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Ackerman, Lorenzo D. Fish Dealer  
Ainsworth, George A. General Merchant  
Ainsworth, Judah T. Customs Collector  
Ainsworth, Miss Emma Music Teacher  
Ainsworth, Willard General Merchant  
Ainsworth, Willard Grain Dealer  
Amey, Peter Livestock Dealer  
Anthony, Levi General Merchant  
Barling, Charles Butcher  
Bartlett, George F. Justice of the Peace  
Berringer, Jacob Hats, Capes & Furs  
Berringer, Jacob Jeweler and Watchmaker  
Berringer, Jacob Justice of the Peace  
Berringer, Miss Caroline Millinery  
Berringer, Miss Emma Millinery  
Betts, Hubbard Billiard Room Cape Vincent Hotel
Betts, Hubbard, Prop. Hotel Cape Vincent Hotel
Bickford, Sidney Telegraph Operator  
Block, Sigmund General Merchant  
Blum, Jacob Mason  
Borland, James T. Constable  
Borland, James T. Village Marshal  
Briggs, Daniel Boots and Shoes  
Brown, Martin Physician, Allopathist  
Brown, Mrs. Martin Music Teacher  
Buckley, James Planing Mill James Buckley & Son
Buckley, James Sash, Doors and Blinds James Buckley & Son
Buckley, James Shingle Mill James Buckley & Son
Buckley, James Turner of Wood James Buckley & Son
Buckley, James Undertaker James Buckley & Son
Buckley, James Pendulum Spinning Wheel (Wight's Patent Pending)
Buckley, John Planing Mill  
Buckley, John Sash, Doors and Blinds  
Buckley, John Shingle Mill  
Buckley, John Turner of Wood  
Buckley, John Undertaker  
Buckley, John Pendulum Spinning Wheel  
Buckley, William Express Agent  
Buckley, William General Merchant  
Burnham, Erastus K. Commission Merchant  
Burnham, Erastus K. Forwarder  
Burnham, Erastus K. Grain Elevator & Store House  
Burnham, Erastus K. Grain Dealer  
Burnham, Erastus K. Insurance Agent  
Bushnell, Hanley N. Wood Dealer  
Bushnell, Henry N. Physician, Homeopathist  
Bushnell, Henry W. Physician, Homeopathist  
Cape Vincent Lodge #13   F & A Masons
Chavautier, Louis Jr. Lime Burner  
Cornair, Marcel Groceries  
Cornair, Marcel Liquor Dealer  
Cornair, Marcel Saloon  
Corr, John Cartman  
Crevolin, H. J., Manager Telegraph Operator  
Crevolin, Henry J., Agent General Merchant  
Cross, Byron F. Lumber Dealer  
Cross, Byron F. Waterlime & Cement  
Cross, Isaac T. Lumber Dealer Cross Brothers
Cross, Isaac T. Waterlime & Cement Cross Brothers
Davis, Mrs. Beulah M. Dressmaker  
Davis, Roswell Saloon  
Dewecy, Andrew J. Fish Dealer  
Dickinson, Seth S. Railroad Agent  
Dumaslier, Annette, Prop. Hotel St. Lawrence Hotel
Ebbs, William Glazier  
Ebbs, William Painter  
Estes, William, Internal Revenue Collector of taxes  
Estes, William, Prop. Public Hall Hemlock Hall
Ferrin, George P. Hotel Railroad House
Fitch, Francis N. Lawyer  
Fitch, Francis N. Town Clerk  
Forsythe, John W. Blacksmith  
Forsythe, John W. Iron Founder  
Forsythe, John W. Machinist  
Forsythe, Samuel Groceries  
Forton, David Painter  
Forton, David, Glazier  
Forton, David, Corp. Collector of taxes  
Fox, Henry Harness Maker  
Fox, Henry Livery Stable  
Fox, Henry Livestock Dealer  
Freeman, Orrin C. Cartman  
Fry, Frederick Boots and Shoes  
Gerlach, Peter Boots and Shoes  
Gray, Edwin Justice of the Peace  
Gray, Walter,Town Collector of taxes  
Hadley, Ira Constable  
Hammond, L. S. Brokers and Exchange Dealer  
Hammond, L. S. Butcher  
Hammond, L. S. Commission Merchant Hammond & Burnham
Hammond, L. S., Prop. Public Hall Hammond's Hall
Hammond, Lazarus S. Banker Exchange Bank
Hanchett, William, Operator Telegraph Operator  
Hassler, Ferdinand E. Wood Dealer  
Hellbronnor, Jacob Physician  
Hinckley, Coleman, Jr. Master Ferry Str. Watertown
Hinckley, Coleman, Sr. Master Ferry Cape Vincent & Kingston Line
Holmes, John Carpenter  
Horr, Austin Boat Builder  
Horr, Austin Gunsmith  
House, Henry A. Cashier  
Huntington, William Customs Collector  
Ingalls, John W. Customs Collector  
Ingerson, Dorwin Customs Collector  
Iselin, Adolph, Prop. Hotel Union House
Jackson, Joseph Hair Dresser  
Jennings, James Tailor  
Jerome, George Saloon  
Johnson, Charles M. Physician, Allopathist  
Johnson, John Saloon  
Kelly, George Blacksmith  
Kirchner, Phillip Mason  
LaPic, Rev. Lewis Clergyman French Catholic
Lee, Morris E. Lawyer  
Lee, Morris E. Surveyor  
Lince, Jacob Cooper  
Lodi, Lizeum, Pro. Hotel Cape House
Macandle, Hugh General Merchant Macandle & Buckley
McCollough, Rev. J. B. Clergyman Methodist Episcopal
McHenry, John Baker  
McPherson, Alonzo Fish Dealer  
McPherson, George Fish Dealer  
Miller, Ludwig Carpenter  
Moffatt, Samuel Carpenter  
Moore, John H. Postmaster  
Morehouse, Marcus S. Pendulum Spinning Wheel M S Morehouse & Co.
O'Connor, John Blacksmith  
Olds, Richard Harness Maker  
Osborne, Orlando F. Grist Mill  
Pool, Calvin K. Carpenter  
Pool, Calvin K. Furniture Dealer  
Preston, Rev. J. B. Clergyman Presbyterian
Reed, George C. Carpenter  
Reed, Phillip Cooper  
Roseboom, John H. Supervisor  
Roseboom, John H. Tinsmith J H Roseboom & Son
Roseboom, John J. Tinsmith  
Sibbald, John, Agent Lumber Dealer Chaffey & Son
Smith, A. F. Brokers and Exchange Dealer  
Smith, A. F. Butcher  
Smith, A. F. Commission Merchant Smith, Wemple & Co., Albany
Smith, A. F. Forwarder  
Smith, A. F. Grain Dealer  
Smith, A. F. Insurance Agent  
Smith, A. F. Grand Trunk  
Smith, A. F. Waterlime & Cement  
Smith, A. F., Agent   Northern Transportation Co.
Smith, Alfred J. Druggist  
Stone, Augustus L. Druggist Stone & Smith
Sullivan, Thomas Physician, Allopathist  
Wait, Horace, Prop. Hotel Ontario House
Walsh, Patrick Tailor  
Warren, George W. General Merchant Warren & Ainsworth
Warren, George W. Grain Dealer Warren & Ainsworth
Warren, Walter Saloon  
Webb, William H., M.D. Druggist  
Webster, Mrs. Ranson Dressmaker  
Whiting, Rev. Nathan Clergyman Episcopal
Willey, Igneus Mason  
Willey, John Mason  
Wright, Mrs. Minerva Music Teacher  
Zimmerman, Peter Mason  
  Brewery Livingston & Scobell
  Liquor Dealer Stone & Smith
  Malster Livingston & Scobell

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