1. STEPHEN CHASE had 12 children, six of whom were born in Ellisburg.  
On September 10, 1820, after the birth of STEPHEN 27 Aug 1820,  
the family sailed from Ellisburg and landed at what is now Lewistown, 
Illinois.  Eli Chase eventually became a Mormon and made the ardous 
trek to Salt Lake.  His fascinating narrative is on file at the LDS 
library on microfilm # 0000048.  Since Stephen Chase was instrumental 
in founding the town of Lewistown, Il, perhaps he was also a founder 
of Ellisburg.

He married


Children, CHASE, all born in Ellisburgh:

    2    i     SOPHIA CHASE 

    3   ii     ELI CHASE 

    4  iii     ORPHA CHASE 

    5   iv     ORRYANA CHASE

    6    v     DARWIN CHASE 

    7   vi     HARRIET CHASE 

    8  vii     STEPHEN CHASE 

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