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User Notes:

Records were extracted from Canadian civil lists of marriages; if you do not find your ancestor, it may be because they did not list where they were born in the US. Only those persons listed with names of towns in Jefferson Co., NY for 1)birth 2)residence are listed. If couples were born in Canada but the parents were born in NY, that offspring listing is not included.


And finally, we hope you find all your “missing” families. This is a treasure trove of information about couples from Jefferson County before 1927.

Adams, John L. 43 (widower) farmer Roxborough Jefferson County, NY Williams Adams & Mary A. Harris Christiann Brownell 43 Osnabruck Osnabruck David Brownell & Diana Helmer Mr. & Mrs. R. G. Myers June 30, 1908 Cornwall, CA
Babcock, James 28 labourer Watertown, NY Belleville Davide Babcock & Kkatherine Kaleher Margaret May Burkett 18 Madoc Belleville John Burkett & Edith H. Hinds William & Augusty Babcock Oct. 30, 1902 Belleville, CA
Baker, Eber 64 (widower) farmer Alexandria Bay, NY Virgil Gilbert Baker (b. Elgin) & Elizabeth Mary Abbott 58 (widow) Lansdowne New York, USA John McCraith (b. Louisburg, NY) & Celia Fuller Lilian E. Hogan & Annie Tapping Aug. 23, 1926 Ganonoque, CA
Bass, Charles 24 mechanic Clayton, Jefferson County, NY Alexandria Bay, NY Lynn Bass & Louisa Johnston Emma Jane Zimmerman (school teacher) 20 Brownsville, NY Kingston Charles Zimmerman (born NY) & Mary Bell Edwin C. & Mabel White July 10, 1924 Lansdowne, CA
Bell, Lewis Brayton 24 teacher Brownville, Jefferson County, NY Camden Sophia & George Patterson Bell Margaret Jane Heisman (Hewman?) 22 Ernestown Camden John & Hannah Maria Eliza & William Darley Benn Feb. 25, 1874 residence of William D. Benn, Camden, CA
Bonner, John 49 dentist Jefferson County, NY Tillsonburg Joseph & Matilda Bonner Elizabeth C. Gillis 28 Dorchester Elgin Co. Not given Thomas & Jane Hollawood (?) Oct. 4, 1875 Port Burwell, CA
Bradshaw, J. William 27   Sidney Jefferson County, NY T. & E. Bradshaw M. E. Simmons 27 Sidney Sidney Samuel & Sophia Simmons M. & J. A. Vandervoort June 16, 1869  
Braister, Nathaniel 24   Jefferson County, NY Walpole William & Sarah Sarah Sherk 23 Humberstone Humberstone George & Elizabeth Cyrenius Bearss & Harvey ? Sherk Jan. 7, 1862 from John Baxter, Wesleyan Methodist, minister
Buckminster, Myron 37 yeoman USA Brownsville, NY Richard & Mary Ann Luella Simpkins 21 Canada Tyendinaga John & Elizabeth Joseph Simpkins & Susannah Osborn Aug, 17, 1872 Tyendinaga, CA
Burtis, John Davis 42 merchant Antwerp, Jefferson County, NY Antwerp, Jefferson County, NY Samuel and Sally Belle A. Render 18 Harrisonville, Lewis County, NY Harrisonville, Lewis County, NY William & Mary Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ellis Nov. 28, 1883 Niagara Falls
Carnochan, Donald Campbell 31 civil servant Montreal, Quebec Ottawa John (b. Kirkubright, Scotland) & Jennie nee Campbell Ethel Adeline Jarvis (nurse) 24 Alexandria Bay, NY Brockville George (b. Leeds Co) & Catherine nee Spidal Mildred M. Jarvie, Lyn & S. Carnochan April 24, 1924 Brockville, CA
Chapman, John 60 (widower) stone cutter Ellisburgh, Jefferson County, NY Montague, Carleton Co. Comfort H. & Hannah Chapman Eliza Edwards 37 Nepean Burritts Rapids George Edwards - mother's name unknown William Mowatt, James Cairns & Katie Camp Aug. 21, 1873 Prescott, CA
Cheeseman, Lanson 62 (widower) farmer NY state Theresa, NY Anson & Fanny Cheeseman Susan Parish 36 Yonge Yonge Twp. Joel Parish & Susan Parison Henry Lashly, Susannah Ransom, Crosby July 18, 1871 Yonge, CA
Copeland, George 21   Toronto Lyndoch William & Sarah Sadie Jane Smith 20 Jefferson County, NY Norwichville Stephen & Caroline Ursula M. & Ursula M. Barber April 11, 1860 from Isaac Barber, Wesleyan Methodist, minister
Cummings, Clark 44 farmer Sandy Creek, NY Sandy Creek, NY Louis Cummings & Mary McDougal Mabel Caster 23 Lower Range, Jefferson County, NY Sandy Creek, NY Joseph Caster & Alice Whitaker Sarah E. Smith & Mrs. M. L. Weir May 11, 1908 Prescott, CA
Dailey, William Patrick 29 merchant Theresa, NY Jefferson County, NY Peter & Mary Dailey Mary Peck 21 Lansdowne Lansdowne George & Susan Peck David John Halliday & Harriet Peck Aug 16, 1881 Lansdowne, CA
Dingman, Theodore Charles 21 labourer Alexandria Bay, NY Alexandria Bay, NY Francdis Dingman & Florence Marceau Virginia Veronica Marguerite Senecal 17 Grenadier Island Grenadier Island Anthony Senecal & Anges Hoadley Chauncey & Myrtle Burtch Oct. 17, 1926 Rockport, CA
Doolittle, Ephraim 84 (widower) farmer Vermont, USA Haldimand Moses & Elizabeth Mary Williams 57 (widow) NY Haldimand Andrew & Esther Hellenbolt Alonzo Williams & Samuel Borland Oct. 26, 1871  
Eggleston, Edmund 55 (widower) trader Henderson, Jefferson County, NY Picton Hector & Isabel Rhoda McKenzie 46 N. Marysburgh N. Marysburgh David & Ann not given Oct. 18, 1888 Picton
Everson, John J. 52 (widower) merchant USA Jefferson County, NY Isaac Everson & Charity Baulsby Janet Purvis 42 Canada Yonge Twp. George Purvis & Lydia Comstock John & Katie Dickey Sept. 6, 1876 Brockville, CA
Farming (Fanning?), Ezra 30 farmer Jefferson County, NY Russell, NY Charles & Almira Almedda Burns ? 21 Augusta Augusta Nicholas & Mary William Redmond & Susan Burns March 24, 1874 Augusta, CA
Felt, Lowe J. 25 paper manufacturer Felts Mills, Jefferson County, NY Felts Mills, Jefferson County, NY John & Jane Felt Josie Williamson 22 Lansdowne Lyn John Williamson & Elizabeth Davis Caroline Scanlon & Carrie Scanlon Oct. 31, 1894 Brockville, CA
Fulford, Abert James 23 railroader Brockville Brockville James (b. Brockville) & Mary Connor Madeline Jessie Carter 17 Alexandria Bay, NY Brockville Harry Randall Carter (b. Alexandria Bay) & Ceba L. Forsythe Charles Stotts, & Emma Steacy Feb. 26, 1927 Brockville, CA
Fuller, Charles F. 55 (widower) fruit grower Jefferson County, NY Mannfield, Florida Amond Fuller & Lois Thatcher Jennie Henry 40 Napanee Napanee James Henry & Mary Steele Jacob Steel & Bella Henry July 10, 1889 Napanee, CA
Fulton, Francis 36 farmer Wilna, Jefferson County, NY Wilna, Jefferson County, NY James & Carolton Fulton Sarah E. Brown 31 Bastard Farmersville Calvin J. & Elizabeth Brown Mr. & Mrs. Hiram Holmes, Lucy Brown Oct. 30, 1882 Farmersville, CA
Gauge, John 30   Jefferson County, NY Fredericksburg Richard & Ruth Mary E. Hoskins 27 Fredericksburg Fredericksburg Chester & Elenna J. Beeman & J. H. Hoskins Oct. 3, 1866  
Gladd, Theodore 29 barber Alexandria Bay, NY   John Gladd & Emeline Dusablon Ona Webber 25 Clayton, NY   Henry Webber & Mary Rodger Edward & Marie E. Lee Aug. 17, 1908 Brockville, CA
Good, George 27 farmer Camden twp. Bedford John & Margaret Cinthia Cornwell 20 Jefferson County, NY Bedford Edwin & Latitia Francis Good & M. Shellington May 7, 1878 Bedford, CA
Harland, Wilber Jefferson 25 carpenter Jefferson County, NY Roxborough, CA Jefferson & Marjarie Phoe Norman 18 Roxborough, CA Roxborough,CA George & Mary William & Mary Norman Aug 21, 1888 Roxborough, CA
Harris, William 45 (widower) farmer Bayham Dereham Stephen & Ruth Mary Price 45 (widow) Jefferson County, NY Dereham, NY George & Henrietta Price Isaac M. & Martha Elliott Dec. 27, 1870 Mount Elgin, CA
Heath, Milo D. 25 mechanic Alindale, Jefferson County, NY Peterboro Able G. Heath & Alice Crumb Mary Roslie Goslin 19 Peterboro Peterboro Francis Goslin & Harriett Levereau (Leverneau?) Thomas Goslin & Bridget O'Neill April 26, 1893 St. Peter'sCathedral, Peterboro, CA
Hoover, Charles Addison 39 (widower) canvasser Jefferson County, NY Ogdensburg, NY Adam Hoover & Anna Petrie Anny Maude Atkinson 31 (widow) Manchester,England Ogdensburg, NY Thomas B. Atkinson & Jennie Gibson S. J. Hibble June 29, 1908 Prescott, CA
Hudson, Albert 22   Clayton, Jefferson County, NY Belleville Henry & Angeline Julia Prouse 21 Tweed, Ont. Belleville Edward & Eliza W. G. Ireland & John McGuire April 24, 1882 Belleville, CA
Hunter, Arthur Huston 20 blacksmith Jefferson County, NY Napanee Samuel & Jane Saray Boyd 21 Richmond Napanee James & Elizabeth Lydia Ann McGuines & Catherine Finley Jan. 29, 1874 Presbyterian Manse, Napanee, CA
Keho, Francis 25 carpenter Copenhagen, NY Alexandria Bay, NY William Kenoe & Mary Flaherty Constance Cutwell (waitress) 23 Leire? Island, St. Lawrence County, NY Rockport Charles R. Cutwell & Elen U. Hunt Thomas Kehoe & carmal Cutwell May 15, 1924 Rockport, CA
Kelsey, John 25 tanner Preston, CA Clifford Richard & Euphemia Emeline Celina Harper 21 Jefferson County, NY Clifford John & Helen James McLachlan & Katie Young Dec. 24, 1877 Clifford, CA
Landon, Jerome 32 farmer Orleans, Jefferson County, NY   Augustine Landon & Harriet Ducklow Myrtle Aikins 19 Alexandria Bay, NY   Fred Aikins & Sarah Chapel Florence Sellery & Margaret Sellery Nov. 4, 1908 Brockville, CA
LaRue, Dominick 27 labourer Alexandria Bay, NY   John LaRue & Addia Shortsleeve Hazel Lackey 18 Alexandria Bay, NY   Orran Lackey & Clara Porter Arthur Senechal (Senecal?) & Catherine Blevins Aug. 2, 1908 Belleville, CA
Lee,Franklin 58 (widower) boatman Odessa Alexandria Bay, NY Edward Lee (b. Odessa) & Anna Bates Carrie Comstock 56 (widow) Johnstown, NY Alexandria Bay, NY Oliver Perru (b. Johnstown) & Mary Ackley (Ockley?) James Chisamore & Annie M. Dustin Sept. 20, 1924 Lansdowne, CA
Leggett, Alfred B. 26 carpenter & joiner Perth Deseronto, Hastings Co. Not given Matilda A. Hull 24 JeffersonCounty, NY Deseronto Lyman & Catherine Hull R. F. Elliott & Ann Kimberly Aug. 24, 1881 Barriefield, CA
Lyle, Andrew 38 farmer Elmsley Elmsley Samuel & Mary Jane Butler 27 Watertown, Jefferson County, NY Smith Falls Not given Louisa Smith & William N. Lyle May 4, 1892 Smith Falls, CA
Mountaney, John 28   NY state Berry John & Elizabeth Mountaney Mary Jane Baker 22 Jefferson County, NY South Crosby Gilbert & Elisa A. Baker Morrison Brown & Thadeus Kiborn Oct. 18, 1858 from John H. Andrews, ME church
Murphy, William Richard 60 (widower) carpenter Alexandria Bay, NY   William Murphy & Sarah Clark Agnes Dorn (dressmaker) 50 (widow) Alexandria Bay, NY   John McCord & Ellen Pask Nora Driscoll & Lizzie Edwards Oct. 24, 1908 Brockville, CA
Place, Walter   farmer USA Ellicebury (Ellisburg?), Jefferson County, NY Not given Mary Bellrose   Ellicebury, NY Ellicebury, NY Not given Ann Bain & Margaret Urquhart June 22, 1888 Kingston, CA
Puffer, Deloss Erle 27 farmer Jefferson County, NY NY Asa & Mary Ann Puffer Sarah Amanda Bender 25 Camden Twp. Olden Twp. James & Ann Bender Walter P. Bender-Olden & Caroline York Dec. 10, 1881 residence of bride's father
Reid, Lexivus 52 (widower) farmer Jefferson County, NY St. Lawrence County, NY Henry Reid & Elizabeth Reynolds Ada Gordon 18 St. Lawrence County, NY St. Lawrence County, NY Normon Gordon & Delany Blackmeyer Normon & Delany Gordon Sept 15, 1881 Brockville, CA
Selvage, William 22 farmer Jefferson County, NY Finch Thomas Selvage & Catherine Pickering Catherine Reynolds 23 Winchester Finch James Reynolds & Sarah Varnett Wesley Reynolds & Mary Ann Johnson June 24, 1878 St. John's Church (C of E), Crysler, CA
Shier, Philip 31 (widower) yeoman/farmer Brock Twp. Lount Twp. Philip & Mary Shier Charlotte Jane Smith 21 Jefferson County, NY Chapman Twp. Simon & Sophia Smith Moses & Ada Smith Oct. 10, 1881 Magnetawan, CA
Smith, James 24 blacksmith Jefferson County, NY Inverary, Ont. Charles & Annie Ann Vandawater 24 Richmond Inverary, Ont. William & Jerusha John Henry Hughson & Mary Eliza Woodruff Jan. 23, 1878 Inverary
Snider, Edward 20 farmer Jefferson County, NY Alexandria Bay, NY Charles & Lucy Snider Lillian Lackey 17 Newhys?, MI Alexandria Bay, NY Moses H. & Celia A. Lackey Isabella & W.A. Williamson Aug. 8, 1896 Ganonoque, CA
Spink, Hiram B. 23 stone mason Jefferson County, NY Kingston Benjamin Spink & Sarah Anne Hettrick Louise House 19 Hamilton Kingston David House & Levina Harris Martha & John Mulock Feb. 2, 1875 Kingston, CA
Storie, Walter S. 33 (div.) farmer Thegateket?, St. Lawrence Co., NY Oxbow, Jefferson County, NY Kennedy Storie & Isabella Laidlas Mary J. Cunnimgham 45 (div.) Morristown, NY Morristown, NY John Cunningham & Isabella Storie Robert W. Shaver Jan. 23, 1901 Brockville, CA
Todd, George 23 farmer Jefferson County, NY Jefferson County, NY Not given Catherine Jane Bell 21 Camden Twp. Camden Twp. Robert Bell & catherine Jackson Bell Simpson P. Hinch & Milla Bell Sept. 25, 1880 Newburgh, CA
Wherry, Alexander 21 school teacher Lansdowne Jefferson County, NY Robert Wherry & Dorothy Gilbert Gertrude McDonald 20 Yonge Yonge Twp. John McDonald & Clarissa Botsford Hiram Botsford & Rufus Botsford Feb. 23, 1877 Yonge, CA
Wicks, William Hebert 55 (widower) trader Lowville, Lewis Co., NY Theresa, NY Benjamin Wicks & Emily Puffer Alta Viola Walts 47 Jefferson County, NY Theresa, NY George Hause (House?) & Julia Ford Sarah E. Smith & Marie L. Weir April 7, 1908 Prescott, CA

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