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Ager, Rev. Jesse Clergyman Baptist
Ahles, Christian Boots and Shoes C & F Ahles
Ahles, Frederick Boots and Shoes  
Becker, Daniel Cloth Dresser  
Brusse, Lewis Blacksmitrh  
Bush, Nicholas, Prop. Hotel Dollinger House
Butterfield, William W. Ashery  
Butterfield, William W. Blacksmitrh  
Butterfield, William W. Glass Manufactury  
Butterfield, William W. Saw Mill  
Butterfield, William W. Supervisor  
Buttterfield, Levi A. Postmaster  
Clarke, Charles W. Carriage Maker  
Clink, Robert M. Butcher Clink & Kring
Clink, Robert M. Physician  
Coonan, Thomas Blacksmitrh Coonan & Brusse
Harder, Anson Insurance Agent  
Harder, Anson Lawyer  
Hartman, George A. Tailor  
Holmes, Alford A. General Merchant Holmes & Read
Hutchins, Nathan J. Physician  
Kavanaugh, Charles Baker  
Kring, Alonzo Butcher  
Labar, Stephen Cooper  
Lambie, William M. Furniture Dealer  
Langly, Robert Harness Maker  
Lynn, Rev. John B., Clergyman Episcopal
Marshal, R. Winehel, Prop. Hotel Butterfield Hotel
Martin, Lewis Carriage Maker  
McAllister, Benjamin Insurance Agent  
McAllister, Joseph E. General Merchant  
Millard, Jason T. Druggist J T Millard & Son
Millard, Jason T. Physician  
Millard, Warren R. Druggist  
Rand, Mrs. Newton Dressmaker  
Read, Joseph W. General Merchant  
Read, Joseph W. Town Clerk  
Russell, Lemuel Cooper  
Ryan, Michael Boots and Shoes  
Senfest, Mrs. Peter Saloon  
Simonds, Charles H. General Merchant  
Smith, Matthew H. Grist Mill  
Stebbins, Spencer A. Livery Stable  
Summers, Hiram P. Photographer  
Swits, Levi Carpenter L & N Swits
Swits, Levi Planing Mill L & N Swits
Swits, Levi Saw Mill L & N Swits
Swits, Nelson Carpenter  
Swits, Nelson Planing Mill  
Swits, Nelson Saw Mill  
Tassey, Peter Blacksmitrh  
Weaver, William Billiard Room  
White, Albert L. Groceries, Hardware & Liquor A. L. White & Son
White, Albert L. Justice of the Peace  
White, Albert L. Tinsmith A L White & Son
White, Harry K. Carriage Maker White & Martin
White, Henry A. Groceries, Hardware & Liquor  
White, Henry A. Tinsmith  
White, Henry S. Grist Mill White & Smith

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