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Augsbury, John A. Hides and Leather  
Benjamin, Jacob Carriage Maker  
Blodget, Orlin Carpenter  
Blodget, Orlin Shingle Mill  
Collier, Royal D. Ax-Helve Manufacturer  
Collier, Royal D. Constable  
Collier, Royal D. Mason  
Comins, Orville Chair Maker - workmen  
Delano, Miss Ollie O. Millinery  
Deter, Benjamin A. Turner of Wood  
Dexter, David Chair Manufacturer D Dexter & Son
Dexter, David Sash, Doors, etc. D Dexter & Son
Dexter, Everett A. Chair Manufacturer D Dexter & Son
Dexter, Everett A. Sash, Doors, etc. D Dexter & Son
Dexter, Simeon Spring Tooth Horse Rakes  
Forbes, Peter L. Chair Maker - workmen  
Glass, Joseph Carpenter  
Hazelton, George W. General Merchant  
Hazelton, George W. Postmaster  
Hazelton, George W. Supervisor  
Heaton, Charles E. Physician - Eclectic  
Herrick, Allen H. Grist Mill  
Horton, Albert Undertaker  
Horton, Phiranda Painter - Chair  
Horton, W. J. Painter - Chair  
Howe, Isaac Justice of the Peace  
Howe, Isaac Machinist I Howe & Co.
Huntington, Charles S. Agricultural Implements Huntington & Son
Huntington, Charles S. Mason  
Huntington, Cyrus Agricultural Implements Huntington & Son
Kennedy, John Saw Mill  
Lee, Joseph Stone Cutter  
Lyon, Moses Clergyman Methodist
Mallis, Peter Chair Carver  
Marsellus, John W. Machinist I Howe & Co.
Matthew, Thomas Millwright  
Middleton, Andrew Bee Hive Manufacturer  
Middleton, Andrew Carpenter  
Middleton, Andrew Collector US Internal Revenue  
Middleton, Andrew Sash, Doors, etc.  
M'Omber, Edmund, Prop. Hotel M'Omber's Hotel
Mott, Samuel L. General Merchant  
Oaks, Charles Chair Maker - workmen  
Oaks, Kimball Butcher  
Olvert, John H. Harness, etc.  
Parkinson, Matthew Butcher  
Poor, Aaron Stump Puller and Building Mover  
Poor, Andrew Chair Manufacturer  
Poor, Chris Chair Maker - workmen  
Rily, Ceylon D. Painter - Chair  
Scott, Daniel H. Chair Maker - workmen  
Scott, George Chair Maker - workmen  
Slater, Vincent Blacksmith  
Smith, Benjamin P. Cooper  
Springsteen, William H. Painter - House and Sign  
Tamblin, Jackson Bee Hive Manufacturer  
Tamblin, Jackson Carpenter  
Tamblin, Jackson Justice of the Peace  
Tamblin, Jackson Lumber Dealer  
Tamblin, Jackson Planing Mill  
Tamblin, Jackson Shingle Mill  
Thurstin, Philander, Prop. Hotel Thurstin's Hotel
Tuel, Alden L. Tailor  
Whaley, James Blacksmith  
Wilcox, Lyman Carpenter  
Wilcox, William S. Furniture Dealer  
Wilcox, William S. Undertaker  

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