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Index and Abbreviations

Ackerman, William, (E. Hounsfield) r 36, farmer 92.

Alexander, Amos, (Rice's) r 72, farmer 75.

Allen, Lebbeus F., (E. Hounsfield) r 34, 18 cows, farmer 184.

Allen, Leonard, (E. Hounsfield) r 33, farmer 50.

ALVERSON, SAMUEL, (E. Hounsfield) r 33, 48 cor. 49, 10 cows, farmer 68.

Alverson, Walter, (E. Hounsfield) r 33, farmer 10.

Alverson, William, (E. Hounsfield) r 52, 11 cows, farmer 108.

ARNOLD, CLARK F., (Sacket's Harbor) r 146, prop. cheese factory and grist-mill.

Arnold, Titus, (Sacket's Harbor) r 47, carpenter, h and 3 acres.

Athes, Amos, (Sacket's Harbor) r 60, market gardener 7.

AULT, JAMES O., (Sacket's Harbor) com. traveler, served in Cos. B and I, 20th N. Y. Cav., h William and Washington. {Removed to Bishop Street, Henderson.}

Babcock, Benjamin, (Sacket's Harbor) off r 25, farmer, leases of Catharine Luff 100.

Bacon, Casper L., (E. Hounsfield) r 33, prop. cheese factory.

Bailey, Alexander, (Sacket's Harbor) lake captain, h Ray.

Bailey, Augustus, (Dexter) r 12, laborer.

Bailey, Henry, (Sacket's Harbor) sailor, owns the Mist, h Main.

Bailey, Martha, (Dexter) r 12, widow of James, farm 29.

Baity, Delbert, (E. Hounsfield) laborer.

Baker, Adam, (Brownville) r 6, 6 cows, farmer 31.

Baker, George E., (Sacket's Harbor) laborer, h West.

Baker, Jefferson, (Sacket's Harbor) r 60, laborer.

Baker, Orville W., (Watertown) r 54 cor. 53, justice of the peace, sec'y Jefferson Co. Fire Relief Association, 8 cows, farmer 150.

Baker, Robert, (Sacket's Harbor) dealer in boots and shoes, owns 2 houses, farmer 62, Main, h Washington.

Banister, Albert C., (E. Hounsfield) r 29, farmer 187.

Barney, Herman, (Sacket's Harbor) retired, h Washington.

Barrows, Miles, (E. Hounsfield) farmer 30.

Barton, Harvey C., (Sacket's Harbor) r 46, farmer 113.

Barton, Mida Miss., (Sacket's Harbor) r 46, music teacher.

Bass, Bell, (Sacket's Harbor) r 62, widow of Dyer, resident.

Bates, Warren W., (Watertown) r 54, farm 213. {Deceased.}

Bearsley, Isaac H., (Sacket's Harbor) laborer, h Broad.

Benjamin, Charles, (E. Hounsfield) r 33, farmer 96. {Deceased.}

Benlow, William, (Sacket's Harbor) r 63, farm laborer.

Benny, Emma Mrs., (Sacket's Harbor) r 62, farm 7.

Benoit, Joseph, (Sacket's Harbor) Stony Island, prop. summer boarding house, farmer 100.

Berry, James, (Rice's) r 72, farm 90. {Deceased.}

Bigwood, James, (Dexter) r 12, mason and farmer 8.

Bigwood, Wallace, (Dexter) r 12, gardener.

Black, John, (E. Hounsfield) r 34, farm laborer.

Blake, George, (Sacket's Harbor) fisherman, h Main.

Blinn, Lucy S., (Sacket's Harbor) widow of James S., h Broad.

Blodgett, Calep T., (Rice's) r 72, farmer 300.

Blodgett, Clark, (Rice's) r 72, farmer for his father, Calep.

Blodgett, Joseph, (Rice's) r 72, farmer 122.

Blood, Melzie, (E. Hounsfield) r 29, farmer 50.

Blossom, Henry, (E. Hounsfield) r 33, farm laborer.

Boles, Levi, (Brownville) r 29, farmer 50, resides in Brownville.

Bolles, William, (E. Hounsfield) r 32, farmer 50.

Boulton, Charles, (Sacket's Harbor) farmer 93, h Ambrose.

BOULTON, HENRY, (Sacket's Harbor) r 62, 10 cows, farmer 63.

Boulton, James, (Sacket's Harbor) r 25, laborer.

Boulton, John, Sacket's Harbor) r 25, laborer, h and 3 acres.

Boulton, Samuel, (Sacket's Harbor) r 23, farmer 60.

BOWE, ABEL H., (Sacket's Harbor) (Clark & Bowe) h Ambrose cor, Washington.

BOYD, JAMES, (Sacket's Harbor) blacksmith, Broad, h Main.

Boyd, Mary, (Sacket's Harbor) widow of William, h Broad.

Boyd, Mary, (Sacket's Harbor) widow of Richard, h Monroe.

Brennan, James, (Brownville) r 7, 8 cows, farmer 95.

Brennan, John, (Sacket's Harbor) r 27, gardener, h Broad.

Brimmer, Henry, (E. Hounsfield) r 49, farmer 100.

Brimmer, John T., (E. Hounsfield) r 34, 7 cows, 1 brood mare, farmer 128.

Bristol, Alfred, (Adams Center) r 75, farmer 100.

Broadbent, Thomas, (Dexter) r 1, farmer 133.

Brodie, William, (Sacket's Harbor) farmer for Hugh, of Ellisburgh, on Stony Island.

Brooks, George, (Sacket's Harbor) laborer, h Main.

Brooks, James, (Sacket's Harbor) butcher, h Ray.

BRUNDIDGE, EDGAR H., (Rice's) r 73, laborer, h and 2 acres, served in Co. I, 10th N. Y. Cav., 3 years.

Burr, Lucinda, (Sacket's Harbor) widow of Edward, h Broad.

Burton, A. Legrange, (Sacket's Harbor) r 23, farmer 77.

Butler, Clara M., (Sacket's Harbor) r 63, school teacher.

Butler, Cynthia H., (Sacket's Harbor) r 63, school teacher.

Butler, James J., (Sacket's Harbor) r 63, served in the Mexican war as drummer boy at the age of 13, and in the late war in Co. I, 81st N. Y. Vol., farmer 27.

Butler, Laura M., (Sacket's Harbor) r 63, school teacher.

Butler, Luise Miss, (Sacket's Harbor) r 63, school teacher.

BUTTERFIELD, GEORGE E., (Sacket's Harbor) undertaker, served in Co. B. 186th N. Y. Vols., h and lot and 4 acres Main.

Butts, Helen A., (Sacket's Harbor) widow of Job, h Main.

Cady, Charles, (Adams Center) 21 cows, farmer 150.

Cahale, Patrick, (Sacket's Harbor) r 44, laborer.

CAMP, WALTER B., (Sacket's Harbor) retired merchant, owns drug store and farm 85.

Canfield, Theodore, (Sacket's Harbor) retired merchant and vessel owner, h Broad.

Cannon, John, (Sacket's Harbor) r 25, farmer.

Carter, Albert F., (Dexter) r 22, farmer for Mrs. Annie Cool 60.

Carter, Francis A., (Sacket's Harbor) farmer 40.

Cassida, Joseph, (Sacket's Harbor) soldier.

Ceppi, Charles, (Sacket's Harbor) soldier at Madison barracks, has served ten years, h Ogden.

Chamberlain, E. Herbert, (Sacket's Harbor) farmer 43, h Broad.

Chapple, William, (Sacket's Harbor) machinist, h Broad.

Chase, Henry, (Sacket's Harbor) r 47, invalid.

Chase, Jane, (Sacket's Harbor) r 47, widow of Roswell.

Clark, Charles M., (Sacket's Harbor) (Clark & Bowe) owns h Main, lives in Buffalo, N. Y.

CLARK, DEVILLIO A., (Sacket's Harbor) r 46, 60 sheep, farmer 80.

Clark, George, (Dexter) r 12, hotel cook.

Clark, Judson, (Adams Center) r 76, farmer for his father, Roswell.

CLARK, LEMUEL Rev., (Sacket's Harbor) pastor M. E. Church. {Removed to Sandy Creek, Oswego Co.}

Clark, Nelson, (Sacket's Harbor) r 57, farmer 14.

Clark, Riley, (Brownville) r 8, house painter, farmer 13.

Clark, Roswell, (Adams Center) r 76, 22 cows, farmer 155.

Clark, W. Hatfield, (Watertown) book-keeper, h Main.

Clark & Bowe, (Sacket's Harbor) (Charles M. C. and Abel H. B.) wholesale fish and coal dealers.

Cleaveland, Lavina Mrs., (Brownville) r 4, farm 33, resides in Brownville.

CLEVELAND, ISAAC H., (E. Hounsfield) r 34, farmer 84.

Cleveland, Philander, (E. Hounsfield) r 34, farmer 60.

Cobb, Elijah, (Sacket's Harbor) r 46, farmer 23.

Cobb, George H., (Sacket's Harbor) r 46, school teacher.

Colburn, Matilda A., (Sacket's Harbor) widow of Lewis J., retired, h Broad.

Colton, Caroline, (Sacket's Harbor) r 25, widow of William, farm 7.

Colton, John, (Sacket's Harbor) r 25, laborer.

Conden, Diana, (Dexter) r 12, widow of James.

Conden, Frederick, (Dexter) r 12, laborer.

Conden, William, (Dexter) r 12, laborer.

Conklin, Andrew, (Brownville) r 18, 10 cows, farmer 150.

Conklin, James, (Dexter) r 21, farmer 38.

CONKLIN, THEODORE C., (Brownville) 35 cows, farmer, leases of John T., 193.

Conlin, Hugh H., (Sacket's Harbor) clerk for Richard, h Washington.

Conlin, Richard, (Sacket's Harbor) dealer in groceries, Main, h Washington.

Conlin, Richard, Jr., (Sacket's Harbor) sailor, h Washington.

Conlin, Rose Mrs., (Sacket's Harbor) music teacher and dressmaker.

Conlin, Samuel P., (Dexter) prop. saloon.

Cook, Orville, (Brownville) r 4, peddler.

Cool, Henry A., (Sacket's Harbor) r 46, town assessor, fish peddler, and farmer 54.

Cooley, Horace, (Sacket's Harbor) millwright and carpenter, h Monroe.

Coon, John G., (Sacket's Harbor) r 63, 10 grade Jersey cows, 1 full blood Jersey bull, farmer for his wife, Dorcas, 80.

Coon, Otho, (Sacket's Harbor) r 63, farmer 17.

COTTAGE HOTEL, (Brownville) r 6, Edward Ellis, prop.

CRANDALL, FANNY A., (Sacket's Harbor) r 46, widow of Deloss W., farmer 120.

Crandall, George A., (New Brooklyn) soldier in Madison barracks at Sacket's Harbor.

Crandall, Perrin A., (Sacket's Harbor) r 46, farmer for Fanny A.

Crawford, Lillian, (Sacket's Harbor) widow of James, h Main.

Crouch, Jane Mrs., (Sacket's Harbor) r 64, farmer 50.

Crouch, Wilber, (Sacket's Harbor) r 64, butcher, Washington.

Crowell, Eliza R., (Sacket's Harbor) widow of Lyman, h Washington.

Crowell, William, (Sacket's Harbor) sailor, farmer 47, h Washington.

CROWLEY, CHARLES, (Sacket's Harbor) fisherman, owns 2 boats, h Broad. {Removed to Chicago, Ill.}

Cullen, James, (Rices) r 75, farmer 85.

Cullen, John, (Rices) r 74, farmer 125.

Cullen, Maria, (Rices) r 74, farm 20.

Cullen, Peter, (Rices) r 74, farmer 102.

Damewood, Richard, (Sacket's Harbor) r 25, farmer.

Damuth, Allen, (Sacket's Harbor) r 22, farmer 14.

DAMUTH, ANNA, (Sacket's Harbor) r 22, widow of Allen, owns farm.

Darrow, William, (Sacket's Harbor) r 24, carpenter.

DAVENPORT, VICTORIA, (Sacket's Harbor) r 68, farmer 27.

Davison, John, (Sacket's Harbor) r 78, farmer 60.

Davison, Sarah J. Mrs., (Sacket's Harbor) r 62, farm 11.

Day, Lewis W., (Sacket's Harbor) dealer in drugs, groceries, etc., Main, h Broad cor. Main.

Deacon, Frank, (Sacket's Harbor) r 47, blacksmith, h and lot.

Dealing, Charles, (Sacket's Harbor) teamster, h Washington.

Dealing, Charles G., (Sacket's Harbor) farm laborer, h Washington.

Dealing, George W., (Sacket's Harbor) emp. in foundry, h Washington.

Dempsey, Benjamin F., (Sacket's Harbor) invalid, served in the Indian war in Mexico, h Ogden.

Dempster, Eugene, (E. Hounsfield) r 29, farmer 16.

Denyes, Robert A., (Sacket's Harbor) r 67, farmer 60.

Derusha, Levi, (E. Hounsfield) r 34, peddler.

DESMORE, FRANKLIN D., (Dexter) r 12, sailor, captain and owns schooner McClellan, h and lot.

Desmore, Martha, (Dexter) r 12, widow of Isaac, resident, aged 78.

Dewey, H. F., (Sacket's Harbor) ticket agent R., W. & O., h Broad.

Dibble, Dexter M., (Sacket's Harbor) laborer, h Ogden.

Dimick, Esther, (Sacket's Harbor) r 60, widow of Orange, aged 78, farmer 188.

Dimick, Eva A., (Watertown) r 76, taxidermist.

Dimick, Jay, (Watertown) r 76, 9 head cattle, farmer 78.

Dingman, Lizzie, (Sacket's Harbor) manager of millinery story, Main,

DRAKE, ANDREW J., (Sacket's Harbor) r 25, served in Co., I, 10th Art., 3 years, farmer 15.

Duggan, George W., (E. Hounsfield) r 33, farmer, leases of C. Benjamin 96.

Duggan, William, (Sacket's Harbor) r 27, farmer 15.

Dunbar, Henry, (Sacket's Harbor) farmer, h Ray.

Dunbar, Thomas, (Sacket's Harbor) r 27, farmer 60.

Earl, Charles S., (Sacket's Harbor) emp. Adams Express Co. in New York city.

Earl, George, (Sacket's Harbor) porter Earl House.

EARL HOUSE, (Sacket's Harbor) R. M. Earl, prop., livery stable connected.

Earl, James P., (Sacket's Harbor) prop. restaurant, Main, h Monroe.

Earl, Richard H., (Sacket's Harbor) clerk Earl House.

EARL, RICHARD M., (Sacket's Harbor) prop. Earl House and livery barns, owns hotel, Madison hall on Main st., and farm 55 on r 45.

Earle, George, (Sacket's Harbor) emp. at Earl House, Main.

Eigabrant, Willis, (Brownville) r 8, laborer.

Elliott, Allen, (E. Hounsfield) r 34, farmer 170.

ELLIS, HOWARD, (Brownville) r 6, prop. Cottage Hotel.

Elmer, Elliott, (Sacket's Harbor) r 65, laborer.

Emmerson, C. C., (Sacket's Harbor) r 22, farmer160.

Ervin, Edward, (Sacket's Harbor) laborer, h Ray.

Evans, Edward, (E. Hounsfield) 15 cows, farmer 134

Evans, John T., (E. Hounsfield) r 51, farmer for Ann 28, and owns 64 on r 48.

EVELEIGH, BARNEY, (Sacket's Harbor) Prop. Eveleigh House, 6 houses, 2 stores, and meat market, dealer in coal, wood, groceries and hardware, owns schooner Monitor, farmer 1,100.

EVELEIGH HOUSE, (Sacket's Harbor) B. Eveleigh, prop., Main.

Eveleigh, Howard D., (Sacket's Harbor) r 60, farmer with his father, Thomas.

Eveleigh, James R., (Sacket's Harbor) r 27, farmer.

EVELEIGH, JOHN G., (Sacket's Harbor) mason, h and lot Ogden.

Eveleigh, John L., (Sacket's Harbor) r 27, farmer.

Eveleigh, Sarah, (Sacket's Harbor) r 68, widow of John, 10 cows, farmer 125.

Eveleigh, Thomas, (Sacket's Harbor) r 60, 26 cows, farmer, leases of E. Dimick 188.

EVELEIGH, THOMAS, (Sacket's Harbor) r 27, 8 cows, farmer 118.

Eveleigh, Thomas W., (Sacket's Harbor) r 27, farmer.

Fall, Daniel, (Sacket's Harbor) r 63, laborer, aged 73.

Farmer, Frank, (Brownville) r 7, papermaker and farmer 18.

Farran, David, (Sacket's Harbor) r 27, retired blacksmith.

Farrell, Michael, (E. Hounsfield) r 35, 12 cows, farmer 118.

Fassett, Mott, (Sacket's Harbor) r 60, laborer.

Fawdrey, Alfred, (Sacket's Harbor) sailor, h Main.

Fawdrey, Frank, (Sacket's Harbor) sailor, h Main.

FAWDREY, JAMES, (Sacket's Harbor) r 67, farmer 78.

Fawdrey, John, (Sacket's Harbor) r 67, 9 cows, 1 brood mare, farmer 164.

Fawdrey, Rhoda, (Sacket's Harbor) widow of James, resident, h Main.

FERGUSON, WILLIAM, (Sacket's Harbor) ordnance sergeant U. S. A. at Madison barracks, h Main.

Field, Frank W., (E. Hounsfield) r 33, farmer with his father, Hezekiah.

Field, Hezekiah, (E. Hounsfield) r 33, 18 cows, farmer 175.

Fields, James, (Sacket's Harbor) r 22, 7 cows, farmer 52.

Fields, John, (Sacket's Harbor) r 62, 8 cows, farmer 100.

FIELDS, JOHN W., (Sacket's Harbor) r 22, 3 cows, farmer 52.

Fields, Safford E., (E. Hounsfield) r 36, farmer 176.

Fitzgerald, John M., (Sacket's Harbor) hay dealer, 22 cows, 2 brood mares, farmer 146, h Main.

Folsom, William, (Sacket's Harbor) laborer, h Hill.

Foster, Albert, (Dexter) r 1, apiarist, 7 cows, farmer, leases of Thomas Broadbent 133.

Foster, Gilbert C., (Dexter) r 12, retired farmer.

Fowler, Oren, (Watertown), r 52, 8 cows, farmer 175.

Fox, Lester, (Sacket's Harbor) r 64, farmer 95.

FOX, MILO L., (Sacket's Harbor) r 64, 6 cows, farmer 70.

Francis, John F., (Sacket's Harbor) wagonmaker, Broad, h Main.

Frink, Almira, (Sacket's Harbor) r 46, widow of Elias, resident, aged 80.

Frink, George, (Sacket's Harbor) labor, h Washington.

Frink, William H., (E. Hounsfield) r 51, 8 cows, farmer 73.

Fuller, James, (Sacket's Harbor) r 25, farmer 4.

GALLOWAY, CHARLES, (Sacket's Harbor) r 24, 14 cows, farmer 80.

Galloway, Henry, (Sacket's Harbor) r 78, 21 cows, farmer, leases the C. Hall estate 167.

Galloway, James, (Sacket's Harbor) wholesale and retail dealer in liquors, Main, h do.

Galloway, Myron, (Sacket's Harbor) r 25, laborer.

Galloway, Walter, (Sacket's Harbor) r 22, fisherman, owns 4 acres.

Galloway, William, (Sacket's Harbor) r 24, farmer 50, and leases the E. Camp estate 266.

Gamble, Alexander, (Sacket's Harbor) r 44, carpenter, farm 15.

Gamble, Charles, (Sacket's Harbor) r 44, carpenter, owns 2 acres, h and lot Church.

Gamble, Edward, (Sacket's Harbor) Clark & Bowe, h Main.

Gamble, George, (Sacket's Harbor) r 44, carpenter, h and 2 acres.

GAMBLE, JAMES, (Sacket's Harbor) r 44, carpenter and joiner, h and 5 acres.

GAMBLE, JAMES, JR., (Sacket's Harbor) carpenter, h Monroe.

Gamble, John, (Sacket's Harbor) r 44, carpenter.

Gamble, Josiah, (Sacket's Harbor) carpenter and joiner, h Monroe.

Gamble, Thomas, (Sacket's Harbor) r 44, carpenter.

Gannett, Emmett B., (Sacket's Harbor) prop. Summer boarding-house, farmer for his wife, Margaret, Gallup Island.

Gannett, Margaret, (Sacket's Harbor) Gallup Island, 30 cows, farm 876.

Gilmore, Charles G., (Sacket's Harbor) off r 62, farmer 110.

Gillmore, Mary E., (Dexter) r 2, widow of James E., farmer 136.

Gilmore, Bert Q., (Dexter) r 2, farmer.

Gilmore, Charles, (Sacket's Harbor) farmer 125, h Ambrose.

Gilmore, Edwin A., (Brownville) farmer, leases of his mother, Martha J., 75.

Gilmore, Erskine J., (Dexter) r 2, farmer for his mother, Mary E.

GILMORE, HORACE O., (Dexter) r 2, assessor, 20 cows, farmer 250, served in Co. I, 10th N. Y. H. A.

GILMORE, MARTHA J., (Brownville) r 4, widow of Frank, farmer 75.

Globe Paper Co., (Brownville) Minot Mitchell, of Watertown, pres.: E. A. Flanagan, of Brownville, sec'y and treas., manufs. of book, news and manilla paper.

Godfrey, Ralph, (Sacket's Harbor) sailor, h Washington.

Godfrey, William G., (Sacket's Harbor) sailor, h Washington.

Goodfriend, Lewis, (Sacket's Harbor) r 60, farmer 10.

Gotham, Ephraim, (Dexter), r 1, laborer.

GOTHAM, WILLIAM. H., (Dexter) r 1, farmer, leases of Martha Bailey 50, served in Co. E., 94th N. Y. Vols.

GRAHAM, HENRY J., (Sacket's Harbor) r 59, farmer.

GRAHAM, JAMES F., (Sacket's Harbor) r 60 cor. 47, 18 cows, farmer 170.

Graham, James H., (Sacket's Harbor) r 59, farmer, leases of W. E. Stokes 65.

Graham, John, (Sacket's Harbor) sailor, h Broad cor. Main.

Graham, John Capt., (Sacket's Harbor) vessel owner, h Main.

Graham, William (Sacket's Harbor) r 27, sailor and farmer 10.

Graves, Julia E., (E. Hounsfield) widow of Jonah.

Graves, Nelson, (Sacket's Harbor) harnessmaker, h Broad.

Graves, Robert C., (Sacket's Harbor) student, h Broad.

Green, Cortland, (Sacket's Harbor) r 29, farmer on the estate of Charles 85.

Green, Elbert H., (E. Hounsfield) r 40, farmer for his mother, Elvira.

Green, Elvira, (E. Hounsfield) r 4, widow of William B., 11 cows, farm 100.

Green, Francis D., (Watertown) r 71, live stock breeder and dealer, farmer 125.

Green, Frank, (Rices) r 71, farmer 100.

Green, Hannah, (Sacket's Harbor) r 129, widow of Charles, farmer 68.

Green, Stennet, (Rices) r 54, farmer, leases of Warren Bates 100.

Griffin, Harriet, (Sacket's Harbor) h Broad cor. Washington.

Gunn, Henry, (Brownville) r 6, gardener.

Gurney, Norman, (Sacket's Harbor) dealer in drugs, Main, h Broad.

Gurney, Walter, (Sacket's Harbor) clerk for Norman.

Hadley, Clara, (Sacket's Harbor) widow of Alfred, h Ray.

Half-Way House, (E. Hounsfield) William Warren, prop.

Hall, Harriet, (Sacket's Harbor) widow of Charles, h Broad.

Hall, Herbert D., (Sacket's Harbor) r 70, farmer with his father, Solomon H.

HALL, PERONNE C., (Sacket's Harbor) widow of Thomas, retired, h Main.

Hall, Solomon H., (Sacket's Harbor) r 70, farmer 109.

Hamburg, Joseph, (Brownville) r 8, 20 cows, farmer 173.

Hamilton, George, (Sacket's Harbor) r 61, farmer 63.

HAMILTON, JOHN, (Sacket's Harbor) r 25, retired, h and 2 acres.

HARRINGTON, ALVARO, (Sacket's Harbor) farmer in Rodman 37, h Ray. {Removed to Rodman.}

HARRIS, JAMES, (Sacket's Harbor) r 40,11 cows, farmer 148, and owns in Lyme 285.

HARRIS, WILLIAM W., (Sacket's Harbor) invalid, served in Co. B, 186th N. Y. Vols., of Madison barracks, h Main.

HASTINGS, ALEXANDER B., (Sacket's Harbor) prop. billiard room and saloon, Main, h do.

Hayes, Harvey, (Sacket's Harbor) r 60, farmer.

HAZLEWOOD, JAMES M., (Sacket's Harbor) r 63, 5 cows, market gardener and farmer 60.

Hemans, Sylvester J., (Sacket's Harbor) prop. saloon, Main, h do.

Herrin, James, (Sacket's Harbor) laborer, h Main.

Hess, John, (Sacket's Harbor) r 26, sailor, h and lot.

Hess, Matthew, (Sacket's Harbor) farmer on Gallup Island.

HICKS, ADAM NELSON, (Sacket's Harbor) r 62, 16 cows, farmer, leases of B. Everleigh 104.

Higley, Hannah, (E. Hounsfield) r. 41, farmer 100.

Hines, John, (Rices) r 75, farmer 75.

Hodge, Garrison, (Watertown) r 53, 25 cows, farmer 106.

Hoffman, Robert, (Sacket's Harbor) r 77, farmer, leases of the M. Rickerson estate 12.

HOLDEN, AURILLA, (Sacket's Harbor) r 65, widow of Aaron, resident, farm 65.

HOLDEN, CLAY, (Sacket's Harbor) off r 65, market gardener and farmer 41.

Holden, Lillian B., (Sacket's Harbor) dressmaker, h Broad.

Holden, Marian L., (Sacket's Harbor) dressmaker, h Broad.

HOLDEN, MYRON, (Sacket's Harbor) market gardener and farmer, leases of Armenia Orchard 12, h Main.

Holden, Walter B., (Sacket's Harbor) r 65, farmer for Aurilla 65.

Holden, Wellington P., (Sacket's Harbor) sailor, h Broad.

Holden, Winfield, (Sacket's Harbor) r 65, stone mason, carpenter, and market gardener 7.

HOLLOWAY, CHARLES B., (Sacket's Harbor) served in Co. H, 10th N. Y. H. A., h Main.

Holloway, Fred N., (Sacket's Harbor) marina engineer, h Main.

Holloway, Horace G., (Sacket's Harbor) lighthouse keeper at Horse Island, farm 17.

Holmes, Harvey L., (Sacket's Harbor) pastor M. E. Church, h Broad.

Hoover, George, (Dexter) r 12, prop. saw and planing-mill, h and lot.

Horton, Judson A., (Watertown) r 71, farmer for Mrs. H. Maxson 175.

Horton, Mary J., (Dexter) r 12, widow of James, dressmaker.

House, Silas, (Brownville) r 6, laborer.

Hovey, Asahel, (Sacket's Harbor) laborer on Gallup Island.

Hovey, Edgar, (Sacket's Harbor) prop. livery stable, h Washington.

Hovey, Fred, (Sacket's Harbor) r 47, laborer.

Hovey, Samuel G., (Sacket's Harbor) r 65, farmer, h and lot.

Hovey, Winnie, (Sacket's Harbor) laborer on Gallup Island.

Hubbard, Mary N., (Sacket's Harbor) widow of Barney, carpet weaver, h Hill.

Hughson, Caleb, (Sacket's Harbor) resident, h Ambrose.

Hughson, George, (Sacket's Harbor) cartman, h Ambrose.

Hughson, Leverett T., (Sacket's Harbor) com. traveler, h Ambrose.

Hungerford, Henry E., (Sacket's Harbor) Main, bds. Washington.

Hunt, Edward, (Sacket's Harbor) r 52, farmer with his mother, Laura, 110.

Hunt, Laura, (Sacket's Harbor) r 52, widow of John, resident, aged 72.

Hunter, Mary S., (Sacket's Harbor) farm 59, h Broad.

Hutchins, Samuel, (Watertown) r 53, 15 cows, farmer 120.

HYATT, FRANCIS E., (Sacket's Harbor) r 25, served in Co. C, 2d Conn. H. A., laborer, h and lot.

Inglehart, Emma, (Sacket's Harbor) widow of Cornelius, h Broad.

Ives, Frank, (Rices) r 54, farmer 300.

Ivory, George, (Sacket's Harbor) general merchant, Broad, h do.

JACKSON, JAMES, (Sacket's Harbor) off r 25, shoemaker and farmer 20.

Jackson, Mary, (Sacket's Harbor) widow of George, h Main.

Jackson, Sarah, (Sacket's Harbor) widow of John, h Main.

Jackson, William, (Sacket's Harbor) on Stony Island, farmer, leases of B. Eveleigh 400.

Jaffrey, Emanuel, (Sacket's Harbor) sexton Presbyterian Church, h Main.

Johnson, Byron F., (Sacket's Harbor) lighthouse keeper, 25 cows, farmer on Gallup Island 600.

JONES, JAMES R., (Sacket's Harbor) dealer in fruits, confectionery, cigars, tobacco, jewelry, and notions, Main, h Ogden.

Jones, Nelson, (E. Hounsfield) r 33, carpenter, h and 2 acres.

Kelley, Henry, (Sacket's Harbor) soldier, h Broad.

Kelley, Thomas, (Sacket's Harbor) r 25, farmer 32.

KENNEDY, ANDREW, (Brownville) r 8, farmer 12, served in Co. E, 4th R. I. Vols., 3 years and 2 months.

Knapp, Catharine, (Brownville) widow of German, resident, aged 82, h Main.

KNAPP, CHARLES E., (Brownville) r 8, 36 cows, farmer, owns in Rutland 90. {Removed to Watertown.}

Knight, Alma Miss., (Sacket's Harbor) r 77, school teacher.

KNIGHT, EDWARD, (Sacket's Harbor) r 77, 7 cows, farmer 60.

Knight, Randall, (Sacket's Harbor) r 77, farmer 105. {Deceased.}

KNOWLTON, EDWIN C., (Sacket's Harbor) consulting engineer at Madison barracks, agent for Susan, farm 75 on r 63, h Broad.

Knox, Wesley, (E. Hounsfield) r 31, farmer, leases of the S. Benjamin estate 125.

Koppenhaver, Percival W., (Sacket's Harbor) barber and dealer in cigars, Main, h do.

LADD, ELIPHALET, (Watertown) r 76, 8 cows, farmer 94.

Ladd, Marshall J., (Watertown) r 76, farmer with his father, Eliphalet.

Lamon, John, (Sacket's Harbor) r 23, farmer 65.

Lamon, Lester, (Sacket's Harbor) r 29, farmer 80.

Lane, Charles, (Sacket's Harbor) boot and shoe dealer, Main, h Hamilton cor. Broad.

LANE, CHARLES E., (Sacket's Harbor) bookkeeper, h Broad.

LANE, HENRY J., (Sacket's Harbor) member of Assembly, first district, general merchant, Main, h Broad.

Lane, Hubert H., (Sacket's Harbor) clerk, h Broad.

Lane, James, (Sacket's Harbor) retired farmer.

Lawrence, Everett D., (Sacket's Harbor) r 56 cor. 60, farmer with his father.

Lawrence, Martin P., (Sacket's Harbor) r 56 cor. 60, 6 cows, 2 brood mares, farmer 60.

Lee, Addison, (Brownville) r 18, farm laborer.

Lee, ______, (Dexter) r 12, widow of George, farm 38.

Lee, George S., (Dexter) r 12, farmer 50.

Lee, Samuel, (Sacket's Harbor) r 22, 9 cows, farmer 96.

Lepper, Henry M., (Sacket's Harbor) off r 25, farmer 22.

Lepper, Olin H., (Sacket's Harbor) r 25, farmer 36.

Lewis, Melvin A., (Sacket's Harbor) prop. oyster café, Main, h do.

LEWIS, RICHARD M. CAPT., (Sacket's Harbor) marine engineer, served as captain in the home guards at Sacket's Harbor during the civil war, h Ogden.

Lewis Richard M., Jr., (Sacket's Harbor) sailor, h Ogden.

LINDSEY, JAMES, (Sacket's Harbor) upholsterer, h and lot Hill.

Lindsey, John, (Sacket's Harbor) carpenter, h Ray.

Littlefield, F. M. Prof., (Sacket's Harbor) prin. Sacket's Harbor Union School, h Washington.

Livermore, Eliza M., (Dexter) r 3, widow of Solomon E., farmer 164.

Livermore, Fred M., (Sacket's Harbor) r 34, 25 cows, farmer 175.

Livermore, George, (Sacket's Harbor) r 34, farmer with his father, Fred.M., and owns 48.

Livermore, Henry, (Dexter) r 3, farmer on the estate of Solomon E. 164.

Livermore, Levi, (Dexter) r 3, farmer on the estate of Solomon E. 164.

Livermore, Lucy Miss, (Dexter) r 3, dressmaker.

Livermore, Whitney, (Dexter) r 3, farmer on the estate of Solomon E. 164.

Loadwick, Fred C., (Watertown) farmer with his father.

Loadwick, Josiah, (Watertown) r 53, farmer, leases of F. E. Ives 210.

LONSDALE, JOHN H., (Sacket's Harbor) r 24, farmer 95.

Lord, Sheldon D., (Sacket's Harbor) physician and surgeon, h Ambrose.

Lovett, William (Watertown) r 51, laborer.

Lowery, Joseph, (Sacket's Harbor) r 42, farmer for W. Stevenson.

Lowery, Joseph, (Sacket's Harbor) r 44 cor. 48, laborer.

Loyd, William, (Dexter) r 1, laborer.

Loyd, William, (Sacket's Harbor) r 66, laborer.

Luff, Cornelia, (Sacket's Harbor) widow of George, h Ogden.

Luff, Jesse, (Sacket's Harbor) Stony Island, farmer for Mrs. Orris Luff 118.

Lynch, Martin, (Brownville) r 5, laborer and prop. boarding-house.

Mabb, Jeremiah F., (Sacket's Harbor) prop. restaurant, Main, h do.

Madigan, Matthew, (Sacket's Harbor) prop. saloon and dealer in canned fruits, Main, h do.

Mahar, John, (Sacket's Harbor) r 25, farmer 30.

Maldoon, Francis, Brownville) r 4, farmer 45.

Maldoon, Frank C., (Brownville) r 4, farmer 44.

Markham, Joseph, (Sacket's Harbor) laborer.

MARKS, JOSEPH, (Dexter) r 12, served in Co. K, 35th N. Y. Vols., and in Co. I, 10th N. Y. H. A., emp. in sash and blind shop.

Marsh, A. M., (Adams Center) r 75, farmer with his father, Amos.

Marsh, Amos, (Adams Center) r 75, farmer 120.

Marsh, Giles M., (Sacket's Harbor) jeweler, Main, h do.

Martin, Thomas (Sacket's Harbor) r 48, farmer for his wife, Eliza, 63.

Martin, William, (Brownville) r 8, painter.

Matthews, Mark H., (Sacket's Harbor) r 77, farmer, leases of R. Knight 105.

Matteson, Cornelia M., (Sacket's Harbor) r 58 cor. 59, widow of Daniel, 13 head cattle, farmer 73.

Matteson, Franklin, (Sacket's Harbor) r 58, 8 cows, 1 brood mare, prop. trotting Hambletonian stallion "John Scott," farmer 95.

Matteson, George, (Sacket's Harbor) r 57, farmer 42.

Matteson, Jay D., (Sacket's Harbor) r 58 cor 59, farmer for Mrs. Cornelia M.

Matteson, Nettie M. Miss, (Sacket's Harbor) r 58 cor 59, school teacher.

Maxson, Arthur, (Sacket's Harbor) r 47, carpenter and carriage painter.

Maxson, Charles, (Sacket's Harbor) r 27, farmer.

Maxson, Edward, (Sacket's Harbor) r 77, farmer, leases of Niles Stillman 105.

Maxson, Hannah, (Watertown) r 71, widow of Benjamin, 7 cows, farmer 175.

Maxson, Hiram, (Watertown) r 71, retired.

Maxson, Jared, (Sacket's Harbor) r 69, farmer 30.

Maxson, Mansfield, (Sacket's Harbor) r 68, farmer, leases of D. G. McClary 33.

Maxson, Rufus L. (Watertown) r 71 cor. 73, 10 cows, farmer 113.

McClary, Dudley G., (Sacket's Harbor) r 68, carpenter and farm 33.

McClary, John, (Sacket's Harbor) teamster, h Ambrose.

McEvoy, Daniel W., (Sacket's Harbor) dealer in groceries and canned fruits, Main, h Madison.

McEvoy, William D., (Sacket's Harbor) clerk, h Madison.

McKee, Alvin, (Sacket's Harbor) fish peddler, h Washington.

McKee, David, (Sacket's Harbor) (David McKee & Son) h Washington.

McKEE, DAVID & SON, (Sacket's Harbor) (Wilbur L.) props. foundry and machine shop, Ogden.

McKEE, MARY, (Sacket's Harbor) r 46, widow of Alvin, farm 140 {Deceased.}

McKEE, OSCAR, (Sacket's Harbor) r 46, 8 cows, 7 head young cattle, farmer 30.

McKee, Wilbur L., (Sacket's Harbor) (David McKee & Son) h Washington.

McLAUGHLIN, WILLIAM, (Sacket's Harbor) prop. meat market, served in Co. B, 35th N. Y. Vols., h and lot Ambrose.

McMullen, John, (E. Hounsfield) farmer, leases of Mrs. B. Orchard 38.

McWayne, Albert, (Sacket's Harbor) r 62, farm laborer,

McWAYNE, DEGRASS, (Sacket's Harbor) r 62, farmer 4.

McWayne, Delos, (Sacket's Harbor) r 62, 10 cows, farmer 180.

McWayne, Jay D. Capt., (Sacket's Harbor) 14 grade Durham cows, Swiss stock horse "John A. Logan," bred by "Gold Dust," Hambletonian, farmer 98, h Broad.

McWAYNE, JOSIAH A., (Sacket's Harbor) r 67, supervisor, 17 cows, 6 head young cattle, 2 brood mares, 400 sugar trees, farmer 185.

McWAYNE, JUSTUS W., (Sacket's Harbor) r 63, 3 cows, prop. summer resort for picnic parties, farmer 53. {Died in March, 1889.}

MEEKS, NELSON, (Sacket's Harbor) r 62 6 cows, farmer 53.

MEMBERY, GEORGE O., (Sacket's Harbor) r 46, 10 cows, farmer 120.

Mennel, George, (Sacket's Harbor) laborer.

Monont, Joseph, (Sacket's Harbor) Stony Island, farmer 100.

Metcalf, Abigail, (Sacket's Harbor) widow of Thomas, h Ambrose.

Metcalf, Albert, (Sacket's Harbor) supt. U. S. naval property, h Main.

Metcalf, Bailey, (Sacket's Harbor) town clerk and clerk for B. Eveleigh, h Washington.

Metcalf, Edwin S., (Sacket's Harbor) r 78, farmer 18.

METCALF, FRANCIS, (Sacket's Harbor) r 64, 50 sheep, farmer 105.

METCALF, MARY, (Sacket's Harbor) widow of Henry, h Washington.

METCALF, F. THOMAS, (Sacket's Harbor) engineer in planing-mill, h Washington. {Died March 25, 1889.}

Metcalf, William, (Sacket's Harbor) retired farmer, aged 83, h Main.

Moffat, Frederick, (Sacket's Harbor) r 22, farmer 30.

Moffat, John, (Sacket's Harbor) wagonmaker, Broad, h do.

Moore, Burleigh, (Rice's) r 55, farmer, leases of H. Totman 10.

Moore, George, (E. Hounsfield) r 39 cor 40, farmer 68.

Morey, Samuel, (Sacket's Harbor) r 60, 13 cows, farmer 117, and owns h and lot in Watertown.

MORRIS, CHARLES VALENTINE, (Sacket's Harbor) lieut. in the U. S. Navy, h Main.

Morris, Mary, (Sacket's Harbor) widow of David, h Washington.

Morris, Robert, (Sacket's Harbor) sailor, h Bagard.

Morrison, John, (E. Hounsfield) r 36, farmer, leases of E. Graves 150.

MORSEMAN, EPHRAIM P., (Sacket's Harbor) r 60, farmer 260.

Morseman, Morenus, (E. Hounsfield) r 7, farmer of r 49 in (Brownville) 125.

MURPHY, LAURA, (Dexter) r 12, widow of Henry, farmer 76. {Farm sold to William H.}

Murphy, William H., (Dexter) r 12, hay presser, farmer 75.

Night, Raphael C., (Black River) soldier in Madison barracks at Sacket's Harbor.

Nims, Charles W., (Sacket's Harbor) r 27, farmer 35.

Noble, Jane A., (Sacket's Harbor) widow of William, retired, h Monroe.

Norton, Cora Miss, (Watertown) r 7, dressmaker.

NORTON, LEANDER W., (E. Hounsfield) r 7, 40 cows, farmer 245.

Oakes, George, (Sacket's Harbor) r 41, farmer 60.

Oakes, Richard, (Sacket's Harbor) r 46 cor. 47, retired farmer.

Obrien, Dennis, (Sacket's Harbor) r 25, laborer and farmer 12.

O'Harris, Charlotte, (Sacket's Harbor) widow of John, h Washington.

O'Neal, Robert, (Sacket's Harbor) teamster, h Ogden.

ORCHARD, Benjamin, (Sacket's Harbor) r 46, 20 cows, farmer 255.

Ostrander, Charles A., (E. Hounsfield) laborer.

Palmer, David, (Sacket's Harbor) justice of the peace and shoemaker, Main, h do.

Pankhurst, Franklin, (Sacket's Harbor) off r 64, laborer.

Parker, Addie, (Sacket's Harbor) widow of G. W., h Main.

Parker, Albert, (Sacket's Harbor) r 27, sailor.

PARKER, ELISHA H., (Sacket's Harbor) ins. agent and drug clerk, h Main.

PARKER, FRANCIS L., (Sacket's Harbor) r 63, market gardener 22.

Parker, George W., (Sacket's Harbor) painter, served in Co. H, 10th H. A. Vols., h Main.

Parker, Helen Miss, (Sacket's Harbor) r 27, dressmaker.

Parker, James, (Sacket's Harbor) barber, Main, h do.

Parker, James R., (Sacket's Harbor) r 27, carpenter, h and lot.

Parker, John, (Sacket's Harbor) police justice, justice of the peace, and notary public, h Broad, owns 20 acres in corporation, resides Main.

Parsons, Thomas, (Sacket's Harbor) r 22, farmer 118.

Patrick, Andrew, (Dexter) r 11, farmer 100.

Patrick, Charles, (Sacket's Harbor) r 47 cor. 48, farmer for W. Stevenson.

Patrick, Charles (Sacket's Harbor) r 59, 8 cows, 1 brood mare, farmer 148.

Patrick, Elbridge, (Dexter) off r 12, laborer and farmer 40.

Patrick, Henry, (Dexter) off r 12, farmer 79.

Patrick, Hiram, (Dexter) r 12, works the Ephraim Wilder farm 80.

Patrick, John, (Dexter) farmer 4.

Pelton, Charles E., (Sacket's Harbor) r 29, postmaster.

PENNEY, GEORGE W., (Dexter) r 12, carpenter and sailor, served in 18th Corning N. Y. Lt. Cav. during the war.

PENNEY, SALLY, (Dexter) r 12, widow of Samuel S., resident aged 84, h and lot.

Perigo, John, (Sacket's Harbor) blacksmith, Broad, h do.

PERIGO, MARY C., (Sacket's Harbor) widow of Charles H., who served in Co. I, 18th N. Y. Cav., dealer in groceries and hardware, Main, h do.

PERRY, ALBERT N., (Sacket's Harbor) captain steam tug Thistle, h Broad.

Perry, Nathaniel, (Sacket's Harbor) r 22, gardener 6.

Petrie, Ogilvie, (Watertown) r 55, 40 cows, farmer, leases of H. Inglehart 213.

PETTIT, JOHN S., (Sacket's Harbor) r 26 cor. 27, 20 cows, farmer 114.

Phelps, Anna M. Miss, (Sacket's Harbor) r 63, school teacher.

PHELPS, AUSTIN A. Capt., (Sacket's Harbor) r 63, captain steamer, New York from Buffalo to Chicago, 15 head cattle, 2 Hambletonian brood mares, farmer 120.

Phelps, John W., (Sacket's Harbor) r 63, 25 cows, 15 head cattle, farmer 165.

Phelps, Silas R., (Sacket's Harbor) r 64, 16 cows, farmer 140.

Phelps, William, (Sacket's Harbor) hay presser, h Broad.

Phillips, Beatson, (Brownville) r 13, 28 cows, farmer, leases of George Frasier 230.

Phillips, Elijah, (Brownville) r 4, retired farmer.

Phillips, John H., (Dexter) r 12, teamster.

Phillips, John W., (Brownville) r 28, laborer.

Phillips, William G., (Sacket's Harbor) r 59, 19 cows, farmer 175.

PLUMB, SAFFORD, (Dexter) r 12, wagon repairer.

Pomeroy, Fanny, (Sacket's Harbor) Stony Island, widow of Henry, farmer 204.

Porter, Frank R., (Sacket's Harbor) (Tyler & Porter) physician and surgeon, h Main.

PORTER, WILLIAM, (Sacket's Harbor) carpenter and joiner, h Broad.

Potter, Dewitt, (E. Hounsfield) r 35, farmer 50.

Potter, Fred E., (Brownville) r 10, leases of A. Potter 14 cows and farm 225.

Potter, Harrison C., (Sacket's Harbor) farmer, son of Peter C.

Potter, Harry A. L., (Brownville) r 9, farmer and school teacher.

POTTER, HENRY L., (Sacket's Harbor) dealer in furniture, Main, h do.

Potter, Herbert M., (Sacket's Harbor) cartman, h and 4 acres Watertown road.

Potter, Newman, (Brownville) r 9, 15 cows, farmer 221.

Potter, Peter C., (Sacket's Harbor) farmer 100, h Main.

Powers, Frederick, (Brownville) r 9, farmer 42.

Powers, Joseph, (Brownville) r 6, laborer.

Powers, Mary, (Brownville) r 6, widow of Peter.

Powers, Rachel, (Brownville) r 9, widow of Richard, resident.

Ramsey, Mary, (Sacket's Harbor) r 65, widow of Allen, farm 24.

Raymond, John, (Sacket's Harbor) laborer, h Washington.

Reader, Henry H., (Sacket's Harbor) cartman, dealer in wood and ice, Main, h do.

READER, JOHN H., (Sacket's Harbor) boot and shoemaker, served in Co. I, 10th N. Y. H. A., Main, h and lot do.

Reed, Calvin, (Sacket's Harbor) r 44, farm laborer, h and 2 acres.

Reed, Charles, (Sacket's Harbor) sailor, h Ambrose.

Ree, Charles C. Capt., (Sacket's Harbor) captain sailing vessel, L. B. Stone, h Ambrose.

Reed, Desting C., (Rices) r 72, farmer 220.

Reed, George M., (Sacket's Harbor) vessel owner, h Washington cor. Hill.

Reed, Sarah A., (Sacket's Harbor) widow of R. C., dealer in dry goods, Main, h do.

Reeves, James A., (Sacket's Harbor) farmer, h Main.

Reeves, Thomas H., (Dexter) r 12, foreman for Binninger & Strainge, of Dexter, h and lot.

Ressegnie, Alvira, (Sacket's Harbor) r 48, widow of Belden, farmer 38.

Ressegnie, Daniel, (Sacket's Harbor) r 70, farmer 94.

Ressegnie, David, (E. Hounsfield) r 48, 10 cows, farmer 150

Ressegnie, Jay (Sacket's Harbor) r 70, farmer with his father, Daniel.

Ressegnie, Samuel, (Sacket's Harbor) r 48, farmer 53.

Rice, Kate, (Dexter) r 12, widow of James B. who served in the War of 1812, h and lot.

Richardson, Edmond, (Watertown) r 60, farmer 30.

Roberts, Samuel, (E. Hounsfield) r 33, blacksmith and farmer 75.

Robie, George, (Sacket's Harbor) r 22, carpenter.

Rodrick, Walter, (Brownville) r 6, laborer.

Rogers, Mary F., (Sacket's Harbor) widow of Erastus, retired, aged 76, h Ambrose.

Roof, Irving, (Dexter) r 21, 21 cows, farmer, leases of George Frasier 244.

Root, Lemuel B., (Sacket's Harbor) miller for James A. Wilson, h Main.

Rorick, John, (Sacket's Harbor) r 60, farmer 24.

Rounds, Alonzo, (Sacket's Harbor) r 46, farmer 75.

Rowlson, Ira L., (Sacket's Harbor) dealer in custom-made clothing and gents' furnishing goods, Main, h do.

RUSSELL, GEORGE H., Jr., (Sacket's Harbor) mason and builder, owns 2 houses and lots, h Monroe cor. Main.

Ryan, Fred, (Dexter) r 12, laborer.

Sanders, Timothy, (Brownville) r 6, laborer.

Sanford, Mark, (Sacket's Harbor) carpenter and farmer, h Ogden.

Sargent, Almond J., (Dexter) r 13, school teacher and farmer.

Sargent, Cassius J., (Dexter) r 13, school teacher and farmer.

Sargent, Washington, (Dexter) r 13, 6 cows, farmer 75.

Savage, Edward, (Brownville) r 4, farmer 50.

Sawtell, Chester, (E. Hounsfield) r 33, farmer 33.

Sawtell, Sophia Miss, (E. Hounsfield) r 33, farm 11.

Scanlon, De Esting, (Sacket's Harbor) r 62, farmer 50.

Scanlon, Patrick, (Sacket's Harbor) r 62, farmer.

Scanlon, Willard, (Sacket's Harbor) r 62, farmer with his father, Patrick.

Scripture, Calvin, (E. Hounsfield) r 7 cor. 32, 17 Holstein cows, farmer 122.

Scripture, Eugene, (E. Hounsfield) r 7 cor 32, farmer for his father.

Scroxton, Benjamin C., (Sacket's Harbor) dealer in stoves, tinware, etc., h Washington. cor. Broad.

Scroxton, George, (Sacket's Harbor) tinman, h Monroe.

SCROXTON, JOHN, (Sacket's Harbor) dealer in hardware, Main, h do.

Secor, Daniel, (Sacket's Harbor) r 64, laborer.

SEEBER, SYLVESTER F., (Brownville) 35 cows, farmer, leases of George Frasier 230. {Removed to Brownville.}

Shaver, William H., (Sacket's Harbor) clerk Eveleigh House.

Shead, De Forest F., (Sacket's Harbor) r 28, farmer, leases of Maria F. 386.

Shead, Foster L., (E. Hounsfield) r 37, farmer 100.

SHEAD, MARIA F., (Sacket's Harbor) r 28, administratrix estate of Orson V. Pease, 11 cows, farmer 386.

Shipman, Eva S., (E. Hounsfield) r 33, dressmaker.

Shroder, Henry (Sacket's Harbor) soldier, h Monroe.

Signor, Augustus, (Sacket's Harbor) r 48, lake captain and farmer 24.

Signor, Edwin, (Sacket's Harbor) r 22, farmer.

Signor, Louisa, (Sacket's Harbor) r 22, widow of John, resident.

Simonds, Frank, (Sacket's Harbor) butcher, h Hill.

Simons, Frederick, (Sacket's Harbor) r 78, laborer.

Slack, David, (Sacket's Harbor) Stony Island, laborer.

Slater, James H., (E. Hounsfield) r 36, farmer with his father, Stephen D.

SLATER, SARAH, (Brownville) r 8, widow of Joseph, farm 30.

Slater, Stephen D., (E. Hounsfield) r 36, 12 cows, teacher vocal and instrumental music, farmer 100.

Sloat & Greenleaf, (Watertown) J. A. Wilson, agent, dealers in lumber, props. planing and grist-mills, Ogden.

Sloman, Edward, (Sacket's Harbor) retired, bds. with L. A. Day.

Smith, Alburtus, (Sacket's Harbor) retired, h Broad.

Smith, Alice, (Sacket's Harbor) widow of William, dealer in groceries and confectionery, Main, h do.

SMITH, ASHBY, (Sacket's Harbor) r 62, farmer 62.

Smith, Condolice, (Sacket's Harbor) r 67, mason and farmer 21.

Smith, De Estaing A., (Watertown) r 53, farmer with his father, owns in Watertown 115.

Smith, George, (Sacket's Harbor) off r 62, farmer 35.

Smith, George, (Sacket's Harbor) r 67, laborer.

Smith, James, (Watertown) r 53, farmer, leases of the John Baker estate 166.

Smith, John, (Sacket's Harbor) laborer, h Main.

Smith, Martin, (Sacket's Harbor) r 67, farmer, lease of Alvira Thompson 95.

Smith, Willett E., (Watertown) r 53, 31 cows, farmer 175. {Deceased.}

Smith, William Mrs., (Sacket's Harbor) prop. bakery, dealer in groceries and confectionery, Main, h do.

Spicer, Horace, (Sacket's Harbor) r 27, farmer, leases of W. Stevenson 100.

SPICER, IVAN L., (Sacket's Harbor) r 60, served in Co. H, 10th N. Y. H. A., 3 years and honorably discharged at the close of the war, farmer 24.

Spicer, Lafayette, (Sacket's Harbor) r 60, 10 cows, farmer 97.

Spicer, Sarah, (Sacket's Harbor) r 60, widow of John, resident, aged 81.

Sprague, Deforest A., (Sacket's Harbor) r 65, market gardener and farmer 55.

Sprague, Frank, J., (Sacket's Harbor) r 65, farmer with his father, Deforest A.

Starkweather, Harley, (Brownville) r 4, farmer with his father, Warren.

Starkweather, Warren, (Brownville) r 4, carpenter and farmer 27.

Stearnes, Aaron, (Sacket's Harbor) dealer in clothing and gents' furnishing goods, Main, h do.

Sterling, Adolphus D., (Dexter) r 12, laborer.

Sterling, Walter D., (Dexter) r 1, laborer.

STERN, THEODORE, (Sacket's Harbor) retired soldier, h and lot Ogden.

STETSON, GEORGE W. (Sacket's Harbor) r 27, 6 cows, farmer 67, served in Co. I, 10th H. A.

STEVENSON, WILLIAM, (Sacket's Harbor) r 47 cor. 48, 17 cows, 23 sheep, farmer 300.

Stevenson, William, Jr., (Sacket's Harbor) r 76, farmer, leases of M. Wills 65.

Stewart, Albert, (Sacket's Harbor) coachman, h Monroe.

Stillman, Niles, (Sacket's Harbor) r 77, farmer 105.

STOKES, ISAAC, (Sacket's Harbor) r 39 cor. 40, 10 cows, farmer 71.

Stokes, Luther J., (Sacket's Harbor) r 63, farmer with his father, Robert H.

Stokes, Robert H., (Sacket's Harbor) r 63, farmer, leases of Elizabeth Huntley 53.

Stokes, Simeon, (Sacket's Harbor) r 76, farmer 75.

Stokes, William, (Sacket's Harbor) tinman, Main, h do.

Stokes, William, Jr., (Sacket's Harbor) laborer, h Main.

Stokes, William E., (Sacket's Harbor) r 59, farmer 57.

Stone, Alexander, (Sacket's Harbor) dealer in liquors, Main, h do.

Stone, Alfred H., (Sacket's Harbor) sexton, h Broad.

Stoodley, Charles A., (Sacket's Harbor) r 68, 10 cows, farmer 90.

Streeter, Miles, (E. Hounsfield) r 36, laborer.

Sutton, Samuel, (Sacket's Harbor) off r 64, 9 cows, farmer 40.

Sutton, Samuel, Jr., (Sacket's Harbor) off r 64, farmer 108.

Swift, William, (Sacket's Harbor) farm 45.

Symonds, Frank, (Sacket's Harbor) laborer, h Main.

Symonds, Madison, (Sacket's Harbor) farmer and mason, h Broad.

Taggart, M., (Sacket's Harbor) dealer in flour and feed, Main, h do.

Taylor, Marcus, (E. Hounsfield) r 35, 10 cows, farmer 85.

Terry, Henry E., (Sacket's Harbor) r 44, porter Earl House.

Thompson, Alvira, (Sacket's Harbor) widow of Samuel, farm 95.

Thompson, Burt D., (Sacket's Harbor) r 64, farmer with his father, Monroe P.

Thompson, Charles, (Sacket's Harbor) r 25, soldier.

Thompson, John W., (Sacket's Harbor) r 64, farmer with his father, Monroe P.

THOMPSON, MONROE P., (Sacket's Harbor) r 64, 10 grade Durham and Jersey cows, farmer 132.

TRACY, JAMES M. Capt., (Sacket's Harbor) retired lake captain, h Broad.

TREMAIN, GILES W. (Sacket's Harbor) r 63, 19 head cattle, farmer, served 3 years in Co. B, 10th N. Y. H. A.

Tremain, Jane A. Mrs., (Sacket's Harbor) r 63, 2 brood mares, farm 45.

Trowbridge, John, (Brownville) r 21, laborer.

Tyler, Colett, (Sacket's Harbor) dressmaker, h Ogden.

Tyler, Franklin B.F., (Sacket's Harbor) r 27, farmer 31.

Tyler, William E., (Sacket's Harbor) (Tyler & Porter) allo. physician and surgeon, Main, owns 35 acres land on r 62, h Broad.

TYLER, WILLIAM W., (Sacket's Harbor) captain in the U. S. army, served in 94th N. Y. Vols.

Tyler & Porter, (Sacket's Harbor) (William E. T. and Frank R. P.) physicians and surgeons, Main.

Utter, Ann C., (E. Hounsfield) widow of John, farm 75.

Utter, J. De Esting, (E. Hounsfield) r 50, 11 cows, farmer 40.

VAN ALSTYNE, MILES, (Sacket's Harbor) blacksmith, Broad, h Main.

Vance, William Capt., (Sacket's Harbor) r 22, farmer 34.

Vance, William S., (Sacket's Harbor) r 22, farmer for his father, William, 34.

VAN EPPS, JAMES C., (Sacket's Harbor) representative Watertown Post and Daily Times, owns h and 10 acres, h Monroe.

Van Volkenburg, Margaret, (Sacket's Harbor) widow of John W., h and lot Broad.

Voodra, F. J., (Dexter) carpenter.

Walsworth, Byron, (Watertown) r 51, farmer 127.

Walsworth, Lewis, (Sacket's Harbor) off r 64, 20 cows, farmer 200. {Deceased.}

Ward, Chester, (Sacket's Harbor) r 76, farmer.

Ward, James, (Sacket's Harbor) r 25, laborer, h and 7 acres.

Ward, Josiah, (Sacket's Harbor) carpenter, h off Ray.

Warren, Annie, (Dexter) r 2, widow of Thomas, farmer 56.

Warren, William, (E. Hounsfield) r 32, postmaster, prop. Half-Way House, and owns 38 acres.

Washburn, Briggs, (Adams Center) r 76, farmer 100.

Washburn, Caroline, (Sacket's Harbor) r 64, widow of Luther, farmer 35.

Washburn, Diana, (Sacket's Harbor) r 67. Widow of Collins, resident.

Washburn, George, (Sacket's Harbor) r 66, farmer 55.

Washburn, Ira, (Sacket's Harbor) r 28, laborer.

Washburn, John, (Sacket's Harbor) r 61, farmer, leases on shares of R. Baker 62.

Washburn, John R., (Sacket's Harbor) r 62, farmer, leases of James Fields, of Pamelia, 100.

WASHBURN, LAYTON, (Sacket's Harbor) r 63, farmer for J. W. Phelps.

Washburn, Martha, (Sacket's Harbor) r 63, widow of Dyer, farm 115.

Washburn, Mary, (Sacket's Harbor) r 48, widow of Stephen, resident 55 years, farm 13.

Washburn, Newton M., (Sacket's Harbor) harnessmaker, h Hamilton cor. Monroe.

Washburn, Richard, (Sacket's Harbor) r 67, 10 cows, 1 brood mare, farmer 115.

Washburn, Robert, (Sacket's Harbor) farmer 20, h Main.

Washburn, Schuyler, (Sacket's Harbor) r 68, 6 cows, farmer 127.

WASHBURN, SILAS R., (Sacket's Harbor) r 66, 13 cows, 150 sugar trees, farmer 90.

Washburn, Theodore, (Sacket's Harbor) r 66, 15 cows, farmer 111.

WATERBURY, EVERETT, D., (Sacket's Harbor) dentist, Broad, h do.

Waterbury, George S., (Sacket's Harbor) r 66, 9 cows, farmer on the estate of John 138.

Waterbury, Harriet, (Sacket's Harbor) widow of John M., owns 138 acres on r 66.

Watkins, Clinton D., (E. Hounsfield) r 7, farmer, leases on shares of W. Norton 145.

Wattam, Jesse, (Sacket's Harbor) Gallup Island, laborer.

Wattam, Nelson D., (Sacket's Harbor) Gallup Island, 600 sheep, farmer 740.

Wauful, Parlee, (Brownville) r 6, laborer.

Weber, Lewis Rev., (Sacket's Harbor) pastor Presby. Church, h Washington.

Wescott, Alfred, (Sacket's Harbor) r 66, farmer 100. {Deceased.}

Wescott, Ann, (Sacket's Harbor) r 66, widow of Orvis, farmer 70. {Deceased.}

Wescott, Clarence M., (Sacket's Harbor) r 65, farmer 25.

Wescott, Shubar, (Sacket's Harbor) r 67, farmer on the estate of Ann 70.

Westcott, Charles H., (Sacket's Harbor) r 46, farmer, leases of H. A. Cool 54.

Westcott, Henry A., (Sacket's Harbor) r 63, laborer, owns 2 acres.

Whalen, Thomas, (Sacket's Harbor) r 25, farmer 16.

WHITAKER, EZRA J., (Sacket's Harbor) engineer in the U. S. Navy, h Broad.

Whitney, James W., (E. Hounsfield) r 52, farmer 75.

Whitmore, Charles S., (Brownville) r 6, laborer.

Wilcox, Amos, (Brownville) r 6, druggist in Brownville, farmer 18.

Wilder, Charles, (Sacket's Harbor) r 22, farmer 32.

Wilder, Edwin, (Sacket's Harbor) r 22, farmer with his father, Charles.

Wilder, ______, (Dexter) r 12, widow of Ephriam, farm 80.

Wilder, Henry D., (Dexter) r 12, farmer 100.

Wilder, James, (Sacket's Harbor) sailor, h Broad.

Wilder, Jotham, (Dexter) r 1, laborer.

Wilder, Nellie, (Sacket's Harbor) widow of Philo D., dressmaker, h Ogden.

Wilder, Stephen, (Dexter) r 12, farmer 60.

Wilder, Theodore, (Dexter) r 12, laborer, owns 5 acres.

Wilder, Ward, (Sacket's Harbor) r 23, farmer 6.

Wilder, William, (Dexter) r 12, laborer.

Wills, Mary, (Sacket's Harbor) r 76, farmer 65.

Wilson, Ansel J., (Brownville) r 9, 10 cows, farmer 149.

WILSON, JAMES A., (Sacket's Harbor) agent, prop. lumber yard and planing and grist-mill, h Ray.

Wilson, Mary, (Sacket's Harbor) widow, resident, h Hill.

Wilson, Ruth, (Sacket's Harbor) r 63, farm 10, h Broad.

Winslow, Jedediah Rev., (Sacket's Harbor) rector Episcopal Church, bds. Eveleigh House, h in Watertown.

WRIGHT, JAMES, (Dexter) r 12, served in Co. H, 10th N. Y. H. A., 3 years, farmer. {Removed to Brownville.}

Wright, John, (Sacket's Harbor) r 29, farmer 92.

YERINGTON, FERNANDO D., (Dexter) butcher, {Removed to Brownville.}

Youngs, William H., (Dexter) r 12, miller, leases Globe grist-mill of D. Drake.

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