1.  SAMUEL BATES was born in England 24 Jan 1796.   They immigrated to this country in 1831 with their three young sons William Fairhall, Charles Henry, and Samuel Isaac aged nine, six and two respectively.  They originally settled in Montgomery County, possibly near St. Johnsville where the remainder of their children were born.  According to Child's Gazetteer of Jefferson County, in 1841, the family settled in Jefferson County in Lyme, soon to become Cape Vincent.  Also according to the same document, their son James J was born in Cape Vincent in 1839.  The federal census of 1840 places them in Jefferson County.  At one time Samuel and family owned and farmed 500 acres on the main 
shore and Fox Creek and 300 acres on Fox Island.   He died in 1874 and is believed to be buried in Bates Cemetery in Cape Vincent, Jefferson County.

He married in England 

SARAH MARIA CAMPBELL,  the daughter of WILLIAM CAMPBELL of Kent, England.  Maria was born in 1800 and died in 1867 and is believed to be buried in Bates Cemetery.  Four of their children were born in England, one of which died at approximately 21 days old and was buried in Peasmarsh, E. Sussex England.  We are including the Bible record of the births of the children, which we usually do not do, because of its interest:  From the Bible of Samuel and Maria Bates:

Yr 1821   Selina Maria Bates   born'd Jan 25th at half past 1 O'clock in the morning.  died February 15th, 1822

Yr 1822   William Fairhall Bates   borned Dec 22nd at half past 5 O'clock in the morning.

Yr 1825   Charles Henry Bates   borne'd Mar 12 at half past 5 O'clock in the morning.

Yr 1829   Samuel Isaac Bates   borne'd June 19th at 1/4 before 11 O'clock in the morning.

Yr 1832   Sarah Maria Campbell Bates   borned May 27th at 3 O'clock in the afternoon.   died March 22nd at 10 O'clock Sunday morning.  buried Bates Cemetary Cape Vincent

Yr 1835  Nathan Russell Bates   borned Oct 14th at  3 O'clock in the morning.

Yr 1837   Marragret Ruth Bates   borne'd Dec 25th at half before 8 O'clock in the morning.

Yr 1839   James Jefferson Bates   borne'd Oct 28th at ha1f past 5 O’clockin the morning.

Children: BATES

     2     i   SELINA MARIA BATES 



     5    iv   SAMUEL ISAAC BATES 


     7    vi   NATHAN RUSSELL BATES 

     8   vii   MARRAGRET RUTH BATES 


4.  CHARLES HENRY BATES (son of SAMUEL & SARAH MARIA  (CAMPBELL) BATES was born in Swinethorp, Lincolnshire, England on March
12, 1825 and died in 1901 in Cape Vincent  He is buried in Riverside Cemetery, Cape Vincent, NY.
He married (1)

CHRISTIANN LOADWICK, the daughter of CASPER & ELIZABETH (BELLINGER) LOADWICK and together they had nine children.    Christiann
died October 2nd, 1862 and is buried in Bates Cemetery, Cape Vincent.

Children, BATES:

    10     i   SARAH M. BATES 

    11    ii   JOSEPH H. BATES 

    12   iii   FREDERIC J. BATES d.y.

    13    iv   WILLIAM F. BATES d.y. 

    14     v   CASPER L. BATES d.y. 

    15    vi   S. CAMPBELL F. BATES 

    16   vii   ELIZABETH L. BATES 

    17  viii   C. HAYDEN BATES

    18    ix   WEALTHA A. BATES married JOHN FITZGERALD

He married (2) 

NORA NUGENT the daughter of MARTIN & MARY (HINES) NUGENT of Theresa, together they had five children.  Nora Bates died in 1911
and is buried in Riverside Cemetery at Charles's side.  

Children, BATES:

    19     i   MARTIN ANDREW BATES

    20    ii   JOHN E. BATES

    21   iii   KATE BATES d.y. 

    22    iv   CHRISTIE ANN BATES

    23     v   ILANDA BATES married JOSEPH MASON

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