Jefferson County, NY Pioneers


1.  SYLVANUS BRIMHALL was born 3 April 1786 at Petersham, MA, the son of SYLVANUS & TRYPHENA (JOHNSON) BRIMHALL. Records from the National Archives indicate that during the war of 1812, Sylvanus volunteered at Rutland, Jefferson County, New York and served from August 20, 1812 until February 28, 1813, as a private in Captain Hubbard's company, in a regiment of Jefferson County New York militia. He enlisted again in Jefferson County, New York, and served from July 28, 1814 until August 21, 1814, as private in Captain Fuller's company of New York militia.

To my knowledge there are no official documents that indicate when or where Sylvanus and Lydia were married, or when and where children were born. The earliest document I've been able to find to date is a Rutland land record in 1817 that mentions "Sylvanus Brimhall and Lydia his wife...". There are all kinds of family 'myths and tales' that describe Sylvanus and Lydia, but to date I've been unable to find any hard evidence of their early family life in New York. He seemed to effectively evade the census in the area.

Sylvanus Brimhall purchased fifty seven acres of land in the Rutland, Jefferson County, New York area that was adjacent to the Black River on the south side, and just east of Poor's Island. I have the exact location of the land in an satellite image if anyone is interested Within the confines of this land was a saw mill that was owned by another individual. This is interesting because several years later, Sylvanus and Lydia and family moved to some land along the Allegany river and he purchased a saw mill. He used the saw mill to construct a large raft on which he and his family floated down the Allegany to the Ohio river, and then down the Ohio to what is now Dearborn county, Indiana.

He died 24 Jul 1856 at Galesburg, Knox Co., IL and was buried at Morengo, IL.

He married in 1808
LYDIA GUITEAU, who was born 3 September 1785, and died 10 Aug 1843 Galesburg, IL. She was the daughter of FRANCIS & ANNAH (MACKY) GUITEAU.

Children, BRIMHALL:

2      i   HORACE "J" BRIMHALL, b 3 Apr 1809 Watertown, Jefferson Co. NY, d 27 Feb 1882 IL, m JANE McMATH

3     ii    NANCY BRIMHALL, b 5 May 1811 Watertown, d 26 Mar 1860, m TALMAE MARION NOYES

4    iii    MARY BRIMHALL, b 9 Nov 1812 Watertown, d 3 Nov 1902, m FRANCIS ORMAN CROCKER

5     iv    GEORGE WASHINGTON BRIMHALL, b 14 Nov 1814 So Trenton, Oneida NY d 30 Sep 1895, m LUCRETIA METCALF

6      v    TRYPHENA BRIMHALL, b 5 Mar 1816 Watertown, m JOHNSON COULTER

7     vi    SAMUEL BRIMHALL, b 15 Jan 1819 Watertown, m AMELIA CAROLYN MILLS

8    vii    NORMAN GUITEAU BRIMHALL, 14 Nov 1820 Watertown, m ROZILLA ALBRO

9    viii   SLYVANUS BRIMHALL, b 24 Sep 1822 Olean, Cattaraugus, m CORDELIA E. WRIGHT


11     x   NOAH BRIMHALL, b 14 Feb 1826 Olean, Allegeny, m SAMANTHA LAKE

12     ix    ANDREW JACKSON BRIMHALL, b 28 Dec 1827 Manchester, Dearborn, m SARAH CHAMBERS BUDD

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