(Postoffice is Ellisburgh, unless otherwise designated in parentheses)

Index and Abbreviations

Abbott, Eben E., (Pierrepont Manor) clerk for S. J. Andrews.

Ackley, Edward A., (Pierrepont Manor) r 69, farmer, leases on share of ____ Heath.

Adams, Thomas, (Belleville) r 21, 10 cows, farmer, leases on shares of Eastman Brothers 90.

Albro, Adele, dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes, paints, oils, dyes, and drugs, Main, h Mill.

Albro, Walter, r 100, laborer, h and lot.

Alexander, Arthur A., (Woodville) mason and laborer, h and 2 acres.

Allard, William, r 99, fish peddler and farmer 16.

Allen, Abram, (Sandy Creek, Oswego Co.) r 119, 10 cows, farmer 57.

Allen, Edwin A., (Mannsville) r 114, milk dealer, 10 cows, farmer 78.

Allen, H. C., (Pierrepont Manor) r 90, cheesemaker.

Allen, Hosea, (Pierrepont Manor) laborer.

Allen, Jerome B., (Pierrepont Manor) r 105, liquor dealer at Syracuse, farmer 4.

Allen, Joseph T., (Mannsville) carpenter and joiner, farmer 13, h Douglass.

Allen, Lucy, (Pierrepont Manor) widow of Harvey, h Main.

Alverson, Knight D., (Rural Hill) r 1, drayman and farmer 237.

Anderson, Fred, emp. at life-saving station.

ANDREWS, DAVID, (Pierrepont Manor) com. traveler for Greenway Brewing Co., of Syracuse, owns Pierreport Manor Hotel, farmer 23.

ANDREWS, SAMUEL J., (Pierrpont Manor) prop. Pierreport Manor Hotel and livery, breeder of and dealer in Hambletonian horses, farmer 10.

Angle, D. Lane, (Belleville) r 19, com. traveler and photographer.

Armsbury, Collins F., (Belleville) conveyancer and notary public, agent Armsbury estate 200.

Armstrong, David, shoemaker, Mill, h do.

Armstrong, Thomas, (Pierrepont Manor) r 90, 8 cows, famer 60.

Auyer, Simon, (Mannsville) r 149, farmer 53.

BABCOCK, GAYLORD W., (Belleville) shoemaker, Washington h do.

Babcock, Harvey, r 128, laborer.

Babcock, Minnie L., (Belleville) teacher, daughter of Gaylord W.

Bailey, Bassett N., (Mannsville) dentist, general ins. agent, and notary public, Gardner block, h Lincoln.

Bailey, Foster, (Mannsville) r 149, farm laborer.

Bailey, Henry, (Pierrepont Manor) r 92, blacksmith, wagonmaker, and repairer, farmer 23.

Baker, Augustus L., (Mannsville) surveyor and justice of the peace, famer 5, h Railroad.

Balch, Edgar H., (Pierrepont Manor) r 90, blacksmith.

Balch, Etta L., (Mannsville) milliner, daughter of Ira.

Balch, Ira, (Mannsville) breeder of and dealer in trotting and road horses, prop. stock horse "Gold Dust." farmer 34, h Main.

Balch, Ira F., (Mannsville), r 134, farmer 15.

Balch, Melvin W., (Mannsville) r 134, farmer, son of William H.

BALCH, ORREN H., (Mannsville) general blacksmith, horseshoer, and carriage ironer, Main, h do.

Balch, William H., (Mannsville) r 134, 30 cows, 100 apple trees, farmer 188.

Baldwin, Herman, (Mannsville) r 136, farmer, son of Lorenzo.

Baldwin, John J., (Mannsville) emp. in Singer fire alarm office at Buffalo, h Main.

Baldwin, Lorenzo, (Mannsville) r 136, 10 cows, farmer 62.

Ballou, David W., (Mannsville) r 119, cows, farmer, leases on shares 140.

Barbour, Charles G., (Pierrepont Manor) r 90, 24 cows, farmer, leases of L. B. Williams, of Utica. 160.

Barbour, Louis, (Pierrepont Manor) r 70, farm laborer. Bargy, Henry, (Woodville) r 62, farm laborer and farmer 2 1/2.

Barker, Newel, (Mannsville) r 149, laborer and farmer 2.

Barnard, Nelson, (Belleville) r 53, farm laborer.

BARNES, CURTIS J., (Pierrepont Manor) r 90, 250 sugar trees, 100 apple trees, prop. Silver Spring cheese factory in Lorraine, 100 cows, owns saw-mill with Joseph Freeman, 25 cows, farmer 114, and in Lorraine 70.

Barnes, Mary A., (Pierrepont Manor) school teacher, daughter of Curtis J.

Barney, Bradley, (Belleville) watchmaker and jeweler, prop. restaurant, owns Barney block, Main cor. Washington.

Barney, David, (Belleville) r 32, farmer 80.

BARNEY, HERBERT H., (Belleville) r 19, 200 sugar trees, 20 high grade Shorthorn Durham cows, farmer 135, pasturage and timber land in Henderson 60.

Barney, Hiram, (Belleville) r 32, farmer 14.

Barney, Newton (estate) (Belleville) farmer 126.

BARRETT, FRED Mrs., resident.

Bartlet, Brayton, r 102, farm laborer.

Basinger, Byron, (Woodville) salesman for N. Wood & Sons. Basinger, James, laborer.

Basinger, John, (Woodville) r 98, farm laborer.

Bateman, John, (Pierrpont Manor) farm 25.

Bateman, Marion, (Pierrepont Manor) r 91, widow of Stephen W., farm 55.

Bateman, Smith C., (Pierrepont manor) r 92, 16 cows, farmer 143.

Bates, Marenus W., (Mannsville) (Bates & Rounds) house painter and paper hanger, h Main.

Bates & Rounds, (Mannsville) (Marenus, W. B. and Theodore M. R.) props.

Banner gristmill, dealers in flour, feed, and grain, Water.

Beaudin, Emmet., (Pierrepont Manor) r 90, house, sign, and ornamental painter, farmer 16.

BEEBE, CHARLES I., (Remington & Beebe) town clerk, h Main.

BEEBE, CLARENCE L., (Mannsville) (Huggins & Beebe) h Main.

Beebe, Ithamar, r 112, carpenter and builder, farmer 7.

BEEBE, MAGGIE Z., (Mrs. Charles I.) dressmaker, h Main.

Beebe, William (Mannsville) r 116, veterinary surgeon and farmer 16.

Beeman, Ann, (Mannsville) widow of Rev. J. M., h Lorraine st.

Bell, Allen, (Lacona, Oswego Co.) r 150, stone mason, h and lot.

BELLEVILLE HOTEL, (Belleville) James E. Salisbury, prop.

Bemis, Cornelia Elizabeth, (Pierrepont Manor) music teacher, daughter of J. S.

Bemis, De Alton, (Pierrepont Manor) r 103, farmer 40.

BEMIS, JOSEPH A., (Pierrepont Manor) r 90, prop. cider and vinegar works, farmer, leases on shares of D. Halley 70, and owns on r 70 farm 50.

BEMIS, MARSHALL J., r 110, 100 apple trees, 25 grade Durham and Holstein cows, farmer 140.

Bemis, Mary, (Pierrepont Manor) school teacher, daughter of J. S.

Bemis, Monro S., (Pierrepont Manor) r 105, farmer.

Bemis, Winfred M., r 110, farmer with his father, Marshall J.

Bennett, J. B., (Belleville) r 24, farmer, son of Thomas.

Bennett, Thomas, (Rural Hill) r 24, farmer 20.

Bennett, William, (Rural Hill) r 28, farm laborer.

Bentley, Charles W., (Adams) salesman for E. O. Brown, bds. Lorraine st.

Benton, Alfred, (Rural Hill) r 28, thresher and farmer 15.

Benton, Charles, (Rural Hill) r 8, farmer, leases on shares of ____Stowell 45.

Benton, Horace, (Rural Hill) r 25, 16 cows, farmer.

BETTINGER DE LOSS, (Mannsville) r 137, 22 cows, breeder of horses, 50 apple trees, farmer 111.

Bettinger, Edgar, (Sandy Creek, Oswego Co.) r 145, farmer with his father, George.

Bettinger, Eugene P., (Mannsville) prop. meat market, Main, h Railroad.

Bettinger, Garry S., (Mannsville) farmer with his father, Philetus L.

Bettinger, George, (Sandy Creek, Oswego Co.) r 145, 22 cows, farmer.

Bettinger, Ira, (Mannsville) dealer in flour, feed, groceries, crockery, glassware, stationery, farmer 10, Bettinger block, h Main.

Bettinger, Jay H., (Mannsville) r 137, dealer in fancy poultry, son of Philetus L.

Bettinger, Leonard, (Sandy Creek, Oswego Co.) farmer 12.

Bettinger, Philetus L., (Mannsville) r 137, 50 apple trees, breeder and dealer in fine road and trotting horses, 24 cows, 10 horses, farmer 140.

Bettinger, Silas, (Sandy Creek, Oswego Co.) r 145, 8 cows, farmer 59.

Bettinger, William, (Belleville) r 50, 30 cows, farmer, leases of ______ Eastman 200.

Bettinger, William H., r 130, farmer 98.

Bigelow, Frank, (Belleville) farmer.

Bigelow, George W., (Belleville) r 77, 15 cows, farmer 58.

BIGELOW, JAMES K. P., (Belleville) r 21, 250 sugar trees, 11 grade Holstein cows, farmer 90.

Bigelow, Susan W., (Belleville) widow of Lovell B., h N. Main.

Bixley, Harvey, (Belleville) retired farmer, aged 75.

Blake, Lawrence, (Belleville) (Blake & Johnson) farmer 23, h Main.

Blake, Thomas, (Belleville) farm laborer.

Blake & Johnson, (Belleville (Lawrence B. and George J.) butchers, props. retail and wholesale meat market.

BLANDEN, VOLNEY R., (Belleville) dentist, Washington, h do.

Bliss, Rudolphus, (Rural Hill) r 12, farmer 18.

Blossom, Oliver, (Woodville) r 59, laborer, h and lot.

BOOMER, ABIRA, r 124, daughter of Leonard.

Boomer, Edward, (Belleville) r 36, 20 cows, farmer, leases 140.

Boomer, Elias T., (Belleville) r 53, 8 cows, farmer 123.

Boomer, Fred, (Belleville) r 53, farmer.

Boomer, George M., (Belleville) carpenter and joiner.

Boomer, Jennett, (Belleville) widow of Matthew, h N. Main

Boomer, John, r 139, 10 cows, farmer 65.

BOOMER, LEONARD, r 124, 18 cows, farmer 150.

Boomer, Nelson, (Belleville) r 53, farmer 68.

Boomer, William, (Belleville) laborer.

Box, Philip (Belleville) blacksmith with A. M. Durfee, bds. Belleville hotel.

Boynton, George W., (Belleville) r 52, laborer.

Bradley, Beyil, r 139, stone mason, farm 3.

Brady, Thomas, (Mannsville) blacksmith.

Brewster, William R., (Mannsville) r 131, 100 apple trees, 14 cows, farmer 116. [Died 1888.]

Briggs, Mary, (Belleville) r 66, farmer 6.

Briggs, Monroe, (Henderson) r 3, farmer 81.

Brimmer, Ambrose, (Belleville) 9 cows, farmer 50, and leases on shares of Mrs. L. L. Dickinson 66.

Brodie, Hugh H., (Rural Hill) r 22, 200 apple trees, 30 Ayrshire cows, importer and breeder of and dealer in pure Ayrshire cattle and Shetland ponies, 50 sheep, farmer, prop. Maple Grove stock farm 132, owns Stony Island, in Hounsfield, 400.

Bronson, Cordelia E., (Adams) r 69, widow of W. F., h and lot.

Brooks, Charles E. dealer in drugs, paints, oils, proprietary medicines, groceries, etc., Main, h do.

Brooks, George, emp. Charles E.

Brown, Albert, (Pierrepont Manor) mason, h N. Main.

Brown, Allen, (Belleville) 27 cows, farmer.

Brown, Angeline, (Belleville) r 18, widow of Zera, apiarist 50 swarms, farm 23.

Brown, Asa, farm laborer, h School.

Brown, Avery P., (Mannsville) farm laborer, h Main.

Brown, Bradley, r 118, 12 cows, farmer 74.

Brown, Brayton, (Mannsville) r 135, laborer and farmer 24.

Brown, Clarinda, (Mrs. Roswell) dressmaker, h School.

Brown, Clarissa, (Rural Hill) r 9, widow of Buncy, farm 5.

Brown, De Albert, farm laborer.

Brown, Delmont S., (Belleville) r 42, teacher.

Brown, Diana, (Mannsville) r 114, widow of Otis, farm 68.

Brown, George M., (Mannsville) r 135, farmer 34.

Brown, George W., (Belleville) wagonmaker with A. M. Durfee, bds. Washington.

Brown, Harriet E., (Mannsville) r 115, widow of Thomas J., farm 20.

Brown, Horace, farmer 142.

Brown, Joseph E., (Mannsville) r 133, 20 cows, farmer 125.

Brown, Randolph H., r 107, 150 apple trees, dealer in cattle, handles 500 head per year, farmer 285.

Brown, Roderick, laborer, h and lot.

Brown, Roswell, farm laborer, h School.

Brown, Stephen, (Pierrepont Manor) laborer, h N. Main.

Brown, Stephen, (Pierrepont Manor) r 92, farm laborer.

Brown, W. Gaylord, (Mannsville) r 106, farmer 30.

Brown, William C., (Mannsville) r 114, 150 apple trees, 12 cows, breeder of trotting and road horses, farmer 102.

Brown, William N., (Mannsville) barber, Main, h do.

Buck, Lewis I., (Pierrepont Manor) station agent, h Railroad.

Buel, Hiram, (Pierrepont Manor) born in 1806, farmer 127.

BULL, GEORGE E., (Rural Hill) r 5, 250 sugar trees, 170 apple trees, 30 grade Durham cows, 15 head young cattle, farmer 190.

Bullfinch, Samuel, (Rural Hill) r 2, farm laborer.

Bullock, Eliza Ann, r 102, daughter of Joseph, farm 8.

Bullock, Sarah M., clerk for H. M. Wilds, bds. Main.

Burrell, Harriet M., (Belleville) widow of Abram, h S. Main.

Burr, Daniel W., r 66, 8 cows, farmer 50.

Burr, Henry, r 95, 7 cows, farmer 66.

Bush, John, (Rural Hill) r 12, farmer 84.

Butler, Aaron, retired.

Butler, Henry, (Pierrepont Manor) laborer, h and lot.

Butler, Willis, (Mannsville) r 135, tin peddler, h and lot.

Caldwell, Hamilton, r 126, 20 cows, farmer 100.

Caldwell, John, r 126, farmer 33.

Caldwell, Van Rensselaer, (Mannsville) r 114 1/2, laborer, h and lot.

Calkins, Charles F., (Pierrepont Manor) fruit evaporator, prop. saw-mill, farmer 74, h Main.

Calkins, Ralph M., (Pierrepont Manor) r 49, farmer 45.

Carley, Erastus, (Mannsville) carpenter, h Lincoln.

Carpenter, John H., (Belleville) undertaker, manuf. and dealer in furniture, h Water.

Casler, Arthur R., (Belleville) 20 cows, farmer, leases 175.

CASTER, C. H. & E. I., (Pierrepont Manor) r 72, props. saw and planing-mill and cheese box factory, manufs. 12,000 cheese boxes annually, farmers 115.

CASTER, CHARLES H., (Pierrepont Manor) r 72, (C.H. & E.I. Caster) 20 cows, farmer, leases on shares of Hiram Buel, 127.

CASTER, EDWIN I., (Pierrepont Manor) r 72, (C. H. & E. I. Caster).

Castor, Jennette, (Mannsville) widow of Abna H., h Main.

Caulkins, Charles, (Pierrepont Manor) resident.

CENTRAL HOTEL, Herbert J. Littlefields, prop., good livery attached, Main.

Chadwick, Clark W., with H. J. Huffstater.

Chago, James L., (Mannsville) farmer 35.

Chamberlain, Charles, r 97 cor. 85, 8 cows, farmer 50.

Chamberlain, Horace, (Woodville) r 59, formerly farmer, aged 79.

Chamberlain, Lyman B., gunsmith, dealer in hardware, tinware, and stoves, Main, h do.

Chamberlain ___, (Belleville) widow of Nathan, h and lot Water.

Chamberlain, Samuel H., r 85, 15 cows, farmer 95.

Chamberlain, Wilbur B., (Belleville) r 36, 11 cows, farmer 100.

Chapman, Daniel H., (Belleville) (Chapman & Doane) farmer 8, h N. Main.

Chapman, De Loss (Mannsville) laborer.

CHAPMAN, EUGENE A., (Belleville) physician and surgeon, N. Washington, h do.

Chapman, Frank (Mannsville) r 148, farmer, leases on shares of J. A. Curtis 10.

Chapman, Henry H., (Belleville) salesman, emp. Chapman & Doane.

Chapman & Doane, (Belleville) (Daniel H. C. and William B. D.) general merchants.

Chaufty, James F., (Woodville) r 81, 400 sugar trees, 50 Ayrshire, Durham, and Swiss cows, farmer, leases on shares of Mullen & Griffin 382.

Chawgo, William H., farm laborer, h Mill.

Chrisman, James H., (Mannsville) r 143, 16 cows, farmer, leases on shares of Capt. J. Miner 101.

Christman, Abram, r 139, 10 cows, farmer 80.

Christman, Catharine, r 122, widow of John M., farm 40.

Christman, Edward, (Woodville) r 81, laborer.

Christman, Ezra, r 159, 10 cows, farmer 78.

Christman, George K., r 122, farmer 20.

Christman, John, farmer 32.

Christman, Myron, farmer 36.

Christman, Peter, r 144, farmer 38.

Church, W. Seward, (Belleville) postmaster, formerly merchants, h N. Main.

Churchill, Jay E., laborer, h Factory.

Claflin, James R., (Pierrepont Manor) formerly farmer, aged 86.

Claflin, Sidney E., (Mannsville) barber and jeweler, Main.

Claflin, William, (Pierrepont Manor) r 104, farmer 10.

Clark, Barnaby, (Mannsville) r 166, resident.

Clark, Brayton A., (Pierrepont Manor) r 92, farmer with his father, Ensign D., 360.

Clark Brothers, (Belleville) r 65, (Gaylord J. and Rollin W.) 20 cows, farmers 165.

Clark, Charles, r 129, farmer 5.

Clark, Charles J., (Mannsville) farm laborer.

Clark, Edgar A., (Adams) r 38, 16 cows, farmer 130.

Clark, Ensign D., (Pierrepont Manor) r 92, farmer with his son Brayton A.

Clark, Fanny M., (Woodville) widow of John B., prop. saw and paper-mill, and sash, door, and blind, factory, farm 12.

Clark, Florello R., (Mannsville) r 133, 100 apple trees, 18 Holstein cows, farmer 127.

Clark, Frank, (Pierrepont Manor) r 91, farmer, leases on shares of I. M. Bateman 115.

Clark, Gary S., (Pierrepont Manor) r 105, farmer 20.

Clark, Gaylord J., (Belleville) r 65, (Clark Brothers) dealer in cattle.

Clark, George, (Pierrepont Manor) r 92, farm laborer.

Clark, George D., (Mannsville) r 116, tin peddler, h and 3 acres.

Clark, George P., (Mannsville) general merchant, Railroad.

Clark, Gilbert, (Adams) r 39, farmer 65.

Clark, Harlow, (Woodville) r 59, 25 grade Durham cows, breeder of and dealer in horses, farmer 125.

Clark, Henry W., r 124, farmer, leases on shares of L. Boomer 150.

Clark, Heman S., (Mannsville) r 133, 10 cows, 8 horses, farmer 100.

Clark, Ira B., (Adams) r 37, farmer 100.

Clark, Isman, (Mannsville) r 116, laborer.

Clark, James, (Woodville) papermaker, Main.

Clark, Jerome B., (Belleville) r 74, farmer 20.

Clark, Joseph, 9Mannsville) r 116, farmer 10.

Clark, Julia, (Woodville) widow of Orson, h and 5 acres Main.

Clark, Mary, r 138, widow of Lyman, farm 10.

Clark, Melvin R., (Lacona, Oswego Co.) r 150, stone mason, farm 4.

Clark, Milo R., (Belleville r 43, farmer 85.

Clark, Rollin W., (Belleville) r 65, (Clark Brothers).

Clark, Roswell, (Mannsville) r 117, farmer 32.

Clark, Sally, (Pierrepont Manor) r 105, widow of Silas, farm 19.

Clark, Samuel, (Woodville) r 63, painter and laborer.

Clark, Silas H., (Mannsville) r 92, farmer 59.

Clark, William C., (Mannsville) r 116, farm laborer.

Clark, Wyman, (Adams) r 37, farmer 344.

Cleveland, Theresa, (Belleville) widow of Giles, h and lot State.

Close, Sanford, (Woodville) r 83, farm laborer.

Cobb, Mott P., (Pierrepont Manor) r 104, farmer 7.

Cobb, Perry, (Pierrepont Manor) r 104, farmer 60.

Coburn, Charles, (Belleville) r 74, 21 cows, farmer, leases the Benjamin Martin estate 144.

COLD SPRING STOCK FARM, (Woodville) r 79 cor. 80, W. D. Ellsworth, prop., 130 acres.

Cole, Daniel H., (Belleville) cooper, State, h do.

Cole, Egbert, (Belleville) r 50, farmer 24.

Cole, Haddie, (Mannsville) r 131, farmer.

Cole, Samuel, (Woodville) farm laborer.

Collins, Henry, (Belleville) 8 cows, farmer 80.

Colon, George, r 119, farmer 37.

Colon, Gideon, r 129, 14 cows, farmer 112 1/2.

Colon, James, sailor.

Colon, James M., sailor, h School.

Colon, William, r 129, farmer, leases of his father.

Colton, Fred, (Mannsville) laborer, h Railroad.

Colton, Fred J., (Woodville) r 23, farm laborer.

Conley, John, (Belleville) farm laborer, Water.

Converse, Frank, farmer 70.

Converse, Frank A., (Woodville) farmer with his father, James F.

Converse, G. Elliott, (Woodville) r 78, dealer in agricultural implements, farmer with his father, George E.

Converse, George E., (Woodville) r 78, 20 cows, farmer 98.

Converse, George H., (Woodville) student Adams Collegiate Institute, son of James F.

CONVERSE, GORDON T., (Woodville) prop. Woodville grist and cider-mills, h Main.

CONVERSE, JAMES F., (Woodville) prop. of the herd of Ayrshire cattle which took gold medals given by the New York State Agricultural Society in 1879, '80 and '83, breeder of and dealer in Percheron horses, prop. stock horse "Prince of Wayne," breeder of Shetland ponies, Leicester sheep, and Yorkshire swine, 50 cows, 20 horses, 20 ponies, 50 head of other stock, farmer, prop. Riverside stock farm 255.

Converse, Luthera, (Belleville) r 63, widow of Rufus, 13 cows, farm 64.

CONVERSE, W. FOSTER, (Pierrepont Manor) r 103, breeder of Percheron horses, farmer 80.

Cook, Augustine, r 85, farmer 50.

COOK, CELESTINE E., (Belleville) widow of Malcolm G., h Washington.

Cook, Charles C., r 85, farmer leases of S. H. chamberlain.

Cook, Clark, (Belleville) teamster, bds. N. Main.

Cook, Edward, stage prop., runs from Pierrepont Manor to Rural Hill, h Main.

Cook, Horace, (Mannsville) r 117, farmer 30.

Cook, Joseph L., (Belleville) blacksmith, h W. Washington.

Cook, Mary, (Belleville) (Mrs. Clark) dressmaker, N. Main.

Cook, Melvin C., (Mannsville) laborer, bds. Main.

Cook, Silas, (Mannsville) blacksmith, bds. Main.

Cook, Silas W., (Mannsville) (W. H. Cook & Son) h Main.

Cook, W. H. & Son, (Mannsville) (Silas W.) general blacksmiths, Main.

Cook, William H., (Mannsville) (W. H. Cook & Son) h Main.

Coon, John, r 143, farm laborer.

Copeland, Sprague, farmer 4.

Cornwell, Charles C., (Adams) r 48, laborer, son of Edwin.

Cornwell, Edwin, (Adams) r 48, laborer, h and lot.

Corse, Arthur E., (Mannsville) M. E. clergyman, h Lorraine st.

Cowden, George, r 130, farmer 44.

Cox, Daniel O., (Mannsville) formerly lumberman, h Lorraine st.

Cox, Judson M., (Mannsville) farmer 1.

Cox, Nelson, (Mannsville) r 150, carpenter and joiner.

Cox, Willie L., (Mannsville) shoemaker and dealer in boots, shoes, rubbers, etc., N. Main, h E. Lorraine st.

Cranage, Thomas, (Belleville) laborer.

Crandall, Sanford, (Mannsville) r 135, farmer 10.

Cronk, Abram, r 140, laborer, h and lot.

Cronk, Byron, laborer, bds. Main.

Cronk, Joseph, r 4 140, farmer 6.

Cronk, Llewellan, r 124, laborer, farm 6.

Cronk, Silas, r 126, emp. at life saving station.

Cronk, William, r 140, 20 cows, farmer 105.

Crouse, James, (Mannsville) laborer and farmer 4 1/2.

Crouse, John, (Mannsville) r 149, shoemaker, h and lot.

Cunningham, Adel M., (Mannsville) dressmaker, h Railroad.

Currier, John L., (Mannsville) farmer, h Douglass.

Curtis, George, (Woodville) r 24, laborer and farmer 2.

Curtis, Hartwell, (Woodville) r 59, laborer, h and 1 1/2 acres..

Curtis, Lafayette, (Woodville) r 59, farmer.

Curtis, Marion, (Woodville) r 59, laborer.

Curtis, Willis, (Lacona, Oswego Co.) r 150, 13 cows, farmer 100.

Cushman, Buel, (Belleville) r 32, farmer, leases on shares 125.

Cushman, Charles, (Belleville) r 40, farmer 20.

Cush, James, (Adams) laborer.

Dack, George, (Pierrepont Manor) r 71, formerly miller, farmer 25.

DACK, GEORGE J., (Woodville) r 56, 200 sugar trees, 25 cows, farmer 125.

Dack, John, (Woodville) r 79, farmer 15.

Dack, Ryal A., (Woodville) carpenter and joiner.

Damon, Harvey, (Pierrepont Manor) carpenter and joiner, h Main.

Damon, James, (Pierrepont Manor) carpenter and joiner.

Damon, Wilbur, (Pierrepont Manor) farm laborer, h N. Main.

Dana, Albert, (Woodville) r 81, laborer.

Dana, Albert, r 140, laborer, h and lot.

Dana, Robert, r 140, farmer 5 3/4.

Dana, William, r 140, farmer 16.

Dare, Uriah, (Belleville) r 15, seed grower, 150 sheep, farmer 85, and leases of ____Littlefield 70.

Davis, Austin O., dealer in cattle, general merchant, farmer 3 1/2.

DAVIS, FOSTER L., r 120, farmer with his father, William U.

Davis, Frank, laborer.

Davis, Kate A., formerly teacher, farm 12, lives with Martha J.

Davis, Martha J., teacher, h Factory.

Davis, Roswell H., r 119, 12 cows, farmer 107.

DAVIS, WILLIAM U., r 120, 30 grade Durham cows, 200 apple trees, 200 sugar trees, owns flouring-mill, farmer 150.

Day, Alfred, r 106, farmer with his brother Sumner, and owns farm 35.

Day, Daniel, farmer with Alfred.

Day, Sumner, r 106, 25 cows, farmer, leases on shares of D. D. Nash 140.

Day, William C., (Woodville) laborer.

Dealing, Gardner K., (Mannsville) miller, h Main.

Dealing, George, (Mannsville) r 117, dealer in poultry, farmer 19.

Decker, Benjamin, (Pierrepont Manor) r 93, laborer.

DECKER, ISAAC W., r 108, highway and excise commissioner, enlisted in 1861 in Co. K, 24th Regt., and served 2 years, 35 grade Durham cows, 8 horses, farmer, leases on shares of _____ Kibling 212.

Decker, William, r 103, laborer and farmer 3.

Delap, William, (Mannsville) r 135, laborer and thresher, h and lot.

De Lapp, William, (Mannsville) r 146, 100 apple trees, 20 cows, farmer 21, and leases on shares of Alvira Fisk 187 1/2.

De Lavergne, Joseph, r 97, laborer.

Demster, Adelbert, carpenter and joiner, h Lincoln.

Denison, W. Alton, wholesale seed grower and farmer, h Main.

Denning, James, (Belleville) farmer 11.

Denning, James, Jr., (Belleville) farm laborer.

Dennison, Austin P., (Woodville) r 99, 28 cows, farmer 240, marsh land 60.

Dewey, George C., (Pierrepont Manor) laborer, h and lot.

Dexter, George, (Belleville) laborer, h Main.

DICKERSON, GEORGE, (Belleville) r 40, 300 sugar trees, 25 cows, farmer 275.

DICKINSON, ALBERT F., (Pierrepont Manor) dealer in furniture and cattle, Main.

Dickinson, Austin, (Adams) farmer with his brother Edward.

Dickinson, Edward, (Belleville) r 40 cor. 45, 25 cows, farmer, leases on shares of his father 275.

Dickinson, Harley H., (Belleville) r 67, 8 cows, farmer 66.

DICKINSON, TINNIE S., (Pierrepont Manor) dealer in millinery and fancy goods, Woodard block.

DINGMAN De FOREST S., (Woodville) prop. Woodville Hotel and livery.

Doane, William B., (Belleville) (Chapman & Doane) h E. Washington.

DOWNER, ELON R., r 86, 300 sugar trees, 100 apple trees, 20 grade Holstein cows, farmer 143.

DOWNER, WILLIAM R., r 97, farmer with his father, Elon R.

Draper, William H., (Adams) r 38, engineer and farmer 60.

Draper, William H., (Adams) r 47, farm laborer.

Draper, Lydia, (Woodville) r 55, widow of C. D., farm 30.

Du Bois, Charles G., (Belleville) (Keyes & Du Bois) h Washington.

Dumon, Benjamin A., (Mannsville) dealer in eggs, h Douglass.

Duncan, Lemuel A., (Belleville) r 18, carpenter, h and 2 acres.

Dunn, Cordelia A., (Belleville) widow of William G., h and lot Water.

Duran, Alexander, laborer and farmer 4.

DURFEE, ABNER M., (Belleville) blacksmith and horseshoer, dealer in wagons, carriages, sleighs, cutters, and agridultural implements, Durfee block, Main, h Lake.

Durfee, Charles B., (Belleville) salesman for his father, Abner M.

Dutcher, George, (Belleville) r 53, 14 cows, farmer 95.

Dutcher, Lewis, (Belleville) r 53, farmer, leases on shares of his father.

Earl, Betsey F., (Pierrepont Manor) r 48, (Mrs. Robert) farm 4.

Earl, Charles, (Belleville) r 75 farm laborer.

Earl, Charles A., (Mannsville) carriage painter, h Railroad.

Earl, J. Melvin, (Mannsville) corporation commissioner, h Railroad.

Earl, Polly M., (Mannsville) widow of Melvin J. h Railroad.

EASTMAN, AUSTIN, (Belleville) r 36, 20 cows, farmer 139 1/2.

EASTMAN, C. A. & J. H., (Belleville) dealers in real estate, breeders of Hambletonian horses, 110 cows, farmers 1,000.

. EASTMAN, CHARLES A. (Belleville) (C.A. & J.H. Eastman) bds Washington.

EASTMAN, CHARLES B., (Woodville) r 83, 47 grade Shorthorn Durham cows, 50 Cotswold sheep, breeder of and dealer in Percheron horses and Berkshire and Essex swine, farmer 215.

EASTMAN, CYRENIUS F., (Woodville) 150 sugar trees, 8 cows, farmer 50.

Eastman, Cyrus, retired farmer, h Lincoln.

Eastman, Enoch R., (Woodville) r 83, 22 cows, farmer 140.

EASTMAN, ENOS E., (Woodville) r 83 farmer with his father, Charles B.

EASTMAN, JOHN H., (Belleville) (C. A. & J. H. Eastman) h Washington.

Eastman, R. Seymour, (Belleville) r 43, farmer with his father, William H.

EASTMAN, SALLY, (Belleville) (Mrs. Austin) h Washington.

Eastman, William H., (Belleville) 25 cows, farmer 200.

Edward, J. Byron, (Pierrepont Manor) r 88, farmer 200.

Ely, Edward, (Mannsville) r 135, 8 cows, farmer 64.

Ellingham, W., farmer 8.

Elliott, Joseph J., (Belleville) r 66, 15 Holstein cows, farmer 140.

ELLIS, CALEB, (Belleville) r 36, 15 cows, farmer 120.

Ellis, Edward, r 99, lake captain, farmer 23.

Ellis, Frank, r 144 sawyer, emp. G. W. Green.

Ellis, Fred, r 108, farmer with his father, John W.

Ellis, George Edwin, (Belleville) student, son of Caleb.

Ellis, Henry D., (Belleville) farm laborer, bds. Searles cor. Water.

Ellis, John H., r 126, farmer 23.

Ellis, John W., r 108, 150 apple trees, 18 cows, farmer 90.

Ellis, Lyman, soldier in the Mexican war, farmer 2.

Ellis, Roderick D., r 110, 150 apple trees, 22 Durham cows, 12 head other stock, farmer 139, woodland 30.

ELLSWORTH, NATHAN G., (Belleville) r 80, 10 cows, farmer 80.

ELLSWORTH, WILLIAM DWIGHT, (Woodville) r 79 cor. 80, 25 Holstein cows, 15 head other stock, prop. Cold Spring stock farm 130.

Elmer, Clifton, teamster, h Factory.

Ely, James, ( Belleville) r 52, farmer 14.

EMPIRE HOUSE, J. H. Huffstater, prop., livery connected.

Enders, J. William, (Mannsville) r 105, farmer with his father, Nelson F.

Enders, Nelson F., (Mannsville) r 105, 10 cows, farmer 100, and in Lyme 100.

Ethrage, George, r 102, 18 cows, farmer.

Ethrage, Joab, (Mannsville) r 149, farmer 10.

Ethridge, John H., r 101, farm laborer, h and lot.

Ethridge, Lewis, farmer 4.

Evans, Horatio, (Belleville) farmer and gardner 4.

Eveleigh, Alfred, (Belleville) mason, h and lot Searles.

Eveleigh, Barney J., (Woodville) r 59, 12 cows, farmer 90.

Farman, Alvaro, (Woodville) r 27, farmer 80.

Farman, Carlton, r 99, farmer 60.

Farman, Joab, r 99, 16 cows, farmer with his son Carlton 40.

Farman, Mitchell, clerk Central Hotel.

Farmer, Henry, (Adams) r 38, farmer, leases on share of ____ Walsworth 14.

Farmer, Silas S., (Belleville) farmer, aged 85, h Water.

Farmer, William F., (Belleville) farmer 4, h Water.

Fenton, V. Burt, (Woodville) farm laborer.

Ferronm, Auster, (Mannsville) formerly teacher, farmer 5, h Main.

Fillmore, Amaziah, (Woodville) farmer 106.

Fillmore, Daniel L., laborer, h School.

FILLMORE, DYER L., (Woodville) r 23, 450 sugar trees, 100 apple trees, 25 grade Durham cows, breeder of Hambletonian horses, farmer, owns Cold Brook stock farm 197, woodland 14.

FILLMORE, HENRY H., (Woodville) r 62, 350 sugar trees, 150 apple trees, 40 grade Holstein cows, 10 horses, 30 grade Southdown sheep, owns with Millard M. cheese factory, farmer 247 1/2.

Fillmore, Menzo, (Woodville) r 62, farmer, son of Henry H.

FILLMORE, MILLARD M., (Rural Hill) r 22, 600 sugar trees, 150 apple trees, 38 grade Durham cows, 25 head other stock, 20 horses, 75 grade Southdown sheep, owns with Henry H. cheese factory, farmer 248 1/2.

Finn, Edwin R., (Woodville) laborer.

Finney, Manford C., (Pierrepont Manor) general merchant, Railroad, h Main.

Finster, John D., (Mannsville) carpenter and builder, and fruit evaporator, h Main.

Finster, Sumner, (Belleville) clerk.

FISH, ARTHUR J., (Rural Hill) school teacher and farmer with his brother, Nathan W.

Fish, Edward D., r 118, 13 cows, farmer.

Fish, Emery O., r 118, 18 cows, farmer, leases of Mrs. G. Gates 122.

Fish, Emily, (Belleville) widow of Thomas, h Washington.

FISH, NATHAN W. (Rural Hill) farmer with his brother Arthur J. 40.

Fish, Sarah, (Mannsville) widow of Warren J., h Railroad.

Fish, William, captain life saving station at the mouth of Big Sandy Creek.

Fisher, Ransom C., (Mannsville) formerly carpenter, h Lorraine st.

Flander, Jeremiah A., (Mannsville) r 135, 100 apple trees, 8 cows, farmer 80.

Fobes, Henry, (Rural Hill) r 10, farmer with Thomas.

Fobes, Lafayette, (Rural Hill) r 10 farmer with his father, Thomas.

Fobes, Thomas, (Rural Hill) r 10, 6 cows, farmer 171.

Foley, Orrin, (Pierrepont Manor) r 72, emp. on railroad.

Foreman, Harrison, (Pierrepont Manor) farmer in Lorraine 200, h Main.

Foreman, William E., (Pierrepont Manor) salesman for J.H. Mann & Co, Syracuse, h Main.

Fowler, Ernest, off r 106, laborer.

Fox, Eugene, (Belleville) r 41, farmer, leases on shares of Hinman 80.

FOX, FRED D., dealer in watches, clocks, jewelry, and silverware, engraver and repairer, Main, h Mill.

FOX, J. M. & SON, (Mannsville) (Will H.) dealers in drugs, jewelry, stationery, agents for the Walter A. Wood mowers, reapers, and self-binders, Main.

FOX, JAMES M., (Mannsville) (J. M. Fox & Son) dealer in cattle, h Lorraine st.

Fox, Leroy R., (Mannsville) dealer in cattle, Main, h do.

FOX, WILL H., (Mannsville) (J. M. Fox & Son) h Main.

Frame, Silas W., (Belleville) physician and surgeon, N. Main, h do.

Frasier, John, teamster and farmer 4.

Freeman, John J., (Belleville) carpenter and builder, bds. S. Main.

Freeman, John M. (Mannsville) wagonmaker and repairer, Mill, h do.

Freeman, Joseph, (Pierrepont Manor) r 92, farmer with S. E. Bateman.

Frink, Dennison H., (Mannsville) prop. boarding-house, Railroad.

Fuller, Arminda, r 111, widow of Warren, farm 56.

Fuller, Charles W., (Woodville) r 102, cheese-maker, owns farm 14.

Fuller, Henry, (Woodville) r 24, farmer 7.

Fuller, Jay C., r 111, farmer with his mother, Arminda.

Fuller, Oscar, r 145, 6 cows, farmer 60.

Fuller, Reuben C., (Belleville) r 36, prop. gristmill.

Fuller, Willard B., r 108, 18 cows, farmer 101.

Fulton, Daniel, (Belleville) r 18, 15 cows, farmer 117.

Fulton, James, (Belleville) r 18, 11 cows, farmer 60.

Fulton, Thomas, (Belleville) r 42, farmer 31.

Gale, Henry, (Belleville) farmer 86.

Gardner, Etta M., (Mannsville) (Mrs. Henry A.) dealer in dry goods, millinery, fancy goods, and notions, Gardner block, h Main.

GARDNER, GEORGE F., (Pierrepont Manor) physician and surgeon, h Railroad.

Gardner, Henry A., (Mannsville) painter and paper hanger, h Main.

Gardner, James L., (Mannsville) 10 cows, farmer 80.

Gardner, Nathan C., (Mannsville r 132, farmer 8.

Gardner, Samuel, (Pierrepont Manor) r 92, farmer 90.

Garnsey, Brayton, farmer.

Garnsey, Philander, (Mannsville) r 106, carpenter and joiner, h and lot.

Garvin, John, farmer 36.

Garvin, Patrick, (Belleville) r 42, farmer 7.

GAYLORD, HENRY A., (Belleville) principal Union Academy, resides do.

Gaylord, Harvey N., (Belleville) retired farmer.

Gerow, Oliver, laborer, h Douglass.

Gibbons, Thomas, (Woodville) farmer 116.

Gibeau, Charles S., (Mannsville) prop. Gibeau House and livery stable, Main.

Gibeau House, (Mannsville) Charles S. Gibeau, prop.., livery connected, house erected in 1886, Main.

Giddings, Alzina, (PIerrepont Manor) r 72, widow of Lagrand, farm 9.

Giddings, Arthur, (Pierrepont Manor) r 72, laborer for his mother, Alzina.

Giddings, Edward, (Pierrepont Manor) r 72, laborer, son of Legrand.

Giddings, William, (Pierrepont Manor) r 72, laborer, son of Legrand.

Gilbert, Almeron, r 109, emp. at life saving station, farmer 30.

Gilbert, Henry P., (Adams) r 38, farmer 40.

Gilbert, John, r 125, sailor.

Gilbert, Nelson, r 125, fisherman and farmer 30.

Gilbert, Peter, r 140, farmer 46.

Gilbert, Thomas, r 125, farmer 20.

Gill, Harry, (Belleville) r 41, 25 cows, farmer, leases of Willis R. Waite 177.

Gill, Henry, (Belleville) farmer 193.

Gillette, sheldon P., (Belleville) retired farmer 11, bds. S Main.

Goddard, Almira, (Mannsville) widow of Daniel, h Main.

Goddard, Josiah L., (Mannsville) tanner, emp. J. H. Root & co.

Golden, Alfred, (Belleville) r 42, farm laborer.

GOODENOUGH, M. D. & M. M., (Belleville) r 19, 12 cows, farmers 100.

GOODENOUGH, MARY D., (Belleville) r 19, (M. D. & M. M. Goodenough) resident.

GOODENOUGH, MURRILLA M., (Belleville) r 19, (M. D. & M. M. Goodenough) resident.

Goodenough, Morris M., (Pierrepont Manor) canvasser, farmer 4, h N. Main.

Goodenough, Robert D., (Mannsville) r 135, 22 cows, farmer 135.

Goodenough, Robert S., (Mannsville) r 135, farmer with his father, Robert D.

Grant, Darius, (Belleville) r 18, retired farmer.

Grant, Willis, (Belleville) r 18, farmer 11.

Graves, Charles H., (Pierrepont Manor) r 72, prop. cheese factory and farmer 7.

Graves, Clark J., (Pierrepont Manor) r 49, farmer with his father, Oren W.

Graves, Fred F., (Pierrepont Manor) r 73, 12 cows, farmer 94.

Graves, L. Marshall, r 112, 100 apple trees, 16 cows, farmer 99.

Graves, Loren M., 15 cows, farmer 99.

GRAVES, OREN W., (Pierrepont Manor) r 49, mason, 150 sugar trees, 20 cows, farmer 90.

Graves, Oren W., Jr., (Pierrepont Manor) r 72 cheesemaker.

GRAVES, WALTER E., (Pierrepont Manor) r 49, farmer leases on shares of his father, Oren W., 7.

Graves, Willis, r 95, wholesale seed grower and dealer, 15 cows, farmer 140.

Gray, Frank, (Lacona, Oswego Co.) r 150, laborer.

Gray, Henry, (Mannsville) r 106, laborer, h and lot.

Gray, Rollin H., resident, h School.

Green, Daniel, (Belleville) r 19, 16 grade Durham cows, dealer in cattle, farmer 170.

Green, James E., (Belleville) postmaster, dealer in produce, owns Green block and one-half of Wright block, h Main.

Green, Lydia A., (Rural Hill) r 12, widow of Henry, h and 2 acres.

Green, Willis H., (Belleville) r 19, dealer in cattle, son of Daniel

Greene, George W., r 49, farmer in Adams 110.

GREENE, LETTINE D., r 138 cor. 143, (Mrs. George W.) prop. saw, shingle, and cidermills, 50 cows, 30 head other stock, farmer 550.

Grenell, Benjamin P., (Pierrepont Manor) r 90, farmer with his father, Ezra O. R.

GRENELL, EZRA O. ROSCOE, (Pierrepont Manor) r 90, 35 Holstein and Durham cows, breeder of Percheron horses, farmer, owns with William H. 220.

GRENELL, WILLIAM H., (Pierrepont Manor) seed grower, owns with Fred P. Webb stock horse "Mylord," breeder of Percheron horses and Holstein cattle, 40

cows, farmer 100, and owns with his father 220.

Griffin, Demster, (Rural Hill) r 8, farmer 15.

Griffin, Samuel, (Belleville) formerly farmer, aged 91.

Griggs, Seth F., (Adams) r 49, farmer 12.

Grinnell, Charles G., (Belleville) resident, h and lot.

Grinnell, James, (Pierrepont Manor) r 72, mason.

Guile, Thomas, (Woodville) thresher, h and lot.

Gurnsey, E. B., (Pierrepont msanor) farmer 80.

Gurnsey, Mary J., (Pierrepont Manor) off r 89, widow of Avery.

Hackley, Mills A., (Belleville) att'y and counselor at law, N. Main, h do.

HAGAN, JAMES W., (Mannsville) r 150 cor. 152, 250 sugar trees, 15 cows, farmer 276.

HAGAN, John D., (Mannsville) r 149, 30 grade Holstein cows, 20 head young stock, 5 horses, farmer 250.

Hakes, Joseph M., (Belleville) gardener and farmer 10, h N. Main.

Hall, Charles, farmer, h Railroad.

Hall, Orson, farm laborer.

Hallett, Frank, r 101, house and ornamental painter, h and lot.

Hammond, William, (Woodville) sawyer, h Main.

Hancock, Harriet C., (Mannsville) widow of William, Jr., h Railroad.

Hancock, William J., (Mannsville) engineer, emp. J. Hill, bds. Railroad.

HARRINGTON, DELOS, Pierrepont Manor) r 93, farmer with his son Jerome J.

Harrington, Edwin, (Pierrepont Manor) farm laborer, h Lorraine st.

Harrington, Henry C., (Pierrepont Manor) h Main.

HARRINGTON, JEROME J., (Pierrepont Manor) r 93, 125 sugar trees, 25 grade Holstein cows, farmer 125.

Harris, Henry, (Woodville) 150 apple trees, 40 cows, farmer, leases on shares of H. H. Fillmore 247 1/2.

Harris, Jay, (Woodville) r 24, laborer.

Harris, Lodica, (Rural Hill) r 2, widow of Hiram, farm 20.

Harris, Robert, laborer, h Factory.

Harris, William, (Pierrepont Manor) formerly farmer, aged 83, h Lorraine st.

Harris, William G., (Mannsville) manuf. of cider and refined cider vinegar, farmer 8, h Lincoln.

Hartrick, Matthew, (Woodville) emp. George Wood, h Main.

HARWICK, FELIX D., (Mannsville) r 134, 150 sugar trees, 150 apple trees, 15 grade Durham cows, 40 head other stock, 6 horses, served in Co. A, 14th H. A., from 1863 ato 1865, farmer 176.

Haselton, Floyd, (Rural Hill) horse trainer, h and lot.

Haven, Clarence F., (Mannsville) farmer with his father, Erastus B., 600.

Haven, Erastus D., (Mannsville) breeder and dealer in road, driving, and trotting Hambletonian horses, and Durham cattle, 15 horses, farmer 600.

Havens, Elizabeth M., r 119, widow of Henry L., 20 cows, farmer 120.

Havens, Henry L., Jr., 20 cows, farmer with his mother, Elizabeth M., 120.

Havens, John D., r 120, farmer, leases of Mrs. J. Williams 10.

Havens, Mary F., (Mannsville) widow of Erastus, h Main.

Hawes, Lenora G., (Belleville) widow of Henry W., h N. Main.

Hawes, Thomas, (Belleville) resident, h Water.

Hayes, Joseph, (Belleville) blacksmith and general repairer, Washington, h do.

Hazelwood, Daniel, (Woodville) laborer and 2 acres.

Hazelwood, James, (Woodville) laborer.

Hazelwood, John, (Woodville) r 80, mason.

Heald, Rensselaer B., (Belleville) r 75, 18 cows, farmer 125.

Hendee, Leslie, (Mannsville) r 123, 10 cows, farmer 113.

Hessell, Albert, r 144, 12 cows, farmer, leases on shares 93.

Hessell, Charles, (Woodville) r 80, laborer.

Hessell, Fred L., (Woodville) r 80, farmer with his mother, Ellen.

Hessell, Henry, (Woodville) farm laborer, bds. Main.

Hibbard, Gilbert C., (Mannsville) physician and surgeon, Main, h do.

Hicks, James, (Rural Hill) r 27, farmer 40.

Hicks, Jesse, (Belleville) r 53, 100 apple trees, 6 cows, farmer 50.

Hicks, Julia A., (Woodville) r 58, farm 36.

Hicks, Orin D., (Belleville) r 53, farm laborer.

Hicks, Orris B., (Rural Hill) r 5 cor. 13, 8 cows, farmer, leases on shares 70.

Hicks, Samuel, (Belleville) r 53, 25 cows, farmer 180.

Hicks, Stephen, r 87, 20 cows, farmer 170.

Higgs, Charles, (Belleville) r 19, farmer, leases of Col. C. Littlefield 240.

Higgs, George, (Belleville) r 43, laborer, h and 2 acres.

Hill, Jerome, (Mannsville) r 117, prop. steam saw and planing-mill, manuf. of carriage boxes, etc., farmer 50, Main.

HILLSIDE STOCK FARM, (Woodville) r 79, W. W. Wood, prop. 114 1/2 acres.

Hinman, Jane, M., (Pierrepont Manor) widow of John, h Main.

Hinman, Samuel, (Belleville) r 41, farmer.

Hitchock, Frank, (Rural Hill) laborer.

Hitchock, Truman B., (Mannsville) 25 cows, farmer in Lorraine 260.

Hitchcock, William R., (Mannsville) farmer, owns with G. Whittle, 321, woodland 90.

Hogan, David, (Pierrepont Manor) r 104, farmer 10.

Holley, Anson N., (Adams) r 48, farmer leases on shares of his mother 80.

HOLLEY, CHARLES I., r 100, 400 apple trees, 300 sugar trees, 30 cows, farmer 187, and owns with S. H. Martin 152.

HOLLEY, DAVID, Pierrepont Manor) r 90, farmer 70. [Died March 4, 1888, aged 86.]

Holly, Elizabeth, (Adams) r 48, widow of Numon, farm 80.

HOLLEY, EMILY, resident.

Holley, Lucinda L., (Adams) r 48, daughter of Numon, farm 70.

HOLLEY, MARIETTA, (Adams) r 71, authoress, resides on homestead.

Holley, William H., clerk, son of Charles I.

Holliday, Claudius V., (Rural Hill) r 1, farmer, h and lot.

Hollis, David D., (Woodville) cheesemaker for N. Wood & Sons, bds. Lake.

HOLLISTEN, LEWIS E., (Belleville) lake captain, h Washington.

Holloway, George, (Belleville) r 15, farmer.

Hollowood, John, (Woodville) 7 cows, farmer, leases on shares of Margaret 72.

Holsworth, John, (Pierreport Manor) r 90, laborer.

Hopkinson, George M., justice of the peace, h Main.

Horington, Floyd, (Rural Hill) r 12, laborer and horse jockey, h and lot.

Horr, Warren, (Mannsville) r 135, 6 cows, farmer 75.

Hossington, George A., (Adams) r 36, breeder and dealer in horses and farmer.

Houghton, Azaro, (Mannsville) r 117, laborer.

Houghton, Nahum, (Belleville) general ins. agent and notary public, Main, h do.

Howard, Albert, r 99, farmer 8.

Howard, Charles W., r 124, carpenter and joiner, farmer 47.

Howard, Harris, r 99, farmer 2.

Howard, Harris, r 140, laborer farmer 3.

HOWARD, PHEBE Mrs., resident.

Howard, Sophronia, r 128, widow of William, h and lot.

Howe, John, (Mannsville) r 148, farmer 149 1/2.

Howe, Libbie, (Belleville) widow of Eugene, bds. N. Main.

Howland, Edgar E., (Woodville) farm laborer, h Main.

Hoxie, Benjamin F., (Mannsville) r 116, farmer 36.

Hoxie, Hyman H., (Mannsville) r 117, farmer 89.

Hoxie, William L., (Mannsville) farmer, leases on shares of A. A. Wheeler, h Main.

Hubbard, Barney, (Rural Hill) r 7, 20 cows, farmer 125.

Hubbard, De Witt C., (Belleville) r 18, farmer, leases of Mrs. Angeline Brown 23, and owns in Henderson 37.

Hubbard, Lyman, (Adams) r 38, 8 cows, farmer, leases on shares of F. B. Swan 72.

Huddleston, Royal H., (Pierrepont Manor) r 73, foreman, emp. L. B. Martin.

HUDSON, EZRA H., (L. F. Hudson & Son) farm 11, h Hudson.

HUDSON, FRED E., wagonmaker and repairer, emp. L. F. Hudson & Son, h and 4 1/2 acres Hudson.

Hudson, George S., prop. saw-mill, manuf. of furniture, doors, sash, and blinds, farm 6 1/2, Factory, h do.

HUDSON, L. F. & SON, (Ezra H.) blacksmiths and manufs. of agricultural implements, Hudson.

Hudson, Louis E., with his father, George S., h Mill.

HUDSON, LUCIEN F., (L. F. Hudson & Son) farm 2, h Hudson.

Hudson, Lucien F., Jr., House, carriage and ornamental painter, h and 2 acres School.

Hudson, Will L., portrait painter and artist, h Factory.

HUESTED, GEORGE P., (Mannsville) photographer, studios at Adams and Sandy Creek.

HUESTED, RALPH W., (Mannsville) photographer, studios at Mannsville and Belleville.

HUFFSTATER, JAMES H., prop. Empire House and livery, farmer.

Hufstater, George, (Mannsville) r 148, farmer 18.

Hufstater, Horace, (Pierrepont Manor) r 68, laborer.

Hufstater, Peter, r 106, laborer and farmer 3.

HUGGINS, GEORGE A., (Mannsville) (Huggins & Beebe) h Railroad.

Huggins, Henry N., (Mannsville) assessor, canvasser, and ins. agent, farmer 5.

HUGGINS & BEEBE, (Mannsville) (G. A. H. and Clarence L. B.) dealers in hardware, stoves, agricultural implements, tinware, and Bradley's fertilizers, Main cor. Lorraine sts.

Hughes, Harvey, (Pierrepont Manor) veterinary surgeon and laborer, h Main.

Hughs, John, (Mannsville) dealer in hardware, stoves, tineware, and farm implements, Railroad, h do.

Hughs, Walter J., (Mannsville) tinsmith, bds. Railroad.

Hughs, William, (Pierrepont Manor) r 72, laborer.

Hunt, Ida M., widow of George L., h Foundry.

Hunter, Aaron, (Mannsville) r 134, carpenter, market gardener, and farmer 23.

Hunting, Fay H., (Belleville) gardener, son of Thomas B.

HUNTING, JANE A., (Belleville) (Mrs. Thomas B.) resident, h Water.

HUNTING, THOMAS B., (Belleville) farmer and gardener 14, h Water.

Hurd ___, (Mannsville) widow of Freeman, h Railroad.

Hurd, Allen, (Belleville) wagonmaker and general repairer.

Hurd, Duane, (Mannsville) ins. agent, h Railroad.

Hurd, James, (Belleville) r 74, laborer.

Hurd, Oscar, (Mannsville) resident, h Lorraine st.

Husted, Henry S., (Mannsville) r 114, farmer 19.

Ingraham, Osgood, (Belleville) r 16, (Ingraham, Overton & Co.) 15 grade Durham cows, 40 sheep, farmer 135.

Ingraham, Overton & co., (Belleville) (Osgood I., Charles M. O.) props. Belleville cheese factory.

JACKMAN, ABI S., (Watertown) authoress, daughter of Daniel L.

JACKMAN, DANIEL L., (Watertown) off r 48, farmer. [Removed to Watertown.]

Jackson, Albert, (Mannsville) with his father, John E.

Jackson, George, (Woodville) farm laborer.

Jackson, John E., (Mannsville) manuf. of and dealer in confectionery, prop. bakery and restaurant, dealer in groceries and stationery, Gardner block.

Jackson, Joshua, (Woodville) farm laborer, bds. Main.

Jackson, Mary, (Woodville) widow of Jeremiah, h and lot Main.

Jacobs, Theodore D., (Mannsville) r 149, farm laborer.

James, A. F., (Mannsville) r 132, farmer 110.

James, Almira, (Mannsville) r 133, widow of Eli C., 15 cows, farm 105.

James, Charles O., (Mannsville) r 133, farmer for his mother, Almira.

James, Duane, (Lacona, Oswego Co.) r 150, farmer leases on shares of L. Stephens 30.

James, Edward H., (Mannsville) r 149, laborer, son of Sylvester I.

James, Emily, (Mannsville) r 147, widow of Harvey, h and lot.

James, Ezekiel, (Mannsville) r 134, farmer 60.

James, Isaiah H., (Mannsville) r 133, painter and paper hanger, son of Eli C.

James, Joseph, (Mannsville) r 134, farmer 166.

James, Lorenzo D., (Pierrepont Manor) blacksmith and horseshoer, Main, h do.

James, Marietta, (Lacona, Oswego Co.) r 150, (Mrs. Duane) farm 30.

James, Simeon, (Mannsville) r 134, farmer 72.

James, Sylvester I., (Mannsville r 149, farmer 47.

Jeffres, William B., (Rural Hill) resident.

Jeffrod, George J., (Belleville r 51, laborer, emp. Ingraham, Overton & Co., h Washington.

Jemison, Charles, (Adams) r 39, emp. on railroad.

Jenkins, Joseph, (Woodville) r 99, sailor.

Jenkins, William A., (Woodville) r 98, lake captain, famer 100.

Jenks, Julia A., (Belleville) widow of William B., farm 6.

Jennings, Charles W., (Belleville) r 18, com. traveler.

Jennings, John E., farmer 6.

Jennings, Lewis C., (Pierrepont Manor) r 72, barber at Ellisburgh.

Jennings, Marvin, (Pierrepont Manor) r 92, farmer 30.

Jennings, Richard N., (Pierrepont Manor) r 72, sailor on the sea for 13 years and captain on the lakes 18 years, farmer 50.

Jewett, Elizabeth, (Adams) r 69, widow of Abram, farm 3.

Johnson, Cynthia, (Belleville) widow of Ambrose, h N. Washington.

Johnson, George, (Belleville) (Blake & Johnson).

Johnson, Henry H., (Rural Hill) r 13, 30 cows, farmer 232.

Johnson, Henry N., (Belleville) r 63, farmer, leases on shares of L. Converse.

JOHNSON, JOHN Q., (Mannsville) r 148, prop. custom saw-mill, farmer 11.

Johnson, Levi, (Belleville) r 42, laborer, h and lot.

Johnson, Myron, r 125, 15 cows, farmer 76.

Johnson, William, (Mannsville) r 146, farmer, owns with D. P. Davis 120.

Johnson, William, (Mannsville) r 148, lumberman and farmer with his father, John Q.

Jones, Dayton, (Mannsville) r 133, farm laborer.

Jones, Fred, (Belleville) farmer, leases on shares of ____ Eastman.

Jones, Fred D., (Mannsville) farm laborer, h Main.

JONES, G. OSMAN, (Woodville) r 82, 32 grade Durham cows, 10 horses, 10 head other stock, farmer 143.

Jones, Joseph, (Mannsville) r 133, farmer 68.

Jones, Laura, (Mannsville) r 106 cor. 107, widow of Seth, h and lot.

July, William, (Belleville) blacksmith, emp. A. M. Durfee, bds. S. Main.

Kast, Sylvenus, r 144, 11 cows, farmer 77.

Kelleway, George, (Belleville) r 15, 10 cows, farmer 51 1/2.

Kelsey Brothers, (Belleville) (Jeremy W. and Delancy M.) dealers in dry goods, groceries, hats, caps, boots, shoes, paints, and oils, Green block, Main.

Kelsey, Delancy M., (Belleville) (Kelsey Brothers) bds. Main.

Kelsey, Jeremy W., (Belleville) (Kelsey Brothers) bds. Main.

Kelsey, Luther, (Woodville) r 25, farm laborer, h and 2 acres.

Kelsey, Luther, emp. at life saving station.

Kelsey, Margaret, (Woodville) r 25, widow of Jehiel, farm 52.

Kennedy, Charles B., (Belleville) r 66, dealer in produce, grass and clover seed, and fertilizers, farmer with his father Leonard L., 40.

KENNEDY, EDWIN T., (Belleville) r 66, 150 sugar trees, 50 apple trees, 18 grade Pole Angus cows, farmer 150.

Kennedy, Leonard L., (Belleville) r 66, 18 cows, farmer 107.

Kenney, Thomas B., (Belleville) general merchant, h S. Main.

Keyes, Samuel H., (Belleville) (Keyes & Du Bois) owns block Main cor. Washington, and with C. G. Du Bois residence Washinton, h W. Washington.

Keyes & Du Bois (Belleville) (Samuel H. K. and Charles G. Du B.) general merchants, Main cor. Washington.

Kibling, Ed., laborer, h and lot.

Kibling, Fisher, r 108, farmer 30.

Kibling, Martin, r 129, farmer 38.

KIBLING, STILLMAN, r 108, 33 cows, 8 horses, farmer 196.

King, Frank F., prop. King cheese factory, manufs, 240,000 lbs. annually, farmer 2 1/2, h School.

Kipp, J. Edgar, (Mannsville) house and carriage painter and paper hanger, h Main.

Kirkland, Edwin A., (Mannsville) formerly cooper, h Railroad.

Knapp, Merten S., (Adams) r 38, 15 cows, farmer, leases on shares 80.

La Flam, Alexander, (Belleville) laborer, bds. N. Washington.

La Flam, Walter, (Belleville) r 63, laborer.

Laird, David H., (Woodville) blacksmith and horeshoer, Rural Hill st., h do.

Laird, James, Sr., (Woodville) r 62, farmer 45.

Laird, James, Jr., r 95, 46 cows, farmer, leases on shares of N. Wood & Sons 250.

Lamon, Justus, (Belleville) r 65, farmer 30.

Lamson, James, (Pierrepont Manor) r 92, farmer 35.

Lane, Albert, (Belleville) r 15, farmer, leases on shares 70.

Larkin, Darius, (Rural Hill) r 21, farmer.

Larmon, Alexander, (Mannsville) r 149, farmer 82.

Larmon, William, (Mannsville) r 149, farmer 80.

Larmouth, Fidelia R., (Mannville) h and lot Main.

Lee, A. Eugene, r 96, farmer 65.

LEE, CHESTER L., r 87, 20 grade Holstein cows, farmer, leases the Lee estate 100.

LEE, DANIEL W., r 85, agent Acme pulverizing harrow, 20 grade Durham cows, 25 Shropshiredown sheep, farmer 122 1/2.

Lee, Eugene S., r 85, farmer with Daniel W.

Lee, Frank L., r 101, 10 cows, farmer 50.

Lee, Fred, (Pierrepont Manor) r 103, laborer.

Lee, John Q., r 101, 6 cows, farmer 30.

Leepy, Stephen, r 129, 13 cows, farmer, leases on shares of Nicholas 104.

Le Fleur, Peter, (Belleville) laborer, h Main.

Le Fleur, Ruth D., (Belleville) dressmaker, Main.

Leonard, Benjamin, (Pierrepont Manor) farmer.

Leonard, Frank, r 101, foreman for George S. Hudson, h and lot.

LESTER, EDWIN, (Mannsville) undertaker and dealer in furniture, farmer 16, Lorraine st.

Lewis, Edgar, (Belleville) cheesemaker for Ingraham, Overton & Co., h Washington.

Lilly, Turner, r 99, farm laborer and farmer 1.

Littlefield, Calvin Col., (Belleville) r 19, capitalist, 28 cows, farmer 248.

Littlefield, Harvey D., (Rural Hill) r 22, 10 cows, farmer 65. [Died Oct. 12, 1889.]

LITTLEFIELD, HERBERT J., prop. Central Hotel, owns on r 22 farm 60.

Littlefield, Hiram F., farm laborer.

Littlefield, Horace, (Rural Hill) carpenter.

Littefield, Joel E., (Belleville) blacksmith, emp. J. Hayes.

Littlefield, Jotham W., (Belleville) farmer 5, h Washington.

Littlefield, Lyman, (Rural Hill) farmer.

Littlefield, Menzo P., (Belleville) r 36, famer 56.

Littefield, Miles G., (Rural Hill) farm laborer, son of Menzo P.

LITTLEFIELD, MILON P., (Rural Hill) r 12, 200 sugar trees, 200 apple trees, 22 cows, breeder of Ayshire cattle and Hambletonian horses, farmer 150.

Littlefield, Minnie Miss, (Belleville) h N. Main.

Litts, Joseph, r 101, laborer, h and lot.

Loomis, Philena, (Mannsville) r 116, widow of Thomas, farm 25.

Lord, James, (Adams) r 39, 11 cows, farmer, leases on shares of J. Monroe 65.

Lovelee, Charles, (Belleville) laborer.

Lovelee, John (Belleville) farmer 2.

Lum, Andrew W., (Mannsville) r 145, 6 cows, farmer 51.

Lum, Harriet A., (Mannsville) widow of Calvin, h and 2 acres.

Lum, Manford P., (Mannsville) com. traveler for T. M. Kendrick & Co., of Utica, h Main.

Lyman, William, (Adams) r 69, farmer.

Mahoney, John, (Belleville) r 42, mason and farmer 10. [Died Aug. 8, 1889.]

Mahoney, Alice D., (Belleville) dressmaker, Washington.

Mann, Newton B., (Mannsville) r 134, breeder of and dealer in Hambletonian trotting and road horses and Ayshire and Durham cattle, prop. stock horses "David Bonner" and "Adballa King," 40 horses, farmer, owns Royal stock farm 140, and in Boylston, Oswego Co., 132.

Maple Grove stock Farm, (Rural Hill) r 122, Hugh Brodie, prop., 132 acres.

Marsh, Allen J., (Mannsville) r 116, farmer with his father, William L.

Marsh, G. Jeremiah, (Mannsville) r 116, 35 cows, owns Marsh opera house block, farmer 234.

MARSH, WILLIAM L., (Mannsville) r 116, 600 sugar trees, 20 grade Swiss cows, farmer 165, and in Lorraine 600 sugar trees, 30 cows, and farm 335.

Martin, Alva A., (Woodville) r 81, farmer 8.

MARTIN, ELISHA B., (Belleville) r 65, 100 sugar trees, 75 apple trees, 18 cows, 30 Southdown sheep, farmer 110.

Martin, Eugene L., (Mannsville) (P. P. Martin & Co.) h Railroad.

Martin, Frank, r 76, farmer.

Martin, Frederick, laborer, h School.

Martin, George H., (Mannsville) r 113, 200 apple trees, grade Ayshire and Durham cattle, farmer 210.

Martin, Henry H., salesman, bds. Main

Martin, Leonard A., (Mannsville) (P. P. Martin & Co..) h Railroad.

MARTIN, LODWICK B., (Pierrepont Manor) r 67, 30 cows, 450 sugar trees, farmer 213.

Martin, P. P., (Mannsville) (P. P. Martin & Co.).

Martin, P. P. & Co., (Mannsville) (Leonard A. and Eugene L. Martin) general merchants, Main.

Martin, Stephen H., owns with C. I. Holley on r 107 farm 152.

MARTIN, WALTER S., (Belleville) r 65, farmer with his father, Elisha B.

Martin, Wellington, (Belleville) r 44, 16 cows, farmer 132.

MATTESON, FLOYD W., (Pierrepont Manor) r 72, cheese factory, 20 cows, farmer 180.

Matteson, Harrison S., (Pierrepont Manor) r 68, 10 cows, breeder of Norman Horses, farmer 100.

MATTESON, WILLIAM, (Pierrepont Manor) 25 grade Holstein cows, 30 head other stock, breeder of draught and road horses, farmer 150.

MATTESON, WILLIAM E., (Pierrepont Manor) r 72, 25 Holstein and grade cows, farmer 125.

Matthews, Dexter, r 124, 23 cows, farmer 132.

Matthews, Edward D., r 124, cheesemaker and farmer 2.

Matthews, Erasmus D., (Rural Hill) r 1, shoemaker, farm 8.

Matthews, Eunice S., r 110, widow of Joseph, 13 cows, farm 96.

Matthews, John L., r 124, 20 cows, farmer 160.

Matthews, John W., (Rural Hill) r 1, farmer.

Matthews, Leonard, capitalist.

Matthews, Lorriston A., (Mannsville) r 113, farmer 90.

Matthews, Lucian, farmer 25.

McBride, Daniel C., r 143, cooper, h and lot.

McCatharine, Jerusha Miss, (Mannsville) h Railroad.

McCune, Charles, r 118, laborer.

McDonald ___, (Woodville) r 99, farmer 24.

McDonald, John, (Woodville) r 99, farmer 34.

McGrath, Hiram, (Rural Hill) r 2, farmer 7.

McGrath, Hiram, (Woodville) r 99, farm laborer, h and lot.

McKee, Charles H., barber, Main.

MCKEE, FRANK H., blacksmith with his father, William H.

MCKEE, WILLIAM H., general blacksmith and horseshoer, served in Co. I, 76th N. Y. Vols., School, h do.

MCLEAN, WILLIAM C., r 108, 100 apple trees, 30 grade Durham cows, farmer 160.

McNeil, Ella S., (Belleville) widow of Robert B.

Mead, Arvilla, (Pierrepont Manor) h Main.

Mead, Ransom S., (Mannsville) 15 cows, farmer, leases on shares 101, h Railroad.

Mead, Rensselaer, (Mannsville) r 117, farmer.

Medcalf, Byron, r 107, laborer, h and lot.

Mellen, Albert, (Mannsville) r 146, farmer 60.

Mellen, De Forest, (Mannsville) r 135, farm 65.

Mellen, Melvin J., (Pierrepont Manor) r 72, farmer 75.

Mellen, Riley C., (Mannsville) r 147, farmer 35.

Mendall, Frank, (Woodville) laborer.

Merrill, John W., (Mannsville) merchant tailor, Railroad, h Main.

Merrit, John, (Pierrepont Manor) r 104, farmer 4.

METCALF, FRANK E., dealer in grociers, drugs, crockery, glassware, and notions, Main, h do.

Millard, Abisha P., (Mannsville) r 106, 6 cows, farmer 45.

Millard, Alfred L., retired merchant, h Main.

Millard, Alphonso, dealer in cattle and county produce, farmer 37 1/2, h School.

Millard, Frank H., (Woodville) r 23, farmer with D. L. Fillmore.

Millard, George W., formerly miller, farmer 30, h Main.

Millard, Harlow W., (Rural Hill) r 12 cor. 22, h and 4 acres.

Millard, Henry D., druggist, formerly miller and merchant, h Main.

Millard, John M., (Mannsville) r 106, farmer with his father, Abisha P., 42.

Millard, Philip, formerly merchant, farmer 4.

MINAR, GEORGE E., (Mannsville) captain schooner Minnehaha, h Main.

Miner, Abram, formerly lake captain and farmer, h and 3 1/2 acres Main.

MINER, JOHN, (Mannsville) formerly lake captain, farmer 100, h Main.

MINOT, THOMAS F., (Pierrepont Manor) r 105, farmer 33.

MINOTT, THOMAS H., (Pierrepont Manor) small fruit grower and market gardener, farmer 32.

Monro, Archibald, (Adams) r 39, farmer 11.

Monro, Donald, (Adams) r 39, 12 cows, farmer.

Monro, John, (Adams) farmer.

Monroe, Lewis, (Pierrepont Manor) blacksmith and horseshoer, h Main cor. Railroad.

Monroe, Rosford, (Woodville) r 80, laborer and farmer 4.

Monroe, William, (Pierrepont Manor) blacksmith with his father, Lewis.

Mooney, Sarah, widow of Henry, h Main.

Moore, Frank, (Mannsville) r 116, laborer, h and lot.

Moore, James, (Lacona, Oswego Co.) r 150, farmer, leases of ____ Hagan 84.

Moore, Lester J., (Adams) r 38, 25 cows, farmer, leases on shares of George Martin.

Mott, William, (Belleville) r 35, prop. grist, flour, and feed-mill, h Water.

Moyer, Jacob, (Sandy Creek, Oswego Co.) farmer.

MUIR, JOHN, M. D., (Pierrepont Manor) rector Zion Church and of Christ's Church of Ellisburgh.

Munroe, Wilton W., (Woodville) r 79, laborer

Murray, Peter, (Mannsville) r 135, laborer, h and 2 acres.

Murry, Harrison, (Mannsville) r 134, served in Co. G, 24th, and in Co. I, 3d N.Y. Lt. Art.

Murry, William, (Mannsville) r 115, 10 cows, farmer 57.

Myres, Jacob, r 143, 10 cows, farmer 60.

Myres, Newton, (Woodville) r 77, laborer.

Nash, Denison, r 106, 25 cows, farmer 130.

Nash, Fred, r 144, farm laborer.

Nash, Nelson, r 119, carpenter and joiner, farmer 9.

Nellis, Adelbert, (Lacona, Oswego Co.) r 150, farmer 50.

Nellis, Pamelia, (Lacona, Oswego Co.) r 150, widow of Joseph, farm 50.

Neville, Thomas, (Mannsville) shoemaker, h Main.

Newcomb, John P., 9 cows, famer 40.

Newell, Frank E., (Mannsville) r 116, mason and farmer 8.

Newmyer, Max, (Mannsville) r 146, 12 cows, farmer 100.

Newton, Harlan L., (Mannsville) caulker, h Main.

Nichols, Harriet E., (Mannsville) daughter of Samuel, farm 6, h Main.

Nichols, William, (Belleville) r 40, farmer, leases on shares of G. Tousley 106 1/2.

Noble, Fayette, farmer with his father, Frank M.

Noble, Frank M., r 109, 150 apple trees, 9 cows, farmer 53, marsh land 56.

Noble, H. Fayette, r 123, 10 cows, farmer 62.

Noble Herbert J., r 109, farmer.

Noble, Orange, r 110, farmer, leases on shares of E. S. Matthews 96.

Northrup, James M., farmer.

Northrup, William S., r 112, emp. John Williams.

Nutting, Alberto, (Woodville) r 24, laborer and farmer 2.

NUTTING, BYRON F., (Woodville) r 25, market gardener, breeder of pure Swiss and Guernsey cattle and Percheron horses, farmer 75.

Nutting, Clay, (Woodville) laborer.

Nutting, Franklin B., (Woodville) 25 Swiss and Guernsey cows, market gardener, farmer 250.

Nutting, Seward, (Woodville) laborer.

O'Brian, Michael, (Rural Hill) farmer 62, and leases of Millard Fillmore.

O'Connell, Matthew, (Adams) r 39, farmer 7.

Odell, Charles A., (Pierrepont Manor) r 105, 25 cows, farmer, leases on shares of J. R. Waite 200.

Overton, Charles M., (Belleville) r 17, (Ingraham, Overton & Co.) 20 high grade Durham cows, 30 head young cattle, farmer 165.

Paige, Darius L., (Adams) r 69, farmer 44.

Palmer, George G., painter, Foundry.

Palmer, Lorenzo D., farmer 25, h Foundry.

Palmer, Lorenzo T., r 103, 100 apple trees, 20 cows, farmer 120.

Parker, Asa, formerly farmer 9, aged 84, h Main.

Parker, Hannah, (Mrs. William H.) dressmaker, h Main.

Parker, Henry A., (Pierrepont Manor) farmer 18.

Pakrer, Horace A., (Mannsville) carpenter and builder, h Main.

Parker, John S., (Mannsville) clerk for Ira Bettinger, h Lorraine st.

Parker, Lewis, (Belleville) gardener, formerly merchant, h Main.

Parker, William, (Pierrepont Manor) farmer 10.

Parker, William H., carpenter and farm laborer, h Main.

Parker, Eliza G., (Belleville) widow of Rufus, h N. Main.

Parsons, Charles, (Rural Hill) farmer, leases on shares of H. P. Stacey 126 1/2.

Parsons, Elam, r 140, 200 apple trees, 20 grade Durham cows, farmer 120.

Parsons, Hosea A., r 100, postmaster, h Mill.

Parsons, John E., r 100, school teacher.

Parsons, William F., r 140, farmer, leases on shares of his father, Elam.

Patten, Adelbert, (Belleville) r 42, laborer.

Patten, Milo, (Belleville) r 64, farmer, leases on shares 40.

Patten, Milo, (Woodville) r 77, farmer, leases on shares of G.W. White 30.

Patten, William, (Belleville) r 49, laborer.

Patterson, John, 4 128, farmer 42.

Pease, Ellen, (Pierrepont Manor) h and lot Main.

Pelo, Henry, (Belleville) laborer.

Pelow, Joseph, (Belleville) r 43, farmer 13.

Penny, Rolla, (Woodville) r 81, laborer.

Penny, William, (Woodville) r 58, farmer.

PERKINS, EMILY De ETTA, (Pierrepont Manor) r 48, (Mrs. Harris T.) dressmaker.

PERKINS, HARRIS T., (Pierrepont Manor) r 48, steamboat engineer, h and lot.

Pesteur, Joseph, (Belleville) r 40 cor. 36, laborer.

PETERS, T. LEWIS, (Belleville) r 42, prop. Belleville woolen-mills, dealer in and manuf. of wools, yarns, flannels, etc.

Phillips, Hannah E., (Belleville) r 42, (Mrs. William H.) prop. grist-mill.

Phillips, John, (Pierrepont Manor) r 104, farmer 16.

Phillips, Martin, (Woodville) farm laborer, h and lot Main.

Phillips, Millard, (Rural Hill) farmer.

Phillips, William H., (Belleville) r 42, millwright and prop. grist-mill.

PIERREPONT MANOR HOTEL, (Pierrepont Manor) S. J. Andrus, prop., livery stable connected.

Pierson, Henry B., (Woodville) justice of the peace, barber, and farm laborer, h Main.

Pipe, Walter H., (Belleville) barber and hairdresser, Main, bds. do.

Pitkin, Lewis, (Belleville) r 50, farmer.

Pitkins, Chester, (Mannsville) r 148, farm laborer.

Place, Richard, (Rural Hill) r 24, laborer and gardener 2.

Place, William, (Rural Hill) 20 cows, farmer 105.

Plummer, Fred, (Mannsville) painter, h Main.

Plummer, Lyman J., farmer, leases on shares of G. Whipple.

Plummer, Stewart A., (Mannsville) r 117, stone mason, apiarist 55 swarms, farmer 6.

Pool, Andrew J., (Mannsville) r 106, farmer 25.

Pool, Hamilton F., (Mannsville) r 106, farmer 13.

Pool, La Mort, (Mannsville) farmer 44.

Pool, Selim L., (Pierrepont Manor) farmer 45.

Pool, William G., r 103, 15 cows, farmer 101.

Pooler, A. J., (Belleville) r 15, farmer.

Pooler, John, (Woodville) r 81, farmer, leases on shares of H. Wood 144.

Pooler, Joseph, (Mannsville) r 114 1/2, h and lot.

Pooler, Zelotus, (Mannsville) railroad track hand, h Lincoln.

Potter, Lorenzo, r 144, 32 cows, farmer.

POWELL, HENRY, (Belleville) r 51, 20 grade Durham cows, farmer 106 1/2.

Powers, Edward, (Belleville) r 52, laborer, h and lot.

Powers, Walter, (Belleville) r 52, farmer 6.

Powers, William S., (Belleville) r 52, painter, h and lot.

Presley, Charles, (Mannsville) r 149, farmer, leases of D. Remington 40.

Presley, George, (Woodville) r 63, laborer,

Price, George, (Pierrepont Manor) r 92, carpenter and joiner, h and lot.

Pruyne, Matthew, (Woodville) r 21 cor. 54, retired farmer, h and 2 acres.

PURDEY, MERRIT C., (Adams) r 38, com. traveler and farmer 36.

Putnam, Edwin, (Rural Hill) off r 9, farmer, leases on shares of Mullen & Griffin 200.

Ramsdell, James V., mason and builder, h Main.

Randall, David, (Adams) r 38, 8 cows, farmer, leases on shares 60.

Randall, Joseph, (Belleville) formerly farmer, bds. Washington.

Randall, William, r 87, laborer.

Ranny, Adeline R., (Belleville) (Mrs. John) prop. boarding-house, S. Main.

Redding, Horace, laborer, h Mill.

Redway, John S., (Adams) r 38, 22 grade Ayrshire and Durham cows, farmer 162.

Redway, John S., Jr., (Adams) r 38, farmer with his father, John S.

REED, CHESTER, r 108, dealer in cattle and breeder of Hambletonian horses, 2 grade Holstein cows, prop. Woodside stock farm 248.

Reed, Frank, (Mannsville) r 117, 27 cows, farmer, leases on shares 190.

Reed, George, (Woodville) r 55, laborer.

Remington ____, (Pierrepont Manor) r 92, farmer, leases on shares 60.

Remington, Allen, (Lacona, Oswego Co.) r 150, 15 cows, farmer 67.

Remington, Byron, (Woodville) r 28, farmer, leases on shares of S. Wallace 30.

Remington, Flora E. Mrs., (Mannsville) widow of Jay, dealer in millinery and fancy goods, Opera House block, bds. Main.

REMINGTON, GEORGE, (Remington & Beebe) h Mill.

Remington, Hiram, (Mannsville) r 116, 14 cows, farmer, leases on share of L. P. Eastman 100.

Remington, Thomas, H., (Mannsville) r 116, 6 cows, farmer 55.

REMINGTON & BEEBE, (George R. and Charles I. B.) wagonmakers, horseshoers, blacksmiths, and general repairers, Mill.

Rice, Franklin A., (Belleville) r 40, prop. Rice mineral wells, farmer 6.

Richardson, Amaziah, (Woodville) carpenter and joiner, h and lot Main.

Richmond, Cassius M., (Belleville) dentist, office in New York city, h N. Main.

Richmond, John, (Belleville) r 32, farmer, leases on share 40.

Rickerson, Will A., (Pierrepont Manor) carpenter and joiner, farmer, leases on shares of W. Graves 7.

Rima, Elmer, (Mannsville) farmer, leases on shares 17.

Risley, Hiram, (Rural Hill) r 2, farmer 25.

RIVERSIDE STOCK FARM, (Woodville) J. F. Converse, prop., 225 acres.

Roach, James, (Pierrepont Manor) r 90, 25 cows, farmer 150.

Roach, Robert, (Pierrepont Manor) laborer, h and lot N. Main.

Robinson, Charles, (Belleville) farmer with his father, Frederick, h Main.

ROBINSON, EDWARD J., (Pierrepont Manor) postmaster, dealer in fine road and trotting horses, dry goods, groceries, crockery, glassware, ready-made clothing, medicines, boots, and shoes, prop. Robinson block, Main cor. Lorraine sts, h Lorraine st.

ROBINSON, JOHN F., (Pierrepont Manor) r 105, farner 120, h Lorraine St.

Robinson, Orville B., (Pierrepont Manor) r 68, carpenter, h and lot.

Roman, Emeline, r 102, (Mrs. William) farm 96.

Root, George, (Mannsville) farmer, h Railroad.

Root, Hamilton E., (Sandy Creek, Oswego Co.) (J. H. Root & Co.) h and lot.

Root, J. H. & Co., (Mannsville) (Hamilton E. Root) props. Mannsville tannery.

Root, John H., (Mannsville) (J. H. Root & Co.) dealer in boots and shoes,

Railroad, h Main.

Rounds, Edward, (Mannsville) com. traveler, h Main.

Rounds, Frances M., (Mannsville) widow of Alfred L., h Main.

Rounds, George W., (Mannsville) r 117, 200 apple trees, 17 cows, farmer 160.

Rounds, Mason, (Mannsville) formerly farmer, aged 81, h Main.

Rounds, Theodore M., (Mannsville) Bates & Rounds) h Main.

Rowe, Timothy, r 123, laborer and dealer in hens, h and 2 acres.

Royal Stock Farm, (Mannsville) r 134, N. B. Mann, prop., 140 acres.

Rury, Daniel, r 101, carpenter and joiner, farmer 4.

Rury, Frank J., painter lives with his father, John.

Rury, Fred H., (Woodville) r 77, 10 cows, farmer 90.

RURY, JOHN, cooper, Main cor. Factory, h do.

RURY, MIRIAM, (Mrs. John) resident, h Main. [Died 1889.]

Rush, Robert, (Mannsville) r 117, farmer, h and 1 1/2 acres.

Russell, Cornelia, (Pierrepont Manor) (Mrs. Morris) h Main.

Russell, Dickman, (Pierrepont Manor) formerly tailor, farmer 4, h N. Main.

Russell, Don, r 110, farmer 14.

Russel, Frank, r 95, farm laborer, h and lot.

Russell, Wallace, r 106, 9 cows, farmer 50.

Salisbury, Charles, (Mannsville) r 140, 8 cows, farmer 60.

SALISBURY, JAMES E., (Belleville) prop. Belleville Hotel.

Salter, William, (Belleville) farm laborer, h and lot Searles.

Sanford, Ambrose J., r 141, 75 apple trees, 27 grade Durham cows, farmer 125.

Sanford, Augustus R., r 125, 15 cows, farmer 75.

Sanford, Erwin M., r 141, farmer with his father, owns farm 55.

SARGENT, JOHN W., (Woodville) physician and surgeon, Main, h do.

Saunders, James, (Belleville) r 75, farmer with Mark L.

Saunders, Mark L., (Belleville r 75, 15 cows, farmer 15, and leases on shares of Mrs. Pool 80.

Sawyer, Frank, (Mannsville) r 106, laborer and farmer 5.

Saxe, John, r 77 cor. 86, 20 cows, farmer 130.

Sayles, Solomon V., (Mannsville) r 118, Christain clergyman, aged 76.

Scott, Edwin, (Rural Hill) farmer 125.

Scott, Frank E., r 111, 10 cows, 15 head other stock, farmer, leases on shares of H. A. Brown 181.

Scott, George A., r 123, 25 cows, farmer 153.

SCOTT, M. LUCRETIA, (Woodville) r 80, (Mrs. Eastman) resides with her brother, Nathan G. Ellsworth.

Scott, William, (Pierrepont Manor) overseer of Pierrepont Manor farm 1,363, h Railroad.

Seafring, Fred, r 108, farmer 5.

Seaton, William, (Pierrepont Manor) r 104, farmer 5.

Segar, Hiram, formerly farmer.

SEVERANCE, CYRUS J., (Mannsville) physician and surgeon, Main, h do.

Shankland, Harriet, (Pierrepont Manor) widow of Charles F., farm 60.

Shaver, Austin, (Belleville) r 81, laborer.

Shaver, James W., (Woodville) r 60 cor. 61, 18 cows, farmer, leases on shares of N. Wood & Sons.

Shaver, William H., (Adams) r 68, carpenter and laborer.

Shears, George, (Woodville) r 61, farm laborer, h and lot

Sheldon, Wallace, r 100, farmer 25.

Sheldon, John C. F., r 144, laborer.

Sheldon, Susanna, (Mannsville) r 149, widow of William, farm 5.

Shepard, Henry W., (Mannsville) (Iron Clad Manufactory, Shepard & Seman, props., office 22 Clift st., New York city) 35 cows, farmer 280.

Shinners, Thomas, (Belleville) laborer, h and lot Water.

Shoecroft, Arthur, (Mannsville) r 133, farmer with his father, Jacob.

Shoecroft, Eugene, (Mannsville) r 133, farmer with his father, Jacob, owns farm 63.

Shoecroft, Jacob, (Mannsville) r 133, 27 high grade Holstein cows, breeder and dealer in Hambletonian horses, 10 head young stock, farmer 182.

Shoecroft, John, (Lacona, Oswego Co.) r 150, laborer and farmer 6.

Shoecroft, louisa, (Lacona, Oswego Co.) r 150,daughter of Joseph M., farm 24.

Shoefelt, Alberto, (Rural Hill) r 9, farm laborer.

Shoefelt, Owen, r 128, laborer, prop. stock horse "Whalebone," h and 3 acres.

Shufty, Frank, (Belleville) r 65, laborer.

Sias, Henry H., school teacher, son of Dr. William H. H.

Sias, William H. H., physician and surgeon, Main, h do.

Skinner, George, r 143, farmer 48.

Skinner, John W., (Woodville) r 81, 8 cows, farmer 45.

Slack, David, (Rural Hill) farmer.

Smith, Anson J., prop. Smith cheese factories; capacity of No. 1, 300 cows, No. 2, 400 cows, farmer 6.

Smith, Austin S., r 101, farmer with his father, Solomon.

Smith, Charles, (Belleville) r 69, farmer, leases on shares of J. Heath 87.

Smith, Daniel H., (Woodville) r 56, 10 cows, breeder of and dealer in Hambletonian horses, farmer 45.

Smith, Frank M., (Woodville) r 29 cor. 55, 25 cows, 10 horses, farmer 125.

Smith, George, (Rural Hill) r 12, farm laborer.

Smith, George W., (Pierrepont Manor) gang foreman on railroad, h Main.

Smith, George W., (Woodville) formerly farmer, aged 92.

Smith, Henry, r 144, laborer, h and lot.

Smith, James N., r 101, prop. grist-mill.

Smith, Jay F., (Woodville) r 46, horse trainer.

Smith. Leonora E., widow of Alva J., h Main.

Smith, Nelson, (Woodville) carpenter.

Smith, Solomon, r 101, farmer 45.

Smith, William H., r 123, farmer, leases on shares of his father, Abel, 29.

Sneider, Irvin, (Woodville) blacksmith, emp. D. H. Laird.

Snow, Jarius C., (Pierrepont Manor) prop. billard table, main.

Southwick, Alfred, (Woodville) r 59, fisherman and farmer 10.

Southwick, De Warren, (Woodville) laborer.

Spaulding, Josephine H., (Rural Hill) (Mrs. Judson) farm 87.

Spicer, Elias, (Adams) r 49, farmer 8.

Spink, Harriet, widow of Lock H., h Main.

Spink, Henry H., (Pierrepont Manor) r 93, horse trainer, farmer 4.

Spink, Winford H., prop. restaurant and dealer in confectionery, Main.

Squire, James, (Belleville) laborer, bds. N. Main.

Stacey, Harvey C., (Belleville) prop. saw-mill, manuf. of axe helves and barley forks.

Stacey, Hiram P., (Rural Hill) assessor, 24 cows, farmer 126 1/2.

Stanley, H. D., (Rural Hill) farmer.

Stanley, Herbert B., (Rural Hill) r 4, farmer 78.

Stapling, George, (Mannsville) r 119, 10 cows, farmer 60.

Stapling, George, Jr., (Mannsville) r 119, 10 cows, farmer 80.

Stapling, William, r 125, farmer with A. R. Sanford.

Stearling, Hiram, (Mannsville) r 132, 25 cows, 100 apple trees, farmer on the Stearling farm 212.

Stearns, Henry, soldier.

Steele, James, (Pierrepont Manor) r 68, laborer.

STEELE, ROSWELL M., (Pierrepont Manor) r 92, 400 sugar trees, 150 apple trees, 7 cows, served in Co. L, 10th N. Y. H. A., farmer 60.

Stephens, Horace, (Belleville) r 18, apiary 15 colonies Spanish bees, farmer 20.

Sterling, Mary, (Lacona, Oswego Co.) r 150, widow of Jacob, farm 6.

STETSON, ALBERT A., carpenter and joiner, h Mill.

STETSON, FRANC H., (Mrs. Albert A.) dressmaker, h Mill.

Stevens, Abigail, widow of Charles, h and lot Main.

Stevens, Frank, (Rural Hill) farmer.

Stevens, George J., (Mannsville) laborer.

Stevens, Livingston, r 108, farmer.

Stone, E. L., (Mannsville) prop. cheese factory, Railroad.

Stowell, Norman, (Woodville) r 24, 10 cows, farmer 50, and leases on shares of Fannie Clark 75.

Streeter, Maggie, (Belleville) widow of William, h and lot Main.

Streeter, Orlo, (Mannsville) carpenter and joiner, h Railroad.

Sturdevant, Andrew, (Belleville) farmer 12.

SWAN, MARTIN D., (Belleville) wholesale seed grower and dealer, 20 grade Holstein cows, 250 sugar trees, farmer 150.

Sweet, Delia, r 140, widow of B. F., farm 45.

Sweetman, Clarence M., (Mannsville) r 148, 15 cows, farmer 190.

Tanner, Watson W., carpenter, h School.

Taylor, Clarence, (Rural Hill) r 11, laborer.

Taylor, Eliza, (Rural Hill) r 11, widow of George W., farm 25.

Taylor, Jeduthan W., (Rural Hill) r 11, 300 apple trees, farmer 70.

Teear, Lestina, (Belleville) widow of Frank, bds. Washington.

Thomas, Elbridge, (Pierrepont Manor) r 72, teamster, h and lot.

THOMPSON, ANSON S., member of Assembly, first district, 1887 and 1888, physician and surgeon, Main, h do.

THOMPSON, JAMES M., (Mannsville) supervisor, druggist, and dealer in groceries, Railroad, h do.

Thomson, Grant A., r 23, farmer 21.

Thomson, Sally, r 122, widow of William, farm 11.

Tilton, Roselle, (Mannsville) r 146, 30 cows, 100 apple trees, farmer, leases on shares of W. R. Brewster 170.

Torry, Francis C., (Pierrepont Manor) carpenter and joiner, Lorraine st.

Tousley, Gideon, (Belleville) r 40, farmer 106 1/2, and in Adams 21.

Tousley, J. F., (Pierrepont Manor) r 68, (J. F. Tousley & Son).

Tousley, J. F. & Son, (Pierrepont Manor) r 68, (Winford E.) wholesale seed growers and dealers, 50 grade Holstein cows, 30 head other stock, breeder of Hambletonian horses, farmers 450, and lease 20 cows and farm 110.

Tousley, Winford E., (Pierrepont Manor) r 68, (J. F. Tousley & Son).

Tremain, William, r 144, laborer, h and lot.

Tucker, Abner H., (Belleville) r 49, farmer 34.

Tyler, Charles, (Woodville) r 58, farmer 55.

Tyler, Frank, r 99, farmer with his father, Sylvester.

Tyler, Harley, (Woodville) r 23, laborer.

Tyler, Sylvester, r 99, farmer 12.

UNION ACADEMY, (Belleville) H. A. Gaylord, prin.

Van Alstyne, Charles, (Belleville) farmer 6.

Van Auken, Abram, (Woodville) farmer 10.

Van Auken, William, (Woodville) r 99, apiarist 20 swarms, h and lot.

Van Dusen, Charles, (Adams) r 39, farmer 9.

Van Dusen ____, (Adams) r 39, carpenter, h and lot.

Van Wormer, Charles A., (Mannsville) r 133, 17 cows, farmer 93.

Van Wormer, Zara, (Mannsville) wagonmaker and blacksmith, Railroad, h do.

Veeder, Treadwell, (Pierrepont Manor) formerly farmer, h Lorraine st.

Veits, O. B., (Woodville) agent.

Veley, Alexander, (Mannsville) r 144, laborer.

Vernon, Willard, (Mannsville) retired sailor and carpenter, farmer 15, h Lorraine st.

Vickery, Benjamin, (Mannsville) r 119, farmer 7.

Vickery, John, (Mannsville) r 119, farmer, leases of A. Allen.

Vogel, Stephen, (Belleville) laborer, h and lot.

Wager, James P., (Belleville) teamster, h Washington.

Waite, J. Randolph, (Pierrepont Manor) r 105, 25 cows, breeder of Hambletonian horses, farmer 200.

WAITE, LEVI J., (Belleville) dealer in hardware, Main, h Washington.

Wakefield, John H., (Belleville) formerly blacksmith, h State.

Wall, John, (Belleville) r 36, farm laborer.

Wallace, Charles R., (Belleville) 12 cows, farmer 140.

Walrath, Hiram G., (Belleville) dealer in drugs and medicines, prop. and manuf. of Walrath's liniment, Walrath block, h do.

Walrath, Philena M., (Belleville) (Mrs. Hiram G.) dealer in millinery and fancy goods, Walrath block, do.

WALRATH, WALTON K., D. D. S., (Belleville) dentist, Walrath block, h do.

Walsh, William R., (Woodville) r 98, farmer 10.

Walworth, Charles N., (Pierrepont Manor) r 92, carpenter and joiner, farmer 3.

Walworth, Charles R., (Pierrepont Manor) r 92, Baptist clergyman and Sunday-school missionary with American Bible Publication Society.

WARD, ERASTUS J., r 86, 200 sugar trees, 30 cows, farmer 220.

Ward, Harriet I., widow of Abram, farm 15.

Ward, Robert, (Belleville) r 77, farmer 30 1/2.

Wardwell, Allen M., (Mannsville) agent Texas Loan Co., h Railroad.

Wardwell, Charles, (Mannsville) resident, h Main.

Wardwell, Charles A., (Mannsvillle) farmer.

WARDWELL, SAMUEL, (Mannsville) retired farmer.

Warren, David, r 103, laborer and farmer 2.

WARRINER, MILVERN E., (Belleville) prop. stage to Adams twice daily, leaves 8 a. m. and 1:30 p. m., returning leaves Adams 11 a. m and 8 p. m., livery attached, Main.

WASHBURN, EDWARD A., r 111, farmer with his father George A..

WASHBURN, GEORGE A., r 111, 40 cows, 300 sugar trees, farmer 202.

Washburn, Henry, r 130, farm laborer.

Washburn, Jay Y., (Mannsville) formerly manuf. of hoes and forks, retired, aged 80.

Washburn, Maxie, (Mannsville) cheesemaker, h Railroad.

Washburn, Stewart, r 120, laborer.

WASHBURN, WILLIAM A., (Mannsville) physician and surgeon, graduated in 1886, h Main.

WATERMAN, BYRON F., (Mannsville) r 115, 500 sugar trees, prop. feed-mill, 16 cows, farmer 100.

Weaver, John W., (Belleville) r 36 laborer.

Weaver, L. G. Rev., (Rural Hill) retired clergyman.

WEBB, ALBERT, (Pierrepont Manor) 18 grade Holstein cows, 7 horses, farmer 105.

Webb, Charles S., (Mannsville) drug clerk, h Main.

Webb, Dwight H., mason, h Mill.

WEBB, FRED P., (Pierrepont Manor) owns with W. H. Grennell stock horse "Mylord," 7 years old, imported from France in 1884, registered in France and in America, weight 1,640 lbs.

Webb, John, (Woodville) mason, h Main.

Webb, John, Jr., (Woodville) mason.

Webster, Benjamin F., (Mannsville) butcher, h Lorraine st.

Webster, Erank, (Mannsville) r 105, farmer 20.

Webster, Sarah, (Adams) r 48, widow of Andrew, farmer.

Weed, Nancy, (Mannsville) widow of Jehiel, h and lot.

Welch, John R., (Woodville) wagonmaker, Bridge, h do.

Welden, Harrison, (Pierrepont Manor) r 73, farmer, leases of Eliza Gates 70.

Welden, Sidney, (Woodville) farm laborer, h Main.

Wells, Jehiel, (Mannsville) r 135, farmer 8.

Westgate, Cassius, (Mannsville) horse trainer, bds. Main.

WHEELER, ANDREW A., (Mannsville) att'y and counselor at law, 20 cows, farmer 115, Main cor. Lorraine sts.

Wheeler, Ashley E., (Mannsville) harnessmaker with his father, Main.

Wheeler, Charles F., (Mannsville) r 132, farmer with his father, George N.

Wheeler, Charles M., (Woodville) carriage and ornamental painter, bds. Bridge.

Wheeler, David I., (Mannsville) canvasser, h Douglass.

Wheeler, Edmond L., (Mannsville) r 132, emp. H. W. Shepard.

Wheeler, Eugene E., (Mannsville) harnessmaker, Main, h do.

Wheeler, George, (Pierrepont Manor) r 68, 7 cows, farmer.

Wheeler, George H., (Mannsville) r 118, farmer, leases on shares of George N. 68.

Wheeler, George N., (Mannsville) r 132, farm 64.

Wheeler, Julia, (Pierrepont Manor) widow of William, h Main.

Wheeler, Lauren, (Mannsville) r 134, farmer, leases on shares of D. S. Hall 40.

Wheeler, William H., (Mannsville) r 133, farmer.

WHEELOCK, BETSEY M., (Belleville) r 35, (Mrs. G. L.) resident.

Wheelock, Frank J., (Mannsville) farmer 32.

WHEELOCK, GILBERT L., (Belleville) r 35, carpenter and joiner, farm 3.

WHEELOCK, GILBERT W., (Belleville) r 35, carpenter and farmer 6.

Wheelock, Nathan S., (Mannsville) r 117, farmer 10.

Whipple, Brayton, (Woodville) r 80, market gardener 10.

Whipple, George, r 112, 10 cows, farmer 52.

Whipple, John N., (Belleville) butcher and prop. meat market, Main, h do.

Whipple, Pardon, (Rural Hill) r 25, farm laborer.

Whitney, Clark, (Rural Hill) r 22, farmer 4.

Whitney, D. W. Adelbert, (Rural Hill) r 1, farmer 64, wood lot in Henderson 16.

Whitney, John, (Rural Hill) r 1, 8 cows, farmer 80.

Whitney, Richard O., (Rural Hill) r 1, farmer with D. W. Adelbert, aged 78.

Whitney, William A., carpenter and builder, h Main.

Whittle, George, (Mannsville) farmer, owns with W. Hitchcock 32, h Lorraine st.

Widrig, Ambrose F., r 128, teacher and farmer with his father, Francis.

Widrig, Francis, r 128, 12 cows, farmer 122.

Wilds, Benjamin F., formerly harnessmaker, shoemaker, prop. wool-carding machine, farmer, aged 85. [Died 1888.]

Wilds, Horace M., general merchant, owns Wilds block and other stores, h Main.

Wilcox, John, (Sandy Creek, Oswego Co.) r 145, 20 cows, farmer 145.

Wilcox, Nelson, (Belleville) r 74, farm 7.

Williams, Allen, (Mannsville) r 135, farm laborer.

Williams, Benjamin, (Belleville) 11 cows, farmer 100.

Williams, Charles, (Belleville) farm laborer, bds. N. Main.

Williams, Edward E., (Adams) r 38, farmer 11.

Williams, Emily A., widow of Othniel, h School.

Williams, Francis, (Mannsville) carpenter and joiner, h Douglass.

Williams, Frank, (Belleville) farmer with his father, Fred, h Main.

Williams, Frederick (Belleville) r 44, wholesale seed grower, 12 cows, breeder of Percheron horses, 75 Shropshire sheep, farmer 140.

Williams, George, (Belleville) r 20, farmer, leases of ____ Peryne 82.

Williams, Harriet, (Mannsville) r 117, widow of Joshua, farm 6.

WILLIAMS, HENRY M., (Belleville) r 44, 16 grade Durham cows, farmer 53, leases 140, and of Mrs. Rosa 180.

Williams, John, Jr., r 112, farmer, leases on shares of Allen.

Williams, Mary, (Mannsville) r 105, (Mrs. John) farm 20.

Williams, Norman, laborer, bds. Main.

WILLIAMS, PRESTON L., (Pierrepont Manor) r 90, dealer in country produce, 837 Washington street, New York city, farmer 25.

Williams, Robert P., (Belleville) r 77, veterinarian surgeon and farmer 80.

Williams, Robert, gardener and farmer 4, h Main. [Died Oct. 9, 1889.]

Williams, Thomas, M., (Mannsville) tends life saving station at the mouth of Sandy Creek, h Douglass.

Williams, Wallace J., market gardener and farmer 3 1/2.

Williams, William H., (Adams) r 48, farmer, leases on shares of Martha 13.

Williams, William H. H., (Adams) r 72, farmer with Edward E.

Williamson, Charles, (Belleville) carpenter and joiner.

Wilson, Fred P., (Adams) r 48, farm 4.

Wilson, Richard, r 130, laborer and farmer 2.

Wilson, William r 124, laborer.

Winslow, Austin S., (Rural Hill) deputy postmaster, mason, and farmer 3 1/2.

Winslow, Charles, (Mannsville) r 134, 10 cows, farmer 122.

Wise, La Fayette, (Belleville) laborer.

Wiswell, Albert C., leases grist and flouring mill, h Mill.

Wiswell, Nellie E., school teacher, daughter of Albert C.

Withington, William C., (Mannsville) r 133, farm laborer.

WODELL, AARON B., r 100, 75 apple trees, 25 cows, farmer 169.

WODELL, ISAAC P., r 100, supervisor, 200 sugar trees, 150 apple trees, 25 grade Holstein cows, seed grower, farmer 151.

WODELL, WARREN W., farmer 25, served in Co. K, 24th N. Y. Vols.

Wood, Alvah, (Woodville) r 24, farmer 50.

Wood, Alvah E., (Woodville) r 24, farmer 47.

Wood, Amos E., (Woodville) h and lot.

Wood, Arthur, (Woodville) laborer.

Wood, Charles B., r 110, 100 apple trees, 21 cows, farmer 127.

Wood, Frank, r 139, laborer.

Wood, George M., (Woodville) r 81 1/2, prop. Lake View House, farmer 12.

WOOD, GEORGE N., (Woodville) (N. Wood & Sons).

Wood, Harrison, (Woodville) farmer.

Wood, Horace, (Woodville) r 81, 18 cows, farmer 144.

Wood, J. Harley, (Woodville) r 83, 100 apple trees, 18 grade Durham cows, 15 head young stock, 40 Cotswold sheep, farmer 171.

WOOD, JAMES E., (Woodville) r 81, farmer with his father, Stephen, 151.

WOOD, JAMES R., (Woodville) r 81, 100 sugar trees, 100 apple trees, 35 cows, 11 horses, farmer.

WOOD, JULIA O., (Woodville) teacher.

Wood, Mehitable, (Bellevillle) h N. Main.

Wood, Merett F., (Woodville) farmer, leases on shares 22.

WOOD, MERRICK, (Woodville) r 63, farmer.

WOOD, MOSES W., (Woodville) r 79, commissioner of highways, breeder of and dealer in Holstein and Ayrshire cattle, Berkshire swine, and Plymouth Rock fowls, 30 cows, farmer, prop. Hillside Stock Farm 114 1/2

WOOD, N. & SONS, (Woodville) (Nathaniel, George N., and Nathaniel, Jr.) general merchants, props. planing-mill and Woodville cheese factory, manufs. of doors, sash, and blinds, 125 cows, farmers 850.

Wood, Nathaniel, (Woodville) (N. Wood & Sons).

WOOD, NATHANIEL, Jr., (Woodville) (N. Wood & Sons).

Wood, Silas, r 110, laborer.

Wood, Simeon T., (Woodville) 10 grade Ayrshire cows, farmer 45.

WOOD, STEPHEN, (Woodville) r 81, farmer with his son, James R., aged 68.

Wood, Susan, (Woodville) widow of Augustus V., h and lot Main.

Wood, William H. H., (Woodville) 18 cows, farmer 100, h Main.

Woodall, Granville, (Pierrepont Manor) farmer 12.

Woodruff, Abigail B., r 95, widow of William, owns farm.

Woodruff, Benjamin, r 95, 10 cows, farmer with his mother, Abigail B.

Woodruff, Dayton C., r 95, farmer 55.

WOODSIDE STOCK FARM, r 108, Chester Reed, prop., 248 acres.

WOODVILLE HOTEL, (Woodville) De F. S. Dingman, prop., livery stable connected.

Woodward, Harnie E., (Mannsville) farm laborer, son of Orson J.

WOODWARD, MARY A., daughter of William, farmer 100.

Woodworth, Betsey, widow of Tyler, aged 96.

Woolworth, George, (Mannsville) 20 cows, farm in Lorraine 150, h Main. [Deceased.]

Worden, Archie, (Belleville) r 42, farmer 6.

Worden, Luther, (Pierrepont Manor) r 104, farmer 15.

Worthington, David M., (Rural Hill) r 11, farmer 24 1/2.

Worthington, Thomas, (Belleville) farmer 10.

Wright, Almira E., (Belleville) widow of Chester, h Washington.

Wright, Frank E., (Belleville) harnessmaker, dealer in horse clothing, blankets, whips, etc., Salisbury block, h Washington.

Wright, William B., (Belleville) dealer in groceries, provisions, clothing, notions, and 5 and 10 cent goods, Green & Wright block, h N. Washington.

Zufelt, George, r 125, laborer and farmer 3.

Zufelt, James, r 125, farmer 10.

Zufelt, James A., shoemaker and farmer, h Mill.

Zufelt, Jefferson, r 110, laborer, h and lot.

Zufelt, Samuel, (Woodvillle) r 99, farmer 8.

Zufelt, William, (Belleville) r 80, laborer, h and lot.

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