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A detailed 1864 town MAP showing residents. (906K file)
An 1864 map of Alexandria Bay
An 1864 map of The Hamlet of Plessis
An 1864 map of The Hamlet of Redwood

A list of POSTMASTERS in the town in existing and discontinued postoffices.

1863 Civil war draft and exemption lists
Town of Alexandria Civil War Servicemen
Town of Alexandria 1890 Census of Civil War Veterans

Businesses in Alexandria Bay in 1867-68
Businesses in Redwood in 1867-68
Crossmon Hotel

Family sketches from CHILD'S GAZETTEER for the town of Alexandria.
Child's Business Directory for the Town of Alexandria
Haddock's Family Sketches -Town of Alexandria

Alexandria Heads of House - 1830 Federal Census

Bartlett's Cemetery Inscriptions for the Town of Alexandria
Vital Records 1847-1849 for the Town of Alexandria

Compiled by Hazel McMane, former Town of Alexandria Historian, noting the events each anniversary year since 1818.

Supervisors of the Town of Alexandria
From the Town Historian's Office. All the early records for the Town of Alexandria are lost, but it is known that James Shurtliff was the first town supervisor; Ashley Tanner, assessor; and Allen Cole and Joel Parker inspectors of elections. This is a list of supervisors from the organization of the town, as given in Hough's 1854 History of Jefferson County, supplemented by Hazel McMane, Town Historian.


Town Historian GRETA SLATE (315) 482-9519 46372 Old Goose Bay Road; Alexandria Bay; 13607
Town Clerk Website (315) 482-9519 46372 Old Goose Bay Road, Alexandria Bay 13607
Village Clerk Website (315) 482-9902 110 Walton St, Alexandria Bay 13607
MacSherry Library CEIL CUNNINGHAM (315) 482-2241 112 Walton St, Alexandria Bay NY 13607
Thousand Islands Sun (Weekly newspaper) JEANNE SNOW 482-2581 Rt 12; Alexandria Bay; 13607
Alexandria Township Hist Society & Museum MARTHA GRIMES (315) 482-4586 Cornwall Brothers Bldg, Market St., Alexandria Bay NY 13607

Jefferson County maintains Town contact information on their site

History of the Town of Alexandria linked from Shirley Farone's Home Page taken from CHILD'S GAZETTEER OF JEFFERSON COUNTY by HAMILTON CHILDS, published in 1890, transcribed by Shirley Farone.

History of the Town of Alexandria, from Durant and Peirce's History of Jefferson County, 1878.

A List of People who contributed information about the Town of Alexandria in 1878 to Durant and Peirce's History of Jefferson County

History of the Town of Alexandria, taken from A HISTORY OF JEFFERSON COUNTY IN THE STATE OF NEW YORK by FRANKLIN B. HOUGH, A. M., M.D., linked from Shirley Farone's Home Page.

Tourist Information

The Town of Alexandria occupies the northeast corner of Jefferson County, and contains the majority of the Thousand Islands. It is bounded on the northwest by the St Lawrence River, and thus has a Canadian boundary. On the northeast lies St. Lawrence County, on the southeast is the Town of Theresa, and the Town of Orleans completes the boundary to the St Lawrence River again.

Town offices are located near Alexandria Bay, the principal village, and a resort town. Hamlets Plessis and Redwood both have postoffices and churches. Alexandria Bay has four village cemeteries: Church Street Cemetery, in good condition; Walton Street Cemetery in the village itself which is in poorer condition. Highland Park and St. Cyril's cemeteries, side by side, are in current use and in excellent condition. Redwood has two cemeteries in excellent condition, the Redwood Cemetery and St. Francis Xavier. Plessis also maintains a cemetery in excellent condition.

Rural cemeteries include Barnes Settlement, excellent condition; Brown's Corners, very good; Tanner's Corners, old but well maintained; Wellesley Island or Riverside Cemetery on Wellesley Island, excellent; Houghton Cemetery, well cared for, and Kepler Cemetery, overgrown and hard to find. See listing for cemetery records.

In 1804, James D. Le Ray set aside a mile square of land on the present site of Alexandria Bay for a settlement, although it was not laid out in lots until 1818. The first improvements in the town were in 1811, when Mr. Le Ray had land cleared for future settlers, and raised a crop of grain. The War of 1812 delayed settlement until 1816, when sales of land started at $3.00 per acre.

The Towns of Alexandria, Orleans and Philadelphia were all set off from the Town of Brownville 3 April 1821. The Town of Alexandria was named for Alexander, the son of Mr. Le Ray, the original proprietor. Redwood was the site of an 1833 glass factory, which was locally famous for several years. Plessis, located three miles from Redwood, owes its name to a locality in France. A farming community, it has a church and post office.

From the 1864 Jefferson County Atlas: a summary of statistics for Alexandria

Improved 19,168
Unimproved 18,263
Real Estate $309,591
Personal Property 41,490
Total 351,081
Males 1,807
Females 1,716
Number of Dwellings 606
Number of Families 648
Freeholders 369
Number of Districts 21
Children Taught 1,553
Horses 770
Working Oxen and Calves 1,761
Cows 2,200
Sheep 2,689
Swine 1,022
Bushels of Grain 
 Winter 7,838
 Spring 51,926 1/2
Tons of Hay 5,055 1/2
Bushels of Potatoes 7,518
Bushels of Apples 932
Dairy Products  
 Pounds of Butter 183,209
 Pounds of Cheese 48,366

Names of the early settlers

Abeel, Caroline
Albertson, Josiah
Arnold, Sarah (Sally)
Barrett, Silas
Beardsley/Birdsley, Charles *
Beardsley/Birdsley, Jabez *
Beardsley/Birdsley, John *
Bigelow, Abel *
Briggs, Clark *
Briggs, David *
Butterfield, Elijah
Butterfield, Francis
Carnegie, James
Carrier, Jerry *
Carter, William*
Clark, Jason *
Cole, Allen *
Comstock, Alpheus
Comstock, Thomas
Cornwall, Andrew *
Davidson, John D. *
DeYoung, Charles
Dion, Charles.
ECKER, Adam G.
Evans, Urial
Forbes, Francis
Fuller, John
Fuller, John
George, Moses
George, Page
Geru, Louis
Goodell, Nathaniel *
Hagan, Bernard
Hardy, Erastus *
Helmer, Elizabeth
Helmer, John Jr.
Hinman, Reuben *
Hoadley, Henry
Hoadley, Leicester *
Hogert, Ephraim*
Horning, Adam
Hosner, John
Hosner, Nicholasand Abigail
a and Dolly (Wallradt)
Hough, Buel
Houghton, Joseph *
Hubbard, Horatio *
Huntington, Joseph *
Jewett, Moses C. *
Larue, Henry
Loucks, Peter *
Lutz, Peter *
Makepeace, Solomon *
Martin, Austin *
Martin, Martin
Martin, William *
Marvel, Ephraim*
McNeal, Montreville
Merrill, William *
Morse, Samuel *
Morse, Silas *
Morseman, Martin T.*
Mcallister, Alexander *
McCue, William
Newman, Abraham *
Norton, John *
Parker, Joseph
Patterson, George*
Peoples, Jabez *
Putnam, John A.
Rappole, George *
Reester, Martin
Rhodes, John *
Rich, Jarius *
Riggins, Rhoda
Root, Elijah *
Rundlet, Charles *
Senecal, Etienne
Shields, John
Southworth, Eunice
Spalsbury, John*
Spencer, Solomon
Spicer, Solomon
Springer, Jacob
Stickney, Thomas *
Storm, Rev. William
Stowe, Elder *
Sweet, William
Sykes, John J.
Terpening, Valentine
Timmerman, Ezra
Tisserand, Michael
Van Camp, Maria
Vanderburgh, Richard
Wagoner, David
Wagoner, Jacob Abeel
Wagoner, Jacob Peter
Wagoner, Jeremiah
Wagoner, Simeon
Walton, Azariah *
Watts, Lydia
Weaver, Michael
Weller, Elijah
Westcott, Chauncey
Wharry, Daniel *
Young, Samuel *
Zimmerman, Harriet

NOTE! Names marked with an asterisk (*) are taken from Edgar C. Emerson's OUR COUNTY AND ITS PEOPLE, published 1898.

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