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Ackerman, Silas A. Saw Mill TB & SA Ackerman
Ackerman, Silas A. Shingle Mill TB & SA Ackerman
Ackerman, Timothy B. Lumber Dealer TB & SA Ackerman
Ackerman, Timothy B. Saw Mill TB & SA Ackerman
Ackerman, Timothy B. Shingle Mill TB & SA Ackerman
Ackert, Adam C. Boots and Shoes  
Adams, Horace Broker  
Adams, Horace Livestock Dealer  
Aldrich, Martin E. Druggist  
Aldrich, Martin E. Groceries  
Aldrich, Martin E. Liquor Dealer  
Aldrich, Martin E., Deputy Postmaster  
Allen, William Justice of the Peace  
Barbur, Amasa M. Cheese Factory Barbur & Becker
Baxter, Andrew J. Carpenter  
Becker, Lansing Cheese Factory Barbur & Becker
Brown, William Constable  
Brown, William Painter  
Child, Oliver Surveyor  
Clark, Cornelius Livestock Dealer Clark & McNeil
Clark, Montgomery Blacksmith Wishart & Clark
Clark, Mrs. Mahala Millinery  
Clark, William Livestock Dealer Clark & Rogers
Cooper,Nathaniel Carpenter  
Cross, Hiram H. Hotel  
Cross, Orrin A. Blacksmith Cross & Mariott
Fairbanks, Erwin Cheese Boxes Fairbanks & White
Fairbanks, Erwin Cooper Fairbanks & White
Fairbanks, Erwin Planing Mill Fairbanks & White
Fredenburg,A. M. Clergyman Methodist Episcopal
Gould, Charles E. Tinware & Stoves  
Gould, Kendrick Hotel  
Graves, Samuel Jr. Grist Mill  
Heath, Chauncey Physician, Eclectic  
Holkins, Enoch Ashery  
Holmes, William G. Clothing Holmes & Scofield
Holmes, William G. General Merchant Holmes & Scofield
Houghton, Hollis S. Carriage Maker  
Houghton, Hollis S. Planing Mill  
Howland, William Surveyor  
Hull, Miss Millinery  
Macomber, Asa E. Postmaster  
Marriott, Thomas Blacksmith Cross & Mariott
Marriott, Thomas Veterinary Surgeon  
McNeil, John Butter and Produce  
McNeil, William Livestock Dealer Clark & McNeil
Mosher, Cyrus Furniture Dealer  
Mosher, Cyrus Undertaker  
Mosher, Isaac C. Clothing Mosher & Tucker
Mosher, Isaac C. General Merchant Mosher & Tucker
Mosher, Isaac C. Tailor Mosher & Tucker
Murdock, Alvah Physician, Allopathy  
Nancarrow, James Tailor  
Pennel, John F. Boots and Shoes  
Pitcher, Edward Cooper  
Pollock, William Boots and Shoes  
Potter, Alanson W. Carpenter  
Rhubart, John Collector of Taxes  
Rogers, Asel Butcher  
Rogers, Samuel Broker  
Rogers,Joel Livestock Dealer Clark & Rogers
Savage, John A. Justice of the Peace  
Savage, John A. Lawyer  
Scofield, Daniel H. Clothing Holmes & Scofield
Scofield, Daniel H. General Merchant Holmes & Scofield
Shortt, James Tannery  
Sizeland, Abram Carriage Maker  
Smith, Benjamin H. Smith Blacksmith CS & HB Smith
Smith, Charles S. Blacksmith CS & HB Smith
Strickland, Seth Supervisor  
Traver, Russel J. Express Agent  
Traver, Russel J. Railroad Agent  
Tucker,George E. Clothing Mosher & Tucker
Tucker,George E. General Merchant Mosher & Tucker
Tucker,George E. Justice of the Peace  
Tucker,George E. Tailor Mosher & Tucker
Wager, David J. Lawyer  
Wait, John Druggist  
Wait, John General Merchant  
Washburn, Henry Livery Stable  
Washburn, Rusell Hotel  
Washburn, Russell, Prop. Public Hall Washburn House
Webster, Miss Millinery  
Welch, Abram Physician, Allopathy  
White, Clark Cheese Boxes Fairbanks & White
White, Clark Cooper Fairbanks & White
White, Clark Planing Mill Fairbanks & White
Wilson, Calvin Jewelry and Watches  
Wishart, Christopher Blacksmith Wishart & Clark
Woodward, Sidad Butcher  
York, William J. Livestock Dealer  

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