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Town of Pamelia, Jefferson Co., NY

The Poor House at Pamelia, Jefferson Co., in 1875 was set up to be a producing agricultural farm. H. C. Strong, age 72, born Oneida Co., was the head of the farming operation, with his wife, Sarah A, age 60. Daughters Mary E. Strong, age 30 and Josephine, age 14, an adopted daughter, were also living on the farm. Sarah was born in Rensselaer County and the girls were born in Jefferson. The Pamelia location was not far from Watertown, New York, perhaps farther out into the county than it would be now based on the growth of Watertown. Anyone who has access to the State Library in Albany, NY, may look at the certificates of admission to the facility on microfilm at the library, which does not loan the material to outside institutions. It is not known where patients were buried who died at the Poor House, so these census records may be the only key to where some ancestors were living in their later years.

When reproducing this special census we have omitted the medical notations that were used at the time to describe some of the patients and their conditions. Not all of the residents were paupers or homeless; many of the aged residents had no families to turn to in their elder years and needed a place to live. There were a number of residents who suffered from a wide variety of medical conditions but because the diagnosis process in 1875 was sorely lacking in accuracy, those notations have been omitted in the census reproduced for the Jefferson County site.

WALTER, JOHN, age 66, b Germany, single
COLNON, EDWARD, 88, b Ireland, single
WIMMER, THOMAS, 40, b Jefferson, single
COLTON, LOVINA, 51, b Jefferson, married
MANSIERO, NELLIE, 82, b Ireland, widow
STEPHENS, ELLEN, 73, b Ireland, widow
WHEELER, EDMUND, 75, b Jefferson, married
WHEELER, MARY M., 64, b Jefferson, married
LAWTON / LANTON, SARAH E., 16, b Jefferson, single
NASH, KATE, 65, b Ireland, widow
JANNEY, ROSA, 16, b Jefferson, single
PENNY, MARVIN, 36, b Jefferson, single
CHAMPAGNE, FRANCES, 75, b Canada, single
GEROY, STEPHEN, 65, b unknown, single
STONE, ANDREW, 89, b Scotland, single
PARKER, WILLIAM, 71, b Ireland, single
COYER, FRANCES, 68, b Canada, single (male)
PEROT, DOMINIE, b Canada, single
SCOTT, ESTHER, 58, b Washington Co., single
BRIDGET, RHIEL, 65, b Ireland, single
CARLEY, ANGELINE, 65, b Jefferson, widow
WILIAMS, LUCY, b Jefferson, widow
COOPER, LYDIA, 46, b Jefferson, widow
FRASIER, HATTIE, 52, b Jefferson, widow
PARKER?, DAVID, 42, b Jefferson widower
BEDFORD, DUANE?, 28, b Jefferson, widower
HILLIARD, JUHA / JULIA, 58, b Jefferson, widow
CRAWFORD, WHEELER, 70, b Oneida, now married
CRAWFORD, JANE, 33, b Ireland, now married
CRAWFORD, MARY, 13, b Jefferson, single
CRAWFORD, WILLIA / WILLIE, 8, b Jefferson, single (male)
CRAWFORD, SUSAN, 3, b Jefferson, single
SNYDER, WILLIAM, 15, b Jefferson single
NORTON, HENRY 65, b Jefferson, widower
NORTON, ELBERT, 4, b Jefferson, single
NORTON, MARTHA, 3, b Jefferson, single
NORTON, FANNY, 28, b China, single
CASTER / CARTER, SUSAN M., 29, b Jefferson, single
McCORTIE, CHARLES, 3, b Jefferson, single
STEPHENS, LUCINDA, 68, b unknown, widow
PACKER, WILLIAM, 65, b unknown, nfi
FARROW, MARGARET, 104, b RI, widow
DOYLE, MARY A., 80, b Ireland, widow
MCLEANE, CATHARINE, 34, b Canada, widow
LYTTLEFIELD, ELLEN, 56, b Jefferson, single
PARKER, JULIA A., 65, b Jefferson, now married
PARKER, MARM____, 24, b Jefferson, single
PARKER, JAMES, 15, b Jefferson, single
SHIMSUS, JOHN, 62, b Ireland, widower
GARDNER, ALICE, 18, b Jefferson, single
BARNEY, EUNICE, 62, b Jefferson, single
HIGGINS, MARGARET, 67, b Ireland, widow
MANAHAN, MICHAEL, 71, b England, widower
MARRIETT, THOMAS, 71, b. England, now married
PARRISH, VAN RENSALER R., 58, b Jefferson, now married
EASTMAN, CHARLES, 58, b Jefferson, now married
STEWART, JANE, 21, b Canada, single
STEWART, WILLIE, 1, b Jefferson, single
GORTMAN / GORDINER, LUCY, b Jefferson, single
SAMUELS, SARAH, 69, b Connecticut, single
KENEY / KINY?, JOHN, 56, b NY, single
PARKER, GEORGE, 28 b Canada, now married
PARKER, MARIA, 30, b Oswego, now married
GARDNER, BERTIE, 1, b Jefferson, single (male)
STALEY, ADOLINE, 22, b Jefferson, single
KETTLES, ELIZA, 36, b Canada, single
GARDNER, JULIA, 23, b Jefferson, single
BOOTH, EDWARD, 54, b England, single
MCCARTY, HENRY, 50, b Ireland, single
SMITH, ALFRED, 38, b England, single
BECKWITH, ADELIA, 25, b Jefferson, single
FIELDS, REUBEN, 75, b Orleans, NY, single
BUTLER, MAUD, 1, b Jefferson, single
CONROY, SAMUEL, 65, b Ireland, single
ODONELL, EDWARD, 28, b Ireland, single
BUDD, SAMUEL A., 75, b Jefferson, widower
BECKWITH, NELLIE, 6 mos, b Jefferson, single
HARRIS, CAROLINE, 35, b Jefferson, now married
EDWARDS, MARY, 46, b. Jefferson, single
DONEY, SOPHIA, 75, b Ireland, widow
FORREST, WILLIAM, 40, b Scotland, single
CLARK, BRIDGETT, 22, b Jefferson, single
MC FHIRE?, ANN, 68, b Canada, single
CLARK, FLORENCE, 3 mos., b Jefferson, single
BAKER, RACHEL, 24, b Canada, now widowed
COWLEY, JAMES, 57, b Ireland, now widowed
STONE, LIZZIE, 17, b America, single
OSBORN, ELEAZER, 62, b Jefferson
JOHNSON, MARIE, 2 mos., b Jefferson, single
MCGREW, MICHAEL, 65, b Ireland, single
STALEY, JAMES, 1, b Jefferson, single
KLOCK, DAVID, 65, b Herkimer Co, single
MYRICK, AUSTIN R., 38, keeper, b Jefferson, now married
MYRICK, LUCINDA A., 37, wife, b Jefferson, now married
MYRICK, MERTON A., 9, b Jefferson, single
MCKEE, MRS. D., 55, b Jefferson, now married
BRADLEY, KATE, 32, b Ireland, single
MCGUIRE, BIDDIE, 70, b Ireland, now widowed
ARMSTRONG, MARY T., 30, b Jefferson, single
KELLEY, BRIDGETT, 55, b Canada, single
FULLER, ESTHER, 40, b Jefferson, single
SHIMOS, EVELINE, 52, b Jefferson, single
GLISKY, MARY, 30 b Jefferson, single
COLLAHAN, MARY J. 32, b Jefferson, single
SCOTT, JANE, 40, b Canada, single
HALLERIN, JULIE, 38, b Ireland, single
CLARK, CHARLOTTE, 45, b Jefferson, single
SAXTON, LAVINA, 50, b Jefferson, single
CORNWALL, LANA, 70?, b Herkimer, now widowed
LAHIVE, MERCY, 80, b Ireland, now widowed
MERRILL, LUCRETIA, 55, b Jefferson, single
CARLIN, KATE, 60, b Ireland, now widowed
LACKOR, CLEANTHY, 50, b NY, single
CAMPBELL, SUSAN, 70, b Jefferson, now married
COLNAN, MARY, 45, b Ireland, single
ROCKWOOD, JANE, 35, b Jefferson, single
NELLIS, SARAH, 32, b Jefferson, single
HAWN, ELLEN, 40, b Herkimer, single
RICHMOR, ELISABETH, 40 b Germany, now married
POST, MARY, 35, b Jefferson, now married
PAYNE, LUCY A., 80, b Herkimer, now widowed
GRIFFIN, MARY, 65 b Ireland, single
MCMICHAEL, JANE, 32, b Ireland, single
SMITH, ELLEN, 50, b Jefferson, now married
TOWNSEND, ROSILLA, 40, b Jefferson, single
ADAMS, LYDIA, 70, b Jefferson, now widowed
SHAVER, MARY, 30, b Jefferson, single
WINCHMAN?, ELLEN, 50,b Jefferson, now widowed
STANDISH, POLLY, 80, b NY, now widowed
JONES, HANNAH, 28, b Jefferson, single
LARKIN, ELIZA, 28, b Jefferson, single
WOODS, CYNTHIA, 57, b Jefferson, now widowed
ALLEN, MARY J. 44, b Jefferson, now married
CONKLING, LENA, 50, b Jefferson, now widowed
DAVIS, WILLIAM 69, b PA, now widowed -DOCTOR
COOLEY, DARWIN, 24, b Jefferson, single
ABERNATHY, ROBERT, 70, b Scotland, now widowed
BURNETT, JOHN, 38, b Jefferson, single
ANTHONY, JOSIAH, 86, b NY, now widowed
BRADY, JAMES, 50, b Ireland, single
WHITE, NICHOLAS, 55, b Ireland, now married
MCCUE, TIMOTHY, 68, b Ireland, now widowed
GURNSEY, WILLIAM, 35, b Jefferson, single
SMITH, GEORGE, 40, b Jefferson, single
RICH, HORACE, 36, b Jefferson, single
GRISWELL / GRISWOLD, ABBY, 38, b Jefferson, single
FAY, BRIDGET, 50, b Jefferson, now married
LUTHER, MARY J., 46, b Lewis Co., single
CAMPBELL, CHESTER, 32, b Jefferson, single
BINNEY/ BENNEY, SABASTIAN, 28, b Canada, single
STEPHENS, HERMAN, 23, b Jefferson, single
BLINO?, RENEL, 28, b St. Lawrence, singl (male)e
NEGRAS, GEORGE S., 58 b Jefferson, single
ROUSE, WELLS, 45, b Jefferson, single
PERIGO, ABIE, 85, b Madison Co., single (female)
PERIGO, ERASTUS, 50, b Madison, single

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