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Skinner, Horace Agricultural Implements Skinner & Bro
Skinner, William T. Agricultural Implements  
Munn, Frank L. Billiard Room  
Countryman, John Blacksmith Countryman & McGowin
McGowin, John Blacksmith  
Otis, Alfred Boarding House  
Smith, Mrs. Truman Boarding House  
Hunt, James M. Boots and Shoes  
Lutze, S. Boots and Shoes  
Sargent, Jacob Butcher Sargent & Son
Sargent, Charles R. Butcher  
Lawyer, Fred Butcher  
Austin, William Cartman  
Norton, Thomas Carpenter  
Piersons, Charles F. Carpenter  
Sullivan, John Carpenter  
Lord, Henry Carriage Maker  
Codman, Gustavus Chair Maker  
Gladwyn, William Cheese Factory  
Brown, Alexander Civil Engineer  
Warren, L. M. Cloth Dressing  
Tyler, Rev. T. P. Clergyman Episcopal
Lyon, Rev. M. Clergyman Methodist Episcopal
Sargent, Charles R. Constable  
Carleton, Albert S. Cotton Factory Carleton & Andrews
Andrews, Fred W. Cotton Factory  
Howk, Miss E. Dress Maker  
Howk, Miss C. Dress Maker  
Lord, Albert E. Druggist  
Bell, Chandler Express Agent  
Codman, Gustavus Furniture Dealer  
Gibbs, Alvin A. General Merchant Gibbs & Steele
Steele, Charles C. General Merchant  
Parker, John H. General Merchant Parker & Bro
Parker, Jacob S. General Merchant  
Lord, Albert E. General Merchant  
Warren, L. M. Grist Mill  
Bartlett, Charles H. Grist Mill  
Younger, Robert Groceries  
Harwick, L. A., Principal High School Brownville High School
Griswold, Miss ---, Asst. High School  
Hunt, James M. Harness and Trunks  
Spafford, S. Harness and Trunks  
Gardinier, A. A., Prop. Hotel Brownville Hotel
Gardinier, N. S., Prop. Hotel  
Johnson, John, Prop. Hotel Johnson's Hotel
Maynard, Lewis Ice Dealer  
Brown, William H. Insurance Agent  
Skinner, Horace Iron Founders Skinner & Bro
Skinner, William T. Iron Founders  
Lord, William Iron Founders  
Brown, William H. Lawyer  
Alexander, Wilbert Livery Stable  
Lord, Albert E. Liquor Dealer  
Brownville Lodge #53   F & A Masons
Crawford, Miss Mary Millinary  
Otis, Alfred Painter  
Massey, William P. Physician  
Gibbs, Alvin A. Postmaster  
Bell, Chandler Railroad Agent  
Munn, Frank L. Saloon  
Warren, L. M. Saw Mill  
    Sons of Temperance
Brown, Alexander Surveyor  
Skinner, James Tinsmith  
Mallory, William Tinsmith  
Hill, Wallace R. Town Clerk  
Baker, Adam Turner of Wood  
Simpson, J. H. Veterinary Surgeon  
Willis, W. J. Jr. Woolen Mills  
Warren, L. M. Wool Carding  
Brown, William H., Deputy Internal Revenue Assessor  
Jarvis, Ayer Undertaker  

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