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Archer, Lyman Harness, etc.  
Baker, Robert Boots and Shoes  
Baldwin, Mrs. Mary E. Dress Maker  
Barney, Herman Cartman  
Barney, William Jewelry and Watches  
Bass,Jacob Billiard Room  
Bowman, Rev. John A. Clergyman Episcopal
Boyd, Richard Blacksmith  
Boyden, Samuel Police Justice  
Butterfield, George Boots and Shoes  
Button, Oscar P. Billiard Room  
Camp, Walter B. Druggist W B Camp & Co.
Camp, Walter B. Supervisor  
Campbell, Archibald Fish Dealer  
Canfield, John H. Trustees of Village  
Canfield, John H., Secretary   Jefferson Oil & Coal Co.
Canfield, Theodore Hardware  
Canfield, Theodore Waterlime & Cement  
Clark, Welcome Lime Burner  
Clark, William T. Saloon  
Colton, William Fish Dealer  
Colton, William Wheelwright  
Conlin, Richard Saloon  
Conlin, Richard Trustees of Village  
Conlin, Richard Wood Dealer  
Cooley, Horace Millwright  
De Wolf, David O. Horse Dealer  
Elwood, Rev. G. W. Clergyman Methodist
Eveleigh, Barney Wood Dealer  
Fassett, Archibald Mason  
Fields, Alanson Boat Builder  
Fields, Alonzo Ship Builder  
Fields, Andrew J. Sewing Machines  
Ford, George A., Superintendent   Jefferson Oil & Coal Co.
Fralic, Miss Mary Dress Maker  
Gladwin, William Clothing _ Ready Made  
Gladwin, William Tailor (Custom Made)  
Godfrey, William J. Groceries  
Green, Edwin M. Stage Proprietor  
Gurney, Norman Druggist W B Camp & Co.
Hall, Charles Telegraph Operator  
Hall, Thomas S. Coal Dealer  
Hall, Thomas S. Forwarder  
Hall, Thomas S. Insurance Agent  
Hall, Thomas S. Trustees of Village  
Hall,, Charles Insurance Agent  
Harlon, Edwin Carpenter  
Harlow, Charles Painter  
Harlow, Edwin Lumber Dealer  
Hickok, Rev. Henry Clergyman Presbyterian
Holloway, Charles B. - Town Collector of Taxes  
Horton, Charles Glazier  
Hovey, Jacob Butcher Hovey & Oatman
Inglehart, Cornelius W. Collector of Customs  
Jackson, John Cartman  
Jennison, Alonzo Painter  
Kimball, D. S. Liquor Dealer W B Camp & Co.
Kimball, Daniel S. Books and Stationary  
Kimball, Daniel S. Physician, Homeopathy  
Kimball, Dr. Daniel S.q Druggist  
Lane, Charles Boots and Shoes C. Lane & Son
Lane, Charles General Merchant C Lane & Son
Lane, Henry J. Boots and Shoes C. Lane & Son
Lane, Henry J. General Merchant C Lane & Son
Lawton, John Groceries  
Lewis, Eleazer W. Lawyer  
Lewis, Richard M. Tannery  
Lewis, Sylvester J., Treasurer   Jefferson Oil & Coal Co.
Lovell, Christopher S., President   Jefferson Oil & Coal Co.
Lovette, Miss Mary Millinery  
Luff, George Saw Mill  
McKee, Alvin M. Butcher  
McKee, David Agricultural Implements  
McKee, David Iron Founder  
McKee, David Justice of the Peace  
McKee, David Machinist  
McLaughlin, Mrs. Sarah Ann Dress Maker  
McNett, DeGrass President of Village  
McNett, DeGrass, Prop. Hotel Exchange Hotel
Metcalf, Henry Ship Keeper  
Mofatt, John Carriage Maker  
Nobles, William Livery Stable  
Oatman, William Butcher Hovey & Oatman
Oatman, William Constable  
Palmer, David Boots and Shoes  
Parker, Frank L. Cooper  
Parker, John Auctioneer  
Parker, John Constable  
Parker, John Deputy Sheriff  
Parker, John Forwarder  
Parker, John General Ticket Agent  
Parker, John Steamboat Agent  
Payne, Widow Horace Groceries  
Perrigo, John Blacksmith  
Phelps, Irvin J. Bakery J Phelps & Co.
Phelps, Irvin J. Variety Store J Phelps & Co.
Phelps, Jason Bakery J Phelps & Co.
Phelps, Jason Justice of the Peace  
Phelps, Jason Postmaster  
Phelps, Jason Variety Store J Phelps & Co.
Porter, William, Trustees of Village  
Porter, William, Prop. Hotel Ontario House
Read, R. Clinton General Merchant  
Ricard, Francis Hair Dresser  
Roach, Capt. Samuel Ferry (sloop) to Pillar Point  
Robbins, Oliver Lawyer  
Robbins, W. Granger General Merchant  
Robbins, W. Granger, Prop. Public Hall Ontario House
Root, Lorenzo K. Jr. Tailor (Custom Made)  
Scroxton, John Tinware & Stoves  
Smith, Albertus L. Furniture Dealer  
Smith, Albertus L. Undertaker  
Smith, Joel Blacksmith  
Smith, William Groceries  
Smith, William Town Clerk  
Smith, William Trustees of Village  
Sole, Elisha C. Mason  
Sprague, Ferdon A., Vice President   Jefferson Oil & Coal Co.
Stewart, N. M. Groceries  
Stokes, William Tinware & Stoves  
Symonds, Chester C. Groceries  
Symonds, Chester C. Liquor Dealer W B Camp & Co.
Symonds, Chester C. Public Hall Symonds Hall
Thompson, James C. Butcher  
Thumb, Mrs. Amanda Dress Maker  
Tyler, William E. Physician, Allopathy  
Virginia, Norman Hair Dresser  
Walling, John Tailor (Custom Made)  
Washburn, Stephen Pump Dealer  
Westcott, James Fish Dealer  
Westcott, Leroy Livery Stable  
Westcott, Leroy - Corp. Collector of Taxes  
Westcott, Miss Althea Dress Maker  
Westcott, Miss Martha Dress Maker  
Westcott, Orvis Fish Dealer  
Westcott, Orvis Trustees of Village  
White, Mrs A. M. Millinery  
Wiley, William Boots and Shoes  
  Brass Band Sackets Harbor Brass Band
  Sackets Harbor Lodge #135 Masonic Lodge
  Sackets Harbor Lodge #68 Masonic Lodge

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