Jefferson County, NY

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Poor House Cemetery, Town of Watertown, Jeff. Co., NY

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Findagrave Cemetery 2414385, Poor House Cemetery, aka Jefferson County Home Cemetery

Thanks to Diane Oliver for bringing this cemetery to my attention.

Located west side of North Country Library System, 22072 Cty Rt 190, Watertown, NY

From FAG & Poor House records at the Flower Memorial Library Research Room.

R Abernathy27 Dec 1878 
Isaiah Anthony12 May 1876 
Susan Smith Ball23 Feb 1882 
Susan Billings23 Jan 1878 
Francis Campagn3 Apr 1881 
Almara Carley28 Jun 1881 
Anna Carpenter8 Nov1879 
John Carpenter19 March 1881 
Margaret Chaumont19 Feb 1882 
William Ducher5 May 1880 
Mary E. Edwards4 Jan 1879 
Oliver Warren Flint17 Jun 187931 Dec 1802
Almira Garley28 May 1881 
Walter Garlock2 Apr 190110 Mar 1819
Benjamin F Glass17 Apr 1882 
D Goodenough25 May 1878 
Viola M Gordon1 Oct 1881 
Harry Harrison10 Oct 1910Jan 1843
John Haynes22 Sept 1879 
Michael Hennessey22 Sep 1879 
Mary Hogan14 March 1877 
George Hope23 Apr 1880 
Julia Joles3 Jan 1883 
John Leef18 Apr 1887 
Mary Liam1 Jan 1880 
Mrs Nicholas Millard24 Mar 1881 
Sarah Morgan22 Mar 1881 
William Morris5 Jan 1878 
Julia Myers16 February 1878 
Willard Myres31 Jan 1878 
Melvin Parker14 Feb 1877 
William Porch 1 Mar 1880 
Jeanette Roach25 Jan 1882 
Eveline RuddAug 1882 
Sarah Saunders27 Nov 1882 
George Scott13 March 1881 
Daniel Shea13 March 1881 
H. W. Stevens21 May 1880 
Andrew Stone22 Oct 1882 
Ashel Peter Stone18931838
Rozilla Townsend22 June 1880 
Eliza Ann Valliere19112 Jan 1826
Thomas Vanslyke10 Mar 1883

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