1940, New York State Census, County of Jefferson, City of Watertown,
Ward Seven, Election District 1: St Patrick's Orphanage

Transcribed and Donated by Lawrence R Corbett. See his notes below. We are grateful to Larry for his generous permission to use his work. Visit his website: Missing in Adoption

Census by Year

Index, 1900, 1905, 1910, 1915, 1920, 1925, 1930, 1940

NameAgePlace BornResidence, Apr, 1935
Sister Anthony 55 RI same
Sister Veronica 65 Ireland same
Sister Agatha 66 PA same
Sister Basil 63 NY same
Sister Martha 60 Ireland same
Sister Leona 40 Pennsylvania Port Henry, NY
Sister Dominica 49 Pennsylvania same
Sister Isabell 35 Pennsylvania same
Sister Dorothea 33 NY same
Sister Hubirthas 36 PA same
Sister Rosaire33 NY same
Sister Lawrence 33 PA Ausable Forks, NY
Phillip Lock 14 NY same
Betty Lock 12 NY same
Edmond Parent 17 NY same
Carlton Duke 13 NY same
Dorcas Duke 11 NY same
Carl Case 10 NY same
Geraldine Baltrop 13 NY same
Betty Baltrop 16 NY same
Joseph Baltrop 14 NY same
Pauline Austin 15 NY same
Harold Doran 12 NY same
Catherine Renaudette 15 NY same
Phillip Israel 13 NY same
Marion Welch37 NY same
Francis Crosby 14 N. Hampshiresame
Gordon Crosby 11 N. Hampshiresame
Raymond Lenway 12 NY same
Kenneth Roshia 13NY same
Irene Roshia 11 NY same
William Roshia 9 NY same
Rita Bush 11 NY same
Rocco Marra 16 NY same
Anthony Marra 15 NY same
Phyllis Marra 11 NY same
Paul Chartrand 13 NY same
Francis Chartrand 11 NY same
Raymond Chartrand 9 NY same
Robert Parish 6 NY same
Anne Monick 11 NY same
Kathleen Monick 9 NY same
Mary Monick 13 NY same
Norris Conklin 14 NY same
William Conklin 13 NY same
Geraldine Conklin 11 NY same
Madeleine Conklin 10 NY same
Joseph Touranjoe 9 NY same
Elizabeth Touranjoe 7 NY same
Elizabeth Petroli 13 NY same
Margarete Montondo 16 NY same
Richard Touranjoe 9 NY same
Gene A Gaumond 6 NY New York, NY
Marie Perry 13 NY same
Buford Moyer 10 NY same
Joseph Perfetto5 NY New York, NY
Frederick Perfetto 8 NYNew York, NY
Gloria George 14 NY same
Margaret George 13 NY same
James Perrin 11 NY same
Arthur Perrin 8 NY same
Minnie Trembly 11 NY Carthage, NY
Elenor Stephens 7 NY Pennsylvania
Barbara Stephens 6 NY Pennsylvania
Elizabeth Klock 13 NY New York
Paul Klock 8 NY New York
Joan Murphy 11 NY same
Jean Murphy 10 NY same
Frederick Monlar 13 NY Croghan, Lewis, NY
Steven Monlar 11 Michigan Croghan, NY
Mary Monlar 9 NY Croghan, NY
Ann Monlar 7 NY Croghan, NY
Raymond Martin 14 NY same
Loretta Lenway 7 NY NY, NY
Ethel Dailey 14 NY same
Harold Dailey 12 NY same
Dorothy Dailey 10 NY same
William Dailey 7 NY same
Beverley Dailey5 NY same
James Clukey 3 NY same
Charles Miller 6 NY Black River, NY
Richard Miller 5 NY Black River, NY
Duane Miller 2 NY same
James Bruno 12 NY same
Dewey Bruno 10 NY same
Mildred Bruno 8 NY same
Robert Bruno 6 NY same
Lucretia Bruno 4 NJ same

Transcribed and Donated by Lawrence R. Corbett for the Orphans' Home Website on April 2, 2002. Permission granted for use on Jefferson County NYGenWeb page, April 21, 2002.

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