(Postoffice is Adams, unless otherwise designated in parentheses)

Index and Abbreviations

Adams Collegiate Institute, D.A. Dwight, pres.; James G. Kellogg, vice-pres.; A.K. Hale, M.D., sec'y; T.T. Carter, treas.; Orlo B. Rhodes, prin.; Mrs. Helen Butterworth Coughlan, prec.

Adams Laundry, Hodge & Potter, props., Church.

Adams Lumber Co., John A. Cameron, manager, manufs. of and dealers in lumber, sash, doors, blinds, moldings, builders' hardware, paints, oils, and glass, contractors and builders.

Allen, Herbert a., (Smithville) r22, farmer 100.

ALLEN, W.J., editor and publisher Jefferson County Journal, job printer.

Alport, Clarence C., resident, h N. Main.

Andrus, Charles H., prop. livery and sale stable, breeder and dealer in trotting horses, prop. stock horse "David B. Hill," one-half brother to "Whitewood" and sired by "Teak Blackwood," owns Andrus block, Main cor. Church.

Angell, Alfred, carpenter and joiner, h Church.

ARCHER, GEORGE B., prop. livery and sale stable, Archer House.

ARCHER HOUSE, J.H. Archer, prop., newly refitted and refurnished, livery stable connected, S. Main.

ARCHER, JOHN H., prop. Archer House, served in Co. H, 94th N.Y. Inf., and in Co. L. 18th N.Y. Cav.

Archibald, A., com. traveler, h Church.

Arms, Foster M., com. traveler for Tefft Weller, of New York city, h 10 N. Main.

ARMS, JOHN Q., (Adams Center) retired, h and lot Rodman st.

Arms, Olive, widow of Luman, h Church.

Arms, W.D. Mrs., teacher painting and drawing, Adams College Institute h N. Main.

Arms, William D., (Arms & Hungerford) supervisor, h N. Main.

Arms & Hungerford, (Wm. D.A. and James M.H.) dealers in dry goods and carpets, Waite Block, S. Main

Armsbury, Sarah D., (Mrs. Joseph S.) h N. Main.

Armsbury, Stiles P., photographer, Liberty.

Atwater, Wellington, (Thompson & Atwater) h Spring.

Averill, Charles H., (Adams Center) resident, h Sand.

Averill, Edgar E., merchant tailor and dealer in ready-made clothing, Huson block, h Railroad.

Averill, George, (Adams Center) r 18, farmer, son of Henry C.

Averill, Henry C., (Adams Center) r 18, breeder of Strideway horses, farmer, 64.

Ayers, William D., (Adams Center) emp. C.D. Potter, Church.

Babbitt, Augusta H., (Smithville) widow of George, owns farm in Henderson 200

Babcock, Albert R., (Adams Center) painter, h Sand.

BABCOCK, CHARLES H., (Adams Center) carpenter and builder, h School.

Babcock, Eugene, (Adams Center) r 54, laborer and farmer 7.

BABCOCK, FRED R., (Smithville) prop. saw and cider-mills, blacksmith, h Main st., Henderson

Babcock, Irving, (Adams Center) r 26, gardener and farmer 20.

Babcock, L. Wayne, (Adams Center) r 36, poultry grower, farmer 51.

Babcock, William, r 62, farmer 120.

Babcock, Willis A., (Babcock & Wright) h Railroad.

Babcock & Wright, (Willis A. B. & W.E.W.) dealers in groceries, glassware and crockery, Main.

Bader, Hiram R., laborer, h Elmwood ave.

Bailey, Fred C., (Adams Center) (W.C. & F.C. Bailey) physician, h Church.

Bailey, Harvey, formerly harnessmaker, h N. Main.

Bailey, W.C. & F.C., (Adams Center) druggists, Church.

Bailey, William C., (Adams Center) (W.C. & F.C. Bailey) physician, h Church.

Ball, Fred A., (Adams Center) r 49, 19 cows, farmer 113.

Banister, George, (Adams Center) r 46 farmer 20.

Banister, Lewis W., (Adams Center) laborer, h Teeple.

Bannister, Clark, (Adams Center) laborer, son of George.

Barney, Charles S., (Smithville) resident.

Barney, John B., formerly farmer and carpenter, 20 cows, owns farm in Lorraine 300.

BARNEY, SEWELL A., (Barney & Van Slyke) h Church.

BARNEY & VAN SLYKE, (Sewell A.B and J. Herbert Van S.) jewelers and opticians, dealers in musical instruments, etc. Dwight block.

Barrett, Archibald, (Adams Center) r 36, h and lot.

Bartlett, Leverett T., constable and horse trainer, h Clay.

BASSETT, DANIEL D., foreman Journal office, h Clay.

Bassett, Laura, daughter of Titus, h Church.

Bateman, Henry A., barber, emp. D. MacDougall, N. Main.

Bateman, I. Melvin, dealer in flour, feed, seed, and grain, Main.

Bateman, Isaiah M., farmer 8 and in Ellisburgh 130, h Grove.

Bates, Cinderella, (Adams Center) widow of Samuel A., dressmaker, h Church.

Bedford, Duane, laborer, h Liberty.

Beedle, Charlotte C., widow of John, farm 26.

Belcher, Albert, (Smithville) r 6, farmer, 13.

Bemis, Maggie, widow of Dr. Nathaniel O., h Church.

Bemis, S.M., steward of Adams Collegiate Institute.

Bentley, Charles W., salesman for J.O. Brown.

BENTLEY, W. GORDON, late teacher commercial forms, chemistry and physics in Adams Collegiate Institute, resides do.

Bersie, Edward, resident, h S. Main.

Blackstone, Herbert E., emp. D.W. Lamson, bds Railroad.

Blair, Nancy, h Clay.

Blasier, Frank M., (Ingraham & Blasier) h Liberty.

Blount, Elijah G., (Adams Center) retired Baptist clergyman, h Rodman st.

Bond, Samuel N., dealer in dry and fancy goods, Dwight block, E. Main, h Church. Boomer, Arthur D., (Adams Center) r 49, 10 cows, farmer 45.

Boomer, Eugene H., h W. Main.

Bosworth, Caroline E., (Smithville) r 22, widow of Martin, 20 cows, farm 150.

Boudiette, Sophia, widow of Joseph, h Main.

Boudiette, Edward, shoemaker, dealer in boots and shoes, S. Main, h Mendall Ave.

Bovee, William, (Adams Center) r 29, shoemaker.

Bowen, Willie, resident, h Park.

Boynton, Elonzo D., retired farmer, h Spring.

Bradbury, George, (Adams Center) farm laborer.

Bradley, Edwin H., veterinary surgeon and physician, Fox's drug store, bds Huson House.

Brainard, Howard, r 56, milk dealer, 18 cows, farmer on the old Doxtater farm 104.

Briggs, Lewis N., farm laborer.

BRIMMER, MATILDA, widow of Jacob, h N. Main.

Brimmer, Sherman, (Adams Center) gentleman, h Sand.

Bristol, Jerusha, (Adams Center) widow of William W., h School.

Brooks, Alfred P., Court Block, Allendale.

Broom, George, (Adams Center) r 9, 8 cows, farmer, leases of Thomas Everleigh 65.

Brown, Augustus, (Adams Center) r 39, farmer 33.

Brown, Charles H., clerk for J.O., h Park.

Brown, Fulton R., (Adams Center) r 47, breeder of and dealer in horses, farmer 53.

Brown, George M., (Adams Center) r 47, student Adams Collegiate Institute, son of Martin H.

Brown, Horace Dea., retired farmer, h Church.

Brown, J. Orville, dealer in groceries and crockery, Huson block, S. Main, h Park.

Brown, James S., retired furniture dealer and undertaker, h Church.

Brown, Martin H., (Adams Center) r 47, pastor Seventh Day Advent Church, h Sand.

Brown, Orville C., formerly merchant, h Church.

Brown, William R., (The W.R. Brown Furniture Co.) undertaker, S. Main, h Church.

Brown, W.R. Furniture Co., The manufs. of furniture and the Hartford flexible steel door mat.

Brownell, Eli, (Adams Center) r 31, laborer, h and lot.

Brownell, Jefferson L., (Adams Center) r 29 cor 30, emp. on railroad, farmer 5.

Brownell, Perry A., (Adams Center) r 29, farmer 8.

Brundidge, Almanson A., (Adams Center) r 37, farmer 47.

Brundidge, Myron (Adams Center) farmer, son of Almanson A.

Brundidge, Willis, (Adams Center) agent.

Bryan, Morgan S., com. traveler for Comstock Bros., h Hungerford ave.

Bullard, Irving, r 63, 10 cows, farmer 48.

BULLOCK, LUCY G., MME., dealer in dry goods, millinery, fancy goods, etc., Dwight block.

Bunce, Clark W. (Adams Center) r 36, 100 apple trees, farmer 30.

Bunce, Jesse (Adams Center) r 17, farmer 50.

Bunce, Levi, r 48, farmer 37.

Bunce, Sarah (Adams Center) r 37, (Mrs. Leroy) h and lot.

BUNCE, WALTER G. (Adams Center) (Glazier & Bunce) h Sand.

Bunce, Zeba B. (Adams Center) r 32, laborer and farmer 8.

Bundy, Clinton, emp. S.H. Pitcher, h Spring.

Bundy, Joshua, miller, emp. S.H. Pitcher.

Burlingame, Demster T., r 57, farmer, leases on shares of A.B. Watkins 10.

Burlingame, Seward, laborer, h Church.

Burns, Michael H., fire, life, and accident ins. agent, h 2 Spring.

Butler, Harry, track hand, h Liberty.

Cagwin, Samuel, (Adams Center) r 48, farmer, leases on shares of L.R. Green.

Cameron, John A., manager, Adams Lumber Co., h Factory.

Campbell, Judson A. (Smithville) r 21 1/2, 200 apple trees, 15 grade Durham cows, breeder of Hambletonian horses, prop. stock horse "General Benton, Jr.," farmer 180.

Carley, Abel, r 56, laborer, farmer 2.

Carley, Edwin (Adams Center) r 50, farm laborer, h and lot.

Carley, Egbert, r 56, farm laborer, son of Abel.

Carley, William, r 56, gardener and farmer 14.

Carpenter, Florence M. (Adams Center) widow of William W., h Railroad.

Carpenter, Frank, laborer.

CARPENTER, GEORGE L., carriage, sign, and ornamental painter, Spring, h do.

Carroll, James, laborer, bds River.

Carter, Theron T., general ins. and real estate agent, Cleveland block, h Church.

Case, Esther A., r 63, widow of Charles.

CASE, WILLIAM C., gentleman, h Church.

Casler, John, horse trainer and prop. sale stable, h Grove.

Castler, Lorenzo (Adams Center) r 34, farmer, leases of H. Fuller 210.

Cemmerman, Martin, cabinet maker, h Fifth ave.

Chafin, V.W., produce dealer, h Main.

Chamberlain, Chloe, (Adams Center) r 36, farm 8.

Chamberlain, David, (Adams Center) farmer.

Chamberlain, Silas, (Adams Center) carpenter and joiner, farmer 18, h Sand.

Chandler, Sheldon, dealer in boots, shoes, gloves, and mittens, Bond block, h Railroad.

Chapman, Saunders B. (Adams Center) r 26, 20 cows, farmer 203.

Chapman, Will (Adams Center) laborer.

Chase, Henry (Adams Center) r 39, carpenter and joiner, h and 2 acres.

Churchill, Jay E., emp. in furniture factory, Main.

Cummings, George, emp. in furniture factory, N. Main.

Citizens National Bank of Adams, George Mather, pres., L. Caulkins, vice-pres., W.H. Hathway, cashier.

Clark, Charles V., com. traveler for Kenyon, Potter & Co. of Syracuse, h N. Main.

Clark, Edwin (Adams Center) r 46, farmer 50.

Clark, Ira, resident, h Park.

Clark, John, r 53, laborer.

Clark, Lyman, resident.

Clark, Merrick, laborer, h Railroad.

Clark, Saraphine, (Adams Center) widow of Eugene D., h Railroad.

Clark, Welcome A. (Adams Center) r 26, 10 cows, farmer 86.

Clements, Charles, clerk.

CLEVELAND, JAMES M., prop. Cleveland block, farmer 282, h High.

Clifton, William, farm laborer.

Cobb, A.C., laborer, h Cobbtown.

Cobb, Charles, laborer, h Cobbtown.

Cobb, Henry, laborer, h Cobbtown.

Cobb, Will, laborer, h Cobbtown.

Coit, James E., dealer in groceries, provisions, and seeds, prop. Coit block, Main cor. Spring, bds. Church.

Colfax, Orlando, farmer, h Sand.

Colfax, Horace, 12 cows, farmer 96.

COLLINGS, ALMIRA, (Smithville) widow of William A., prop. truss manufactory, established in 1874, h and lot Main.

COLTON, CHANCEY, r 57, retired farmer 22.

COLTON, WILLIS T. (Adams Center) 40 cows, 500 sugar trees, farmer for his father 500.

COMINS, GEORGE H., carpenter and joiner, h Cemetery.

Comins, Henry H., retired farmer, h Cemetery. (Died 1880

Converse, Cyrenus (Adams Center) farmer 28, h Church.

Cook, James (Adams Center) r 36, laborer.

Cook, James E., farmer 13, resident, h Park.

Cooke, William, rector Emanuel Church, h Park.

Cool, Daniel, r 64, cheesemaker.

Cooley, A.E. (Adams Center) counselor at law, farmer 48, h Church.

Cooley, Duane (Smithville) cooper.

Cooley, Frank I. (Smithville) painter and carpenter, Main.

Coon, Joseph S., farmer 75, h N. Main. (Died 1888)

Coon, Lucy (Adams Center) widow of John, h School.

COON, W.H. (Adams Center) r 46, distiller of essential oils and farmer 9.

COOPER, CHARLES C. r 67, 20 grade Holstein cows, breeder of and dealer in Hambletonian horses, 150 grade Cotswold sheep, 600 sugar trees, farmer 275.

Cooper, Clara M. Miss, teacher elocution Adams Collegiate Institute.

Cooper, Elvira, widow of John C., h Church.

COOPER, GEORGE, r 67, farmer with his son Charles C.

Cooper, George D., r 69, farmer 80.

Copeland, Sprague D., emp. in furniture factory, h Factory.

Copland, Charles E., emp. in furniture factory, h River.

Copland, Edwin M., emp in furniture factory, h River.

Corey, Benjamin, cartman, h Spring.

Corey, Daniel, laborer and sexton, h Spring.

Corey, Jonas D., mason, h Spring.

Corey, Nelson, laborer, h Grove.

Corey, Philo, prop. boarding-house, 17 Spring.

Corey, Simeon, laborer, h Grove.

Cosner, Ella, dressmaker, S. Main.

COUGHLAN, AUSTIN H., retired merchant, h 3 Park.

COUGHLAN, HELEN BUTTERWORTH, (Mrs. A. H.) preceptress Adams Collegiate Institute.

Cowles, Caleb, owns farm in Henderson, h Church.

Cowles, Frank, carpenter and joiner, farmer 5, h Church.

COWLES, JUNIUS J., pastor Presbyterian Church, parsonage Church.

Cowles, Leander, carpenter and builder, h Spring.

Crandall, Levi, (Adams Center) r 54, laborer.

Crosby, E. Curtis (Adams Center) salesman for A.G. Glass, h School.

Crosby, Henry (Adams Center) stone mason, h school.

Crosby, Juliette (Adams Center) widow of Henry H., farm 150, h Sand.

Crosby, Samuel N. (Adams Center) carpenter and joiner, h School.

Crowner, Johnson (Adams Center) r 12, mason, farmer 7.

Cummings, Francis M., r 67, carpenter, h and lot.

Cummings, George H., carpenter.

Curry Charles (Adams Center) agent, h Teeple.

Daily, Fred S., (W.W. Daily & Son) bds. with W.W.

Daily, W.W. & Son, (Fred S.) dealers in drugs, medicines, etc. Main.

Daily, William W. (W.W. Daily & Son) h Church.

Damon, Andrew, prop. saw and shingle mill, built in 1843, Railroad.

Damon, Andrew J., r 26, prop. saw mill.

David, Isaac (Adams Center) laborer, h School.

David, Samuel (Adams Center) laborer, h Mechanic.

Davis, A.F., laborer.

Davis, Fred, (Smithville) sailor.

Davis, Grant, (Adams Center) r 37, teacher, son of Samuel A.

Davis, Henry W. (Adams Center) r 26, 11 cows, farmer 105.

David, Oscar, r 61, laborer.

Davis, Samuel A. (Adams Center) r 37, farmer 100.

Davis, Samuel H. (Smithville) agent Lake Superior Transit Co., h Maple.

Dawley, Martin W., (Gero & Dawley) physician and surgeon, h Institute.

DEALING, B.D. & SON, (Adams Center) (Martin E.) props. custom grist-mill, cider-mill, and wood turning shop, manufs. of sausage, Dealing axe helves, and spoke lathes, job printing, dealers in small fruit trees, agents Jones' s scales, Railroad.

DEALING, BENJAMIN D. (Adams Center) (B.D. DEALING & SON) farmer 55, h Railroad.

DEALING, MARTIN E. (Adams Center) (B.D. DEALING & SON) h Railroad.

Dekin, Sylvester (Adams Center) r 39, farmer 25.

Delano, John L., laborer, h Doxtater.

Deling, Foster M. (Adams Center) r 39, distiller of cedar, hemlock, and peppermint oils, farmer 96.

Delmater, Joseph (Adams Center) r 32, laborer, h and lot.

DENNIS, RICHARD A., barber and hair dresser, Union block, h Spring.

Denny, Philip, r 57, 11 cows, farmer 59.

Devendorf, Henry M. (Adams Center) r 32, farmer 62 1/2.

Dewey, Henry, r 67, 20 cows, farmer on the old David Wright farm 107.

DEYDEN, GEORGE H. (Adams Center) barber and hair dresser, Railroad, h Sand. Served in Co. K, 94th N.Y. Vols., 3 years, participated in battles of Cedar Mountain, Bull Run, South Mountain, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, and others.

Dixon, William, prop. machine shop, gunsmith, and farmer 10, h Main cor. Grove.

Dodge, Charles P., salesman for D.E. Taylor & Co., bds. Grove.

Dodson, Thomas, r 54, laborer.

Doren, Daniel (Adams Center) r 32, laborer and farmer 7.

Douglas, David, farmer 10, h Sand.

Downie, Elliot (Smithville) butcher and laborer, h Main.

Downie, John (Smithville) farm laborer, h Main.

Doxtater, Lorany, widow of Peter, aged 88.

Dryden, John H. (Adams Center) r 31, farmer 12.

Duncan, Laura, widow of David, h Clay.

Duncan, Reuben, r 44, 18 grade Durham cows, farmer 140.

DWIGHT, DeALTON, (Dwight & Eddy) pres. Adams Collegiate Institute, owns Dwight block and brick store, farm in Ellisburg 86, h Park.

DWIGHT & EDDY (DeAlton D. and Justus E.) dealers in books, stationery, wall paper, picture frames, and artists' materials, Cleveland block, Main.

Dyer, Charles T. (Adams Center) r 33, telegraph operator, and farmer 8.

Dyer, Fred (Adams Center) r 33, laborer, son of Peter W.

Dyer, Peter W. (Adams Center) farner 12, h Church.

Edgar, James S. (Smithville) r 41, 18 cows, leases of W.B. McComber 118.

Edmonds, Lewis (Adams Center) farm in Rodman 120, h Railroad.

EGGLESTON, HENRY K. (Adams Center) carpenter and joiner, h Church.

Ellinwood, Philo (Adams Center) r 12, farmer 70.

Ellinwood, Philo, Jr. (Adams Center) r 12, farmer 80.

Elmer, Elvira M. (Adams Center) widow of Alfred, h Railroad.

Emerson, Gilbert (Adams Center) r 37, fish and fruit peddlar.

Empey, Thomas, laborer, bds. Liberty.

Enos, Adelbert, r 67, farmer 52.

Fairbanks, Sarah, widow of William, h Railroad.

Fairbanks, Will, laborer, h Park.

Farmers National Bank of Adams, C.D. Potter, pres.; L.P. Wodell, vice-pres.; G.W. Hannahs, cashier.

Farr, De Esting, r 45, 8 cows, farmer 120.

Fassett, Benjamin, r 56, farmer 9. (Died 1888.)

Fassett, Merrill, (Adams Center) r 34, farmer.

Fassett, Susan (Adams Center) r 32, (Mrs. Mott) h and lot.

Fawdrey, Mary A. (Sacket's Harbor) r 2, 10 cows, farmer 102.

Ferrin, Nina (Adams Center) widow, h Sand.

Fish, Daniel, station agent, h N. Main.

Fish, Lester, blacksmith, h Clay.

Fisher, Austin H., com. traveler, h Church.

Fisher, Charles W., laborer, h Elmwood Ave.

Fitzgerald, John, (Smithville) r 20 cor. 21, farmer 10.

Fitzgerald, John, Jr. (Smithville) r 27, farm laborer.

Foley, Julia, h Railroad.

Foley, Patrick, laborer, h Railroad.

Fox, Ashley D., resident, h Church.

Fox, Clarence L., telegraph operator, son of Miletus H.

Fox, Edith C., dressmaker, daughter of Miletus H., bds. Prospect.

FOX, EDWARD W., druggist and pharmacist, dealer in toilet articles, paints, oils, groceries, wall papers, etc., S. Main, h Factory.

Fox, George L. (Adams Center) dental surgeon, Church, h. do.

Fox, Gilbert C., clerk for Dwight & Eddy, h Prospect.

Fox, Henry E., formerly clothing dealer, h Church.

Fox, Miletus H., blacksmith and repairer, Spring, h Prospect.

Fox, Sylvia (Adams Center) widow of Matthew, h Railroad.

Fox, Wilbur (Adams Center) laborer, Railroad.

Franklin, James, r 53, 23 cows, farmer, leases on shares of D.M. Green 200.

FRASIER, GEORGE, 100 grade Swiss, Durham, and Holstein cows, farmer 50, and four farms in Hounsfield 800.

Freeman, Ansel (Adams Center) farmer, leases on shares of A.J. Green, h Sand.

Freeman, James M., com. traveler, h Hungerford Ave.

Fuller, Burt (Adams Center) r 15, farmer with his father, Daniel, and owns with Fred 103.

Fuller, Charles A. (Adams Center) r 32, farmer with his father, Walter.

Fuller, Daniel (Adams Center) r 34, 28 cows, farmer 182 1/2.

Fuller, Fred (Adams Center) r 15, son of Daniel, farmer, owns with Burt 103.

Fuller, Glorian (Adams Center) widow of Henry S., farm 89, and in Pamelia 115, h School.

FULLER, HARRISON (Adams Center) r 34, 600 sugar trees, 200 apple trees, 145 grade Holstein cows, farmer 650 and in Watertown 475.

Fuller, Merrit P., house painter, h Church.

Fuller, Millard F. (Adams Center) r 34, farmer with his father, Royal , 32.

Fuller, Nancy D. (Adams Center) widow of William, h Church.

Fuller, Royal (Adams Center) r 34, 250 apple trees, 50 cows, farmer 111, and in Rodman 230.

Fuller, Walter (Adams Center) r 33, carpenter, 25 cows, farmer 42 1/2, and in Pinckney, Lewis Co., 200.

Gabriel, Emily N., resident, h Railroad.

Galway, Charles, (Smithville) laborer.

Galway, George W. (Adams Center) carpenter and builder, h Church.

Gardiner, Henry (Adams Center) farner in Rodman, h Sand.

Gardner, George W. (Adams Center) r 53, 20 grade Durham cows, 25 head young stock, farmer 130, woodland 10.

Gardner, Peleg W., retired farmer, h Park.

GARDNER, RUFUS D., dealer in sewing machins and needles, pianos, organs, music, all kinds of small musical instruments, sewing machines repaired, Gardner block, Main cor. Church, h 6 Park.

Garlock, Jason (Smithville) r 44, farmer with H.R.

Garvin, Frank J., dealer in groceries and provisions, Main cor. Church, bds. Park.

Gaylord, Charles, carpenter, emp. W.H. Wheeler, bds. Factory.

Gaylord, David, contractor and builder, h. Church.

Gero, Charles C. (Gero & Dawley) h Institute.

Gero & Dawley (Charles C. G. and Martin W. D.) dealers in drugs and groceries, Main.

Gibbs, Henry A., carpenter and painter, h Factory.

Gilbert, John H., dealer in ready-made clothing, trunks, traveling bags, etc., Gilbert block, h Factory.

GILBERT, JOHN J., r 62, 22 cows, 500 sugar trees, farmer, leases on shares of (---) Armsbury 195.

Gillman, Martin D., h Park.

Gillman, Mary (Mrs. Martin D.) music teacher, h Park.

Gillman, W. H., prop. livery stable.

GLASS, ALBERT G. (Adams Center) dealer in groceries, provisions, hardware, crockery, flour, feed, salt, water lime, confectionery, jewelry, paints, oils, etc., served in Co. B, 10th N.Y. Art., h Sand.

GLAZIER, CHARLES E. (Adams Center) (Glazier & Bunce) h Sand.

Glazier, William (Adams Center) r 51, farmer.

GLAZIER & BUNCE (Adams Center) (Charles E. G. and Walter G.B.) dealers in groceries, provisions, hardware, furnaces, stoves, agricultural implements, wall paper, stationery, etc., Sand cor. Railroad.

Godfrey, George, r 63, laborer.

Goodenough, Luther, (Smithville) r 26, farm laborer.

Goss, Alfred, physician and surgeon, Cleveland block, h Railroad.

Goss, Sophronia C. (Adams Center) widow of Oliver, h Church.

Grant, George W., prop. boarding house, Church.

Graves, Martha S. (Adams Center) widow of F.A., postmaster, resides Heath block.

Gray, Mary, dressmaker, S. Main.

Gray, Rowell, clerk Huson House.

Green, Andrew J. (Adams Center) 30 cows, farmer 250.

Green, Arthur (Adams Center) farmer with his father, Frank.

Green, Arthur J., (Adams Center) leases on shares of F. Green.

Green, Bert (Adams Center) r 4, farmer with R.J.

GREEN, CHARLES A. (Adams Center) r 63, farmer in Rodman, h Church.

Green, Charles N. (Adams Center) salesman for W.D. and M.D. Snell, town clerk, h railroad.

Green, Deloss, (Smithville) farm laborer, h and lot.

Green, Dexter, (Smithville) carpenter, h and lot.

Green, Ed. (Smithville) laborer, h and lot Main.

Green, Edward (Adams Center) (George Green and Son) h Railroad.

Green, Edward W. (Adams Center) constable 26 years, carpenter and joiner, h and lot Railroad.

GREEN, ELECTA D., widow of Lewis D., resides N. Main.

Green, Franklin J. (Adams Center) r 39, farmer 90.

Green, Fred D. (Adams Center) brakeman, son of Edward W.

Green, George, (Adams Center) (George Green & Son) farmer 50, h Railroad.

George Green & Son (Adams Center) (Edward) dealers in boots and shoes, props. meat market, Glass block.

Green, Horace C. (Adams Center) farmer 14, h Sand.

Green, James G. (Adams Center) r 39, farmer 90.

Green, Jasper L. (Adams Center) r 10, laborer.

Green, John R. (Adams Center) r 46, 10 cows, farmer 71.

Green, Leander R. (Adams Center) prop hotel and livery stable, Sand cor. Rodman st.

GREEN, LEONARD R. (Adams Center) farmer 118, and in DeRuyter, Madison Co., 100, h Railroad.

Green, Lewis (Adams Center) r 28, laborer.

Green, Lucina (Adams Center) widow of Alvah, h Railroad.

Green, Mariva S., r 63, widow of Winslow, farm 10.

Green, Morrison E. (Adams Center) widow of DeChoice M., h School.

Green, Mary M. (Smithville) widow of Rinaldo J., farm 12.

Green, Orville D.(Adams Center) com. traveler, and farmer 83.

Green, Palmer (Adams Center) farmer 200, h Railroad. (Died 1889)

Green, Porter, farmer.

Green, Roland Q. (Adams Center) carpenter and joiner, h Sand.

Green, Thomas E. (Adams Center) r 49, stone mason, and farmer 10.

Green, W. DeFrance (Adams Center) r 37, 150 apple trees, 8 cows, farmer 51.

Green, William M. (Adams Center) farm laborer, h and lot.

Green, William P. (Adams Center) farmer in Rodman 203, bds Railroad.

Greene, Asa M. (Adams Center) 30 cows, and farmer, leases on shares 255, h School.

Greene, D. Alton (Adams Center) emp. W.D. and M.D. Snell, bds. School.

Greene, Daniel S. (Adams Center) r 26, 10 cows, farmer 87 1/2.

Greene, DeForest (Adams Center) sash, door, and blind maker, h Railroad.

Greene, Delia O., (Adams Center) widow of Thomas R., farmer 6, h Railroad.

Greene, Elinor, (Adams Center) resident, h School.

Greene, Eugene D. (Adams Center) r 46, farmer for his father, Paul, 40.

Greene, Fay D. (Adams Center) carpenter and builder, son of De Forest, h Sand.

GREENE, O. De GRASSE, (Adams Center) county clerk, manuf. of sash, doors, and blinds, and farmer 65.

Greene, O. DeGrasse, Jr., (Adams Center) graduate Adams Collegiate Institute, son of O. DeGrasse.

Greene, Paul (Adams Center) r 46, 10 cows, prop. Adams Center cheese factory, farmer 115.

Greene, Selinda, (Adams Center) widow of Gideon. h Rodman St.

Greene, Tina F.(Adams Center) tailoress, and prop. boarding house, School.

Gregory, Edwin, supt. furniture factory, h Church.

Griffiths, Evan (Adams Center) r 26, farmer 25.

Griswold, Adelia, resident, h Railroad.

Groff, John, laborer, bds Prospect.

Groff, Martin, resident, h River.

Grummon, Archibald (Adams Center) r 36, farmer 8.

Grummon, Truman C. (Adams Center) r 36, carpenter and joiner, h and lot.

Guess, John, r 67, farm laborer.

Gurley, D. (Adams Center) farmer and laborer.

Gurley, Harrison D. (Adams Center) dealer in horses, farmer 90, h Rodman st.

GUSSMAN, WILLIAM (Adams Center) r 36, pastor First Baptist Church, farm 6, State road.

Haight, James E., r 57, farmer 68.

Hakes, William J., r 61, 20 cows, farmer.

Hale, Alma C., (Adams Center) r 47, 10 grade Ayrshire cows, apiarist 75 colonies, farmer 100.

Hale, Austin K., physician and surgeon, owns Valley Park Farm 179, h Park.

Hall, A., cooper.

Hall, Galon H. (Adams Center) dealer in Florence oil stoves, carpenter, h School.

Hall, Giles A. (Adams Center) house and ornamental painter, paper hanger and frescoer, h Church.

Hall, Hiram D., prop. saloon and restaurant, S.Main, h Spring.

Hall, Milton D., laborer, h Spring.

Hall, Pardon (Adams Center) r 26, 15 cows, farmer 110.

Hallett, Fred K., (Smithville) prop. Smithville custom grist mill, manuf. of doors, sash, and blinds, Main, h do.

Halley, Washington, farmer.

HAMMOND, EDWIN M. (Adams Center) carpenter, h Railroad.

Hammond, Myron, cooper, Spring.

Hammond, William (Adams Center) r 18, farmer 40.

Hammond, Wyatt A., prop. Adams billiard and pool parlors, Huson block, S.Main, h do.

HANDY PACKAGE DYE CO. (Adams Center) C.D. Potter, prop., manuf. of handy package dyes, Excelsior bluing fluid, inks, black walnut, mahogany and cherry stains, Church.

Hannahs, G.W., cashier, Farmers National Bank of Adams.

Harrington, Ellaro F., (Adams Center) r 53, 14 cows, breeder of Hambletonian horses, farmer 80.

Harrington, Henry, r 57, farmer.

Harris, Elijah (Adams Center) r 49, laborer and farmer 10.

Harris, Ellis (Adams Center) r 8, farm laborer.

Harris, Susan (Adams Center) r 36, widow of William, h and 6 acres.

Hart Brothers, r 59 (William and George) 35 grade Durham cows, 30 head other stock, 100 Leicester sheep, farmers 450.

Hart, George, r 59, (Hart Brothers).

Hart, William Dwight r 59, Hart Brothers).

Hart, William W., r 59, dealer in horses, farmer with T.V. Maxon.

Hathway, William H., cashier Citizens National Bank, h Park.

Haven, Harvey, r 62, 10 cows, farmer, leases of (---) Babcock120.

Hawes, B.F., retired farmer, h Railroad.

Hawes, Frank, farmer, h Railroad.

Hawes, L.A., music teacher and piano tuner, leader Adams cornet band, h Railroad.

Hawley, Frank (Smithville) r 44, farm laborer.

Hawley, Washington (Smithville) r 43, farmer 14.

Haydn, Herm, teacher vocal and instrumental music, Adams Collegiate Institute, h Hungerford ave.

Hazel, James J., r 59, 28 Durham cows, farmer, leases on shares of Richard, 230.

Hazel, Richard, r 59, farmer 230.

Heath, Andrew S., (Adams Center) painter and paper hanger, h Railroad.

Heath, Charles M., (Adams Center) dealer in pianos, organs, musical merchandise, sewing machines and fixtures, pianos and organs tuned and repaired, Railroad.

Heath, George W. (Adams Center) r 31, apiarist, dealer in cattle, h and lot.

Heath, James C., (Adams Center) dealer in dry goods, groceries, crockery, and flour, prop. Heath block, h Sand.

Heath, James C., Mrs. (Adams Center) milliner, Heath block, h Sand.

Heath, Morrison (Adams Center) formerly merchant, farmer 9, h Rodman st.

Heath, Peter (Adams Center) r 31, farmer 40. (Died 1888).

Heath, Rolla B. (Adams Center) dealer in ready-made clothing and gents' furnishing goods, Heath block, h Depot.

Heath, Simeon J. (Adams Center) salesman for W.D. and M.D. Snell.

Heidenfelder, Amil, emp. in furniture factory, Railroad.

Hicks, Sylvester J., tinsmith, emp S.T. Thompson, h Clay.

Hill, Reese J. r 34, farmer 35.

Hinds, Carlos (Adams Center) r 16, farmer, h Railroad.

Hodge, James M. (Adams Center) r 31, teamster and farmer 4.

Hodge, J.N. (Hodge & Potter) h N. Main.

HODGE, MARTIN L., harnessmaker and carriage trimmer, Lockwood block, h Spring. Hodge, Rodney, (Adams Center) r 17, 10 cows, farmer 80.

Hodge & Potter, (Jay N. H. and Dennis B.P.) props. Adams laundry, Church.

Hodges, Alfred A. (Adams Center) farmer 7.

Hodges, Alva, laborer, h Liberty.

Hodges, C. Almando (Adams Center) laborer, h Sand.

HODGES, FRED (Adams Center) r 47, farmer 95.

Hogan, Jennie E., dressmaker, h Church.

Holloway, Eddie, (Adams Center) r 10, prop. cheese factory.

Holman, Samuel, painter, h Railroad.

Horth, Charles R. (Adams Center) boot and shoemaker, Glass block.

HORTH, GEORGE W., shoemaker, served in Co. B, 10th N.Y.H.A., as Qr. M. sergeant, h Church.

Hovey, Frank, (Adams Center) laborer and farmer.

Howe, DeAlton J. (Adams Center) r 36, horse trainer, son of Horace S.

Howe, Horace S. (Adams Center) r 36, horse trainer and dealer, farmer 9.

Huestis, Edgar B. r 63, 10 cows, farmer 60.

Hull, Frank (Adams Center) farmer 134.

Hull, Joseph (Adams Center) laborer, h Church.

Hungerford, James M., (Arms & Hungerford) h Main.

Hungerford, Sarah P., widow of S. D., h Church cor. Park.

Hunniwell, William (Smithville) r 22, laborer, h and lot Main.

Hunt, Benjamin (Adams Center) r 34, farmer 60.

Hunt, Collins B. (Adams Center) r 50, 8 grade Holstein cows, farmer 52.

HUNT, EDWARD S., att'y and counselor at law, loan agent for J.B. and W.B. McKinley of Champaign, Ill, collections promptly attended to, Cleveland block, h S. Main.

Hunt, Frank B., r 53, farmer 75.

Hunt, Homer, (Adams Center) r 34, farmer for Benjamin.

HUNT, ISAAC L., retired M.E. clergyman, farmer 32, h Spring.

Hunt, Isaac L., Jr., att'y and counselor at law, Ripley block, h Church.

Hunt, Timothy, r 53, 16 cows, farmer 54.

HUNT, WARD W., retired M.E. clergyman, farmer 3, h S. Main. (Died Sept. 7, 1889, aged 72.

Hunt, Willis, (Adams Center) laborer.

Huntington, F.R., bank clerk, h Church.

Huntington, Richard H. book-keeper, h Church.

HUSON, ARTHUR B., prop. Huson House, Railroad cor. Main, h and 3 acres.

Huson, Burt, (Lockwood & Huson) bds. Lockwood block.

HUSON HOUSE, A.B. Huson, prop., livery stable connected, Railroad cor. Main.

HUSON, MARTHA A. (Mrs. A.B.) owns Huson block, S. Main. (Died July, 1889).

Hustis, William, blacksmith, h Grove.

Ingraham, Austin W. (Ingraham & Blasier) dealer in country produce, h Park.

Ingraham, Hulbert, (Adams Center) r 30, 14 cows, farmer 89.

Ingraham & Blasier, (Austin W. I. and Frank M.B.) props. Adams cheese factory.

Irons, Stephen (Adams Center) r 36, farmer 60.

Irvin, Lincoln B., teacher commercial forms, chemistry and physics Adams Collegiate Institute.

Isham, H.F., laborer, h Main.

IVORY, AMY (Smithville) (Mrs. J.W.) dressmaker.

Ivory, De Witt, (Smithville) r 10, carpenter and farmer, h Main.

Ivory, Harrison, (Smithville) prop. billiard parlor, restaurant, and saloon, Main, h do.

IVORY, JOHN W., (Smithville) general merchant, breeder and dealer in fine trotting and road horses, Main, h do.

JEFFERSON COUNTY JOURNAL, W.J. Allen, editor and publisher, job printing.

Jeffrey, Sylvanus, (Adams Center) r 6, farmer 9.

Jemieson, James, laborer, h and lot.

Jemmieson, Will, laborer, h Elm ave.

Jenkins, George, (Adams Center) r 39, 10 cows, farmer 96.

Jenkins, Mahew, (Adams Center) r 39, farmer with George.

Jimerson, Minor, laborer, h Elmwood Ave.

Jimerson, William M., emp. N.M. Wardwell, h Elmwood Ave.

JOHNSON, ADELAIDE, photographer, h Park.

Johnson, Frank E., lake captain, h Grove.

Johnson, Parley H., physician and surgeon, Cleveland block, h N. Main.

Jones, Fanny J., widow of H.C.

Jones, Henry C., house and carriage painter and paper hanger, h and lot Spring.

Jones, Mason, laborer, Spring.

Jones, Thomas P., (Adams Center) r 39, farmer 70.

Jones, Willie, (Adams Center) farmer with Philander.

Judd, George, (Adams Center) prop. restaurant and dealer in spectacles, h Teeple.

Kane, James M., cabinetmaker, h Clay.

Kane, Joanna, widow of James, h Clay.

Kearns, Ellen, (Adams Center) r 30, widow of James, h and lot.

Keller, Allen, (Smithville) farmer, leases on shares of D.A. Rich 88.

Kelley, John, blacksmith, h and lot.

Kelley, Mary, widow of Michael, h and lot.

Kelley, William, laborer.

Kellogg, Alexander H., r 63, farmer 30.

Kellogg, Clark, agent, h Spring.

Kellogg, Eli, (Adams Center) laborer, h Railroad.

Kellogg, Frank S., (Adams Center) r 32 cor. 33, sewing machine agent, and farmer 45.

Kellogg, George G. (Adams Center) r 32, 7 cows, farmer 60.

Kellogg, Herman, r 57, carpenter and joiner.

Kellogg, James G., agent Agricultural Ins. Society of Watertown and other companies, Park, h do.

Kellogg, Sylvester, 2d, (Adams Center) r 28, farmer 74.

Kelly, George, laborer.

Kelly, John, (Adams Center) farmer.

Kelly, John, laborer, h River.

Kelly, Margaret, (Mrs, John) h River.

Kenyon, Addison B., carpenter, h 4 Prospect.

Kenyon, Edgar A., r 57, dealer in horses, farmer 206.

Kenyon, Henry K., r 57, farmer for his father, Edgar A., 40.

Kenyon, Henry O., (Kenyon and Thomas) h Church.

Kenyon, John, laborer, bds. Lockwood block.

KENYON, W.B., MRS. (Adams Center) r 10, resident.

KENYON, WALTER B. (Adams Center) r 10, farmer 70.

Kenyon & Thomas, (Henry O.K. and Bayard T.T.) manufs. and props. De Hales's household ointment, laboratory River.

Ketchum, Smith H., com. traveler, h Park.

Kirkland, Ralph T. dentist, h N. Main.

LAMSON, DANIEL W., prop., meat market and dealer in oysters and vegetables, Cook block, h North cor. Prospect.

Landon, J.S., agent, bds. Clay.

LANDON, LUFTUS J., blacksmith, horseshoeing a specialty, Mechanic, h Clay.

Lane, James, butcher, h Liberty.

Lane, James, teamster, Railroad.

Langworthy, Caleb B., (Adams Center) r 37, farmer on the Spicer Green estate 60.

Langworthy, John, (Adams Center) cheesemaker.

Langworthy, Margaret, (Adams Center) r 37 cor. 39, widow of Morris, farm 20.

Langworthy, Russel C., (Adams Center) undertaker and dealer in furniture, Church cor. State, h Railroad.

LaRock, Gilbert, blacksmith, h Spring.

Larkin, Daniel, trackhand.

Larkin, Edward, laborer.

Larkins, Jim, laborer.

Larkins, Mike, baggage master.

Larkins, Ornaldo D., r 64, farmer, leases on shares of M. Strickland.

Larkins, Patrick, laborer, h and lot

Larkins, Vincent E., (Smithville) carriage and sign painter and grainer, h Main.

Larkins, William, emp. W. Wheeler, bds. River.

Lawrence, Adelbert, dealer in horses.

Lawrence, Leander, r 66, 20 cows, farmer 145.

Lawrence, Loren B., r 66, farm laborer.

Lawrence, Willis D., r 66, farm laborer.

Leavitt, Justus B., (Smithville) r 21, 10 cows, farmer 98.

Leavitt, Justus B., Jr., (Smithville) r 21, farmer with his father, Justus B.

Lee, Edward, laborer, bds. Fifth ave.

Lee, Edwin, (Adams Center) r 32, news agent, h and lot.

Lee, F.A. & Co., dealers in groceries, and props. restaurant, S. Main.

Lee, Fred A., (F.A. Lee & Co.) h River.

Lee, Fred R., h River.

Lee, George, (Adams Center) laborer.

Lee, Silas, (Adams Center) laborer.

Leonard, Joe J., laborer.

Lewis, Edward, manager of variety store, h Main.

Lewis, Friend, resident.

Lewis, George, (Smithville) shoemaker, h and lot Main.

Lewis, George B., mechanical engineer, h 8 Spring.

Lewis, John S., prop. upper and harness leather tannery, Spring.

Lewis, Juliette D., widow of Nathaniel B., h N. Main.

Lewis, Lorenzo D., prop. bakery and dealer in groceries, Union block, h N. Main.

Lewis, Selinda L., (Mrs. Edward) prop. variety store, Cleveland block, h Main.

Little, William H., com traveler for Russell Wheeler & Co., Utica, N.Y., h Park.

LITTLEFIELD E.T. & SON, (Grant E.) wagonmakers, repairers, and painters, Liberty.

LITTLEFIELD, ELISHA T. (E.T. Littlefield & Son) bds. Clay

Livermore, Frank, teamster, bds. Church.

Linsey, Charles, (Adams Center) r 37, prop. saw-mill, farmer 10.

Lockwood, Daniel B., (Lockwood & Huson) prop. Lockwood block, farmer 30.

Lockwood & Huson, (Daniel B.L. and Burt H.) props. livery stable, S. Main.

Loomis, Hub, farm laborer, h Sand.

LORD, ALFRED, (Adams Center) prop. Railroad Exchange Hotel and livery stable, Depot.

Lord, Fred, (Adams Center) painter, son of Alfred.

Lord, Mort, (Smithville) medical student.

Lord, Seth, (Adams Center) carpenter, bds. Railroad Exchange Hotel.

Lord, Sheldon D., (Smithville) physician and surgeon, general merchant, farmer 18, h Main.

Lord, Walter, (Adams Center) r 50, farmer.

Loveland, Adelbert, r 64, farmer, leases on shares of Linus 175.

Loveland, Herbert, (Adams Center) farm laborer.

Loveland, Linus, r 64, 30 cows, farmer 175.

Loveland, Robert D., (Adams Center) r 50, carpenter and joiner, farmer 10.

Lovelle, Albert J., manager and agent for J.H., h Church.

Lyman, David, farmer, h Spring.

Lyman, David L., 21 cows, farmer in Lorraine 247.

Lyon, Asa, r 27, contractor, and builder, 22 cows, 17 horses, farmer 190.

Lyons, Abram, laborer, Spring.

Lyons, John, (Adams Center) r 8, farmer 60.

Magill, William H., (Adams Center) retired canvasser for historical works.

Main, D.C. & H.D., (Adams Center) r 36, poultry raisers and dealers, 500 hens, farmers 43.

Main, Daniel C. (Adams Center) r 36, (D.C. & H.D. Main).

Main, Horner D., (Adams Center) r 36, (D.C. & H.D. Main).

Mainard, Hubert, r 5y7, farmer, leases on shares of (---) Sinclair 133.

Maldoon, Maria N., widow of Mark, h and lot.

Maloney, George F., dealer in stoves, tin, sheet iron, and copperware, plumbing and gas fitting, Dixon block, h Park.

MANVILLE, MARQUIS D., D.D.S., dentist, rooms Cleveland block, Church cor. Main, h North, served in Co. I, 10th N.Y.H.A. about 2 years.

MARRIOTT, BRAYTON M., blacksmith with his father, Morris.

MARRIOTT, MORRIS, blacksmith, carriagemaker and general repairer, h Spring.

Martin, Ezra, laborer, h Railroad.

Martin, Fred, emp. R.D. Gardner.

Martin, William H., prop. billiard room, S. Main, h Railroad.

Mather, George (Belleville) pres. Citizens National Bank of Adams, 15 cows, 500 sugar trees, farmer 120.

Mather, Leonard, resident.

Maxon, Christopher, (Adams Center) r 32, laborer, farmer 2.

Maxon, Daniel, (Adams Center) Painter, Railroad.

Maxon, Edgar C. (Adams Center) resident, h School.

Maxon, Paul C. (Maxon & Ramsdell) notary public, h Church.

Maxon, Samuel, (Adams Center) r 39, laborer.

MAXON, THOMAS V., r 59, wholesale seed grower, breeder of Percheron horses and Jersey cattle, farmer 36.

Maxon & Ramsdell, (Paul C.M. and Erwin F.R.) attorneys and counselors at law, Gilbert block.

Maxson, Britta, (Adams Center) r 37, resident.

MAXSON, PAUL S. (Adams Center) r 26, 200 sugar trees, prop. Maxson cheese factory, breeder of and dealer in horses, 20 cows, farmer 93.

Maxson, S. Whitford, (Adams Center) school commissioner first district, school teacher, farm in Rodman 100.

Maxson, William S. (Adams Center) teacher.

McAuley, Mary E. (Smithville) (Mrs. Daniel) h main.

McCady, Pat, laborer, Railroad.

McCalley, DeWitt C., manuf. of Mix's double lock spiral spring bed, Railroad.

McCarty, George, laborer, h Church.

McComber, Ellis J., tinner, emp. S.T. Thomson, bds. N. Main.

McComber, William B., (Smithville) r 41, farmer 118.

McCormick, Charles, resident, h Hungerford ave.

McCormick, Charles E., retired farmer, h Hungerford ave.

McDougall, Daniel, barber and hair dresser, S. Main, h Factory.

McDowel, George, carpenter, h Church.

McGill, William, (Adams Center) resident, h Sand.

McGill, William (Adams Center) book agent, Church.

McIntyre, William H. (Adams Center) station agent, h Rodman st.

McKee, Dwight, laborer, Elmwood ave.

McNeil, Helen, milliner and dressmaker, Church.

Medcalf, John, (Adams Center) r 12, prop. Excelsior creamery, 15 cows, farmer 137.

Merrick, Philander, (Smithville) h and lot Main.

Middleton, Warren C., teamster and farmer, h S. Main.

Miller, C.C., photographer, Dwight block, h Railroad.

Mills, Andrew, house painter, h Church.

Mills, Charles A., carpenter and joiner, h Church.

Mills, Lyman R. (Smithville) retired farmer, h Maple ave.

Mills, Sally, (Smithville) r 2 1/2, widow of John, farmer 49.

Mills, Willet, (Smithville) agent.

Miner, Charles, (Adams Center) r 7, farmer.

Miner, WilliamAdams Center) r 7, laborer.

Mitchell, Mary M., principal public school, h School.

MONROE, JOHN, machinist, farm in Ellisburgh 65, h Prospect.

Moody, Henry, dealer in horses, bds. Huson House.

Moore, Frank, (D.E. Taylor & Co.) h Main.

Morgan, Heman, deputy sheriff 15 years, prop. Adams boarding house, Railroad cor. Fifth ave

Moulton, James H., (Adams Center) r 19, prop. grist-mill, farmer 35.

Munderbach, Henry, (Adams Center) farm laborer, prop. boarding house, School.

Munson, James S., emp. Adams Lumber Co., h Factory.

MUZZY, F.M. and J.B., (Smithville) r 44, props. Muzzy cheese factory, 22 cows, farmers 138.

MUZZY, FRANCES M. (Smithville) r 44, (F.M. and J.B. Muzzy)

MUZZY, JOSEPH B. (Smithville) r 44, (F.M. and J.B. Muzzy)

Muzzy, Myron J., (Smithville) r 43, farmer, son of Joseph B.

Narrom, Abraham, marble cutter, bds. River.

Nellis, Calvin (Smithville) farmer.

Nelson, John F. (Adams Center) pastor Adams Center Baptist Church, parsonage Church.

Newton, Mary J., widow of Luther G., h Park

Newton, Wendell P., r 64, farmer with his brother Willard.

Newton, Willard, r 64, farmer with his brother Wendell P., and leases of J.B.Chapman 125.

Niblock, Samuel, retired carriagemaker, h Railroad.

Nichols, Albert P., (Adams Center) r 53, school teacher, son of Preston.

Nichols, Alfred M., (Adams Center) r 53, son of Preston.

Nichols, Preston, (Adams Center) off r 53, 8 cows, farmer 60.

Nichols, William D. (Adams Center) r 12, cheesemaker.

NICKELSON, WILLIAM H., M.D., homeo. physician and surgeon, Ripley block, h Railroad.

Norton, Horace H., prop. meat market, Union block, h Grove.

Norton, William, (Adams Center) section boss, farmer 39.

NOTT, SYLVESTER G., com. traveler for the A.B. Cleveland Co., breeder of fancy fowls, leases to James Haight farm 60.

Oatman, Adelbert M., (Adams Center) r 54, farmer, son of Leonard.

Oatman, Austin, (Adams Center) laborer and farmer 12, h Church.

Oatman, Bradford (Adams Center) r 54, 14 cows, farmer 74.

Oatman, Charles (Adams Center) r 50, laborer.

Oatman, Clark, (Adams Center) r 35, farmer, h and lot.

Oatman, Dauford, (Adams Center) r 46, farmer 60.

Oatman, Darius (Adams Center) r 48, farmer 16.

Oatman, Eliza, (Adams Center) r 50, widow of Elias, farm 28.

Oatman, Gains E., (Adams Center) r 54, farmer, son of Leonard.

Oatman, Halsey, (Adams Center) r 18, farmer 25.

Oatman, Henry, (Adams Center) r 35, owns farm, h and lot.

Oatman, Inez D., (Adams Center) r 39, dressmaker, daughter of Walter.

Oatman, Leonard, (Adams Center) r 54, 26 cows, farmer.

Oatman, Lewis, (Adams Center) farm laborer.

Oatman, Loren, (Adams Center) sexton and laborer, h Sand.

Oatman, Manford, (Adams Center) r 35, laborer, son of Henry.

Oatman, Martha A., (Adams Center) r 36, widow of Walter, h and lot.

Oatman, Richard, (Adams Center) r 18, formerly carpenter and joiner, farmer 8, aged 82, wife aged 84.

Oatman, William, laborer, h Park.

Oatman, William, (Adams Center) r 50, laborer.

Oderkirk, John W., (Adams Center) cooper and farmer 5, h Church.

O'Neil, Thomas, emp. C.K. Stone, bds. River.

Overton, Alberto, (Smithville) laborer, h and lot.

Overton, Henry F., undertaker, emp W.R. Brown, Factory.

Owens, Anna V., (Adams Center) r 8, school teacher, daughter of William.

Owens, John R., (Adams Center) r 8, farmer, son of William.

Owens, William, (Adams Center) r 8, 20 cows, farmer 150.

Page, Charles H. salesman, son of Hinckley.

Palmer, Oramel, mason, h Spring.

Parham, Burt, (Adams Center) laborer and teamster, h Sand.

Parker, Edward, (Adams Center) r 18, farm laborer.

Parker, George, (Adams Center) r 18, son of Richard C.

PARKER, GILES, (Adams Center) r 26, farmer 123.

Parker, Isaac, (Smithville) laborer.

PARKER, NEWTON M., (Adams Center), r 33, 200 sugar trees, 200 apple trees, 12 grade Ayrshire cows, farmer 97.

Parker, Richard C., (Adams Center) formerly farmer 60, h Church.

Parker, William, (Smithville) r 2, laborer.

Parsons, Archibald, r 63, farmer 32.

Parsons, Erastus, farmer, h Church.

Patrick, Byron, (Sacket's Harbor) r 2, farm laborer and carpenter.

Patrick, Sherman, farmer.

Patten, Chan, laborer, h Lane.

Patterson, Frank, (Adams Center) r 38, carpenter.

Patterson, John, (Adams Center) r 39, laborer.

PAYNE, ISAAC W., stationary engineer and plumber for village water works, h Liberty.

Pease, Josephine L., Mrs., dressmaker, Waite block, h Railroad.

Peasley, Isaac D., M.E. clergyman, h Church.

Pelo, Frank, (Smithville) r 25, teacher.

Pelsue, Newel C., resident, h Main.

Penny, Dean S., harnessmaker, h Church.

Penny, James W., ins. agent, h Church.

Perkins, Elisha, (Adams Center) r 47, farm laborer.

Perkins, Erastus, (Adams Center) r 36, cattle dealer.

Perkins, Lett H., (Adams Center) r 47, farmer with Elisha Rogers.

Petrie, Charles H., (Adams Center) r 31, trackman, h and lot.

Petrie, Rufus, (Adams Center) r 31, farmer 79.

Petrie, Thomas, (Adams Center) r 16, farmer 31.

Pettit, Thomas, (Adams Center) r 36, laborer.

Pharm, Herbert, (Adams Center) thresher and laborer, h Sand.

Phelps, Riley H., (Adams Center) r 36, breeder of fancy poultry, farmer 80.

Phillips, Alonzo, laborer, h N. Main.

Phillips, Henry, street commissioner and wagonmaker, h Church.

Phillips, Henry R., wagonmaker, h Church.

PHILLIPS, NELSON, (Adams Center) writing teacher and farmer 13, owns 2 houses Railroad.

Pierce, Henry C., traveling salesman, bds. Railroad.

Pierce, Irving L., telegrapher, bds. Clay.

Pierce, John, physician and surgeon, Railroad, h do.

Pierce, Stephen C., (Adams Center) r 47, farmer 90.

Pitcher, Fred, law student, son of S.H.

Pitcher, John B., student at Adams Collegiate Institute.

Pitcher, Oliver P., M.E. clergyman, farmer 74, and in Watertown 294.

PITCHER, SEMOUR H., prop. Adams grist-mill, dealer in lumber, building timber, and wood, h S. Main.

Plumb, Ida L., widow of Moses B., h Park.

Pool, Jane, h Church.

Pool, Maria L., widow of Lafayette, farm in Ellisburgh, 75.

Poole, Addie M., student at State Normal School, class of 1878 [sic] bds. Liberty.

Poole, Jane, widow of Noble, h Liberty.

Porter, Alonzo, tinsmith, emp. S.T.Thomson, h N. Main.

Porter, A., tinsmith, emp. S.T.Thomson, h Main.

Post, George, (Adams Center) farmer 9.

POTTER, CORRELL D., (Adams Center) physician and surgeon, pres. Farmers National Bank, prop. Handy Package Dye Co., grower of small fruits and vegetables, associate editor Light of Home, Outlook, and Sabbath Quarterly, farmer 18, h Church.

Potter, Darius B. (Hodge & Potter) h Clay.

Potter, Laura A., (Adams Center) r 26, widow of Samuel, farm 10.

Powers, Adam H., r 56, 10 cows, farmer 65.

Powers, La Mont, (Adams Center) telegraph operator, bds. Railroad Exchange Hotel.

Powers, Lamont H., r 53, farmer with Adam H.

Powers, Perry F., (Adams Center) r 50, farmer with D.L. Loveland.

Pratt, Walter L., (Adams Lumber Co.) h Factory.

PRENTICE, ASA B., (Adams Center) pastor Seventh Day Baptist Church, parsonage Sand.

Presley, Enos R., formerly farmer, h Railroad.

Pruyne, Lafayette C., att'y and counselor at law, owns 3 farms in Ellisburgh and one in Rodman.

PRYOR, GILBERT C., (Adams Center) retired farmer, h Church.

Puffer, Isaac G., prop. marble and granite works.

RAILROAD EXCHANGE HOTEL, (Adams Center) Alfred Lord, prop., newly refitted and furnished, livery stable connected.

RAMSDELL, ERWIN F., (Maxon & Ramsdell) attorney.

Randall, Adelbert, r 59, farm laborer.

Randall, David, (Adams Center) r 33, laborer and farmer 2.

Randall, George A., telegraph operator, bds. Spring.

Randall, Jared, resident, h Spring.

Ranney, Mahala W., (Smithville) widow of Lester, farm 432.

Read, Orrin, (Adams Center) retired farmer, born in Adams 1807, h Church.

Reed, Merrick H., (Adams Center) r 9, 20 cows, farmer 204.

Reed, Emeline M., (Adams Center) widow of Chauncey L., h Sand.

Remington, James, emp. C.M. Totman, h S. Main.

Rhoads, Anna F., dealer in millinery and fancy goods, Church, h do.

RHODES, ORLO B., principal Adams Collegiate Institure, resides do.

Rice, Alice E., (Adams Center) r 5 cor. 6, daughter of Gen. A., farm 60.

Rice, Franklin, r 61, laborer.

Rich, Jennette, widow of James R., h N.Main.

Rich, Truman, (Adams Center) retired farmer, owns in Henderson 120, h school.

Richardson, Oscar, laborer, h Church.

Richmond, Edmond, r 59, farmer, leases on shares of F. Harris 172.

Richardson, Maria, (Sacket's Harbor) r 6, widow of Thomas, h and lot.

Ripley, Adelbert D., dealer in boots, shoes, hats, caps, etc., Ripley block, h Church

Ripley, Charles E., harnessmaker, salesman for his father, Loren.

Ripley, Edward, laborer, Spring.

Ripley Loren, harnessmaker, dealer in harnesses, trunks, satchels, traveling bags, and horse furnishings, S.Main, h Clay.

Ripley, Orrin, r 62, 13 cows, farmer 100.

Roach, William, laborer, h Church.

Robbins, E.M.& Co., props., Mrs. L.B. Webb's family ointment.

Robbins, Eugene M., (E.M. Robbins & Co.) h 13 Park.

Roberts, David, (Adams Center) trackman, h Teeple.

Roberts, L.J., farmer.

Roberts, Oscar, farmer with L.J.

Roberts, William, (Smithville) r 25, 30 cows, farmer, leases of Mahala W. Ranney 35.

Rodgers, Hannah, (Adams Center) widow of Elisha, farmer 66, h Sand.

Rogers, Charles, (Adams Center) thresher and farmer 8 1/2.

ROGERS, ELISHA, (Adams Center) r 47, farmer, leases 66.

Rogers, George W., r 64, 24 cows, farmer 156.

Rogers, William J., emp. Journal office, bds Prospect.

Rose, M.M., farmer.

Rose, Merritt M., (Smithville) r 44, 15 cows, farmer 101.

Ruff, Valentine, (Adams Center) r 36, formerly weaver, farmer 25.

Rundall, Almira, (Smithville) widow of O.H., h and lot.

Ryder, Ellis, (Adams Center) r 34, farmer, leases of H. Fuller.

Safford, Lott A., (Adams Center) butcher, and prop. meat market, Sand, h do.

Salisbury, Maria, widow of Edward S., h N. Main.

Salter, Thomas, (Smithville) r 6, farmer 59.

Sanford, Alton M., (Adams Center) r 6, 10 cows, farmer 120.

SAUNDERS, A.F & T.F., att'ys and counselors at law, Cleveland block.

SAUNDERS, ALBERT F., (A.F. & T.F. Saunders) bds. Church.

Saunders, Edward, (Adams Center) r 39, carpenter and joiner, farmer 40.

Saunders, Ezra S.H., r 62, farmer, leases of his father, Isaac, Sr., 100.

Saunders, Fred, (Adams Center) r 39, farmer.

Saunders, Isaac, painter, h Church.

Saunders, Isaac, Sr., r 62, 17 grade Holstein cows, farmer 100, woodland 15.

Saunders, Joel, (Adams Center) r 50, farmer 50.

Saunders, Lyman (Adams Center) r 50, son of Joel.

SAUNDERS, THOMAS F., (A.F. & T.F. Saunders) surveyor, bds Huson House.

Saunders, Thomas P., att'y and counselor at law, prop. foundry and machine shop, owns in Redfield, Oswego Co., saw-mill and timber land 900, and farm in Lorraine 230.

Saunders, Thomson W., r 62, 10 cows, farmer 95.

Schram, Robert D., tinsmith, h Clay.

Schram, Sarah V., milliner, Church, h Clay.

SCHRODT, MICHAEL, (Adams Center) blacksmith, horseshoer and general repairer, Sand, h do.

Scidmore, Ashley, (Adams Center) r 48, prop. steam saw-mill and thresher.

Scriven, Daniel C., (Adams Center) farmer, aged 89.

Scriven, Zebulon J., (Adams Center) carpenter and joiner, farmer 13.

Seacor, David, (Smithville) r 21, farmer, leases on shares of D. McAboy 60.

Searles, Lucinda B., widow of William T., h Park.

Seeley, Alfred, (Smithville) laborer.

Seeley, Charles, (Smithville) sailor, h and lot.

Seely, Eli A., (Adams Center) general ins. agent, h Sand.

Shannon, Lawrence, (Adams Center) r 6 cor. 7, farmer 31.

Shannon, Lawrence, Jr., (Adams Center) farmer 37.

Sharples, James W., tailor, emp. E.E. Averill, h N. Main.

SHAW, DAVUD S., (Adams Center) butcher, owns with his brother Fred S. h and 4 acres.

Shaw, Fred S., (Adams Center) farm laborer, owns with his brother David S. h and 4 acres.

Shaw, Barbara M., (Adams Center) widow of Stephen, h Sand.

Shepard, De Witt C., prop. bakery, S. Main, h Prospect.

Shepard, Frank C., salesman.

Shepard, Fred B., son of DeWitt C. SIMPKINS, THOMAS, pastor Baptist Church, parsonage Prospect.

Sinclair, John, r 57, 15 cows, farmer 133.

Sischo, Austin, r 56, apiarist 50 colonies, farmer 28.

Sischo, Irvin, r 56, farmer, leases of Jerome B. 49.

Sischo, Jerome B., r 56, carpenter and farmer 49.

Smith, Amanda, h S. Main.

Smith, Charles B., emp. in foundry, h Elmwood ave.

Smith, Henry, (Smithville) r 21, farmer.

Smith, James S., r 62, 20 cows, farmer, leases on shares of --- Crosby 160.

Smith, John, (Adams Center) r 34, farmer, leases of H. Fuller.

Smith, Orren N., farmer 24.

Smith, Walter C., r 63, farm laborer.

SNELL, JOHN A.D., (Adams Center) 50 grade Holstein cows, breeder of and dealer in Hambletonian horses, prop. stock horse "Hambletonian Clay," farmer 60, in Watertown 165, and in Rodman 120, h Depot.

SNELL, MARY D., (Adams Center) (W.D. & M.D. Snell)

SNELL, W.D. & M.D., (Adams Center) props grist-mill, dealers in flour, feed, seeds, salt, water lime and lime, fertilizers, coal, factory and dairy supplies, lumber and brick.

SNELL, WILLIAM D., (Adams Center) (W.D. & M.D. Snell) h Railroad.

Snow, Anna, dressmaker, h Fifth ave.

Snyder, George, laborer, h Cemetery.

Snyder, Jason J., carpenter and builder, h Spring.

Spencer, George, (Smithville) farmer.

Spencer, George W., (Smithville) r 24, trussmaker, emp. Mrs. A. Collins, farmer 7.

Spicer, ---, (Smithville) r 28, farmer, leases on shares of S. Potter.

Spicer, Charles E., sage grower with his father, Edward D.

SPICER, EDWARD D., prop. soap and candle factory and nursery, gardener and dealer in small fruits, farmer 23, h Prospect.

Spicer, George T., compositor Journal office, son of Edward D.

Spicer, Lotus, (Adams Center) r 47, farmer.

Spicer, Thomas, (Adams Center) r 30, laborer.

Squire, Ernest B., (Adams Center) r 7, farmer, son of Jackson.

Squire, Fred L., (Adams Center) r 7, farmer with Jackson.

Squire, Jackson, (Adams Center) r 7, 10 cows, farmer 117.

Squire, Ward, (Adams Center) r 7, son of Jackson.

STANLEY, CHARLES B., (Smithville) r 21 1/2, 15 grade shorthorn Durham cows, breeder of and dealer Hambletonian horses and English mastiff dogs, prop. stock horse "Barkis" sired by "Rysdyk," Hambletonian, dam by Wadsworth's "Henry Clay," recorded in Vol. 3 Wallace's American Register, 60 Southdown sheep, hop grower 15 acres, prop. Valley Stock Farm 240.

STANLEY, DeFOREST, (Smithville) r 21 1/2, 10 grade Durham cows, breeder of and dealer in Hambletonian horses, hop grower 8 acres, farmer 135.

Stanley, Fayette, (Smithville) prop. Stanley cheese factory, farmer 15.

Stanley, Homer D., (Smithville) r 21 1/2, emp. DeForest.

Stanley, Orestes M., (Smithville) r 27, 18 cows, breeder of horses, farmer 180.

Stanley, Rollin, (Smithville) r 22, leases of Caroline E. Bosworth 150.

Steele, Hiram B., r 71, carpenter and joiner.

Steele, Reuben F., r 59, com. traveler for A.B. Cleveland Co., farmer 104.

Stevens, Henry, mail carrier to depot, h Spring.

Steward, William, laborer, bds. S.Main.

Stewart, C., (Adams Center) r 52, farmer 5.

STILLMAN, JOHN J., r 69, traveler for H.R.Parrott of Bridgeport, Conn., farmer 95.

Stitt, Thomas, carpenter and farmer 10, h Fifth ave.

Stokes, George, (Adams Center) farmer110.

Stokes, John L., (Smithville) r 20, gardener, leases the Field place, 58.

STONE, CYRUS K., seed grower, h Railroad.

Stone, Edwin, (Adams Center) farmer 2.

Stone, Fred A., farmer with his mother, Mrs. Charlotte C. Beedle.

Stone, George D., (Adams Center) blacksmith and horseshoer, Teeple cor. Railroad, h School.

Stone, Oliver, retired farmer, aged 73.

Stoodley, Amos, (Adams Center) r 26, farmer, leases on shares of Asa Green.

Strickland, DeWitt, r 53, 20 cows, 100 sheep, 25 head young stock, 7 horses, farmer 162, and in Rodman 154.

Strickland, Morgan, r 64, 18 cows, farmer 125.

Strickland, Willie R., r 53, farmer with DeWitt.

Stuart, Cassius, (Adams Center) farmer with E. Harrington.

SULLIVAN, GEORGE D., (Adams Center) wagon maker and general repairer, Teeple cor. Railroad, h do.

Swan, Frank, clerk.

Tabor, Eri, (Smithville) r 44, farmer, leases on shares of D.A. Rich 137.

Tabor, Joseph, r 44, farmer 18.

Tabor, M.M., farmer.

Talcott, Fuller A., (Adams Center) gentleman, h Church.

Talcott, Nathan R., (Adams Center) farmer 12, h Church.

Tarbell, William, mason, h River.

TAYLOR, D.E.& CO., (D.G. Moore) dealers in drygoods, carpets, wall paper, etc., Ripley block, Main.

TAYLOR, DeELBERT, (D.E. Taylor & Co.) h Railroad.

Taylor, Joseph, r 61, 7 cows, farmer 70.

TAYLOR, MONFORD H., (Towle & Taylor) h Church.

Taylor, William H.H., att'y and counselor at law, Ripley block, h 17 Park.

Tedam, Alfred E., (Smithville) r 20, gardener and farmer 48.

Thomas Albert M., r 46, 12 cows, breeder of and dealer in Hambletonian horses, farmer 136.

Thomas, Arthur W., r 45, farmer with his father, Woolsey.

Thomas, Bayard T., (Kenyon & Thomas) h Clay.

Thomas, Bernard S., r 62, farmer, son of Sanford S.

Thomas, Burney, farmer, son of Sanford S.

Thomas, Charles W., (Adams Center) r 25, farmer 30.

Thomas, E.N., r 45.

THOMAS, ELI S., (Adams Center) r 28, breeder of and dealer in Cheshire and Yorkshire swine, 8 cows, 30 sheep, farmer 101.

Thomas, Gamaliel, (Adams Center) r 45 cor. 40, 10 cows, farmer 90.

Thomas, George C., r 62, farmer and student, son of Sanford S.

Thomas, Gilbert E., (Adams Center) r 40 cor. 45, farm laborer, h and lot.

Thomas, Nancy, (Adams Center) widow of Albert B., farm 114.

Thomas, Newell S., (Belleville) r 60, farmer, leases on shares of S.P. Gillette 255.

Thomas, Newlon, (Adams Center) 40 cows, farmer 300.

THOMAS, SANFORD S., r 62, wholesale seed grower, 400 sugar trees, 100 apple trees, 30 grade Jersey cows, 15 head other stock, 20 sheep, breeder of Hambletonian horses, agent for I.X.L. windmills, farmer 200.

Thomas, Vick F., salesman for D.E. Taylor & Co., bds. Main.

THOMAS, WILLIAM H. S., r 61, 400 sugar trees, 150 apple trees, 50 grade Jersey cows, breeder of and dealer in Hambletonian, English, Eclipse and Typpo horses, 32 head, prop. stock horses "Kansas Boy," Typpo Saib," and "Young Jefferson Prince," farmer 425.

Thomas, Woolsey, r 45, 18 cows, farmer 200.

Thompson, Isham L., r 67, (Thompson & Atwater) farmer 46 1/2.

Thompson & Atwater, (Isham L.T. and Wellington A.) wagonmakers and blacksmiths, Spring.

Thomson, Foster P., emp. W.H. Wheeler, bds. Factory.

Thomson, Sherman T., dealer in stoves, hardware, and tinware, Jennings block, h Prospect.

Tifft, Herman, farmer, leases on shares of --- Saunders, Sand.

Tifft, Hiram C., (Adams Center) r 47, (J.H. & H.C. Tifft).

Tifft, J.H. & H.C., (Adams Center) r 47, 30 cows, farmers, leases of A.J. Green 250.

Tifft, James H., (Adams Center) r 47, (J.H. & H.C. Tifft).

Tifft, Jennie, telephone operator, bds Fifth ave.

Tifft, Philanda, widow of Samuel, dressmaker, h Fifth ave.

Timmerman, Henry R. (Smithville) r 44, 26 grade Jersey, farmer 145.

Titsworth, Jacob, (Adams Center) retired merchant, h Sand.

Titsworth, Josephine A., (Adams Center) milliner, Sand, h do.

Titsworth, Martin D., (Adams Center) general merchant, Titsworth block, h Sand.

Tolls, Nate, laborer, h Clay.

Tomlinson, Amanda P., (Adams Center) widow of Rev. George E., h Sand.

Tomlinson, Cora, (Adams Center) teacher, daughter of Rev. George E.

Tomlinson, Lena, (Adams Center) teacher, daughter of Rev. George E.

Totman, C. Munro, prop. livery and sale stable, farmer 70, in Ellisburg 130, and in Lorraine 342, h Church.

TOWLE, ERNEST E., (Towle & Taylor) h Church.

TOWLE & TAYLOR, (Ernest E.T. & Monford H. T.) props. Adams monumental works, dealers in granite, foreign and American marble, mantles, etc., S. Main.

Towles, Nathan, laborer, h Liberty.

Towsley, Charles C., (Smithville) sailor, h and lot.

Trowbridge, Frank, (Adams Center) r 37, cheesemaker.

Trowbridge, Gilbert, r 56, laborer.

Trowbridge, Gould, (Adams Center) r 46, farmer 35.

Trowbridge, Oren A., (Adams Center) r 46, farmer 27.

Trowbridge, Philander, (Adams Center) r 46, son of Oren A.

Twiss, Charles, carpenter and joiner, h River.

Underwood, William, laborer, bds. Church.

Utter, Ann C., (Adams Center) widow of John, owns farm.

VALLEY STOCK FARM, (Smithville) r 21 1/2, C.B.Stanley, prop., 240 acres.

Van Auken, Peter J., (Adams Center) r 11, 100 apple trees, 10 cows, farmer 100.

Van Auken, William, (Adams Center) r 11, farmer for his father, Peter J.

Van Schaick, De Loss, (Adams Center) farmer, son of Henry.

Van Schaick, Henry, (Adams Center) r 39.

VAN SLYKE, J. HERBERT, (Barney & Van Slyke) h N Main.

Van Waldick, Henry D., (Adams Center) laborer, h Railroad.

Van Waldick, Jane, (Adams Center) widow of William, h Railroad.

Van Wormer, Rufus, blacksmith, and farmer 20, h Spring.

Visscher, Edward B. tailor, h N. Main.

Waggoner, Archibald R., r 62, farmer in Lorraine 34 and leases on shares of --- Ingraham 100.

Waite, Anna, widow of George W., h Main.

Waite, Edward J., (W.A. & E. J. Waite).

WAITE, FRED B., resident, graduate Hamilton College, class of 1884.

Waite, Herbert H., son of Willis A., student at Yale College.

Waite, Irene, widow of Franklin, h Church.

Waite, J. Hart, salesman for A.D. Ripley, bds. Church.

Waite, James, carpenter, h Liberty.

Waite, W.A. & E.J., maltsters, houses at Adams and Watertown.

Waite, Willis A. , (W.A. & E. J. Waite) farm in Ellisburg 190, h Church.

WAKEFIELD, ALPHEUS, (Smithville) millwright, wagonmaker, and repairer, Main.

Wakefield, Emery, (Adams Center) gardener 15, h Church.

Waldick, George, (Adams Center) r 10, laborer, son of William.

Walker, Mark, carpenter and joiner, h River.

Wall, John, track hand, h Railroad.

Walsworth, Esther B., widow of Eldridge, h Church.

Walsworth, Levi, (Adams Center) r 8, farmer 70.

Walsworth, Warren W., (Adams Center) r 8, farmer 79 1/2.

Ward, Hattie, widow of Sanford, h Grove.

Wardwell, Alcanzar R., (Adams Center) laborer.

WARDWELL, CHARLES H., (Wardwell & Co.) wholesale seed grower and dealer, handles 15,000 bushels annually.

WARDWELL, N.M., (Wardwell & Co.) h Spring.

WARDWELL & CO., (N.M. & Charles H. Wardwell) maltsters, established in 1880, capacity 50,000 bushels per year, storehouse Railroad.

Warner, W.W., teller in bank.

WARRINER, PARLEY E., (Adams Center) r 8, 20 cows, 10 head young stock, farmer 278.

WARRINER, THOMAS R., (Adams Center) teacher, graduate Watertown High School class of 1887.

Warriner, Virgil C., (Smithville) laborer, Main.

Warriner, Virgil J., (Smithville) mail carrier from Smithville to Sacket's Harbor.

Washburn, Albert, fruit grower and farmer, h Sand.

Washburn, Devier H., 12 cows, farmer 97 1/2.

Washburn, Freeman, (Adams Center) r 39, farmer 50.

Washburn, John, r 57, fruit and vegetable gardener, farm 8.

Washburn, Laytos, (Adams Center) r 5, farm laborer.

Washburn, Lizzie, widow of Isaac B., h Grove.

WASHBURN, RELIEF M., widow of Isaac, owns block of stores and residences Church, also block of stores Main.

Washburn, Robert, (Adams Center) r 6, 10 cows, farmer 168.

Washburn, William, salesman for R.D. Gardner, bds. Railroad.

Waterbury, John H., laborer, h Park.

Weaver, George, (Adams Center) r 53, farmer, leases on shares of --- Shelmidine 140.

Webb, Francis C., upholsterer and dealer in furniture, Dixon block, cor. Main and Liberty, h do.

Webb, J.D., (Adams Center) r 39, farmer, leases of G.W. Green 140.

Webb, Reuben, (Adams Center) r 37, laborer.

Webster, F.L., prop. canning factory, h Church.

Webster, Llewellyn D., formerly merchant, ins. agent and school tax collector, h Church.

Weller, Edward, r 61, laborer.

Westcott, Wellington G., (Smithville) r 2, breeder of Hambletonian horses, and farmer 218.

Wetmore, Emogene, (Mrs. Samuel) h S. Main.

Wheeler, Albert, (Adams Center) emp. W.D. & M.D. Snell, h Rodman st.

Wheeler, James, butcher, emp. D.W. Lamson.

WHEELER, WILLIAM H., contractor, builder and architect, dealer in building material, etc.

White, Augustus S., book-keeper, emp. W.H. Wheeler, bds Huson House.

White, Frank P., farmer, son of Rufus P.

White, Harmon, (Adams Center) r 39, laborer, farm 4.

White, Harrison, (Adams Center) farm laborer.

White, Herbert, (Adams Center) farmer with Harmon.

White, Hub, laborer.

WHITE, RUFUS P., breeder and dealer in fine trotting horses, prop. White's Maple Grove Place and Trotting Park, 30 horses, farmer 100, h Railroad.

White, Willet, (Adams Center) carpenter and joiner, h Teeple.

Whitford, Albertus, r 62, carpenter and farmer 50.

Whitford, Aldro, (Adams Center) r 28, 20 cows, farmer, leases on shares of (---) Potter 170.

Whitford, Irving, (Adams Center) r 37, 20 cows, farmer.

Whitford, Leland, (Adams Center) farmer, son of Irving.

Whittam, Amanda, (Adams Center) r 37, widow, h and lot.

Wilbur, George, (Adams Center) carpenter, h School.

Wilbur, Phoebe C., dressmaker, daughter of Smith, Wright.

Wilbur, Smith, r 56, farm laborer, h and lot.

Wilbur, W.J., (Adams Center) carpenter, h School.

Wilcox, D. Frank, blacksmith and horseshoer, h Liberty.

Wilcox, George G., carpenter and joiner, farmer 6.

Wilcox, Rolla M., emp. in furniture factory, h Liberty.

Wilder, David, (Adams Center) r 31, farm laborer, farm 2 1/2.

Williams, Daniel, formerly farmer, h Spring.

Williams, Dexter, (Adams Center) resident.

Williams, George W., civil engineer, h Railroad.

Williams, George W., dealer in jewelry, Church cor. Main, h Spring.

WILLIAMS, JOHN, (Adams Center) r 26, 20 cows, farmer 124.

Williams, Joseph J., (Adams Center) r 39, carpenter and joiner, 10 cows, farmer 90.

Williams, Leland K., (Adams Center) r 28, 15 cows, farmer 114.

Williams, Mary A., (Adams Center) widow of Timothy, h Mechanic.

WILLIAMS, MARY E., (Adams Center) r 26, (Mrs. John).

Williams, Nettie M., (Adams Center) school teacher, daughter of Timothy.

Williams, Phoebe, (Adams Center) widow of Amos, farm 9.

Williams, Susie A., (Adams Center) r 26, school teacher, daughter of John.

Williamson, Judith A., (Adams Center) widow of George, h Bailey.

Williamson, Mariette, (Adams Center) dressmaker, daughter of Judith A..

Williamson, Susan J., (Adams Center) dressmaker, daughter of Judith A., bds Bailey.

Wilson, Harriet H., resident, h N. Main.

Wilson, Hiram, cartman, bds. N. Main.

Wilson, James, (Adams Center) h Church

Wilson, James G., (Adams Center) r 33, farmer 18.

Wiswell, Adelbert L., (Adams Center) jeweler and barber, owns Wiswell block.

Withington, Fred, (Adams Center) tinner, emp. Glazier & Bunce, h School.

Witter, Naomi, (Adams Center) widow of James J., h Sand.

Wolcott, Ariel R., (Adams Center) r 30, carpenter and joiner, farmer 70.

Wood, Cornelia, widow of Norman, h Grove.

Woodard, Henry, laborer, bds. Church.

Woodard, Jasper, (Adams Center) farm 30, h Rodman st.

WOODWARD, ANNA E. (Mrs. L.B.) teacher of English in Adams Collegiate Institute, resides do.

Woodward, Constance J., r 56, farmer 30.

Woodward, Marcus, (Adams Center) h Church

Woolworth, William, retired farmer, h Railroad.

Worden, Charles E., (Adams Center) farmer, leases on shares of A.R.Wolcott.

Worden, Jarvis, (Adams Center) r 37, farmer 50.

Worden, William A., (Adams Center) blacksmith Sand, h do.

Wright, Betsey L., (Adams Center) r 39, widow of Isaac, farm 15.

WRIGHT, EDWIN S., r 56, 500 sugar trees, 200 apple trees, 20 cows, 10 head young stock, farmer 190.

Wright, Elford F., carpenter and joiner, farm 2, h Doxtater.

Wright, Ellen H., (Adams Center) dressmaker, Railroad.

Wright, George I., r 62, farmer 10.

Wright, Hiram, carpenter, h Railroad.

Wright, John, (Adams Center) r 36, farmer 32.

Wright, Lewis, (Adams Center) r 39, farm laborer.

Wright, Lewis B., (Adams Center) r 39, farmer 33.

Wright, Loomis, (Adams Center) r 39, carpenter and joiner.

Wright, Mary V., widow of Warren T., h Prospect.

Wright, Orlando, prop. saloon, h Liberty.

Wright, Willerd, (Adams Center) carpenter and joiner, h Sand.

WRIGHT, WILLIAM B., r 56, farmer with Edwin S.

Wright, William E., (Babcock & Wright) h Main.

Wylie, Morris, carpenter, h Main.

York, Adelbert M., (Smithville) laborer, farm 8.

York, Marvin C., dealer in spectacles, h N. Main.

York, Nathaniel, (Adams Center) r 12, farmer.

York, Philander E., shoemaker, S. Main, h Liberty

Young, Warren, resident, h Park.

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