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transcribed by Gary Leland Rhodes 2008-2009

See: The Samuel & John Foster families of Henderson, NY and the
Foster /Ivory Cemetery of Henderson, NY

This cemetery was visited on August 3rd and we can find no records indicating that this cemetery has been inventoried. We're currently calling this the FOSTER FAMILY CEMETERY based solely on the fact that the only two discernible stones contain the Foster surname. Consequently, it is possible that it may have gone by another name. The location has not been published at the request of the land owner. With the exception of two probable field stone headstones, all of the grave stones in this cemetery are either broken or buried. There appears to be at least 5 burials with as many as 8. Only sufficient fragments were found to firmly identify the burial of:

CHARLOTTE FOSTER, wife of JOHN FOSTER, died Aug. 31, 1839 at 53 years.

A complete foot stone was found with the initials J. F. which could be associated with the gravestone that was missing the top and right portions and remaining inscription listed:

J. FOSTER? d July 22, 18___at age 68 years, 5 months.

In the matter of the estate of JOHN FOSTER of Rodman, Jeff. Co. NY:
On 28 September 1853, RANSOM COON of Henderson, petitioned to open probate and stated that John Foster had died July 1853 and left a will.

CHARLOTTE W. FOSTER of Rodman, a minor having no general guardian.
ELECTA FOSTER of full age, is the widow of John Foster.

He made his will at the age of 68 years. He named his brother, PHILANDER FOSTER. Named his nephew, ANDREW FOSTER. Named his daughter, CHARLOTTE W. FOSTER. Appointed RANSOM COON as executor.
Will date 9 July 1853. /s/ John Foster
Wits: Abram and Dyer Green of Rodman, NY
Will proved 17 October 1853.

...throughout this effort...I have wondered why the cemetery in question was called the Ivory Cemetery and upon looking at the Stone 1864 Jefferson County Atlas, it is clear why the Ivory family name was assigned to the cemetery. The map for Henderson shows E. H. Ivory and S. Ivory living on what is now Dunbar Road in the town of Henderson, and where the cemetery is located...Both John and Betsy Ivory are buried in the Smithville Cemetery, which is in the town of Henderson, just outside the Hamlet of Smithville...

Transcriber's note: Based on the age of John Foster when he made his will in 1853, he would have been born in 1785. In an Errata note of April 1851, he was noted as having chopped in 13 months, 783 cords of wood at age 66 and was of Henderson, Jeff. Co. There is no doubt this is the same man.


Town of Adams

West side of State Hwy 289, south of intersection with State Hwy 178, 43.8080000, -76.0980000
Listed on Findagrave

This cemetery was visited on August 6th and we were able to locate one previous reading in 1982. Available information indicates that this cemetery may also have been known as the Thomas Settlement Cemetery , given its proximity to Thomas Settlement. Most of the stones are either broken into small fragments or are buried; however, three stones were fairly intact and readable:

SALLY WILLARD d June 23, 1834 at age 23
HANNAH THOMAS, wife of WESSON THOMAS, d July 21, 1838 at 68 years.
HILL (no indication if this was the surname or given name) d Jan. 22 1839 at 3 years, 8 mo.

From the will of Wesson Thomas of Adams, this site, we learn that Hannah Thomas was the widow of Wesson.
His heirs were:

Giles Kellogg and Rebecca, his wife
Isaac Thomas
Edmund Thomas
Joel Thomas
Jonathan Reeve and Lovina, his wife
Olive Tripp, wife of Alvin M. Tripp
Leonard Persons, special guardian of Amanda M. Persons
Asa Crapo and wife, Alice

In his will, Wesson Thomas named his wife, Hannah; his son, Joel Thomas; his eldest daughter Rebecca, wife of Giles Kellogg; his son, Edmund Thomas; his son, Isaac Thomas; his daughter, Alice, wife of Asa Crapo; his daughter, Lovina; his daughter Olive. He also named Asahel Chester Hosington, son of his daughter, Lovina, when he reached age 21.
The will was dated 7 August 1828 and probated 23 March 1835.

Information contributed by volunteer Marilyn Sapienza.

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