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The following was sent to us by George Halladay with this message: "I found this in a newspaper. Maybe it will help." Thank you, Mr. Halladay! He also sent a brief history of the regiment.

Watertown Reformer, September 5, 1862


EDITORS Reformer:

I have but a short time to write you a report of our killed, wounded, and missing in the battle of Saturday last. I will, however, give it as correctly as time would time would permit.


Co. A.
Jas. O'Neil.
Co. B.
Peter Kepler.
Co. C.
William Tyler,
Deloss Bassinger,
Amos Potter.
Co. D.
John Fraser,
Joseph Stype,
Eugene Hamlin,
Orlando Ferguson.
Co. E.
Abram Christie,
Nelson Rodgers,
Geo. Biggers.
Co. F.
Serg't. Alfred More,
John Keig,
Henry Spencer.
Co. G.
Corporal M. S. B. Pringle,
Mich'l Howard.
Co. H.
Reuben Hart,
Patrick Flaherty.
Co. I.
William Caulfield.
Co. K.
Corp. Martin E.

Total Killed- 21.


Col. Adrian R. Root, side and leg by a spent ball. -1.

Co. A.
Corp. Fred Baster, leg;
Ransom Campbell, left leg;
Iaaac Hurd, right arm;
Gilford Brown, hip and back;
William Barden, leg;
Decatur Green, side;
John McCann, hip;
Chas. D. Merril, hand;
Nelson Richards, left leg;
Sebra Seeley, left side;
Wales Salsbury, right arm. -11.
Co. B.
Jacob Barner, right elbow;
Corp. Willard L Cook, right arm, amputated;
Lorenzo D. Jones, leg;
Foster M. Drake, leg;
James Pierce, abdomen;
Serg't A. J. Marshall, right foot, slight.
Co. C.
Lieut. Searles, slight;
Edw'd Garland, right leg;
Wm. R. H. Plummer, knee and buttock;
Win. Mclntyre, left arm and side;
Hiram Mclntyre left thigh;
Albert McNitt left thigh.-8.
Co. D.
Lieut, John More, hand;
Gilbert Demarce, leg;
Joseph Fields, right eye;
Franklin Ferguson, left leg;
John Hogan, left ar ;
Jas. P. Kirby, left arm;
Robert Pierson, left thigh;
John Scott, hip.-8.
Co. E.
Serg't Myron B. Conklin. left thigh;
Andrew Valeash, right leg;
Peter LaPatrie, left hand;
Charles Sperry, right shoulder;
Chas. Parmenter, left arm ;
Wm. Wilder, unknown ;
Nicholas Rose, right side;
Peter Sheldon, foot;
Amos Rodgers, left leg;
Robert Dennison, unknown;
John Goldsmith, unknown.-11.
Co. F.
Winfield Coleman, leg;
Charles Boyce, left arm ;
Adelbert Bowell, left leg ;
Geo. Coleman, left leg;
Franklin LaGroff, left cheek ;
William S. Ellsworth, foot, slight;
Henry Fish, left leg;
Walter B Garter, scalp;
Serg't Schyler Bibbins, leg;
Benj. B. Hamilton, left side and right heel.-10.
Co. G.
Lieut. E. V. Mahew, right thigh;
Wm. McKendry, left breast;
John Hase, left arm;
Geo. Frazer, right hand ;
William Cooper, right thigh;
Albert Person, right shoulder;
Patrick Sbeady, neck;
John Ball, right foot;
Charles Ball, probably killed.-9.
Co. H.
Lieut. Geo, McOmber, shoulder;
Serg't Orrin D. Staplin, face;
Serg't Brayton C. Bagley, face;
Patrick Finneric, arm;
David Yumen, arm;
Aaron Spaulsbury, abdomen.-7.
Co. I.
Oscar Blodgett, right thigh ;
Marshall Blodgett, left leg:
Serg't John Hawkins, knee;
John LaFleur, chin;
Francis Datush, back.-5. "
Co. K.
Lieut. W. J. M. Woodward, left groin;
Serg't Chas B. Maxon, right thigh;
Corp. Hiram Wallace, both legs;
William Derosin, left knee;
James Pitcher, right leg;
Lovell Bullock, right arm;
Constant Woodward, right knee;
Hugh Farrel, left side;
Thomas Card, unknown.-9.


Co. A
John Horton,
Adolphus Sterling,
Serg't Eugene Jewett,
Geo. Sleeper,
David Muckle,
William S. Utley,
John Otis,
Edw'd Richardson-7.
Co. B.
John Bailey,
Wm. Caris,
Sylvester Fort,
Wm. Goldthrite,
Frank Jury,
Wm. Livingston,
Charles Pierce-7.
Co. C.
Oliver G. Cleaveland,
Wm. H. Allen,
John Miller,
Oratio Curtis,
Albert Pool
Edwin Pool,
Franklin Rice-7.
Co. D
Fred Lawrence,
James Coign---2.
Co. E.
Serg't William Goldthrite-1
Co. F.
Charles Powers,
Dexter Corey,
Samuel Blodgett,
Geo. Evans,
Orrin Evans---5
Co. G.
Randall Elmer,
James Delaney,
Wm. Clemmons,
Turner Lilly,
Robert Corrigan,
Peter Carroll-6.
Co. H.
George Babcock-1.
Co. I.
James Defferard-1.
Co. K.
Serg't M Cole,
Alexander Colom,
Oscar F. Champlin---3.

You will find this report nearly correct, I think: a good many of our men were sent off to the different hospitals immediately, and I did not have the opportunity of examining all of them, so I have had to rely on others for a part of my information.

Yours in haste,
Asst. Surgeon, 94th N. Y. V.

Total killed, 21

Total wounded, 83

Total missing, 40

Total killed, wounded and missing, 144

Our readers will notice that the above list was made out giving the names of those killed, wounded or missing in Saturday's battle. The 94th fought again on Monday last losing a small number who are not accounted for here.

Gallantry of the 94th

We know that they took a prominent part in the desperate fight against Longstreet at Thoroughfare Gap, and are highly praised for their valor on that dreadful field. Any regiment which stands and fights while other regiments are breaking and fleeing, which rallies after being broken up by our own panic-stricken forces, and bravely continues the battle, is a credit to the county from which it went. Up to Monday morning the 94th had lost 109 killed and wounded, and 40 missing, since which time it has in at least one battle, that of Monday afternoon and evening. While we mourn for our killed and wounded brothers and friends, let us be comforted by the recollection that they fell as heroes and martyrs fall-in a cause in which their death is glorious, and let us send forth fresh men to take their vacant places, and fill the shattered ranks.

Utica Morning Herald, Friday September 5, 1862

Wounded in the 94th N.Y. on Saturday August 30, 1862

M. H. Blodgett, 94th, knee;

Gifford Brown, 94th, leg;

J. W. Coleman, 94th, knee;

G. Gorman, 94th, hand and thigh;

L. E. Johnson, 94th; unknown;

C. B. Maxon, 94th, hip;

Peter Sheldon, 94th, foot;

Sept. 14th, at Washington, D. C, in the Army Hospital, of wounds received in the battle of Bull Run, August 30, Serg't. JOHN HAWKINS, Jr., of Company I, 94th Regiment N. Y. S. V. (He is mentioned in the Reformer article of the 5th.)

Utica Morning Herald, Monday September 22, 1862

Casualties in the late battles

G. Harris, L, 94th, unknown;

C. Vodrey, C. 94th, killed;

S. W. Edwards, 94th, unknown;

C. V. Holliday, C. 94th, unknown;

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