R. Frank Telegraph Operator
Taylor, Hanford G.  
Thompson, Mrs. Ichabod, Prop.  
Tifft, Henry K. General Merchandise
Tifft, Mrs. H. K. Millinery
Todd, Alonzo E.  
Torbert, Willard H.  
Torbin, William Mason - Stone and Brick
Van Wormer, Rufus Blacksmith
Vickery, Nathan L. Lawyer
Virginia, William W. Hairdresser
Waldo, Lyman B., Homeopathist Physician
Walker, David Surveyor
Walt, George  
Walt, John  
Weaver, ira W. Tanner
Webb, Walter, Allopathist Physician
Wenona Lodge Odd Fellows
Wetmore, Samuel L. Boots and Shoes
Wetmore, Samuel L. Hats, Capes & Purses
Wetmore, Samuel L., Allopathist Physician
Wheeler, William H. Carpenter
Wheeler, William H. Lumber Dealer
Wheeler, William H. Planing Mill
Wheeler, William H. Sash, Doors and Blinds
Whipple, G. B. Ranny Jewelers & Watchmakers
Whipple, G. B. Ranny Sewing Machines
Whipple, Mrs. G. B. R. Hair Jewelry (Maunfacturers of)
Whitcomb, Henry H. Jewelers & Watchmakers
White, Rufus P. Malster
White, Rufus P.  
William King & Sons Butcher
Williams, Mrs. David Hair Jewelry (Maunfacturers of)
Withington & Torbert Druggist
Withington, William H.  
Wright & Salisbury Clothing (Ready Made)
Wright & Salisbury Sewing Machines
Wright & Salisbury Tailor (Custom)

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