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Abbey, Samuel Carpenter  
Abbey, Sardis Carpenter  
Abbey, Sardis Cloth Dressings  
Abbey, Sardis Sash, Doors and Blinds  
Allen, Aaron B. Cheese Factories  
Allen, Clark Constable  
Babcock, L. R. Physician  
Babcock, L. R. Town Clerk  
Bateman, Luther L. Carpenter  
Boyden, John Lawyer  
Brigham, Phillip Cheese Boxes  
Brown, Nettie J. Music Teacher  
Brown, P. M. General Merchant  
Brown, Rev. S. G. Clergyman Baptist
Buker, John Mason  
Carpenter, Jeremiah Jr. Constable  
Caulkins, Jesse Butcher  
Caulkins, Jesse Butter and Produce  
Caulkins, Jesse General Merchant  
Caulkins, Jesse Postmaster, Deputy  
Copeland, W. D. Carriage Maker  
Copeland, W. D. Justice of the Peace  
Corbin, R. R. Blacksmith  
Cox, Oscar Saw Mill  
Cox, W. H. Physician  
Fuller, P. J. Carpenter  
Gardner, Albert Mason  
Gillett, Elihu Boots and Shoes  
Gillman, Dyantha Music Teacher  
Gillman, Julius Grist Mill  
Goodell, Rev. S. C. Clergyman Methodist
Grimshaw, Clinton Cheese Factories Reed & Grimshaw
Hall, Oliver Mason  
Harrington, Haley Blacksmith  
Harrington, Richard Blacksmith  
Irvins, Freeman Carpenter  
Kellogg, James Justice of the Peace  
Labor, Joseph Axe-Helve Manufacturer  
Labor, Joseph Boots and Shoes  
Lilley, Jackson Butcher  
Lyman, Silas Saw Mill  
Market, Augustus Mason  
Moore, Eli Saw Mill  
Morrel, Henry Carpenter  
O'Neal, Jacob Saw Mill  
Page, Ira Cheese Factories  
Pitkin, Allen Collector of Taxes  
Pitkin, Erwin Cheese Factories Webb & Pitkin
Pitkin, Erwin Justice of the Peace  
Pitkin, John Carpenter  
Reed, Lorenzo D. Cheese Factories Reed & Grimshaw
Remington, Edmund Justice of the Peace  
Ripley, Abraham Saw Mill  
Rose, Annie Millinery  
Steele, William R. Boots and Shoes  
Steele, William R. Constable  
Tifft, Samuel Supervisor  
Tift, Samuel Cheese Factories  
Tolls, Gardner V. Saw Mill  
Tucker, Orville C. Hotel  
Varnish, Peter Blacksmith  
Wagoner, Joseph Cheese Boxes  
Wagoner, Joseph Saw Mill  
Warriner, Solomon Chair Maker  
Webb, Albert Cheese Factories Webb & Pitkin
Williams, N. B. Butter and Produce  
Williams, N. B. General Merchant  
Willson, Horace Harness Maker  
Winters, Calvin L. Auctioneer  
Woodard, Spencer Grist Mill  

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