1.  SILAS BARRETT (son of ELIJA and MARY (SHATTUCK) BARRETT from Hinsdale,
Cheshire Co., New Hampshire) was born 5 Mar 1789 at Hinsdale, Cheshire
Co., New Hampshire.  He lived in Jefferson County between 1810 and 1850.
SILAS BARRETT enlisted as a private in the War of 1812 on 20 Sep 1814 in
the New Hampshire Militia, in Capt. Nathan Glidden's Company.  Captain
Glidden's company rotected the Portsmouth, New Hampshire shipyard from the
British fleet. When he moved to in Le Ray, NY, he served under Capt.
Ingerson's Company.  SILAS BARRETT died 14 Aug 1883, Youngstown, Niagara
Co., NY.  

He married (1)

LUCINDA EVANS, daughter of URIAL and LUCINDA (EVANS) EVANS, who was born
in New Hampshire and died  1826 in Le Ray, Jefferson Co., NY 

Children, BARRETT:
    2    i     LUCINDA BARRETT married HIRAM CARNEGIE 

    3   ii     HARRIET BARRETT 

    4  iii     SABRINA BARRETT married ISAAC SWAIN 

    5   iv     OZRO BARRETT 

He married (2) in the Town of Alexandria, Jefferson County on 1 Mar 1828

SEDATE EVANS b. 14 March 1790 Hinsdale, Cheshire Co., New Hampshire.  
She died in Niagara County, NY  
 Children, BARRETT:

    6    i     SILAS BARRETT 

    7   ii     PAULINE BARRETT 

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