This list of the cemeteries of Jefferson County is far from complete. We are indebted to such able volunteers as Gus Rogers and the Bartletts, Alice Corbett, and Gordie Brown for information they have collected, arranged, and made freely available to the public. Debbie Quick has also made pilgrimages to cemeteries in the Six Town area to provide information. We link to several cemeteries found on Mrs. Corbett's page. Larry Corbett has very large files, from which he provides information. Harold Sanderson has extracted burial information on his specialty, the Civil War soldiers. His information can often, but not always, be found in other files.

The largest single contribution consists of the cemeteries researched by the Gravestone Scribes, John and Ellen Bartlett and Ellen's father Gus Rogers. These cemeteries are updated annually by Mr. Rogers. They are designated by "Bar". A second list, compiled by Debbie Quick, has been published in the Newsletter for the Historical Association of South Jefferson. That designation is "Sou". The list of cemeteries on Fort Drum has no contact person available. It was published in an issue of the JCNYGS Informer. Jeanine McAvoy supplies information for Brookside Cemetery in Watertown, and Larry Corbett provides lookups for North Watertown. AC is Alice Corbett, who has been working on the city cemeteries. Much of her work is from old DAR records, which were never complete, and have never been updated, but they are the only ones available for those cemeteries. Thanks to a number of volunteers, Brookside is now available on this website. The newest contributor to this page is Sid Shafer, who has allowed us to link to cemeteries on their site. They are actively inventorying Jefferson County cemeteries, and are identified as the SS clicks below. We have integrated names he has given us alphabetically in our list, rather than having a separate list.

Some cemeteries have more than one name, notably the ones on Fort Drum. Gus Rogers reports that finding the original or historical name for a cemetery is often difficult. I have tried to list all the names I found, but some are sure to be missing. As with all our projects, we welcome additons, corrections, and particularly here, locations. We will be adding more information as it comes to light. The first column contains the name of the cemetery, with variations noted.

The second column is the township in which the cemetery may be found. "City" indicates the City of Watertown. The third column is an attempt at locating the cemetery so that the searcher can find it. An attempt has been made by the JCNYGS to provide locations for every cemetery in Jefferson County in their newsletter, INFORMER (see for a table of contents for the issues). The fourth column is the contact, as described above, at which you may find more information.

Following are the names and e-mail addresses of the contacts. The highlighted contact abbreviations are clickable.

AC = Alice Corbett

Bro = Jeanine McAvoy

GB = Gordon Brown

LC = Larry Corbett

LH = Lyme Heritage Center

Sou = Debbie Quick, Historical Association of South Jefferson

SS = Sid Shafer,

The following cemeteries are all listed on Alice Corbett's page To reach these cemeteries, you must click on her highlighted name, above, to get to her page. On her page, you must then click on Town of Watertown, or Town of Champion, or Indexes and then scroll down that page to reach the desired cemetery.

Under the heading of Town of Watertown are:

Arsenal Street, Watertown (Catholic)
Arsenal Street, Watertown (Protestant)
Brookside, Watertown: Note that this is also listed below as on this Jefferson County site
East Watertown
Gotham Street
Huntingtonville(Scroll down page)
Losie(Scroll down page)
Massey Street (Scroll down page)
Talcott Stand (Scroll down page)
Woodworth Family

Notice that the above cemeteries are all located in the Town of Watertown.

Under the heading of Town of Champion are:

Bentley Family
Champion Huddle
Hillside, Town of Champion
South Champion
West Carthage

Notice that the above cemeteries are all located in the town of Champion

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Sulphur Springs Cemetery Lot Owners, Hounsfield

For access to Bartlett Inscription Listings, click here.
For access to Sanderson Civil War Cemetery Listings, click here. For the cemetery code, click here.

If you do not find the name of the cemetery for which you are searching, please refer to the list immediately above.

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Not on this site, but concerning Jefferson County is The Political Graveyard a site interesting in itself.
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A google map of North Watertown Cemetery with some other data is here included.

  • Oxbow Cemetery Records:

    Name of Cemetery        Town-               Location                 Contact 
    Adams Farm              Ther                                             Bar
    (also known as McDonald's) 							  SS 
    Adams State Road Cemetery  Adam                                
    Adsit (Bailey)          Lorr    Corner of Dixon Rd & Lorraine St Rd      Sou
    Bachelor                Lyme    Original Three Mile Bay Cemetery,        Bar
                                    located at Lott's Cove, now destroyed  UPDATE
    Bacon                   Antw                                             Bar
    Bailey Farm             C.V.    Rt 6 E of Bedford Cors Rd                Bar
    Barber-Weser            Elli    Sandy Creek-Ellisburg Rd                 Sou
                                     just north of town line
    Barnes Settlement       Alex    Center Rd                                Bar
    Bartlett Farm           Lyme                                             Bar
    Bates                   C.V.    Bates Rd nr Bedford Cors                 Bar
    Bedford                 C.V.    off Bedford Cors Rd                      Bar
    Believers Rest          Elli    Mannsville (unmarked)                    Sou
    Belleville              Elli    Main St, nr Water St, Belleville         Sou
    Bemis                   Antw    Rt 22 just N of Hull Rd                  Bar
    Bently Family           Cham      x                                      x 
    Bishop                  Hend    cor Shears & Ayles Rd, Henderson         Sou
    Bishop Street           Hend    Bishop Street Rd nr Stony Creek          SS
    Black Creek             Wiln      Natural Bridge
    Black Farm              Clay                                             Bar
    Black River             Rutl    Miser Rd at town line with Le Ray        Bar
    Black River Road        LeRa                                             Bar
    Brewster Settlement     Elli    Co Rt 87, Mannsville (Sandy Creek-       Sou
    (Fish Burying Ground)           Mannsville Rd just south of Baldwin Rd
    Brodie Farm             Houn    Near Wescott Beach                       Bar
    Brookside               Wate    County Rt 165, Watertown Center Loop                        
    (see Worthville, 
    Browns Corners          Alex    Rt 26, Browns Cors                       Bar
    Brownville              Brow                                             Bar
    Butterville             Hend    Co Rt 75 (Butterville Rd)                Sou
    Calcium New             LeRa                                             Bar
    (Sanford Cors)
    Calcium Old             LeRa                                             Bar
    (Sanford Cors)
    Carpenter               Hend    Rt 3 just south of Stony Creek           Sou
    Carpenter Ground        Wate
    Catholic                Antw    Antwerp village                          Bar
    Cedar Grove (Chaumont   Lyme    Chaumont village                         LH
    Cedar Grove)
    Cedar Grove, new        Lyme    Rt 12E                                   Bar
    Champion Huddle         Cham
    Chauftys                Ther                                             Bar
    Church St               Alex    Rt 12, S edge of Alexandria Bay          Bar
    Clark                   Rutl    No longer exists                         Bar
    Clark (see Fales)
    Clark Family 
    (see Tifft)
    Clayton                 Clay    Rt 12, southern edge of Clayton village  Bar
    Clayton Center          Clay    Clayton Center, junction Co Rts 10 & 5   Bar
    Cobb Farm               Houn    nr Camps Mills off Rt 62                 Bar
    Cooper                  LeRa    Ft Drum, behind Heath Center             Bar
    Cooper                  Wiln    Ft Drum, Alexandria Rd
    Corbins Corners         Clay    off Rt 12, north of Depauville           Bar
    Crandall Cemetery       Rodm
    Crandall-Hill           Rodm    on the Ward Babbit Farm                  Sou
    Degel Israel (old)      Wate  On the southeast (right) side of Ridge Road off Eastern Blvd   SS 
    Degel Israel    	     Wate  On the north side of Cook Road, approximately 500 feet from the
    intersection of Cook Road and Dry Hill Road. SS Depauville Clay Depauville, on Rt 12 Bar Dewey Lyme Ashland Wildlife Management Area Bar Dewey-Mckee, see Patrick Dexter Brow Bar Dodge C.V. Rt 12, upriver from Sand Bay Bar Doyle Mulvaney Wiln Ft Drum Drake (New Boston) LeRa Bar Dutch Gap (Epps, Clayton Lutheran) East Rodman Rodm Rt 156 Sou (Whiteville) Ellisburg (Rural, Elli Ellisburg village Sou Riverside) Elmwood Adam Adams village, off W. Church St. Sou Emerson (Robinson Rd, Lyme Robinson Rd nr the iron bridge Bar Harris) Epps (Dutch Gap, Clayton Lutheran) Evans Mills New & Old LeRa Bar Evergreen Hend Nohle Rd off Co Rt 178 Sou (Roberts Cors) Failing Farm Lyme Point Peninsula Bar Fairview Rodm off Rt 177 at Cemetery & Williams Rds Sou Fairview Cemetery Rodm Fairview Wiln Carthage Fales (Clark) Hend Rt 178 between Co Rt 78 & Ayles Rd Sou Fassett's Rodm Sou Felts Mills Rutl in Felts Mills Bar Ferry Brow Fields Houn Old Rome Rd nr Watertown Line Bar Fish Burying Ground (see Brewster Settlement) Flanders Farm Lyme on Lyle & Nancy Weavers Farm Bar Fox Creek Lyme Pleasant Valley Road Bar Freeman Brow Bar French Settlement C.V. Dezengremel Rd nr Burnt Rock Rd Bar Fulton Wiln Nr Natural Bridge, rear of Survey School, corner of Ridge Road Gallea Elli off Rt 3 about 4 miles on Benton Rd Sou Gardner Family Lorr Winona nr Kate Hall & Brown Rds Sou Gates (see Protestant) Giddingsville Elli Co Rt 85 between Giddingsville & Sou (Wardwell Wardwell Settlement Settlement) Glass Road Rutl corner Cemetery and Burnup Rds Bar Glenwood Wate North Watertown (R.C.) AC Golby Ther Golby Cors nr Hart Flats Rd Bar Gould District Lorr 3 1/2 miles up Washington Park Rd Sou (Gould Corners) Graves Rutl Rutland Hollow Rd E of Staplin Bar Graves Farm Wate Fields Settlement Rd Green Settlement Adam Co Rt 76 (Green Settlement Rd Sou Grove Orle Rt 180 going S out of LaFargeville Bar Guffins Bay Brow Bar Gulf Stream (Isham's) Rodm Rt 69 Sou Gunns Corners Clay Location not published at the request of the land owner. SS Haights Corners Lorr half mile S of Haights Cors Sou off Loomis Rd Harris (see Emerson) Hewitt Farm Lyme Bar UPDATE Highland Park Alex Highland Avenue, Alexandria Bay Bar Hill Cemetery Alex Hillside Antw Antwerp village Bar Hillside Wiln Natural Bridge Honeyville Adam Co Rt 177, Honeyville Sou (Old State Road) Hoover LeRa Bar Houghtaling Family Wort Fredericks Cors-Worth Center Rd Sou Houghton Alex N of Rt 12, between TI Bridge & Bar Alexandria Bay Howland Rutl Location unknown Bar Hungerford Hend cor N Schoolhouse Rd & Snowshoe Rd Sou (Hungerford Corners, North) Ingalls Brow Bar Isham's (see Gulf Stream) Jerusalem Road Lorr Jerusalem Rd 1 mile off Washington Park Sou (JerusalemSchool) Rd Judd C.V. Rt 12 nr Constance Rd Bar Judd Cemetery C.V. Kelseys Bridge Ther Bar Kepler Alex N of Rt 12, just beyond road to Bar Houghton Cemetery Kimball Brow Bar Kinne Antw Rt 11 at the St Lawrence Co line Bar Kramer/Cole LeRa Bar Lake School Road Wiln Ft Drum (Derby-Hubbard) Lakeside (Reed) Elli Rt 3 nr Ellisburg-Henderson town line Sou Larabee Farm Orle Bar Larabee Cemetery Orle SS Lepper Ground Wate Limerick Brow Bar Lower Clay Bar Luther Hill Brow Bar Lutheran (Dutch Clay Bar Gap, Epps) Lyman Lorr Co Rt 91 just W of Brown & Sharp Rds Sou McPherson Lyme first Chaumont cemetery Bar Maple Hill Rutl nr junction of Rt 160 & Rt 162 Bar Maplewood Elli Rt 11, Mannsville, by Skinner Creek Sou Market St C.V. Market St, Cape Vincent Bar Membery Houn Not maintained; in the middle of a farmer's field.                                         Mennonite Elli Woodville Sou Miles Lorr Hessell Rd Sou Military Houn Sackets Harbor Bar Mitchell Farm Orle off Rt 180 between LaFargeville & Bar Stone Mills Mixer (see Woodside) Mooney Gulf (Zachary Lorr Mooney Gulf Rd at junction with Sou Mooney, Garden) Comstock Rd Muscalunge Houn Evans Rd W of Jericho Rd Bar New Boston (see Drake) North Cemetery (see Hungerford) North Adams Adam North Harbor Rd, Adams Center Sou North Watertown Pame Bradley St., City LC

    Oakwood Ther Theresa village Bar Old Belleville (see Woodside) Old Brodie Hend Near Wescott Beach Sou Old Cemetery Wilna Wiln Watertown-Carthage State Road Old Church Ground Wate Old State Road (see Honeyville) Old State Street Wiln Carthage Old Theresa Ther Theresa village Omar Orle S of Omar on Co Rt 13 (East Middle Rd) Bar Orleans Four Cors Orle Off Orleans Cemetery Rd Bar Oxbow, Old and New Antw Oxbow, Co Rt 25 Bar Patrick; Adam Patrick Rd at Adams-Rodman town line Sou Patrick-Thompson; Dewey-McKee Payne Farm Orle Perch River Brow Bar Pettit Brow Bar Phillips Houn location unknown Bar Pierce Wiln off US Military Highway north of Fargo Pierrepont Manor Elli Co Rt 193 in Pierrepont Manor village Sou (Zion Church) Pine Plains Graveyard (see Sheepfold) Plessis (Brookside) Alex Plessis Bar Point Peninsula Lyme nr Point Peninsula village (Wilcoxville) Bar Point Salubrious Lyme Point Salubrious Bar (Guffins Bay) Protestant (Town Phil Ft Drum, Sterlingville Bar Burying Ground, Gates) Putnam Lyme Co Rt 57 to Pt Peninsula BarBar Redwood Alex Redwood village Bar Reed Rutl off Jacobs Rd nr Rich Rd Bar Reed (see Lakeside)

    Rices Corners Adam Rices Rd nr Talcott Falls, Adams Sou (Sanford Corners) Watertown town line click here for file Rising Wort Loomis Rd just off Co Rt 189 Sou Riverside Alex Westminster Park Road Bar (Wellesley Is.) Riverside C.V. Rt 12 nr Branche Rd Bar Riverside (see Ellisburg) Roberts Rutl Bar Robinson Rd (see Emerson) Ross Corners Rodm Washington Park Rd just S of Ross Cors Sou Rouse Clay Rouses Cors Bar Rural Adam US Rt 11, south end of village Sou Rural ( see Ellisburg) Rural (Village) Lorr Co Rt 189, Lorraine Village Sou Rural Hill (see Woodside) Rutland Center Rutl no longer exists (was near Town Barn) Bar Rutland Hollow Rutl Ball Rd S of Lamb Rd Bar Sackets Harbor Houn Sackets Harbor Bar Lakeside St Cyrils Alex Highland Ave, Alexandria Bay Bar St Francis Xavier Alex Redwood Bar St Johns C.V. James St, Cape Vincent Village Bar St Johns Hend Nohle Rd across from Evergreen Cemetery Sou St Johns Orle Rt 180 between LaFargeville and Bar DeLaFarge Cors St Lawrence C.V. Rt 4 N of Cemetery Rd Bar St Marys Clay Rt 12 S edge of Clayton Village Bar St Marys LeRa Bar St Marys (Catholic, Phil Ft Drum (Sterlingville) Bar Savage-Varley) St Vincent de Paul, C.V. Rt 12, downriver from Cape Vincent Bar new St Vincent de Paul C.V. Cape Vincent Village Bar St Vincent de Paul C.V. Rosiere Bar Sand Bay C.V. Rt 12 nr Clayton town line Bar Sand Hill (Sandy Hill) Wiln Natural Bridge (Ft Drum) Sandy Hollow Phil nr Philadelphia village Bar Sanford Corners Sou (see Rices Corners; also Calcium New & Old) Saxe Elli Saxe Rd Ellisburg, just north of Lee Rd Sou Shephard Family Hend Rt 3 between Henderson & Sackets Harbor Sou Sheepfold (Pine LeRa Ft Drum; off Rt 26 Bar Plains Graveyard) Sherwins Bay Brow Bar Shimmel Ther SW cor of the township Bar Shurtleff Ther Bar Slate Clay Bar Slocum-Child LeRa Ft Drum Smith Orle Middle Road N of LaFargeville Bar Smithville Hend Co Rt 71 just west of Smithville Sou Snell Farm Lyme Old private burying ground Bar South Champion Cham South Rutland Rutl Rt 69 N out of Tylerville Bar (Tylerville) Spragueville Antw Rt 26 at the St Lawrence Co line Bar Stears Corners Wort halfway between Stears Cors & Sou Fredericks Corners on Co Rt 95 Stevens Brow Bar Stevens Rutl no longer exists Bar Still Ther Stills Cors on Dano Rd Bar Stone Brow Stone Mills Orle at Stone Mills, W of Rt 180 Bar Sulphur Springs Houn off Rt 62 nr Sulphur Springs Bar Tanners Corners Alex East Ridge Road, Co Rt 13 Bar Taylor Brow Bar Three Mile Creek Clay Bar Thomas Family Lorr Wart Rd 1/2 mile from Lorraine St Rd Sou Three Mile Bay Lyme Bar Thurso Clay Grindstone Island Bar Tifft (Clark Family) Lorr Lorraine St Rd .10 mile before Sou Dixon Rd Town Burying Ground (see Protestant) Trinity Church Yard Wate Tylerville (see Rutl South Rutland) Union Adam US Rt 11, Adams Center Sou Unionville (Zoar) Rodm Rt 68 Sou Vrooman Hill Antw Vrooman Hill Rd off Rt 23 at Bentleys Bar Cors. Walton St Alex Walton St, Alexandria Bay Bar Wardwell Settlement (see Giddingsville) Wellesley Island (see Riverside) Wells Settlement Lyme Ashland Rd N of Three Mile Bay Bar West Carthage Cham AC West End Clay Bar Whiteville (see E Rodman) Wood Family Rodm corner of Rt 177 & Rt 69 Sou Woods Mills Wiln Ft Drum Woodside (Mixer, Old Elli Co Rt 289, Belleville Sou Belleville, Rural Hill) Woodville Elli Woodville village Sou Worth (see Worthville) Worth Center Wort SE cor Worth Center Crossroads Sou Worthville (Worth, Wort Co Rt 189 just W of Worth Sou Brookside) Zion Church (see Pierrepont Manor) Zoar Road Rodm

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