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Ayer, Henry Painter  
Baker, Augustus L. Justice of the Peace  
Baker, Augustus L. Surveyor  
Baker, Sabin Yankee Notions (wholesale)  
Baldwin, William Boots and Shoes  
Baldwin, William Tannery  
Baron, A. E. Photographer  
Blandin, Oliver H. Physician, Eclectic  
Blunt, Rev. E. G. Clergyman Baptist
Brown, Joseph E. Grist Mill Howe & Brown
Church, Miss Cordelia Dress Maker  
Cook, William H. Blacksmith  
Dumon, Benjamin A. Carriage Maker Lucas & Dumon
Earl, Melvin J. Butter and Produce  
Earl, Melvin J. General Merchant  
Earl, Miss Martha Millinery  
Eely, Henry Mason  
Finster, John D. Carpenter  
Finster, John D. Saw Mills  
Gardner, Cyrus Billiard Room  
Grenell, Ezra O. Cheese Factory Shepard & Grenell
Gurley, Asher M. Druggist  
Hinman, Jihn J. Telegraph Operator  
Howe, Eilas B. Grist Mill Howe & Brown
Hughs, John Jr. Hardware  
Hughs, John Jr. Tinsmith  
Hull, Edwin Mason  
Hunt, Rev. Ward W. Clergyman Methodist
Huson, Kincade A. Harness & Trunks  
Jackson, John Boots and Shoes  
Jacobs, Theo D. Butcher  
James, Eli C., Livery Stable  
James, Eli C., Prop. Hotel Jefferson House
Johnson, Levi Blacksmith  
Jones, Rev. Charles Clergyman Congregational
Kinney, Herbert H. Broker  
Kinney, Herbert H. Notary Public  
Kinney, Roswell Physician, Allopathy  
Kirkland, Edwin A. Cooper  
Kromer, David D. Boots and Shoes  
Lester, Edwin Furniture Dealer  
Lester, Edwin Undertaker  
Lucas, George R. Carriage Maker Lucas & Dumon
Lyman, John N. Physician, Allopathy  
Martin, Leonard A. General Merchant P P Martin & Son
Martin, Leonard A. Postmaster  
Martin, Phillip P. General Merchant P P Martin & Son
Maynard, Fayette Dentist  
Maynard, Fayette Insurance Agent  
Merrills, John W. Clothing (Ready Made)  
Merrills, John W. Tailor (Custom)  
Millard, Gardner Butcher  
Nichols, Samuel Millwright  
Shepard, Henry W. General Merchant  
Shepard, Thomas B. Cheese Factory Shepard & Grenell
Stearns, Samuel C. Sewing Machines  
Taylor, Henry Jewelry and Watches  
Tousley, Reuben R. Insurance Agent  
Tousley, Reuben R. Lawyer  
Van Wormer, Zara Blacksmith  
Vernum, Willard Carriage Maker  
Wardwell, Allen M. Butter and Produce  
Wardwell, Allen M. Express Agent  
Wardwell, Allen M. Railroad Agent  
Wells, Luke Constable  
Wells, Thomas R. Cartman  
Wheeler, Andrew A. Lawyer  
Wheeler, David Books and Stationary  
Wheeler, James Carpenter  
Wheeler, Jonathan E., Repairer Jewelry and Watches  
Williams, Francis L. Carpenter  
Williams, Miss Elizabeth Dress Maker  
Williams, Miss Elizabeth Millinery  
Williams, Wilbur, Leader Brass Band Mannsville Saxhorn Band
with H. W. Shepard    
Woodall, John Tailor (Custom)  
Woodward, Mrs. Henry Millinery  
Woodward, Mrs. Henry Music Teacher  
Woodward, Mrs. L. B., Teacher Select School  
  #469 Mannsville Odd Fellows Lodge

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