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Ball, Chauncey Collector of Taxes  
Ball, Chauncey Constable  
Ballard, Davis Carpenter Ballard & Webster
Ballard, Davis Planing Mill  
Bearup, David Lawyer  
Bearup, David Supervisor  
Britton, Ansel N. Chair Maker  
Britton, Ansel N. Turner of Wood  
Brown, George F. Blacksmith  
Bullard, Miss A. Amelia Milliner  
Bullard, Percival D. Butter and Produce P D Bullard & Co.
Bullard, Percival D. General Merchant P D Bullard & Co.
Carpenter, James B. Physician  
Chadwick, Chauncey C. Silk Merchant  
Chapman, Ada A. Music Teacher  
Chapman, William D. Jewelry and Watches  
Chapman, William D. Manufacturer of I X L Trolling Bait  
Clark, Lemuel Clergyman Methodist Episcopal
Clark, William Grist Mill Empire Mills, Pool & Clark
Coe, Horace A. Dentist  
Collis, John C. Cloth Dressing  
Collis, John C. Dyer  
Collis, John C. Woolen Mill  
Collis, Rosell C. Insurance Agent  
Cook, Alanson Lime Burner  
Cooper, Alexander Hardware Dealer V Cooper & Co.
Cooper, Alexander Tinsmith V Cooper & Co.
Cooper, Jerome Constable  
Cooper, Victor Hardware Dealer V Cooper & Co.
Cooper, Victor Tinsmith V Cooper & Co.
Cornwall, Smith Constable  
Cornwell, George W. Cooper  
Cornwell, Melvin E. Druggist LL Hannahs & Co.
Cornwell, Melvin E. Groceries LL Hannahs & Co.
Davison, Nathan M. Physician  
Dayan, Squire C. Dentist  
Dresser, Amy Music Teacher  
Dresser, George W. Furniture Dealer  
Dresser, George W. Undertaker  
Dresser, William Justice of the Peace  
Dresser, William, Prop. Public Dresser's Hall
Eddy, Charles G. Tanneries  
Fayel, Joseph Ashery  
Fayel, Joseph Brick Yard  
Fayel, Joseph Butter and Produce  
Fayel, Joseph Cheese Factory - Limburger  
Fayel, Joseph Clothing - Ready Made  
Fayel, Joseph General Merchant  
Fisher, Elbert V. Lumber Dealer  
Fisher, Elbert V. Saw Mill  
Fisk, Charles M. Tinsmith  
Flower, John D. General Merchant  
Flower, Mrs. Abigail Music Teacher  
Fox, George B. Blacksmith  
Fox, George B. Carriage Maker  
Gardner, Anson D. Grist Mill Indian River Mills
Getman, Elias, Prop. Hotel Getman House
Green, Ransom H. Turner of Wood  
Gregory, Samuel O. Physician  
Hannahs, Lucius L. Druggist LL Hannahs & Co.
Hannahs, Lucius L. Groceries LL Hannahs & Co.
Hannahs, Lucius L. Physician  
Harger, John Hair Dresser  
Hibbard, Sheffield J. Jewelry and Watches  
Hibbard, Sheffield J., Leader Brass Band Theresa Sax Horn Band
Hildreth, John Cheese Boxes, etc. J & R P Hildreth
Hildreth, John Cooper J & R P Hildreth
Hildreth, John Planing Mill  
Hildreth, John Saw Mill J & R P Hildreth
Hildreth, Roswell P. Cheese Boxes, etc. J & R P Hildreth
Hildreth, Roswell P. Cooper J & R P Hildreth
Hildreth, Roswell P. Saw Mill J & R P Hildreth
Holdenhouse, Henry Blacksmith  
Hough, Leander Boots and Shoes  
Hungerford, Lyman C. Millwright  
Hungerford, Lyman C. Music Teacher  
Huntington, Isaac L. Justice of the Peace  
Huntington, Isaac L. Painter  
Irvin, Henry Carpenter  
Irvin, Mrs. Henry Hair Jewelry  
Irvin, Richard A. Groceries  
Johnson, William J. Tailor  
Kelsey, Charles A. Lawyer  
Kelsey, Ellenor Dress Maker  
Kinner, Mary Dress Maker  
Kissel, Peter Lime Burner  
Kissel, Peter Mason  
Ladd, Daniel Mason  
Lehr, George Boots and Shoes Lehr & Thwing
Lewis, Henry M. Photographer  
Lewis, Mrs. Harriet D. T. Music Teacher  
Linn, John B. Clergyman Episcopal
Lull, Nathaniel W. Boots and Shoes  
McKnight, Robert Iron Founder Ryther & McKnight
Merrill, Samuel L. Clergyman Presbyterian
Miller, Lott Lime Burner  
Moak, Jesse Carriage Maker Moak & Son
Moak, John Carriage Maker Moak & Son
Morrow, Jason C. Butter and Produce Parker & Morrow
Morrow, Jason C. Druggist Parker & Morrow
Morrow, Jason C. Groceries Parker & Morrow
Parker, James A. Butter and Produce Parker & Morrow
Parker, James A. Druggist Parker & Morrow
Parker, James A. Groceries Parker & Morrow
Peck, William Billiard Room  
Peck, William Saloon  
Plimpton, Horace Livery Stable  
Plimpton, Horace Stage Proprietor  
Pool, Charles Grist Mill Empire Mills, Pool & Clark
Pool, Charles Lumber Dealer  
Pool, Charles Saw Mill  
Rhiner, Stephen P., Prop. Hotel Rhiner House
Richardson, Alvin F. Harness and Trunks  
Richardson, Alvin F. Saloon  
Ripley, Daniel A. Boots and Shoes  
Ryther, A. G., Asst. Assessor US Internal Revenue  
Ryther, Charles P. Iron Founder Ryther & McKnight
Ryther, Mrs. Miranda Music Teacher  
Salisbury, Amos P. Groceries AP & CH Salisbury
Salisbury, Amos P. Town Clerk  
Salisbury, Charles H. Groceries AP & CH Salisbury
Salisbury, Miss Elizabeth Milliner  
Schallet, Raphael Blacksmith  
Schwartz, Peter Cheese Factory - Limburger  
Seeber, Henriett Dress Maker  
Seeber, Henry Millwright  
Seeber, Henry W. Saw Mill  
Seeber, John D. D. Carpenter  
Sheeley, E. Delevan Carpenter  
Sheeley, James J. Cooper  
Shumway, Amos P. Cooper  
Simmonds, James D. Harness and Trunks  
Sinclair, George Butcher  
Sinclair, George Cooper  
Slocum, Pelep G. Butcher  
Soper, Loren Gunsmith  
Soper, Orange Saw Mill  
Sprague, ---- Boat Builder  
Stockwell, Elijah S. Justice of the Peace  
Stockwell, Elijah S. Marble Works  
Strough, Samuel W. Justice of the Peace  
Thayer, Parker Constable  
Thompson, Isaac Postmaster  
Thwing, Charles G. Tanneries  
Thwing, Curtis Boots and Shoes Lehr & Thwing
Townsend, Gilbert S. Harness and Trunks  
Townsend, M. Devalcourt Constable  
Townsend, M. Devalcourt Deputy Sheriff  
Townsend, William Blacksmith  
Tozer, Franklin Millwright  
Tyler, Leman W. Carriage Maker  
Van Camp, David Veterinary Surgeon  
Van Duzen, Robert Carpenter  
Walradt, Abram M. Boots and Shoes  
Walradt, Ambrose Butter and Produce P D Bullard & Co.
Walradt, Ambrose General Merchant P D Bullard & Co.
Watson, Mrs. Malona Milliner  
Webster, George Carpenter Ballard & Webster
Webster, Warren M. Carpenter  
Wilson, Byron Mason  
Wilson, Sewell Mason  
    Academical School
  Flax Mill J H Helmer & Co.
  Theresa Lodge #174 Masonic Lodge
  Theresa Lodge #149 Masonic Lodge

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