1.  SAMUEL BATES, listed on the 1810 census in Hounsfield as over 45, was
born in Brimfield, Hampden Co MA, Nov 9, 1738.  Listed in "Massachusetts
Soliders and Sailors in Rev. War", p. 800.  Was a Lieutenant in Capt. John
Sherman's Company, Col. Gideon Burt's regiment, service from Jun 16 to Jun
22, 1782, 6 days, at Springfield and Northampton suppressing insurgents.

He came to Jefferson County probably about the same time as his son, Samuel Jr,
(also my line), but I have not been able to find any information on his death.
I don't think he is listed in the 1820 census.  

He married Sep 30, 1762

EUNICE SHERMAN who was born  Oct 6, 1744 Brimfield.  She died Jul 26, 1775 

Children, BATES:

     2     i   CHLOE BATES

     3    ii   RUFUS BATES 

     4   iii   MOSES BATES

     5    iv   EUNICE BATES

+    6     v   SAMUEL BATES, Jr.

     7    vi   KEZIA BATES

was born Feb 18, 1773.   He purchased 285 acres of land in the southeast
corner of Hounsfield in the spring of 1801, built a log house, then went
back to Brimfield to bring his family back, returning in Dec 1802. He
fought in the Battle of Sackets Harbor, served as private in Capt. Elisha
Camp's Company of Artillery, Regiment of LT Col. Bellinger, NY Militia,
serving Jun 28, 1812 to Jul 28, 1812 and also Sep 9, 1812 to Sep 20, 1812.
He died Feb 13, 1813 at Hounsfield and is buried at Swamp Hill, Sacketts

He married 

SALLY HOUGHTON, who was born Jan 16, 1780 in Wales,
Hampden, MA.  Merrick Moses Bates' bio, with some information on his father
Samuel Jr, is listed in the History of Jefferson County by John A. Haddock,
1894, p. 614

Children, BATES:

     8     i   MERRICK MOSES BATES
     9    ii   ALMIRA BATES

    10   iii   ASA BATES

    11    iv  MARY BATES

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