1930, New York State Census, County of Jefferson, City of Watertown,
Ward Seven, Election District 1: St Patrick's Orphanage

Transcribed and Donated by Lawrence R Corbett. See his notes below. We are grateful to Larry for his generous permission to use his work. Visit his website: Missing in Adoption

Transcribed and Donated by Lawrence R. Corbett for the Orphans' Home Website on April 2, 2002. Permission granted for use on Jefferson County NYGenWeb page, April 21, 2002.

Census by Year

Index, 1900, 1905, 1910, 1915, 1920, 1925, 1930, 1940

NameAgeTitlePlace BornFather BornMother Born
Allen, Grace7pupilNYNYNY
Allen, Lester9Pupil NY NYNY
Amo, Ernest H.10Pupil NY NYNY
Amo, Omer G.12Pupil NY NYNY
Barrett, Robert4InmateNYNYNY
Burns, Elizabeth55Helper NYIreland Ireland
Carpenter, Mary A.8pupilNYNYNY
Carpenter, Philip F.7Pupil NY NYNY
Caveny, Agnes55Helper PAIreland Ireland
Chartrand, Angeline9pupilNYNYNY
Chartrand, Clifford V.10Pupil NY NYNY
Chartrand, Florence13pupilNYNYNY
Chartrand, Gerald11Pupil NY NYNY
Chartrand, Lawrence5Inmate NY NYNY
Chartrand, Reta V.6pupilNYNYNY
Corrigan, Bridget55Helper PAIreland Ireland
Cummins, Harold J.9Pupil NY NYNY
Cummins, Thelma R.11pupilNYNYNY
Currie, Daniel R.13Pupil NY NYNY
Currie, Kenneth H.11Pupil NY NYNY
Danaugh, Eleanor10pupilNYNYNY
Danaugh, Kenneth7Pupil NY NYNY
Dasno, Doris12pupilNYNYNY
Dasno, Elizabeth7pupilNYNYNY
Dasno, June I9pupilNYNYNY
Dasno, Mable6pupilNYNYNY
Duke, Burnham W.8Pupil NY NYNY
Duke, Carleton J3Pupil NYNYNY
Duke, Gordon M.5Inmate NY NYNY
Fletcher, Margaret11pupilNYNYNY
Garlach, John12Pupil NY NYNY
Geraghty, Julia E.50Helper Ireland Ireland Ireland
Glynn, Delia70Helper NYIreland Ireland
Gunning, Rose A.52Helper Ireland Ireland Ireland
Haynes, Ellen C.14pupilNYFr. CanadaFr Canada
Herne, Clarence6Inmate NY NYNY
Herne, Margaret (Indian)7pupilNYNYNY
Hobkirk, Helen11pupilNYNYNY
Hobkirk, Lawrence6Pupil NY NYNY
Hobkirk, Louis A.7Pupil NY NYNY
Jessmore, Dorine G.12pupilNYNYNY
Keruskie, Helena G.17studentNYPolandPoland
Kline, Elizabeth31Helper PAPAPA
Kozlowski, Albert10Pupil NY Poland Poland
Kozlowski, Edward10Pupil NY Poland Poland
Kozlowski, Francis7Pupil NY Poland Poland
Kozlowski, John13Pupil NY Poland Poland
Lacomb, Alice9pupilNYNYNY
Lacomb, Lloyd A 12Pupil NY NYNY
Lacomb, Marjory7pupilNYNYNY
Larme, Paul J.3Inmate NY NYNY
LaTray, Albert10Pupil NY NYNY
Lavine, Roseland5pupilNYNYNY
Le Stain, William12Pupil NY NYNY
Leblanc, Frederick7Pupil NY NYNY
Leblanc, Harold11Pupil NY NYNY
LeTray, Evelyn12pupilNYNYNY
Loucks, Edith15pupilNYNYNY
Loucks, Mable E.13pupilNYNYNY
Loucks, Ruth M.9pupilNYNYNY
Marconi, Claudine6pupilNYItalyItaly
Marconi, Orlando8Pupil NY Italy Italy
Marconi, Pierina5pupilNYItalyItaly
Marconi, William3InmateNYItalyItaly
McAvoy, Mary E.53Helper NYIreland Ireland
Moore, Johanna25Helper PAIreland Ireland
Moran, Josephine54Helper Ireland Ireland Ireland
O'Connor, Mary G.30Helper PAIreland Ireland
Parent, Edmund7Pupil NY NYNY
Parent, John D.10Pupil NY NYNY
Parent, Margaret12pupilNYNYNY
Putman, Alice12pupilNYNYMN
Putman, Catherine9pupilNYNYMN
Putman, Emily8pupilNYNYMN
Putman, Lucille10pupilNYNYMN
Quinn, Mary E.56Helper PAIreland Ireland
Raymond, Cornelia M.14pupilNYNYNY
Root, Agnes R. N.14pupilNYNYNY
Roote, Mary11pupilNYNYNY
Sowich, Pauline5inmateNYNYNY
Springs Mary C.10pupilNYNYNY
Springs, Evelyn A. 13pupilNYNYNY
Springs, Harold8Pupil NY NYNY
Sullivan, Catherine C.15studentEnglandEnglandEngland
Van Ormand, Wesley J.15Pupil NY NYNY
Waldron, Celestine9Pupil NY NYNY
Waldron, Francis7Pupil NY NYNY
Waldron, John7Pupil NY NYNY
Ward, Isabella G.2inmateNYNYNY
Welch, Elizabeth50Supt.NYNYNY
Welch, Marain V.27Helper NY NYNY
Wojickerwicz, William8Pupil NY Poland Poland
Wojiokeiwicz, Mary10pupilNYPolandPoland
Younis, Helena A.12pupilNYAssyraiAssyria

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