We have received this information from an anonymous viewer, who wishes to correct the record. Your coordinators have no more information than is in the text below.

The Hewitt Farm Cemetery has more than one burial. It has at least two that I know of. Also, the Bachelor Cemetery is located on the Hewitt Farm at the shoreline point below (i.e., to the north of) Lott's Cove, and it has at least 24 burial locations within it. Only a few are marked with portions of the original stones, as many were taken away during the early 60's by looters. The exact location of the cemetery is unknown, but it is approximately 60' wide along the shore, and then at least 75' deep toward the Three Mile Point Road. The sites are spread out a lot due to the very bad ground in that area, which made graves difficult to prepare for the burials.

I know of this because I explored the cemetery as a child, and for over 45 years my family was a next-door neighbor along that same shoreline. We are still located right next to the original cemetery site.

The cottagers and my family have all been living next to it for 50 years, it is hardly a secret to us, and everyone in town knows where it is also. The first vandals turned out to be persons who wanted to build a patio with the headstones. Our neighbor stopped one of them on his way out to route 12E about 40 years ago. The second vandals came later, and the stones were all destroyed. Parts can still be found in the general area of the cemetery. The existence of over 26 graves has been verified, and most of their locations are known, but the exact dimensions of the main burial site at Lott's Cove on the Hewitt farm are unverified. There are definitely at least two separate main burial sites on the farm, the larger one being on the border of Lott's Cove itself, along the shoreline.

There are two surviving stones. One has the last name of Davidson on it, and he died in 1849. I cannot locate any information on anyone named Davidson in the town of Lyme.

Please list it as an anonymous contribution, and kindly not list my email address, as I have no further information regarding the history of these burial grounds. Please emphasize in that listing that the exact dimensions of the cemetery, i.e., the exact locations of and numbers of graves there, is unknown. Many were buried in graves that only had crude pieces of flat limestone for markers, without names carved into them.

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