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Aldon, Byron Clergyman Methodist
Allen, Frank Photographer  
Barney, Bradley B. Jeweler  
Boomer, Edward 2nd Boots and Shoes  
Boomer, Mrs. Jannette Dressmaker  
Buel, N. Wotkyns Physician  
Bullard, George C. Livery Stable  
Bullard, George C. Stage Proprietor  
Carpenter, John H. Chair Maker  
Carpenter, John H. Furniture Dealer  
Chapman, Daniel H. General Merchant Chapman & Reed
Chapman, Julius Blacksmith Chapman & Hall
Cook, Malcolm G. Grist Mill  
Cook, Willard L. Collector of Taxes  
Cornish, Stephen S. Carpenter  
Dival, George W. Clergyman Baptist
Edwards, Fred General Merchant Edwards, Johnston & Kilby
Ellis, David Deputy Sheriff  
Freeman, Charles A. Butcher  
Freeman, Miss Jennie Dressmaker  
Freeman, Mrs. Charles H. Millinery  
Gleason, George Groceries  
Green, James E. General Merchant  
Hackley, Mills A. Lawyer  
Hall, Abram Blacksmith  
Hall, Erastus Grist Mill  
Harris, Horace H. Constable  
Harris, Horace H. Music Teacher  
Hawes, Bradford K. Justice of the Peace  
Hawes, Edward B. Lawyer  
Hawes, Larue A. Music Teacher  
Hawes, Larue A. Piano Tuner  
Hawes, Larue A., Leader Brass Band  
Hiller, Edwin H. Telegraph Operator  
Holmes, Charles L. Boots and Shoes  
Holmes, Henry Boots and Shoes  
Houghton, Charles D. Tinsmith  
Houghton, Nahum C. General Merchant  
Houghton, Nahum C. Postmaster  
Jennings, Charles F. Insurance Agent  
Johnson, George Cooper  
Johnston, Alba General Merchant  
Kilby, Alanson General Merchant  
Kilby, Alanson Tailor  
Lamb, Ephraim S. Carriage Maker  
Littlefield, Elisher T. Carriage Maker  
Littlefield, Jesse Carpenter  
McCollum, William Livery Stable  
McIntosh, J. F. Boots and Shoes  
Owens, Henry Painter  
Powers, William S. Painter  
Reed, George P. General Merchant  
Rega, J. A. Physician  
Richards, Edward J. Dentist  
Richards, Russell B. Insurance Agent  
Salisbury, Willard Harness, etc.  
Searles, James H. Butter and Produce  
Stacy, Harvey C. Furniture Dealer  
Stacy, Harvey C. Saw Mill  
Waite, Thomas Cloth Dressings  
Walrath, Hiram G. Druggist  
Walrath, Mrs. Hiram G. Millinery  
Wheeler, Charles Hair Dresser  
Wheeler, James W. Artist  
Wheeler, James W. Painter  
Wilcox, Henry W. Groceries  
Williams, Alex D. Livery Stable  
Williams, Alex D., Prop. Hotel Belleville Hotel
Williams, James Cooper  
Wright, Charles Tailor  
  #421 Odd Fellow Lodge

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