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Abell, Ira H. Physician  
Ainsworth, Charles Butcher  
Ainsworth, Charles Groceries Ainsworth & Render
Antwerp Lodge #226   F & A Masons
Arlow, Thomas Blacksmith  
Arlow, Thomas Carriage Maker  
Bailey, Luther H. Butter and Produce  
Bailey, Luther H. General Merchants  
Bastion, Joseph Machinist Bastion & Son
Bastion, Joseph Millwright  
Bastion, William Machinist  
Bates, Mrs. D. E. Millinery  
Bent, A. F. Blacksmith A F Bent & Co.
Bent, A. F. Carriage Maker A F Bent & CO.
Bent, Hartwell H. Cheese Factory  
Brown, N. Bennett Machinist  
Brown, N. Bennett Planing Mill  
Chapin, A. Sylvester Music Dealer  
Chapin, Alonzo Postmaster  
Chapin, Luther Tinware & Stoves  
Chapin, Miss L. A. Music Teacher  
Clark, Archibald C. Insurance Agent  
Clark, Clement Painter  
Clark, Thomas A. Groceries Clark & Phillips
Collins, David L. Jewelery and Watchmaker  
Conklin, John H. Boots and Shoes  
Coolidge, Alvin Livestock Dealer  
Copeley, Alexander Lumber Dealer  
Copely, Alex Grist Mill  
Copely, Alex Saw Mill  
Delcor, Joseph Cooper  
Derby, Edmund G. Physician  
Dillenbeck, Franklin Groceries  
Dillenbeck, Noah Carpenter  
Dodge, Clark E. Harness & etc.  
Easterly, Elijah Carpenter  
Easterly, Martin Mason  
Ellis, James D. Butter and Produce J. D. Ellis & Co.
Ellis, James D. Clothing (ready Made) J D Ellis & Co.
Ellis, James D. General Merchants J D Ellis & Co.
Ellis, Joseph P. Hides and Leather  
Ellis, Joseph P. Tannery  
Ellis, Weston H. Butter and Produce  
Ellis, Weston H. Clothing (ready Made)  
Ellis, Weston H. General Merchants  
Fairbanks, O. D. Photographer  
Foster, Tilly M. Livestock Dealer  
Fuller, Benjamin G. Veterinary Surgeon  
Fuller, George Livery Stable  
Gardner, James C. Constable  
Gardner, James C. Groceries Gardner & Dillenbeck
Gates, Charles Billiard Room  
Gray, Leroy Millwright  
Green, John N. Constable  
Green, John N. Deputy Sheriff  
Green, John N. Hotel  
Green, Wells H. Butter and Produce  
Hamblin, Miss C. Music Teacher  
Harris, James B. Butter and Produce  
Hathway, Harlow Blacksmith Hathway & Sullivan
Hayne, P. Photographer Hayne & Fairbanks
Hicks, Ezra Saw Mill  
Homan, Charles Grist Mill  
Hopper, Samuel Undertaker  
Howard, William Corporation Collector of Taxes  
Isdell, James E. Druggist  
Isdell, John R. Druggist Isdell & Co.
Johnson, William N. General Merchants Johnson & Pennock
Johnson, William N. Town Clerk  
Jones, Jesse H., Cong. Clergyman  
Kirkland, S. H. Railroad Agent  
Kirkland, Silas H. Express Agent  
Loomis, Randolph Carpenter  
Lynde, Elliot Blacksmith  
Lynde, Lincoln D. Livestock Dealer  
Mack, Carmus Cooper  
Marks, --- Saloon  
Marsh, Miss Mary Dressmaker  
McDowell, Samuel Cartman  
McGregor, Allan Lawyer  
Miller, Josis Boots and Shoes Miller & Conklin
Miller, Levi Supervisor  
Miller, Levi Surveyor  
Moffatt, Charles W. Harness & etc.  
Moffatt, Mrs. C. W. Millinery  
Monroe, Alexander H. Lumber Dealer  
Monroe, Alexander H. Saw Mill  
Newsam, John Cooper  
Newton, Joseph Iron Founder  
Nichols, Warren Painter  
Nott, Theo Livery Stable Nott & Fuller
Ombler, David Tailor  
Ormiston, Adam Mason  
Ormiston, Andrew Mason  
Palmer, James Tailor J D Ellis & Co.
Payne, Silas W. Furniture Dealer  
Pearson, Robert Town Collector of Taxes  
Pennock, A. C. General Merchants  
Phillips, William D. Groceries  
Platt, Miss Anna M. Music Teacher  
Proctor, Jerome B. Hotel  
Render, Richard Groceries  
Sawens, Gilbert S. Druggist G S Sawens & Co.
Sawens, Gilbert S. Insurance Agent  
Sawens, William Druggist  
Sherwood, Darwin B. Hair Dresser  
Shull, Jacob Justice of the Peace  
Smith, William Butcher  
Smith, William R. Groceries  
Snell, Jacob Boots and Shoes  
Snyder, Levi Carpenter  
Somes, Ward Livestock Dealer  
Sterling, A. Pliney Iron Manufacturer  
Sullivan, Ed Blacksmith  
Taylor, Elbridge G. Grist Mill Taylor & Homan
Thomas, Asahel H. Sewing Machines  
Wait, C. D. Groceries Wait & Smith
Wait, C. Dean Butcher Wait & Smith
Wait, Carlisle D. Livestock Dealer  
Ward, Seymour Carpenter  
Welch, J. Randolph Carriage Maker  
White, Guy E. Cooper  
White, James Justice of the Peace  
Willard, Charles Livestock Dealer  
Willard, John Billiard Room Willard & Gates
Williams, R. Tinware & Stoves  
Williams, Ranslaer Hardware  
Woodworth, Willard Boots and Shoes  
Wright, Miss Aurilla Millinery  
  Academy Antwerp Liberal Literary Institute
  General Merchants A Chapin & Co.

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