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Angel, Robert G. Coroner  
Angel, William W. General Merchant  
Bailey, Harvey Groceries  
Bailey, J. Newton, Agent Public Hall Reade's Hall
Barker, Alden F. Vessel Owner  
Barker, Alden F. Wood Dealer  
Barker, Henry General Merchant  
Benjamin, James Painter  
Bertrand, Edward Caulker  
Bertrand, Edward Overseer at Ship Yard  
Bertrand, Oliver Caulker  
Bisonette, John Caulker  
Boyd, David Captains of Lake Vessels  
Boyd, John Captains of Lake Vessels  
Breslow, Simon Tailor  
Bright, William Shingle Mill  
Bright, William Stave Factory  
Brooker, Albert Shipsmith  
Brush, Alex M. Lumber Dealer  
Brush, Alex M. Melodeon & Organ Manufacturer  
Brush, Alex M. Musical Merchandise  
Brush, Alex M. Planing Mill  
Brush, Alex M. Saw Mill  
Burchill, E. C. Insurance Agent  
Burns, Sylvester Hair Dresser  
Buswell, George Painter  
Buswell, Mrs.George Dressmaker  
Cantwell, John Ship Builder  
Cary, William Captains of Lake Vessels  
Caswell, N. B. Lime Burner  
Caswell, Perry Boots and Shoes Caswell & Tallett
Caswell, Perry Postmaster  
Clayton Lodge #296   Masonic Lodge
Cline, Dr. John M. Justice of the Peace  
Cline, Dr. John M. Physician  
Collins, Thomas Overseer at Ship Yard  
Cook, Asabel Boat Builder  
Cook, Asabel Gunsmith  
Cook, John Ax-Helve Manufacturer  
Cuppernall, Abram Justice of the Peace  
Davidson, Leopold D. Clothing - Ready Made  
Deford, Joseph Sr. Wood Dealer  
Delong, William Tailor  
Dowdell, Thomas Tailor  
Dunton, Milo C. Butcher  
Eddy, Luther Carpenter Eddy & Green
Eddy, Luther Lumber Dealer Eddy & Green
Eddy, Luther Planing Mill  
Eddy, Luther Saw Mill  
Elliott, Henry Hides and Leather  
Elliott, Henry Tanner  
Elliott, Lewis Captains of Lake Vessels  
Elliott, William Captains of Lake Vessels  
Ellis, Dr. Amos Druggist  
Ellis, Dr. Amos Insurance Agent  
Ellis, Dr. Amos Physician  
Empey, Robert N. Livestock Dealer  
Esselstyn, Henry Forwarder  
Esselstyn, Henry Groceries  
Esselstyn, Henry Ship Chandlers  
Esselstyn, Henry Vessel Owner  
Esselstyn, J. R. Steamboat Agent for Express Line  
Esselstyn, J. R., G. Trunk Railroad Agent  
Esselstyn, James R. Groceries  
Esselstyn, James R. Ship Chandlers  
Esselstyn, Justus Groceries J Esselstyn & Co.
Esselstyn, Justus Ship Chandlers J. Esselstyn & Co.
Esselstyn, Richard M. Collector Customs  
Fonda, Isaac H. General Merchant  
Fonda, Isaac H. Vessel Owner  
Fowler, John Forwarder Fowler & Esselstyn
Fowler, John Vessel Owner Fowler & Esselstyn
Glass, B. W. Mason  
Gould, George H. Carpenter  
Graves, John H. Saw Mill  
Green, R. C. Carpenter  
Green, R. C. Lumber Dealer  
Green, R. C. Planing Mill Eddy & Green
Green, R. C. Saw Mill Green & Eddy
Griffin, Sidney Oarsman  
Hale, Stephen General Merchant Hale & Fonda
Hale, Stephen Vessel Owner Hale & Fonda
Halpine, Michael Captains of Lake Vessels  
Hamlin, Miss ---- Music Teacher  
Hawes, Charles L. Butcher  
Hawes, William Clothing - Ready Made  
Hollenbeck, Abram Constable  
Howe, Ephraim Oarsman  
Hubbard, George H. Livery Stable  
Hubbard, James T. Collector of Taxes  
Hubbard, James, Prop. Hotel  
Hubbard, John B., Prop. Hotel  
Hubbard, T., Prop. Hotel Hubbard House
Iselin, Adolph Saloon  
Johnson, Mrs. Samuel Physician  
Johnson, Orrin T. Photographer  
Johnston, James Oarsman  
Johnston, John Steamboat Agent for N T Co's Propeller Line  
Johnston, John Vessel Owner  
Johnston, John Wood Dealer  
Johnston, Napoleon B. General Merchant  
Johnston, Napoleon B. Jewelry and Watches  
Johnston, S. Decatur Billiard Room Walton House
Johnston, Simon G. Ship Builder  
Johnston, T. Decatur, Prop. Hotel Walton House
Kenyon, Albert Carpenter  
Kinney, Thomas Captains of Lake Vessels  
Larkins, D. C. Marble Works  
Leaman, Abel Caulker  
Leaman, Edward Boat Builder  
Leaman, Edward Oarsman  
Locklin, Mrs. Anna Milliner  
Marshall, Samuel Oarsman  
McDonald, James Captains of Lake Vessels  
McKee, Calvin Captains of Lake Vessels  
Morse, Horace E. Claim Agent  
Morse, Horace E. Lawyer  
Murdock, John Captains of Lake Vessels  
O'Toole, Patrick Boots and Shoes  
Phillips, Luther Physician  
Pierce, Herbert Telegraph Operator  
Porter, Cornelius Carpenter  
Porter, Cornelius Furniture Dealer  
Porter, Cornelius Groceries  
Porter, D. Cornelius Undertaker  
Radcliff, Thomas Captains of Lake Vessels  
Rector, John Carpenter  
Reese, David S. Captains of Lake Vessels  
Reese, Evan J., Deputy Collector Customs  
Reese, Thomas, Supt. Of Yard Raftsman  
Reese, William Captains of Lake Vessels  
Richards, Lewis Mason  
Robinson, Robert Cartman  
Rodenhurst, Richard Fur Dealer  
Rodenhurst, Richard Hardware  
Roderhurst, Richard Tinsmith  
Russell, David B. Painter  
Scott, N. Carpenter  
Sherry, Rev. Charles Clergyman Catholic
Smith, George Captains of Lake Vessels  
Smith, William N. General Merchant Smith & Barker
Swart, John Butcher Swart & Dunton
Tallett, G. H. Boots and Shoes  
Thibault, Benjamin Blacksmith  
Thibault, Joseph Blacksmith  
Thibault, Paskell Fish Dealer  
Tuff, Francis Sail Maker  
Van Allen, John Captains of Lake Vessels  
Vincent, G. H. Raftsman  
Vincent, Gardner G. Raftsman  
Vincent, Jencks Constable  
Vodra, William Carriage Maker  
Webber, Henry Oarsman  
Webber, Henry Sail Maker  
Whipple, Rev. O. B. Clergyman Methodist Episcopal
Wilbur, Squire Carpenter  
Wright, Melville S. Harness and Trunks  

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