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Alexandria Lodge #297   Masonic Lodge
Barker, Frank W. Harness and Trunks  
Barker, Frank W. Music Teacher  
Bushe, George W. Saw Mill  
Campbell, Alex E. Undertaker  
Campbell, Alexander E. Carpenter  
Campbell, Ebenezer Customs Collector  
Caprin, Augustus Constable  
Carter, James Boots and Shoes  
Cornwall, Andrew Forwarder Cornwall & Walton
Cornwall, Ezra Stone Quarry  
Cornwall, James H. Carpenter  
Crossmon, Charles Billiard Room  
Cummings, Peter Blacksmith  
Estes, Jerome B., Prop. Hotel Mansion House
Everson, John J. Boots and Shoes  
Everson, John J. Saloon  
Fox, Walter General Merchant  
Fuller, John W. Lumber Dealer  
Fuller, John W. Saw Mill  
Fuller, John W. Shingle Mills  
Groub, John C. Clothing  
Groub, John C. Tailor  
Leonard, Isaac Boots and Shoes  
Peck, A. D. Saw Mill  
Rockwell, George Clergyman Dutch Reformed
Ross, A. W., Prop. Hotel Crossman Hotel
Sisson, Humphrey General Merchant Sisson & Fox
Smith, Carley Blacksmith  
Smith, William H. Tinsmith  
Spalsbury, Richard M., Prop. Hotel St. Lawrence Hotel
Thomson, Francis Tailor  
Thomson, William M. Customs Collector  
Walton, John F. Forwarder  
Ward, Sherman S. Constable  
Watson, Lewis A., Allopathy Physician  
Willix, William Blacksmith  
Willix, William Saloon  
Wood, Benjamin Blacksmith  
Woodworth, Charles General Merchant  
Woodworth, David Boots and Shoes  
Woodworth, W. J. Wood Dealer  
Woodworth, William J. Justice of the Peace  
Woodworth, William J. Postmaster  
  Steamboat Agents Cornwall & Walton
  Wood Dealer Cornwall & Walton

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