Code Chart for
Sanderson's Civil War Burials
in Jefferson County, New York

ADM 1 Adams State Road Cmty Adams Center Y
ADM 2 Butterville Cmty Rural Y
ADM 3 Elmwood Cmty Adams Y
ADM 4 Green's Settlement Cmty Rural Y
ADM 5 Honeyville Cmty Adams Center Rt # 177 Y
ADM 6 Patrick Cmty Rural N
ADM 7 Rice's Corners Cmty Rural Y
ADM 8 Adams Rural Cmty Rural Y
ADM 9 St John's Cmty Rural Y
ADM 10 Union Cmty Adams Center Y
ALX 11 Barnes Settlement Cmty Rural Y
ALX 12 Brown's Corners Cmty Brown's Corners Rt# 26 N
ALX 13 Church Street Cmty Alexandria Bay Y
ALX 14 Hinman Cmty Hinman Farm Y
ALX 15 Houghton Cmty Pt Vivian, Alexx Bay N
ALX 16 Plessis Brookside Cmty Plessis, NY. Y
ALX 17 St John's Cmty Redwood NY Y
ALX 18 Riverside Cmty Wellesley Island Y
ALX 19 Tanner's Corners Cmty Rural Y
ALX 20 Walton Street Cmty Alexandria Bay Y
ANT 21 Bacon Farm Cmty Rural N
ANT 22 Bemis Farm Cmty Rural N
ANT 23 Hillside Cmty Antwerp Y
ANT 24 Oxbow Cmty Oxbow Y
ANT 25 Spragueville Cmty Spragueville Y
ANT 26 Vroman Hill Rural Y
BRW 27 Brownville Village Cmty Brownville Y
BRW 28 Dexter Cmty Dexter Y
BRW 29 Perry Cmty Cmty N
BRW 30 Frank Allen Farm Cmty Perch River Y
BRW 31 Freeman Cmty Chaumont Road N
BRW 32 Ingalls Cmty Pillar Point N
BRW 33 Limerick Cmty Limerick Y
BRW 34 Luther Hill Cmty Pillar Point Y
BRW 35 Perch River Cmty Perch River Rd Y
BRW 36 Pettit Cmty Rural N
BRW 37 Rouse Family Cmty Gunn's Corners Rt 180 N
BRW 38 Sherwin's Bay Cmty Pillar Point N
BRW 39 Stone Cmty Pillar Point Y
BRW 40 Taylor Cmty Brownville N
CPV 41 Beford Cmty Rural N
CPV 42 Dodge Cmty Dodge Farm Y
CPV 43 Market Street Cape Vincent Y
CPV 44 Riverside Cmty Cape Vincent Rt 12E Y
CPV 45 Sand Bay Cmty Clayton Rd Rt 12E Y
CPV 46 St John's Cmty Cape Vincent Y
CPV 47 St Vincent DePaul Cmty Rosiere N
CPV 48 St Lawrence Union Cmty Rosiere Y
CPV 49 St Vincent DePaul Cmty Cape Vincent N
CHM 50 Champion Huddle Cmty Champion Huddle Y
CHM 51 Evergreen Cmty Chm/Felts Mills Rd Y
CHM 52 Hillside Cmty Champion Village Y
CHM 53 Hillside Cmty West Carthage Y
CHM 54 Hadsall Cmty Rural Y
CHM 55 South Champion Cmty Rural Y
CHM 56 Sunnyside Cmty Great Bend/Champion Rd Y
CLY 57 Clayton Center Cmty Clayton Center ?
CLY 58 Clayton Village Cmty Clayton Rt 12 Y
CLY 59 Corbins Corners Rural N
CLY 60 Depauville Cmty Depauville Y
CLY 61 Dutch Hollow Cmty Rural N
CLY 62 Garnsey Farm Cmty Grindstone Island Y
CLY 63 Liberty Pole Cmty Chaumont Rd. N
CLY 64 Lower Cmty Grindstone Island Y
CLY 65 Slate Family Cmty Grindstone Island N
CLY 66 Open Space    
CLY 67 St Mary's Cmty Clayton Y
ELL 68 Belleville Cmty Belleville Y
ELL 69 Brewster Cmty Rural N
ELL 70 Ellisburg Cmty Ellisburg Y
ELL 71 Giddingsville Cmty Rural N
ELL 72 Galea Cmty Lake Shore Y
ELL 73 Lakeside Cmty Rural N
ELL 74 Maplewood Cmty Mannsville Y
ELL 75 Mixer/Woodside Cmty Belleville Y
ELL 76 Pierrepont Manor Cmty Pierrepont Manor Y
ELL 77 Reed Cmty Rural N
ELL 78 Saxe Cmty Rural Y
ELL 79 Open Space    
HND 80 Bishop Street Cmty Henderson N
HND 81 Carpenter Cmty Rural Y
HND 82 Evergreen Cmty Robert's Corners Y
HND 83 Hungerford Cmty Rural N
HND 84 Fales Cmty Rural N
HND 85 Smithville Cmty Smithville Y
HND 86 St John's Cmty Rural N
HNF 87 Field's Settlement Cmty Rural N
HNF 88 Lakeside Cmty Sackets Harbor Y
HNF 89 Member Cmty Rural Y
HNF 90 Military Cmty Sackets Harbor Rt#3 Y
HNF 91 Muscalonge Cmty Rural Y
HNF 92 Carpenter Farm Cmty Rural N
HNF 93 Phillips Farm Cmty Rural N
HNF 94 Sulphur Springs Cmty Sulphur Springs Y
LRY 95 Evans Mills Cmty Evans Mills Y
LRY 96 Hoover Cmty Call Rd Y
LRY 97 Cramer Cmty Rural N
LRY 98 Van Allen Cmty Pink Schoolhouse Rd Y
LRY 99 Quaker Cmty LeRaysville Ft Drum Y
LRY 100 Sanford's Corners Cmty Calcium Y
LRY 101 Sheepfold Cmty Ft Drum Rt # 26 Y
LRY 102 St Mary's Cmty Evans Mills Rt # 11 Y
LRY 103 Shimel Cmty Drake Rd N
LOR 104 Adsit Farm Cmty Rural N
LOR 105 Allen District Cmty Mannsville East of N
LOR 106 Caslet Farm Cmty Rural N
LOR 107 Gordon Farm Cmty Rural N
LOR 108 Jerusalem Rd Cmty Jerusalem RD N
LOR 109 Kate Ball Cmty Rural N
LOR 110 Lorraine Rural Cmty Rt # 178 West of Village Y
LOR 111 Lyman Cmty Co Rt 178 West of Lorraine Y
LOR 112 Mooney Gulf Cmty Mooney Gulf N
LOR 113 Tifts Farm Cmty Rural N
LOR 114 Washington Park Washington Park Rd N
LYM 115 Cedar Grove Cmty Chaumont Y
LYM 116 Chaumont Cmty Point Salubrious N
LYM 117 Dewey Estate Cmty Rural N
LYM 118 Emerson Cmty Rural N
LYM 119 Failing Farm Cmty Rural N
LYM 120 Flanders Farm Cmty Rural N
LYM 121 Fox Creek Cmty Fox Creek Rd N
LYM 122 Guffins Bay Cmty Guffins Bay Rd N
LYM 123 Point Peninsula Cmty Point Peninsula N
LYM 124 Putnam Cmty 2 Miles West of 3 Mile Bay Y
LYM 125 Three Mile Bay Cmty Three Mile Bay N
LYM 126 Wells Farm Cmty Rural Y
LYM 127 Wells Settlement Cmty 1.5 MIles North of 3 Mile Bay Y
ORL 128 Epps Settlement Cmty 2 miles SW of Lafargeville N
ORL 129 Grove Cmty In LaFargeville Y
ORL 130 Larrabbe Cmty Rural N
ORL 131 Mitchell Farm Cmty Stone's Mills Rd. N
ORL 132 Omar Cmty Omar Y
ORL 133 Orleans Cmty Orleans 4 Corners Y
ORL 134 Payne Cmty Payne's Corners Y
ORL 135 Riverside Cmty Fineview Wellesley Island Y
ORL 136 Smith Cmty Rural N
ORL 137 St. John's Cmty Omar - LaFargeville Rd. Y
ORL 138 Stone's Mills Cmty Stone's Mills Behind Church Y
PAM 139 North Watertown Bradley St Watertown Y
PAM 140 Parrish Cmty Parrish Rd N
PAM 141 Perch Lake Cmty Rt # 180 - Near the Lake Y
PAM 142 Sandy Loam Cmty Rt # 11 Outside Evans Mills N
PHL 143 Old Quaker Cmty Philadelphia back of the school Y
PHL 144 Sandy Hollow Cmty Philadelphia Y
PHL 145 St. Mary's Cmty Sterlingville-Fort Drum Y
PHL 146 Old Burying Ground Sterlingville-Fort Drum Y
ROD 147 East Rodman Cmty East Rodman-Whitesville Y
ROD 148 Fairview Cmty Rt # 177 Y
ROD 149 Fasset Cmty Rural N
ROD 150 Gulf Stream Cmty Rural N
ROD 151 Isham Cmty Rural N
ROD 152 Unionville Cmty Rural N
ROD 153 Wood Family Cmty Rural N
ROD 154 Zoar Cmty Zoar ?
RUT 155 Black River Cmty Rt 3# 3 Y
RUT 156 Burnup Cmty Burnup Rd at Black River N
RUT 157 Clark Family 2 Miles S. of Black River N
RUT 158 Coates-Graves Cmty 2 Miles S. of Felt's Mills N
RUT 159 Felt's Mills Cmty Felt's Mills Y
RUT 160 1st Baptist Cmty Rural N
RUT 161 Maple Hill Cmty Rural N
RUT 162 Middleton Cmty Rural N
RUT 163 Reed Cmty Rural N
RUT 164 Roberts Cmty Rural N
RUT 165 Rutland Center Cmty Rutland Y
RUT 166 Rutland Hollow Cmty S Rutland Y
RUT 167 Steven's Cmty Rural N
RUT 168 Tylerville Cmty Tylerville Y
RUT 169 Underwood Cmty 2 Miles S. of Rodman N
THR 170 Kelsey Bridge Cmty Kelsey's Bridge Rd. Y
THR 171 Oakwood Cmty Theresa Y
THR 172 Shimel Cmty River Rd - Himan Corners N
THR 173 Shurtleff Corners Cmty Ore Bed Rd. N
THR 174 Still's Corners Cmty Still's Corners and Clayton Rd. N
THR 175 Theresa Village Cmty Theresa - Back of Church Y
WAT 176 Arsenal Street Cmty Arsenal St. Y
WAT 177 Brookside Cmty Off Rt. # 11 S. of Watertown Y
WAT 178 Calvary Cmty Huntingtonville Rd. Y
WAT 179 Degal Israel CMty Watertown N
WAT 180 Glenwood Cmty Opposite Bookside Rd. Y
WAT 181 Huntingtonville Cmty Huntingtonville Rd. Y
WAT 182 Losie Cmty Dry Hill Rd. N
WAT 183 Woodworth Family Cmty Rural N
WIL 184 Black Creek Cmty Natural Bridge-Fort Drum* N
WIL 185 Cooper Cmty Fortr Drum* N
WIL 186 Fairview Cmty Carthage - James Street Y
WIL 187 Fulton Family Cmty Rural N
WIL 188 Hillside Cmty Natural Bridge Y
WIL 189 Lake District Cmty Fort Drum* Y
WIL 190 Pierce Cmty Fargo's Corners-Antwerp Rd* Y
WIL 191 Sand Hill Cmty Natural Bridge Y
WIL 192 St. James Cmty Carthage - James Street Y
WIL 193 State Street Cmty Monument Park Y
WIL 194 Wood's Mill's Cmty Fort Drum* Y
WIL 195 St. Patrick's Cmty Fort Drum* Y
WIL 196 Sterlingville Cmty Fort Drum Y
WIL 197 Lewisburg Cmty Fort Drum Y
WOR 197 Fox Cmty Rural N
WOR 198 Risng Cmty Rural N

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