Laban H. Ainsworth, Justice of the Peace in the Village of Cape Vincent kept a record of the marriages he performed from 1846 through 1858, with the exception of 1847-1849. The Vital Records of 1847-1849 were kept by the state, and are on this website under the various towns.

In 1858 Mr. Ainsworth evidently became Recorder for the city of Watertown, and he continued his register of marriages there until 1887. This register was found by the city historian, Donna Dutton, who graciously gave us permission to post them on this site.

Numbers after grooms and brides refer to their ages.

Cheroutie, Louis, 57 Pourchet, Catherine, 48 Cty Watertown 17 Sep 1869 T. S. Angel, William Howland, Jacob Hermes
Askey, George, 22 Rand, Rhoda, 18 [1] Cty Watertown 20 Sep 1869 of Watertown. Francis Johnson, D. Vincent Barker
Cohsell, Chillingsworth, 77 Allen, Mahitable, 49 Cty Watertown 14 Oct 1869 both of Watertown. Nathan Whiney, Marcia McKee
Saunders, Edmund, 28, of Antwerp Archanchill, Jane, 27 of Watertown Jackson House 28 Mar 1870 E. Fairbrother, Nath'l Peterson of Watertown
Daley, John, 24, of Watertown Van Allen, Margaret, 22 of Plessis [1] Recorders ofc 2 Jun 1870 Almira Shipley
Buil, George, 21, of Belleville Crame, Susan, 20 of Ellisburg Kirby House 7 Sep 1870 Miles Guest, William McCutcheon of Watertown
Ryan, William, 60, of the city Clerk, Ellen, 25 of the city Recorders Court Room, Cty 14 Sep 1870 Edward Lyon, Mary Hanly of Watertown
Babcock, George Henry, 21 Miller, Susan, 22 Recorders Court Room, Cty 30 Sep 1871 both of Wtn. G.W. Flower, Miles Guest, all from Wtn
Gray, William H., 32 [2] Barnhart, Kate, 20 [2] Recorders Court Room, Cty 11 Oct 1871 [2] J. C. Bragdon, Andrew J. Fairbanks of Wtn
Allen, Joseph, 39 [4] Johnson, Sarah Jane, 22 [4] Harris House, Wtn 6 May 1872 John Armstrong, William Jorden of Watertown
Stacey, William L., 21 of Diana, Lewis Co Snyder, Anna R., 23 of Wilna, Jeff Co [1] Harris House, Wtn 23 Jul 1872 W. J. Pratt, Gertrude Pratt, both of Turin.
Costello, James, 30 of Brownville Davison, Adeline, 22 of Brownville Recorders Room, Wtn 13 Feb 1873 J. C. Wilson, Henry Edkins, Watertown
Deacon, Francis, 37 of Hounsfield Colwell, Eliza Ann, 24 of Hounsfield House of Thomas C. Kellor, Wtn 25 Mar 1873 Thomas & Nelly Kellor
Davis, James G., 25 of Jefferson Co. Dix, Frank, 28, of Jefferson Co. my house in Wtn 4 Jul 1874 ? Breen, H. Z. Ainsworth, both of Watertown
Cole, Edwin, 24 of Alexandria, Jeff Co. Shaw, Elizabeth, 21, of Alexandria Oakland House, Wtn 5 Nov 1874 J. H. Davenport, Herbert Babbitt of Watertown
Higgs, Charles, 29 of Belleville, NY Cross, Harriet, 21 of Belleville NY [1] Kirby House, Wtn 3 Dec 1874 John Richmond & Mary Cross of Belleville
Taylor, James A., 22 of Carthage McGrath, Ellen, 24 of Watertown J. T. Barkley's Rooms, Wtn 24 Jun 1875 J. T. Barkley, George Chamber, both of Watertown
Field, Eli, 31, Waverly, NY Eva Shaw, 21, Lyons, NY Recorders Rooms 22 Sep 1875 Abram Duel & Byron D. Adail, both of Watertown
Farley, George W., 23 of Carthage Norris, Mary A., 20 of Carthage William Roach's Hotel, Wtn 23 Feb 1876 J.E. Foley & Mrs. E. G. Riley, both of Carthage
Ellsworth, Nelson, 20 of Pamelia Burnham, Etta, 21 of Nicholville, St. Law Co. Hotel of William Roach, Wtn 7 Dec 1876 Geo. Moss & William Roach, both of Watertown
Swern, Eugene, 28 of Antwerp NY Warren, Addie C., 18 of Amboy, NY Globe Hotel, Wtn 3 Jul 1877 Mrs. Nelly Edwards, Mrs. Anna Betts, ---Hubbs, Wtn
O'Neal, Louis, 20 of Antwerp Robinson, Mary L., 17 of Antwerp Kirby House, Wtn 20 Jan 1879 Wm. J. Sheperd, Mrs. C. Blodgell, both Wtn
Lucas, Charlie, 22, of T.M. Bay [3] Canell, Melinda, 20 of Clayton Crowner House, Wtn 16 Apr 1879 Wm. J. Sheperd, John T. Ross, Geo. H. & Mrs. Wilder, all of Wtn
Foley, John E., 28 McFadden, Belle, 26 my house in Wtn 23 Jan 1883 Phin. Collins, Rick Wilson, Charles Collins
Pluche, Alfred, 37 Stoddard, Annette, 27 my office in Wtn 17 Feb 1883 Agnes Collins, Frank Smith
Husted, Adelbert, 28 of Watertown Thomas, Lydia, 18 of Utica NY my office in Wtn 30 Apr 1883 Henry Purcell
Schantz, John F., 20 of Beaver Falls NY Py, Emma Z., 21 of Watertown NY [1] house of Leopold Py of Wtn 30 May 1883 Mr & Mrs Py & two young men who signed the certificate
Cotton, Robert, 62 of Rutland NY Haines, Huldah, 27 of Rutland NY my office in Wtn 1 Sep 1883 Millain Ballard, Wm. D. Scott
Turcott, Joseph, 23 of Leeds, Canada Fowler, Clara, 16 of Lansdowne, Canada [1] Law office of Henry Purcell in Wtn 17 Oct 1883 Jas. A. Ward, Watson M. Rogers, Henry Purcell
Hadley, Henry, 65 of Watertown Merritt, Mary, 62 of Watertown Burdick Block in Wtn 10 Jun 1884 Walter Mather, Delia Butler and others
Hastings, Alexander B., 46 of Sacketts H Hayes, Katie M., 22 of Sacketts Harbor my residence, 82 State St. Wtn 8 Mar 1885 Stephen R. Ryan and members of my family
Gorden, Joseph, 38 of Watertown Barney, Maria, 40 of Watertown my office, Wtn 9 Mar 1885 Henry LaSage, Katie Rhines
Brewer, Phillip W., 50 of Elginburg, Can Miller, Elizabeth, 51of Einesttown, Canada [1] my office, Wtn 29 Apr 1886 Peter A. Ward, John W. Martin, both of Watertown
McNamara, William Henry, 33 Kays, Lucinda, 27 my office, Wtn 7 Jul 1886 E. P. Webb, J. N. Carlish both of Watertown
Foley, Thomas, 33 Mannsville NY Miles, Emma, 34 of Mannsville NY my office, Wtn 19 Mar 1887 Chas. F. Green, Peter A. Ward both of Watertown
Johnson, Lewis B., 23 of Watertown Drake, Carrie B., 17 of Watertown my office, Wtn 15 Sep 1887 Wm. McCutchin, Elizabeth Drake, both of Watertown

[1] Certificate given to bride
[2] of Town of Norfolk, St. Lawrence Co.
[3] probably Three Mile Bay
[4] both of Felts Mills, N.Y.

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