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Baird, David Cheese Boxes  
Baird, David Saw Mill  
Barrett, Edgar E. General Merchant  
Bebee, Solomon Mason  
Beckwith, Julius D. Insurance Agent  
Beckwith, Julius D. Lawyer  
Beckwith, Rev. John H. Clergyman Presbyterian
Boose, Martin Brewer  
Boyer, Joseph E. Druggist Boyer & Jones
Burtis, John Hotel Burtis' Hotel
Burtis, Stephen Hotel Burtis' Hotel
Casse, William Painter  
Comstock, John M. General Merchant JM & WM Comstock
Comstock, William M. General Merchant JM & WM Comstock
Cook, Adolphus M. General Merchant  
Cooper, Charton R. Hardware Dealer  
Cooper, William, S. Postmaster  
Coyer, Alex Boots and Shoes  
Cummings, Patrick Blacksmith  
Davis, Norman, Prop. Hotel Davis House
Dumaw, Antoine Carriage Maker  
Fuller, Milo W. Livery Stable  
Fuller, Milo W. Stage Proprietor  
Gardner, Emmor K. Supervisor  
Granger, Cleanthus P. Justice of the Peace  
Hart, Henry H. Blacksmith  
Hart, John Blacksmith  
Hayworth, Joel E. Cheese Factory  
Helmer, Benjamin Saloon  
Hungerford, Edwin O. Hardware Dealer  
Hungerford, Miss Alice Millinery  
Ingerson, Mrs. Orris Millinery  
Ingerson, Thomas Mason  
Ivers, George Express Agent  
Ivers, George Railroad Agent  
Ivers, George Telegraph Operator  
Jackson, Robert Blacksmith  
Jones, Leroy E. Druggist Boyer & Jones
Jones, Leroy E. Physician, Allopathy  
Lawton, Henry W., Prop. Hotel Lawton's Hotel
Lyttle, Mrs. Louisa F. Millinery  
Martin, James R. Carpenter  
Miller, Marshall M. Carriage Maker  
Miller, Marshall M. Constable  
Morris, Joseph K. General Merchant  
Murphy, Adam Carpenter  
Peck, Anthony Tailor  
Peck, Frank M. Groceries FM & LR Peck
Peck, LeRue R. Groceries FM & LR Peck
Petrie, Solomon Boots and Shoes  
Sixburg, Peter Carpenter  
Smith, Sidney A. Physician, Allopathy  
Tillinghast, Jefferson Grist Mill  
Tillinghast, Jefferson Saw Mill  
Von Grinnegan, John Saloon  
Waddingham, Frederick Harness & Trunks  
Waddingham, Frederick Town Clerk  
Walradt, Henry Boots and Shoes  
Warn, Rev. Samuel N. Clergyman Methodist Episcopal
Wood, Seymour Hair Dresser  
Wood, Wheaton Saloon  

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