Business in Jefferson County 1867-1868

Business in Theresa 1867-1868


Lyttle, Hanford & Company. Printers, Book Binders, and Blank Book Manufacturers. Price, $2.00

(Jefferson County.)

An enterprising village, situated at the High Falls of the Indian River.

Ballard & Webster, carpenters and joiners.
Bearup David, Lawyer.
Britten A.N. chair manufacturer.
Bullard Miss A.A. milliner.
Bullard P.D. & Co. dry goods, groceries, &c.
Chapman W.D. watch maker and jeweler, manufacturer patent adjustable spring hook, also proprietor of steamer Lady of the Lake. Collis J.C. & Co., woolen manufacturers, carding and cloth dressers.
Copland D.W. blacksmith.
Cooper V. & Co. stoves, tin and hardware.
Cornwell George W. cooper.
Davidson N.M. physician.
Dresser George, cabinet maker.
Dresser Wm. justice of the peace.
Fayel J. dry goods, groceries, &c.
Fisher E.V. saw mill.
Fox George T. carriage maker.
Gardner & Snell, grist mills.
Getman Elias, Getman House.
Getman House, Elias Getman proprietor.
Green R.H. wood turner and hub manufacturer.
Hannahs L. & Co. drugs, groceries &c.
Harger John, hair dresser.
Helmer, Casey & Co. flax mill.
Hildreth J. cheese box and butter tub manufacturer.
Hough & Reynolds, boots and shoes.
Huntington I.L. justice of the peace. Irvin R.A. dry goods and groceries.
Isham Charles, physician.
Kelsey Charles A. lawyer.
Landon S.G. blacksmith.
Lehr George, boots and shoes.
Linn Rev. J.B. Episcopal clergyman.
Lull & Will, boots and shoes.
Merrill Rev. Samuel L. Presbyterian clergyman.
Millard J.T. physician.
Moak John & son, carriage makers.
Morrow & Parker, drugs and groceries.
Nichols Rev. Methodist clergyman.
Parker John, justice of the peace.
Peck Wm. saloon and billiard room.
Plympton Horace, livery stable.
Pool Charles, saw mill.
Pool & Clark, grist mill.
Rhiner House, S.P. Rhiner proprietor.
Rhiner S.P. Rhiner House.
Richardson A.F. harness, saddlery and trunks.
Salisbury A.P. & C.H. groceries and provisions.
RHYTHER C.P. & CO. iron founders and machinists, (see adv.)

EAGLE IRON WORKS, THERESA N.Y. C.P. RYTHER & CO., Proprietors. Manufacturers of Mill Gearing, Stoves, Sleigh Shoes, Farmers' Kettles, Plow Castings, Brass Castings, Planing, Matching and Tenoning Machines, Mortising Machines, Saw Gummers, The Best Cap Augurs Ever Made. Water Wheels, Wood Lathes, Sawing Machines, &c. All kinds of Castins and Machinery made to order.
Particular Attention paid to Repairing.

Salisbury E.M. millinery goods.
Sheley E.D. carpenter.
Sinclare & Shumway, meat market.
Stockwell E.S. marble worker and justice.
Thompson Isaac, post master.
Thwing C.G. tanner.
Thwing Curtis, shoe maker.
Townsend G.S. harness, saddlery and trunks.
Tyler L.W. carriage maker.

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