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Tombstone Inscriptions in a village cemetery located near Madison Barracks, from the History of Jefferson County, NY by Durant & Peirce, published 1878

Also known as Lakeside Cemetery, Sackets Harbor, Jefferson, NY

Lakeside Cemetery

HOOKER, b Windsor, CT in April 1775 and died at Sacket's Harbor on 2 May 1810

WHEATON, MRS. MARIA JACOB, wife of WALTER V. WHEATON, and daughter of Hon. STEPHEN JACOB, d at Sacket's Harbor on 15 March 1821 at age 27.

MYLER, MRS. ALLY, wife of PATRICK MYLER, d 28 March 1822 at 45 years.

ROOT, BETSEY, daughter of JOHN & MARY ROOT, drowned 25 May 1825 at 19 years.

JACKSON, JAMES, d 23 June 1825 - left a widow and one child

Source: p. 408 History of Jefferson Co., NY by H. B. Peirce 1878, pub. by L. H. Everts & Co., Philadelphia

Madison Barracks

p. 413:
At Madison Barracks a temporary wooden monument of pine boards...was placed over the spot where remains were buried...Upon the panels were the following inscriptions:

North Side - Brigadier General L. COVINGTON killed, Chrysler's Field, U.S. November 11, 1813. Lt. Colonel E. BACKUS, Dragoons, killed at Sacket's Harbor, May 29, 1813.

East Side - Colonel Tuttle, Lt. Colonel Dix; Major Johnson, Lt. Vandeventer. (no dates)

South Side - Lt. Colonale Mills, volunteer, killed at Sacket's Harbor, May 29, 1813. Captain A. SPENCER, 29th Infantry, aide-de-camp, to Major General Brown, killed at Lundy's Lane, July 25, 1811.

West Side-Brigadier General Z. M. PIKE killed at York, U.C. April 27, 1813. Captain JOSEPH NICHOLSON, 14th Infantry, aide de camp to general Pike, killed at York, U.C. April 27, 1813.

Remains of Colonel Mills were later moved to Albany, N.Y.

Tombstone Inscription from Henderson, NY:

HAWKINS, JOSEPH, native of CT, settled in Henderson about 1810 and where he resided until his death. He died in Henderson 20 April 1832 at age 50. His friends E. Camp and E. G. Merrick placed over his grave a tablet with the inscription: The navigation of our lakes was relieved from grievous custom house fees by his zealous efforts as Member of Congress in 1830.

Tombstone Inscription from Carlton Island:

When Charles Smyth obtained possession of the island, many of the burial places were still marked by carved oaken pieces of wood, but when Dr. Hough published his History of Jefferson County in 1854, he found only one grave that was indicated by a headstone; on it was the following inscription: FARRAR, J. d 23 February 1792. The headstone was destroyed.

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