1. JONAS BALDWIN was born 1798 in NH, and died in NY

He married (1) in MA

RUTH GRANGER. She was born 1793 in MA, and died in Theresa, NY.


    2    i    WILLIAM "GEORGE" BALDWIN, b. 1831, NY; d. 20 May 1878, Waupaca CO WI.

     3   ii    WARREN BALDWIN, b. c1827, NY.

     4  iii    LUTHER BALDWIN, b. Abt. 1832, NY; d. 1892, Theresa, NY.

He married (2)

SALLY (---)

Generation No. 2
2. WILLIAM "GEORGE" BALDWIN (JONAS1) was born 1831 in NY, and died 20 May 1878 in Waupaca CO WI. Here is what is known. 1870 Censes records show that William George BALDWIN was living in Wisconsin with his wife Mary (Starks) and four Children: Frank ,9, Nelly 7, and Fred 5 and Matty 2. All the Children listed here were born in New York. He does not show up in the Censes records for 1860. He married Mary on November 4,1858 in Weyauwega. WI. (There is a family story he went to Canada to avoid the Civil War. )

The marriage was registered on Nov 22,1858. This leads one to believe he left WI for some reason between 1858 and 1870, but decided to return.

He married 04 Nov 1858 in Weyauwega, Wisconsin

MARY STARKS . She was born 21 May 1841 in Vermont and died 08 Mar 1874 in Waupaca Co WI and was buried in Evanswood WI. Louise B Randall, her mother, was b.Jan 15,1804 -Vermont and d March 24,1877-Weyawega,WI (village of Little Run) Parents:Greenfield Randall, Elithen? Randall. Louise B. Randall m Isaac H Starks, daugh: Mary F Starks b May 21, l841 Vermont d March 8, 1874-Waupaca Co WI (burried Evanswood WI.) She m George William or William George Baldwin -b NY? (This is as far back as I know) D May 20, 1878 age 42, Waupaca Co WI son Children of WILLIAM BALDWIN and MARY STARKS are:

    5    i    FRANK BALDWIN.

    6    ii   SAMANTHA "MATTIE" BALDWIN, b. est. 1859-1874 d. est.1864-1962.m Frank Kaiser

    7    iii   NELLIE BALDWIN b. est. 1859-1874; d.est.1864-1962

    8    iv   FREDDIE H. BALDWIN b. 1865 d .06 Apr 1875, Drowned in Little River, Weyauwega, WI. (Waupaca Newspaper: Article on Freddie's accidental drowning)

    9    v   JOHNSON EUGENE BALDWIN, b. 01 Mar 1874, Weyawega, WI; d. 04 May 1934, Detroit, MI.

   10   vi   CHARLES BALDWIN b. 1870; d. 1872, Wapaca, WI.

3. WARREN BALDWIN (JONAS1) was born c1827 in NY.

He married

MARIA UNKNOWN. She was born 1828 in NY.


   11    i     ELLEN BALDWIN, b. 1852, NY.

   12   ii SALLY BALDWIN, b. 1854, NY.

   13  iii     CHARLES BALDWIN, b. 1857, NY.

   14  iv     ESTELLA BALDWIN, b. 1860, NY.

4. LUTHER2 BALDWIN (JONAS1) was born c1832 in NY, and died 1892 in Theresa, NY. He married



   12    i     MARY KAY3 BALDWIN, b. 1864, NY.    11    ii    MERRICH? BALDWIN, b. 1867, NY. 5. FRANK BALDWIN Census records show: for 1890: Town of Norse in Ashland Co. Frank Baldwin born Apr 1861 New York, age 39 (William George and Mary's son) no wife or children listed. My Dad said he had two children. One son was also named Frank. 6. 9. (JOHNSON) EUGENE BALDWIN born Mar 1874 Wisconsin, age 26 (my grandfather) M to Ola Surrepta Beck Baldwin -children Edward born April 1898 and Dorothy born May 1900 . (My father Marshall Eugene was born in 1907 in Racine Wis. ) Johnson Eugene Baldwin B. Wisconsin, !874 was raised by his maternal Aunt Cora Starks and her husband Johnson Tarr because his mother died shortly after his birth and father a few years later.

He didn't use the last name Baldwin until he went into the military. He married. Ola S Beck (where and when unknown) they lived in Wisconsin. Their youngest son is Marshall E Baldwin -my dad. My grandmother was born in Sardinia ,Oh 18/75. She moved to Minneapolis with her family when she was around 20 years old. Went to Wisconsin to teach. My Dad was born 12/19/07 in Wisconsin

More About MARSHALL E. BALDWIN: Burial: Gate of Heaven Cemetary Cincinnati Ohio

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