of Tarrytown and Rye, Westchester County, NY.) was born at Stillwater or 
Milton Townships, Saratoga County, NY in 1763.  His two sons, Lyman and 
Daniel, were both later of Pillar Point, Town of Brownville.  Robert 
ACKERMAN was only 13 years old when the Revolutionary war broke out.  
It is unknown if he served during war time, but he did serve
as a Corporal in the 13th Regt Albany, NY Militia.  He married first a
woman whose name is unknown, in either Stillwater, Milton or Ballstown,
Saratoga, NY.   Roxelana's parents were living in Ballstown in
1790, likely so were Robert and his sons.  Between 1795 and 1811 they
moved to the frontier of Oswego Co, living near Richland and/or Mexico.
Lyman as well as his half brothers Asa and John had enlisted at Richland
to serve in the War of 1812.  Each of the brothers served only 1 month
from Oct-Nov 1814.  Asa was wounded and returned to his family.
Shortly after they moved again and settled on or near Pillar Point as the
Ackermans were quite a presence there for nearly 80 years.   By 1815
Robert and his 2 oldest sons were living on Pillar Point  In 1820
Robert, John, Asa, Daniel and Lyman were listed as heads of households
with all of them in agriculture except Lyman who was in both agriculture
and commerce.   Lyman became a Reverend to the folks out on Pillar
Point, and he conducted nearly all of the marraiges, etc. for nearly 50
years. In 1823 Roxelane's membership at the Milton, Saratoga, NY church
was released and she was dismissed, (the same year as his death).
Robert was laid to rest in 29 May 1823, the 3rd person buried at Sherwin
Bay Cemetery.  Roxelana lived a few years more as a head of household (see
1825 census).  She died in 1828 and is buried at his side in Sherwins Bay
Cemetery.  After the death of son John a major exodus from Pillar Point
occurred, with nearly all of the brothers leaving for Iowa and
Wisconsin.  Several ended up in Kenosha, Adams and Columbia, WI

He married (1) circa 1782 at Saratoga

(---).  She died between 1785 and 1788, as Robert remarried to 
Roxelana Childs in 1789. 

Children of first marriage, ACKERMAN:

    2     i   LYMAN ACKERMAN

    3    ii   DANIEL ACKERMAN

ROBERT ACKERMAN married (2) 1789 probably at Ballstown, Saratoga County, NY 

ROXELANE CHILD, who was the daughter of Capt. INCREASE & OLIVE (PEASE) CHILD
of CT and Greenfield, Saratoga, NY per 1790 Saratoga census.  She was born 
3 May 1769 Woodstock, Windham, CT.  She died 5 November 1828 and was buried 
at Sherwin Bay Cemetery, Pillar Point, NY

Children of second marriage, ACKERMAN:

    4   iii   JOHN ACKERMAN married IRENE MEIGS       

    5    iv   ASA C. ACKERMAN married RHODA SHERWIN

    6     v   ROBERT ACKERMAN married HANNAH EDDY

    7    vi   OLIVE ACKERMAN


    9  viii   SOLOMON ACKERMAN

   10    ix   MARK C. ACKERMAN

   11     x   LORYANN ACKERMAN

   12    xi   DAVID ACKERMAN

   13   xii   AMANDA ACKERMAN


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