1. GEORG BETTINGER lived in Manlius, Onondaga County, NY. He then bought land in Ellisburgh in 1831. According to the 1855 census of Ellisburgh, NY, Georg and his family had moved to Ellisburgh in 1828.

He married
BETSEY (---) George was their middle child; Nancy was born February 10, 1810, and Leonard was born August 28, 1816.

Children, BETTINGER:




3. GEORGE BETTINGER (son of GEORG & BETSEY (---) BETTINGER) was born on April 15, 1812 in Manlius, Onondaga County, NY. According to the 1855 census of Ellisburgh, NY, George and his family had moved to Ellisburgh in 1828, when he was 16 years old. In a deed dated September 17, 1838, George bought 60 and 1/10 acres from his father for $100. On June 8, 1940, Silas was born. Five years later, on July 8, 1845, George Edgar was born. In 1849, Betsey E. was born.

In an agreement signed January 16, 1850, George and Angeline bought the Taylor farm, which included 75 acres in lot 71 and 15 acres in lot 70 in Ellisburgh, a house, and 2 barns, from Cyrus and Betsey Taylor for $2000. According to the agreement, George would pay Cyrus $1000 within the first two years, and the remaining $1000 in annual $40 payments. On January 16, 1850, the day the agreement was signed, Cyrus received $750 from George, and a year later on January 14 he received $250. On January 16, 1852 to 1855, Cyrus received the annual payments of $40. Also on January 16, 1850, Cyrus and Betsey Taylor rented a bedroom for $20 in the farm purchased by the Bettingers for their use the remainder of their natural lives.

In the 1850 census of Ellisburgh, NY, George was listed as a farmer with $2000 in real estate. In 1852, George and Angeline's fourth child, Martha, was born. She died, however, sometime before the 1855 census.

On a receipt dated October 29, 1853, Squire Chapman of Ellisburgh received of George Bettinger twenty dollars "to apply on boys labor". There were 4 boys in the Chapman family; Harmon age 20, William age 17, John age 14, and Oscar age 9. There were also two girls, Emiline age 16 and Lucy age 11. In the 1855 census, Emiline, then 17, was living with the Bettinger family, most likely helping with the children and chores.

In the 1855 census the farm contained 152 acres and was worth $6563. Twenty-eight acres had been plowed the previous year, and 35 tons of hay had been harvested. The farm had produced 950 lbs. of butter and 4882 lbs. of cheese. They had 6 cows under one year old, 5 head of cattle other than cows, and 19 cows over one year old, all milked. The farm also had 3 horses and 9 swine.

In the 1860 census, George had $5250 in real estate and $1535 in personal estate. In 1860 and probably longer, George was a trustee of school district No. 20 in the towns of Ellisburgh and Sandy Creek. On November 13, 1865, George, age 53, bought 17 and 1/100 acres from Solon D. Hungerford for $527.21. Two days later he sold six and 12/100 acres of land in lot 71 to his son Silas F. for $220.32. On March 27, 1876 he bought 13 and 16/100 acres in lot 70 from William H. Bettinger for $450.

Between 1868 and 1896, the farm was insured against fire for $2600 from Agricultural Insurance of Watertown, NY. In 1868 the following were insured; house ($800), furniture ($200), apparel ($200), Horse barn ($200), barn #2 ($200), barn #3 and shed ($150), corn barn and hog pen ($50), produce in barns ($300), livestock ($300), and farm utensils, carriages, and harnesses ($200).

On September 23, 1874 George sold 13.55 acres in lot 70 to his son Edgar.

On August 28, 1891 George died. He was buried in Brewster Cemetery, Ellisburgh, NY. Angeline bought a headstone on January 8, 1892 from Sherman and Allen of Sandy Creek for $115. In his will, dated December 19, 1889 and probated November 23, 1891, he left 15 acres in lot 70 and 92 acres in lot 71 to Angeline.

He married on September 18, 1836, at age 24,

On September 25, 1891, less than a month after her husband's death, Angeline signed over 15 acres in lot 71 to her son Silas F. Three days later she signed over her remaining land in lot 71, about 80 acres, to her other children, Edgar and Bettie.

According to a complaint filed by Angeline in Jefferson County Supreme Court, soon after her husband's death she went for a short visit at the home of her daughter Bettie and William VanAlstine in New Haven, Oswego County, New York. While there, the couple talked Angeline into drafting up and signing a will. However, due to Angeline's poor health and hearing, the couple were able to substitute two deeds in the place of the supposed will. When the deeds were published in the Watertown Daily Times and Angeline discovered the trick, she filed the complaint. The defendants Bettie VanAlstine, Silas F. Bettinger and his wife Sarah Bettinger signed a statement denying all the charges, believing instead that their brother Edgar and his wife Melissa had their mother under their control.

On August 23, 1893, a judgment of the Supreme Court of Jefferson County was entered declaring the deeds to Silas F, Edgar, and Bettie void. According to family legend, it was the first overturned deed in Jefferson County. In October 1893 there was appeal to the case, but apparently nothing came from it. Angeline deeded the farm to Melissa Bettinger August 15, 1894. Angeline died on the farm April 8, 1901, and was buried in the Brewster Cemetery with her husband.

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