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Allen, John F. Constable  
Allen, Peter Carmen  
Anderson, Mrs. George Millinery  
Babcock, Augustus Clothing Babcock & Fritch
Bachan, Charles Carpenter  
Bailey, Miss Jennie Music Teacher  
Ball, Horace T. Boarding House  
Ball, Horace T. Saloon  
Barrey, Michael Clergyman Catholic
Barry, William Groceries Barry & Montgomery
Bassett, Frank Harness, etc. Frank Bassett & Bro.
Bassett, John Harness, etc. Frank Bassett & Bro.
Bickford, Marcus Justice of the Peace  
Bickford, Marcus Lawyer  
Bliss, Jacob Iron Founder Brown & Bliss
Bliss, Jacob Machinist Brown & Bliss
Boman, L. S. Turner of Wood Boman & Wood
Bones, Lyle Druggist Bones & Frederick
Brown, George M. Iron Founder Brown & Bliss
Brown, George M. Machinist Brown & Bliss
Brown, Mrs. J. A. Millinery  
Brown, Remsen R. Groceries  
Brownell, Joseph P. Surveyor  
Brownell, Miss Mary E. Millinery  
Budd, Benjamin C. Groceries TR & BC Budd
Budd, Joseph C., Agent Iron Manufacturer Cole & Allen
Budd, Thomas R. Groceries TR & BC Budd
Bush, Benjamin F., Principal Academy Carthage Academy
Bush, Mrs. Harriet, Piano Academy Carthage Academy
Carpenter, Charles Livery Stable Warren & Carpenter
Carpenter, William Insurance Agent  
Chambers, Hiram L. Carpenter  
Chambers, William L. Carpenter  
Cole, John P. Butcher Cole & Hatch
Connell, Franklin G. General Merchandise Connell & Hammond
Cooley, A. J. Saw Mill Leonard & Cooley
Coombs, ---- Painter & Glaziers  
Crain, Aaron Mason  
Crain, Isaac S. Mason  
Cruikshank, Hugh Carriage Maker  
Cutler, Orville Undertaker Smith & Cutler
Davis, Lewis N. Boots and Shoes Guyot & Davis
Davis, Mrs. William B. Boarding House  
Davis, William Hair Dresser  
De Moushch, Prof. J. A. Music Teacher  
Dickerman, Hezekiah Lumber Dealer  
Dickerman, Hezekiah Tanneries Dickerman & Hoyt
Dickerman, Hezekiah Wood Dealer  
Earl, Zenophen Carpenter  
Edmunds, Albert G. Turner of Wood Edmunds Brothers
Edmunds, Charles J. Turner of Wood Edmunds Brothers
Emmes, John B. Lawyer  
Ervin, Henry J. Billiard Room  
Evans, John Hardware  
Evans, John Tinsmith  
Ferguson, Nelson D. Physician - Allopathy  
Fish, Charles C. Blacksmith Freeman & Fish
Forbes, Welles M. Lawyer  
Francis, Chester E. General Merchandise Horr & Francis
Frederick, Carlos L. Druggist Bones & Frederick
Frederick, Carlos L. Insurance Agent  
Freeman, Moses S. Blacksmith Freeman & Fish
Frink, Heman H. Hardware  
Frink, Heman H. Tinsmith  
Fritch, Sylvester Clothing Babcock & Fritch
Gallagher, Richard Furniture Dealer  
Gallectes, Joseph A. Millwright  
Gardner, George Livery Stable  
Gates, Lewis Lumber Dealer  
Gibbs, George Collector of Taxes  
Gilbert Sewel Carpenter  
Gilbert, Abner P. Butter and Produce  
Gilbert, George Lawyer  
Goodale, Lawrence J. Land Agent for V. LeRay de Chaumont
Gould, Daniel, Propl Hotel Carthage House
Gould, George, Prop. Hotel Brown's Hotel
Gould, William, Prop. Hotel Brown's Hotel
Gregory, Charles Blacksmith Le Fleur & Gregory
Gregory, Charles Carriage Maker Le Fleur & Gregory
Guyot, Frederick Planing Mills  
Guyot, J. Victor Grist Mill M & JV Guyot
Guyot, J. Victor Lumber Dealer M & JV Guyot
Guyot, J. Victor Saw Mill M & JV Guyot
Guyot, Miner Boots and Shoes Guyot & Davis
Guyot, Miner Grist Mill M & JV Guyot
Guyot, Miner Lumber Dealer M & JV Guyot
Guyot, Miner Saw Mill M & JV Guyot
Guyot, Miner Tanneries  
Haberer, Henry Constable  
Hammond, Frederick Telegraph Operator  
Hammond, Henry W. General Merchandise Connell & Hammond
Hammond, Henry W. Land Agent  
Hammond, Henry W. Painter & Glaziers Hammond Brothers
Hammond, William Painter & Glaziers Hammond Brothers
Hatch, Erastus Butcher Cole & Hatch
Hedges, M. M. Dentist  
Herrick, Alfred A. Stage Proprietor  
Hewitt, John Architect  
Hewitt, John Carpenter  
Hillock, Thomas Clergyman Disciples
Hodgkins, Ezra Groceries Macomber & Hodkins
Hodgkins, Ezra Hardware Macomber & Hodkins
Holbrook, Mrs. Sylvia A. Millinery  
Holcomb, Orlin Hide and Leather Dealer  
Hooker, Horace Clothing  
Hooker, Horace Sewing Machines  
Hooker, Ralph General Merchandise  
Hopkins, Ann Dress Maker  
Hopkins, Samuel C. Edge Tool Maker  
Horr, Walter A. General Merchandise Horr & Francis
Hoyt, S. S. Tanneries Dickerman & Hoyt
Hubbard, Armon T. Saloon  
Hubbard, Fernando Tinsmith H Hubbard & Son
Hubbard, George N. Physician - Allopathy  
Hubbard, Heman Tinsmith H Hubbard & Son
Hubbard, Levi C. Bakery  
Huse, Charles J. Butcher CJ & F Huse
Huse, Fred Butcher CJ & F Huse
Johnson, Frank B. Carpenter  
Keeler, Justus Brewer Keeler & Smith
Keen, Roswell W. Lawyer  
Kellogg, ---- Clergyman Methodist
Kellogg, Henry J., Leader Brass Band  
Kellogg, Henry J., Leader Marble Dealer Sterling & Kellogg
Kimball, Charles H. Mason  
Kimball, Charles H., Prop. Public Hall Union Hotel
Knowles, Hiram Carpenter  
Kohler, Christopher Wood Dealer  
Lamphear, Nelson Livery Stable  
Lamphear, Nelson Stage Proprietor  
Le Fleur, Joseph Blacksmith Le Fleur & Gregory
Le Fleur, Joseph Carriage Maker Le Fleur & Gregory
Legatee, O. M. Clergyman Presbyterian
Leonard, Fayette Saw Mill Leonard & Cooley
Levis, O. S. Books and Stationary  
Levis, O. S. Druggist  
Loomis, Ashley Tanneries Loomis & Wilmot
Loomis, Israel H. Groceries IH & S Loomis
Loomis, Manly Blacksmith  
Loomis, Manly Carriage Maker  
Loomis, Stowell Groceries IH & S Loomis
Loop, De Witt C. Clergyman Episcopal
Macomber, Edwin Groceries Macomber & Hodkins
Macomber, Edwin Hardware Macomber & Hodkins
Mallory, Frank B. Dentist  
Manning, William A. Carpenter  
Marsell, Joseph Cooper  
Mason, Marcus P. Pump Maker  
Mason, Marcus P. Turner of Wood  
Mason, Marcus P. Wood Dealer  
Mathews, Pitt M. Brick Maker  
McCanna, Michael Express Agent  
McCanna, Michael Postmaster  
McCanna, Michael Railroad Agent  
McCanna, Michael Town Clerk  
McCollumg, Hiram, Agent General Merchandise Norris M. Carter
McCollumg, Hiram, Agent Hardware Norris M. Carter
McCollumg, Hiram, Agent Nail Factory Norris M. Carter
McCormick, Peter Painter & Glaziers  
Metcalf, Edward Mason  
Mongtomery, John Groceries Barry & Montgomery
Morgan, Titus Harness, etc. Morgan & Roberts
Morrin, Paul Tobacconist  
Morrison, ---- Spoke and Hub Factory Van Duzee & Morrison
Nevills, Jack Mason  
Norton, John Dry Goods  
Norton, John Yankee Notions  
Oberlin, Christopher Jewelry and watches  
O'Leary, George Justice of the Peace  
O'Neil, Robert H. Saloon  
Owens, John W. Physician - Eclectic  
Parmeter, George Carpenter  
Peck, Duane H. Stage Proprietor  
Peck, Mrs. D. H. Millinery  
Peeden, James T. Physician - Allopathy  
Phelps, Cyrus Billiard Room  
Place, Charles Mason  
Plank, Ashley Carpenter  
Plank, Ashley Undertaker  
Pringle, James F. Groceries Pringle & Roberts
Pringle, James F. Liquor Dealer Pringle & Roberts
Raplee, Myron, Banker Bank Carthage Exchange Bank
Rhiner, Chris B. Forwarder Rhiner, Wagoner & Sweet
Rhiner, Chris B. Wood Dealer  
Rich, Henry C. Boots and Shoes  
Roberts, S. M. Harness, etc. Morgan & Roberts
Roberts, Thomas S. Groceries Pringle & Roberts
Roberts, Thomas S. Liquor Dealer Pringle & Roberts
Robinson, Liberty Mason  
Roney, Miss Carrie D. Dress Maker CD & HM Roney
Roney, Miss Henriette M. Dress Maker CD & HM Roney
Root, Joseph H. Architect  
Root, Joseph H. Carpenter  
Rugg, Martin Groceries M & S Rugg
Rugg, Miss Lavinia Music Teacher  
Rugg, Silas Groceries M & S Rugg
Rulison, William General Merchandise Rulison & Waite
Salter, Edward Painter & Glaziers  
Salter, George B. Painter & Glaziers  
Sanford, Montgomery S., Cashier Bank Carthage Exchange Bank
Scott, Elbridge Books and Stationary  
Scott, Elbridge News Dealer  
Sheley, Daniel Carmen  
Smith, Charles W. Surveyor  
Smith, James A. Undertaker Smith & Cutler
Smith, Joseph A. Brewer Keeler & Smith
Sterling, Adam Marble Dealer Sterling & Kellogg
Sweet, George Forwarder Rhiner, Wagoner & Sweet
Sylvester, Alonzo Y. Carpenter  
Sylvester, George Carpenter  
Tooker, Joseph Gunsmith  
Tripp, Martin Carpenter  
Tuttle, Miss Julia Music Teacher  
Van Duzee, Albert B. Spoke and Hub Factory Van Duzee & Morrison
Vinica, Armenus, Prop. Hotel Union Hotel
Wagoner, Nicholas Forwarder Rhiner, Wagoner & Sweet
Wagoner, Nicholas Steamboat Agent  
Wagoner, Nicholas Waterlime & Cement  
Waite, Charles H. General Merchandise Rulison & Waite
Waite, Charles H. Insurance Agent  
Walsh, Anthony Boots and Shoes  
Warren, Mrs. T. D. Millinery  
Warren, Theodore D. Dry Goods  
Warren, Volney Livery Stable Warren & Carpenter
Welch, Henry J. Lawyer  
Whitaker, David Jewelry and watches  
Whiting, Nathan Lawyer  
Wilbur, James H. Printing Office Carthage Republican
Willard, Ephraim Painter & Glaziers  
Willis, Egbert Photographer  
Wilmot, Reuben H. Tanneries Loomis & Wilmot
Wood, Joshua A. Carpenter  
Wood, Zelotes Carpenter  
Wood, Zelotes Turner of Wood Boman & Wood
Woolson, Julia Dress Maker  
  Carthage Lodge #158 Masonic Lodge
  Photographer Richard & Noyes

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