(Postoffice address in parenthesis.)

Index and Abbreviations

Ackerman, Lewis, (Black River) r 105, farmer, leases of Lucina Poor 90.

ALLEN, BYRON J., (Theresa) r 2, hay presser.

Allen, George M., (Black River) r 107. emp. D. Dexter's Sons, h and lot.

Allen, Philip, (Theresa) r 2, farmer 61. [Deceased.]

Allport, David, (Black River) r 105, laborer and fireman.

American Cheese Factory, (Evans Mills) Daniel Walrath, prop.

Anable, Horace S., (Evans Mills) r 15, 30 cows, farmer, leases on shares of Jonas Petrie 200.

Anderson, Charles S., (Evans Mills) carpenter and joiner, h and lot Le Ray st.

ANDREWS, NATHANIEL B. Rev., (Evans Mills) pastor Presbyterian Church, parsonage Church. [Removed to Michigan.]

Anstead, David, (Evans Mills) r 4, farmer 127.

Anstead, Henry A., (Evans Mills) r 26, 20 cows, breeder of Holstein cattle, farmer 185.

Anthony, Franis P., (Evans Mills) r 35, 15 cows, farmer, leases of Oliver 150.

Anthony, Jacob, (Evans Mills) r 45, farmer 51.

Anthony, Oliver, (Evans Mills) retired farmer 151. h and lot Le Ray st.

Appenzeller, Frederick, (Le Raysville) r 56, postmaster, general merchant, h and lot.

ARTHUR HOUSE, (Black River) Rudolph Richner, prop., Main cor. Friendship.

BACON, WILLARD, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 60, 26 cows, farmer, leases of Lucy and Salome Budlong 196.

BAILEY, BENJAMIN W., (Black River) retired farmer, h and lot Park.

Baldic, James H., (Evans Mills) r 63 1/2, carpenter and joiner, h and 19 acres.

Baldic, John D., (Black River) r 107, carpenter and joiner, h and 2 acres.

Barber, Chauncy, (Sterlingville) r 49, owns with Juan 6 cows and farm 51.

Barber, Juan, (Sterlingville) r 49, owns with Chauncy 6 cows and farm 51.

Barber, Selah W., (Black River) r 79 cor, 80, 8 cows, farmer, leases of F.L. Rockwood, of Felt's Mills, 101.

Barick, Henry, (Philadelphia) r 28, farmer 52.

BARNES, OSCAR W., (Evans Mills) farmer.

Baum, John, (Evans Mills) r 4, 18 cows, farmer 164.

Baum, Lucius C., (Evans Mills) r 12, 11 cows, farmer 97.

Baum, William, (Evans Mills) r 4, 19 cows, farmer 205.

BAUMERT, CHARLES H. J., (Sanford's Corners) r 86, manuf. of all kinds of fancy cheese, book-keeper and business manager for his mother, Christina.

Baumert, Christina, (Sanford's Corners) r 86, cheese manuf., owns several residences in New York City, farmer 250.

Baxter, Madison, (Sanford's Corners) r 81, 17 cows, farmer, leases of Octave Blanc 200.

Baxter, Philip, (Evans Mills) off r 40, farmer 126.

Beebe, Newton S., (Evans Mills) r 39, farmer 77.

Beebe, Sardis, (Evans Mills) r 39, stone mason.

Beebe, Silas, (Evans Mills) r 24, retired, h and lot.

Beebe, William (Evans Mills) r 39, 28 cows, farmer 245.

Bellenger, Joseph A., (Black River) r 106, laborer, h and lot.

Bellinger, William H., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 20, laborer.

Benoit, Diana, (Sanford's Corners) r 82, widow of George, farmer 30.

Bichet, Joseph J., (Evans Mills) r 35, 12 cows, farmer 117.

BICHET PETER, (Evans Mills) r 35, 5 cows, breeder of grade Holstein cattle, farmer 63.

Bigness, Alexander, (Black River) r 98, laborer, h and lot and 30 acres.

Bisha, Almira, (Evans Mills) r 35, widow of Joseph.

Bisha, Charles, (Evans Mills) r 35, farmer 71.

Bisha, George A., (Evans Mills) r 64, 15 cows, farmer, leases of William Comstock 160.

BISHA, WILLIAM M., (Evans Mills) r 35, 5 cows, farmer, leases of Charles 71.

Bishop, Drusilla A., (Evans Mills) widow of Moses, h and lot Le Ray st.

Black River Bending Co., (Black River) Matthew Poor, Pres.; P. V. Poor, sec'y and treas., manufs. of bent chair stock and chairs, Main.

Black River Wood Pulp Co., (Black River) manufs. of wood pulp, Main.

Blanc, Octave, (Sanford's Corners) r 81, retired civil engineer, farm 200, h and lot.

BONNEY, ASWELL C., (Evans Mills) r 41, farm 104, h and lot.

Boomiller, Casper, (Evans Mills) r 48, retired farmer 50.

Boomiller, Matthias, (Evans Mills) r 48, farmer, leases of Casper 50, and owns on r 47 farm 17.

Bort, Jacob, (Evans Mills) r 39, retired farmer, h and lot.

Bourman, Simon, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 20, farmer 100.

Bowman, Frank H., (Le Raysville) r 49, farmer, leases on shares of Julius 126.

Bowman, John H., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 20, farmer 90.

Bowman, Julius, (Le Raysville) r 49, retired farmer 126.

Bradley, Calvin, (Evans Mills) peddler, h and lot n depot.

Branch, John N., (Evans Mills) r 34, farmer 1 1/2.

Bressout, Joseph, (Black River) r 89, 11 cows, breeder of grade Holstein cattle, farmer 65.

Briant, Charles, (Evans Mills) r 57, farmer 70.

Briant, David, (Evans Mills) r 56, carpenter and joiner, farmer 25.

Briant, Henry, (Evans Mills) r 56, 21 cows, farmer 140.

Briant, Henry E., (Evans Mills) r 56, carpenter and joiner.

Briant, Melvin, (Evans Mills) r 43, 7 cows, farmer 80.

Brick Hotel, (Evans Mills) Peter Farmer, prop., Main.

Brimmer, Fred S., (Evans Mills) r 15, farmer, leases of A.E. Helmer 255.

Brown, Ernest J., (Evans Mills) telegraph operator at depot.

Brown, Lucy Mrs., (Sanford's Corners) r 111, h and 6 acres.

Bruce, Eleanor, (Watertown) r 115, farm 27.

Bruce, Isaac, (Watertown) r 115, law student.

Bruton, Joseph, (Black River) r 105, laborer.

Bruton, Thomas, (Black River) r 109, laborer, h and lot.

Burdick, Ephraim, (Black River) r 89, 14 cows, farmer, leases of A.C. Scofield 90.

Burhans, Maria H., (Evans Mills) r 13, widow of W.S.,11 cows, farmer 82.

Burrows, Charles, (Black River) r 105, teamster, h and lot.

Bushaw, Lewis, (Great Bend) r 92, farmer 36.

Bushnell, Lewis, (Great Bend) off r 92, emp. in paper-mill.

Bushnell, William F., (Great Bend) off r 92, emp. in paper-mill.

Busler, George, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 19, laborer.

Butts, Aaron, (Sterlingville) r 31, 20 cows, breeder of Holstein cattle, farmer, lease of Oscar Slade 212.

Butts, Franklin, (Watertown) r 111, laborer.

CABLE, JOHN, Jr., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 20, 9 cows, breeder of Ayrshire cattle and half blood Berkshire and Chester white swine, farmer, 136.

Campbell, Charles B., (Black River) contractor for excavating and building stone work.

Carey, John, (Black River) prop. Jefferson House, School.

Carpenter, John H., (Sanford's Corners) r 83, 6 cows, breeder of grade Jersey cattle, farmer 70, served 3 years in Co. D, 10th N. Y. H. A.

Carron, Lewis B., (Evans Mills) painter, paper hanger, and decorator, h off Main.

Carter, Revello F., (Watertown) r 24, farmer 167, h in Watertown.

Case, Sydney L., (Sanford's Corners) r 111, carpenter, engineer, and farmer.

Casse, Merton W., (Evans Mills) prop. meat market, under Brick Hotel.

Casse, William P., (Evans Mills) dealer in wall paper, window shades, ice cream, confectionery, and fruits, Main.

Chadwick, Daniel, (Evans Mills) prop. Chadwick House, near R. R. depot.

Chadwick House, (Evans Mills) Daniel Chadwick, prop., near depot.

Chamberlain, Charles H., (Black River) r 106, shipping clerk for Dexter & Co.

Chamberlain, Delevan M., (Felt's Mills) r 103, 6 cows, farmer 71.

Chamberlain, Edward, (Evans Mills) gentleman, h Le Ray st.

Chamberlain, Fred, (Evans Mills) off r 20, farmer, leases of Henry Schull 143.

Chamberlain, George C., (Black River) r 106 painter and paper hanger.

Chamberlain, Peter, (Black River) r 106, carriage painter, h and lot.

Child, Andrew M., (Black River) r 79, farmer, leases of Thomas 115.

CHILD, EUGENE A., (Le Raysville) r 55, manuf. of lumber, lath, and shingles, prop. saw-mill, carpenter, and farmer 50.

CHILD, HANNAH Miss, (Felt's Mills) r 96, retired.

Child, Thomas, (Black River) r 79, retired farmer 115, h and lot.

Christian, William D., (Evans Mills) clerk for A. E. Helmer.

Christie, George, (Evans Mills) r 45, retired farmer.

Christie, James, (Evans Mills) r 45, farmer 112.

Christman, George W., (Sterlingville) r 52, farmer 50.

Churchill, Henry C., (Le Raysville) r 56, carpenter and farmer for Mary E. 22.

Churchill, Nettie S. Miss, (Le Raysville) r 56, School teacher.

Clark, Chandler C., (Black River) r 113, 20 cows, farmer 177.

Clark, Paul B., (Evans Mills) harnessmaker, farmer 19, h Main.

Class, John (Black River) r 105, farmer 47.

Cobb, Ephraim H., (Evans Mills) r 25, 7 cows, farmer 87.

Cocagne, Catherine, (Evans Mills) r 37, farm 155.

Cocagne, Nicholas J., (Evans Mills) r 37, 12 cows, farmer 42.

Cole, Charles E., (Evans Mills) r 18, 7 cows, farmer 100.

Cole, Clarissa T., (Sanford's Corners) r 100, widow of Philip.

COLE, HARRISON K., (Evans Mills) off r 60, 5 cows, farmer 100, and leases of Aswell Bonny 104.

Cole, Robert P., (Sanford's Corners) r 87, gardener and farmer 6.

Comins, Orville, (Black River) r 115 1/2, emp. D. Dexter's Sons.

Comins, Patrick, (Evans Mills) blacksmith, horseshoer, and repairer, Main, h do.

Comstock, William M., (Evans Mills) retired merchant, farm 113, h Main.

Converse, Edward, (Steringville) r 31, breeder of Hambletonian horses, farmer 214.

Conway, Alexander, (Sanford's Corners) r 81, 7 cows, farmer 100.

Conway, Noel, (Sanford's Corners) r 80, 8 cows, farmer 100.

Cook A.W. & C.R., (Evans Mills) general merchants, Main.

Cook, Adolphus W., (Evans Mills) (A.W. & C.R. Cook) h Main.

Cook, Charles R., (Evans Mills) (A.W. & C.R. Cook) h Main.

Cooper, Charton, (Evans Mills) farmer for Mary E. 75.

Cooper, Francis A., (Sanford's Corners) r 100, retired farmer 44, h and lot.

Cooper, Frank R., (Sanford's Corners) r 103, 20 cows, farmer, leases of his father, Francis, 90.

Cooper, Mary E. Mrs., (Evans Mills) 9 cows, farmer 75, h Main.

Cooper, Sarah, (Sanford's Corners) r 100, widow of Victor, h and 11 acres.

COOPER, WILLIAM S., (Evans Mills) owns on r 64 farm 125, h and lot Main. [Removed to Felt's Mills.]

COREY, JAMES, (Sanford's Corners) r 103, 9 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire and Holstein cattle, farmer 70.

Cory, Andrews E., (Black River) (The Wolcott Co.) h Friendship.

Cory, Charlotte, (Watertown) r 111, widow of Curtis W., farm 90.

Cory, Curtis, (Black River) r 89, 14 cows, farmer 110.

Cory, Daniel M., (Sanford's Corners) r 111, owns h and 16 acres.

Cory, George F., (Watertown) r 111, 16 cows, farmer 222.

CORY, OSCAR E., (Watertown) r 111, 10 cows, farmer 104.

Cory, William B., (Black River) r 89, farmer 50.

Cotrell, Milo M., (Sanford's Corners) r 83, shoemaker, 10 cows, farmer, leases of W. Earl 133.

Countryman, Alexander, (Pamelia Four Corners) retired farmer 136, and in Theresa 82.

Countryman, Ed, (Sanford's Corners) r 85, farmer, leases of Charles S. Matteson 125.

Cowan, Caroline, (Black River) widow of Calvin, h Maple Ave.

COWAN JUDSON M., (Black River) speculator, painter and mason, bds. Maple Ave.

Cowan, Monore B., (Black River) emp. in pulp-mill, h Maple Ave.

Cowan, Walter L., (Black River) emp. in pulp-mill, bds. Maple Ave.

Cox, Mary E., (Black River) widow of John, prop. bakery, h Maple Ave.

Cox, William E., (Black River) foreman in pulp-mill, h Maple Ave.

CRANE, JESSE, (Felt's Mills) off r 107, blacksmith.

Christian, William D., (Evans Mills) resident.

Croane, Irving B., (Black River) r 89, artist.

Croane, Joseph, (Black River) r 98, farmer 47.

Crosby, Marvin R., (Sanford's Corners) r 82, carpenter and farmer 21, h and lot.

Crosby, Nathaniel J., (Sanford's Corners) r 82, carpenter, owns with his father, Marvin R., farm 20.

Croissant, Edward, (Evans Mills) painter, h and lot Main.

Croissant, Eleanor, (Evans Mills) widow of James, owns on r 36 farm 65, bds. with Fred E.

Croissant, Fred E., (Evans Mills) supervisor, justice of the peace, station

agent R., W. & O. R.R., Am. Express agent, and telegraph operator, h and lot Le Ray st.

Crystal Springs American Cheese Factory, brand "Sunny Side," Leonard Helmer and A.E. Helmer, props.; Sydney Staring, cheesemaker.

Cummings, Henry H., (Black River) r 105, cor. 106, emp. in chair factory.

Dano, Clifton, (Le Raysville) r 55, emp. Julia Woolever.

Davenport, John T., (black River) r 106, retired farmer, h and lot.

Davenport Platt W., (Evans Mills) retired farmer, h and lot Le Ray st.

DAVIS GEORGE H., (Black River) r 107, allo. physician, graduate Vermont University, h and lot.

Daynord, Luther L., (Evans Mills) r 15, 12 cows, farmer 130.

De Lancy, Phebe, (Sterlingville) r 53, widow of Thomas.

De Lancy, Thomas H., (Sterlingville) farmer 200.

Delaware, Davenport E., (Evans Mills) r 43, 7 cows, farmer 57.

Delaware, Spencer H., (Evans Mills) r 25, 7 cows, farmer 57.

Delaware, Woodbury B., (Evans Mills) retired farmer 176, h Peck.

Deli, Henry C., (Evans Mills) r 27, barber, 20 cows, farmer 171.

Demar, Jeremiah, (Evans Mills) r 2, laborer.

Dempsey, David Rev., (Black River) r 105, retired Free Methodist clergyman.

Dexter Aaron, (Black River) r 107, retired farmer, h and lot.

Dexter, B. A. & Son, (Black River) (Herbert A.) undertakers and dealers in furniture, School.

Dexter, Benjamin A., (Black River) (B. A. Dexter & Son) h School.

DEXTER, DAVID E., (Black River) r 107, (D. Dexter's Sons) h and lot.

Dexter, Edward M., (Black River) r 107, book-keeper for Dexter & Co.

Dexter, Herbert A., (Black River) (B. A. Dexter & Son) bds. School.

Dexter, Simeon, (Black River) (Dexter & Co.), retired farmer, pasture land 150, h Maple.

Dexter & Co., (Black River) r 15 1/2, (Simeon) props. chair factory. [See also Rutland.]

Dillinbeck, Byron C., (Sanford's Corners) r 100, blacksmith and horseshoer, h and 1 1/2 acres.

Dillinbeck, Frank H., (Black River) tinsmith, dealer in hardware and tinware, Main cor. School.

Dillinbeck, John S., (Evans Mills) r 57, 15 cows, farmer 122.

Dillinbeck, Menzo, (Sanford's Corners) r 101, 7 cows, coal dealer and farmer 50.

Dillinbeck, Menzo A., (Evans Mills) r 57, farmer 54.

DONA, CHESTER, (Sanford's Corners) r 89, bone dealer, 7 cows, farmer 36.

Dona, Rama, (Black River) r 109, 13 cows, farmer 81.

Doner, Henry, (Sanford's Corners) r 102, 10 cows, farmer 55.

DORN, ADAM, (Black River) r 99, cheesemaker Five Corners Factory, h and lot.

Douglass, William O., (Evans Mills) r 61, farmer 52.

Downer, Lewis, (Evans Mills) r 15.

DOXTATER, CATHERINE, (Pamelia Four Corners) lives with James D. Shead.

Doxtater Limburger Cheese Factory, r 37, F. & J. Gerber, of New York city. props.

Drake, David, (Evans Mills) r 1, 17 cows, farmer 200.

Drake, Jeremiah, (Evans Mills) r 25, h and 5 acres, owns farm in Theresa 137. [Deceased.]

Drake, Jeremiah F., (Evans Mills) r 25, farmer 106.

Duffang, Alexander, (Black River) blacksmith, h Maple.

Duffy, Andrew, (Evans Mills) r 63 1/2, farmer, leases of Joseph B. Taggart 25 cows and farm 280.

Dumas, Autwine, (Evans Mills) r 24, wagonmaker and repairer, h and lot.

Dunn, Harlan B., (Sanford's Corners) dealer in groceries.

Dunton, Milton C., (Sanford's Corners) r 100, retired farmer.

Dunton, Thomas, (Sanford's Corners) r 100, farmer 55.

Earl, Mary Ann, (Sanford's Corners) r 100, widow of George R., h and lot.

EDDY, EDMOND K., (Evans Mills) r 6, 12 cows, breeder of Holstein cattle, served in Co. M., 20th N.Y. Cav. Vols., Farmer 50.

Eddy, Nelson, (Evans Mills) retired farmer, lives with Mary E. Cooper, Main.

Elm Tree Limburger Cheese Factory, r 49, Mang B. Keichle, prop.

EMMET, CHARLES V., (Evans Mills) r 41, painter and decorator. [Removed.]

Emo, Joseph, (Evans Mills) r 8, farmer, leases of Sylvester Petrie.

Emond, John B., (Sanford's Corners) r 84, retired farmer 104.

Emond, John F., (Sanford's Corners) r 83, hay dealer and farmer 115.

Emond, Lewis M., (Sanford's Corners) r 84, farmer, leases on shares of John B. 230.

ENGLISH, LIZEM, (Evans Mills) carpenter and builder, served in Co. H, 91st Inf. N.Y. Vols., h and lot Main.

Evans Egbert, (Evans Mills) r 27, farmer 30.

Evans, Hiel E., (Evans Mills) stone mason.

Evans, Jessie Mrs., (Evans Mills) lives with her father, H. Holbrook, Main.

Evans, John C., (Evans Mills) r 27, 17 cows, farm 93.

EVANS, VINCENT, (Evans Mills) prop. resturant and billiard rooms, Main, h do.

Eves, Henry, (Black River) r 96, laborer and owns 15 acres.

Failing, James, (Sanford's Corners) r 100, breeder of brown leghorns, buff Cochins and Wyandotte fowls, gardener, h and 3 acres, and leases of Ferdinand Fairman 14.

Failing, John, (Sanford's Corners) r 100 retired.

FAILING SPENCER, (Evans Mills) r 28, 15 cows and farmer 120.

Fairbanks, Stephen G., (Black River) r 107, painter, h and lot.

Fairman, Ferdinand, (Sanford's Corners) r 100, farmer.

Fairman, Lucinda, (Sanford's Corners) r 100, widow of George W., h and 30 acres.

Farmer, Peter, (Evans Mills) prop. Brick Hotel, served in Co. I, 20th Cav. N.Y. Vols., as commissary sergeant, Main.

Farrell, Charles, (Evans Mills) r 16, farmer, leases of David Garlock 156.

Fenner, Robert, (Le Raysville) r 56, retired farmer 14, h and 3 acres.

Fetterly, William, (Evans Mills) r 1, farm 5.

Fikes, Adam, (Evans Mills) r 1, 11 cows, farmer 104.

Fikes, Albert, (Evans Mills) r 1, carpenter and joiner, h and 7 acres.

Fikes, Edwin F., (Evans Mills) r 17, 19 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire cattle, farmer 185.

Fikes, Jacob, (Evans Mills) r 17, lives with son Edwin F.

Fikes, Willie J., (Evans Mills) r 1, carpenter and joiner, h and 25 acres.

Fisk, Daniel, (Evans Mills) retired farmer, h and lot Main.

FISK, GEORGE A., (Watertown) r 111, 10 cows, farmer 65, and leases the Curtis Cory estate 95, served in 22d N.Y. Inf. Vols., and reenlisted in 2d N.Y. Vol. Cav.

Fitzpatrick, John, (Evans Mills) off r 57, 12 cows, farmer 138.

Fitzpatrick, Michael, (Evans Mills) off r 57, farmer, lives with his father, John.

Fitzpatrick, Richard, (Evans Mills) off r 57, farmer.

Five Corners Limburger Cheese Factory, Christina Beaumert, purchaser: Adam Dorn, cheesemaker.

Flint, Sally, (Evans Mills) widow of Oliver, aged 86.

Foley, Patrick, (Evans Mills) r 6, laborer.

Forbes, Aaron, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 22, 12 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire cattle, farmer, leases the Forbes estate 175.

FORRESTER, WILLIAM (Black River) physician and surgeon, Main, h do.

Fortune, Frank A., (Brownville) r 55, farmer 83.

Foster, George D., (Evans Mills) school teacher, h Church.

Fowler, Ashbell, (Le Raysville) r 55, 8 cows, farmer 104.

Fraley, John, (Evans Mills) r 27, 7 cows, breeder of grade Holstein cattle and Norman horses, farmer 110.

Frazier, Chauncy, (Evans Mills) r 41, 10 cows, farmer 133.

Frazier, Walter E., (Evans Mills) r 42, farmer 71.

FREDENBURG, EBENEZER W., (Evans Mills) agent for Chase Brothers' nursery, Rochester, N.Y., served in Co. C, 94th N.Y. Vols., h Le Ray st.

Freeman Brothers, (Great Bend) r 74, (John E. and George E.) props. Freeman Hotel, 20 cows, farmer 470, and in Wilna 356.

Freeman, George E., (Great Bend) r 74, (Freeman Brothers).

Freeman Hotel, (Great Bend) r 74, Freeman Brothers, props.

Freeman, John E., (Great Bend) r 74, (Freeman Brothers).

Fuller, George B. (Watertown) r 114, 6 cows, market gardener 88, and 16 acres on r 115.

Fuller, Jabas F., (Sanford's Corners) r 83, retired farmer.

Galloway, Hiram, (Great Bend) r 74, laborer, h and 5 acres.

GARDNER, ALEXANDER P., (Sterlingville) r 32, retired farmer 107.

Gardner, Amos, (Evans Mills) r 33, farmer 100.

Gardner, Edwin, (Le Raysville) r 65, farmer 50.

Gardner, Eli, (Evans Mills) r 33, com. traveler, farm 200.

Gardner, Ephraim, (Evans Mills) r 28, farmer 80.

Gardner, George, (Sterlingville) r 49, 6 cows, aged 84, retired farmer 170.

Gardner, Grant J., (Evans Mills) r 64, farmer, 92.

Gardner, Ira, (Evans Mills) r 33, retired farmer 28, h and lot.

Gardner, Jacob, (Sterlingville) off r 49 hunter.

GARDNER, MADISON S., (Evans Mills) r 33, 10 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire cattle and Duroc Jersey swine, farmer, leases of Warren about 160.

Gardner, Phebe, (Evans Mills) r 39, widow of William.

Gardner, Reuben J., (Evans Mills) r 33, 10 cows, farmer, leases on shares of Eli 200.

Gardner, Samuel, (Evans Mills) r 33, farmer 215.

Gardner, Warren, (Evans Mills) r 33, Friends minister, retired farmer 100.

Gartland, James, (Sanford's Corners) farmer on the Conrad Werner estate 158.

George, Albert, (Evans Mills) r 1, laborer.

Getman, Dewitt, (Evans Mills) r 1, thresher and farmer 71.

Gibbs, Mariette E., (Black River) widow of James, h Maple.

Gibbs, Frank D., (Black River) (Empire Wood Pulp Co.) carpenter and joiner, shop in Rutland, built in 1826, h School.

GIBBS, ROMAIN D., (Black River) carpenter, joiner, and millwright, h Maple.

GILLESPIE, GEORGE G., (Black River) turner, emp. D. Dexter's Sons, served in Bat. C. 1st N.Y. Lt. Art. and in Co. E. 14th N. Y. H. A., h School.

Gillespie, John U., (black River) r 105, emp. D. Dexter's Sons, h and lot.

Gilligan, Daniel, (Evans Mills) r 24, emp. on R. W. & O. R. R., h and 3 acres.

Gilligan, John, (Sanford's Corners) r 100, butcher, h and lot.

Glass, Elias, (Black River) r 105, laborer, h and lot.

Gonan, William A., (Evans Mills) r 41, farmer.

Gonan, William E., (Evans Mills) r 41, 10 cows, breeder of grade Durham cattle, farmer 95.

Gonneau, Alexander, (Evans Mills) blacksmith, horseshoer, and carriage ironer, h Willow.

Gould, Egbert, (Evans Mills) h and 10 acres Main.

Gould, John, (Black River) r 105, (Waful & Gould) h Maple ave.

Gould, Joseph W., (Watertown) r 115, farmer 55.

GOULD, STEPHEN N., (Evans Mills) r 40, 25 cows, farmer with Sylester 200.

GOULD, SYLVESTER, (Evans Mills) r 40, farmer with Stephen N. 200, h in village.

Gould's American Cheese Factory, r 40, Gould & Bacon, props.

Graham, George O., (Black River) r 106, barber and hair-dresser, Arthur House, h and lot.

Graham, John, (Watertown) r 115, farmer with his father, Thomas.

Graham, Nicholas, (Black River) r 95 cor. 96, h and 3 acres.

Graham, Thomas, (Watertown) r 115, farmer 60.

Grapotte, Augustus, (Evans Mills) r 46, 25 cows, farmer, leases of George Petrie 225.

Grapotte, Elizabeth, (Evans Mills) widow of Francis, h Main.

Grapotte, Eugenie D. Miss, (Evans Mills) dressmaker, bds. with mother, Elizabeth.

Grapotte, Louis, (Evans Mills) laborer, h Le Ray st.

GRAPOTTE, MOSES, (Evans Mills) r 9, farmer 103.

Graves, Joseph S., (Black River) r 107, dealer in coal, station agent, breeder of Langshan, Wyandotte, Plymouth Rock, and Brown Leghorn fowls, h and lot.

Gray, Willard A., (Black River) r 105, unholsterer, emp. D. Dexter's Sons.

Grover, Horace, (Le Raysville) r 56, retired farmer 32, h and lot.

Guinup, Thomas, (Black River) r 106, has been blind 13 years.

Guinup, William W., (Black River) r 106, laborer, h and 16 acres.

HAAP, FREDERICK, (Evans Mills) r 34, carpenter and farmer 84.

Haas, Valentine, (Evans Mills) r 13, 20 cows, farmer 210.

Hadsall, Albert W., (Black River) r 107, (Whipple & Hadsall) assessor, h Main cor. Wall.

Hanes, John, (Evands Mills) r 1, laborer.

HANSON, BARNEY N., (Evans Mills) r 13, 42 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire cattle, farmer, leases of William H. Reese, on shares, 279. [Removed to Theresa.]

Hardy, Clarence G., (Sanford's Corners) r 101, farmer.

Hardy, David, (Sanford's Corners) r 101, 30 cows, farmer 232.

Hardy, Dexter A., (Sanford's Corners) r 101, farmer.

Hardy, Phineas, (Sanford's Corners) r 86, 15 cows, farmer 120.

Harris, Gertrude,Miss (Evans Mills) school teacher.

Hart, Catherine, (Black River) r 77, widow of George B.

Hart, Charles H., (Black River) r 77, 6 cows, farmer 110.

Hart, Henry H., (Black river) blacksmith and general repairer, School, h in Rutland.

HART, JEREMIAH, (Evans Mills) r 41, stone mason, leases h and lot of George, River.

HARTER, ADELINE, (Evans Mills) r 1, widow of Daniel, farmer 36, and wood lot36.

HARWICK, JOHN K., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 20, 4 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire cattle, farmer 80.

Hawley, Charlotte D., (Evans Mills) widow of William, h and lot Church cor. Peter.

Hawn, Edwin J., (Pamelia Four Corners) 22 cows, farmer, leases of Horace Gould 180.

Hazelton, George C., (Black River) r 106, (Empire Wood Pulp Co.) justice of the peace, 10 cows, farmer 151.

Hebbert, Andrus, (Le Raysville) r 49, carpenter and joiner.

Hebbert, Edward, (Le Raysville) r 49, farm 53, wood lot 40.

Hebert, Charles D., (Sanford's Corners) r 101, retired farmer.

Heil, Wendell, (Le Raysville) r 56, retired farmer, h and 4 acres.

HELMER, ALBERT E., (Evans Mills) town clerk, notary public, dealer in drugs and groceries, farm 255, Le Ray st. h Main.

Helmer, Gilbert J., (Evans Mills) r 19, 12 cows, farmer 100.

Helmer, Jacob N., (Evans Mills) retired farmer 229, h Le Ray st.

Helmer, Leonard A., (Evans Mills) off r 9, 30 cows, farmer 200.

Henry, Carrie E. Miss, (Evans Mills) school teacher, bds. off Le Ray st.

HENRY, FRANK M., (Evans Mills) r 58, butcher and prop. meat market, 6 cows, farmer, leases of Peter Turner 188, Le Ray st. [Removed to Lowville, N.Y.]

Henry, James M., (Evans Mills) gardener, h and 6 acres off Le Ray st.

Hepp, Susan, (Evans Mills) widow of Jacob, h Main.

Herrick, Francis, (Sanford's Corners) off r 86, farmer 40.

Herrick, George W., (Sanford's Corners) r 86, farmer 57.

Herrick, Houghton, (Sanford's Corners) r 86, farmer leases of Mrs. C. Cole 49.

Herrick, Lucius R., (Sanford's Corners) r 83, 8 cows, farmer 80.

Hibbard, Jerome, (Evans Mills) r 64, 10 cows, breeder of grade Holstein cattle, farmer 141.

Hines, Carmila Miss, (Le Raysville) r 66, h and lot.

Hines, Cornelia E., (Black River) r 106, widow of Benjamin E., h and lot.

Holbrook, Charles I., (Evans Mills) prop. sawmill, h and lot Mill.

Holbrook, Henderson, (Evans Mills) retired farmer, h and lot.

Holbrook, Marcus H., (Sanford's Corners) r 63, hay buyer.

Hoover, Albert, (Evans Mills) r 36, farmer, leases of Frederick Croissant 65.

Hoover, Anna A. Miss, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 39, school teacher,

Hoover, James U., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 20, well driller, leases of Nancy Gove h and 15 acres.

Hoover, Philip, (Evans Mills) r 16, farmer 104.

Hopkins, Ruth S., (Evans Mills) r 46, widow of Charles C., h and lot.

Hotis, Fred, (Evans Mills) r 15, farmer, leases of Charles Petrie 175.

Howland, Hiram T., (Felt's Mills) r 98, pumpmaker and farmer 110.

Howland, Walter, (Evans Mills) r 43, 14 cows, farmer 193.

Hungerford, Catherine B. Miss, (Evans Mills) school teacher, bds. Main.

Hungerford Edwin, (Evans Mills) some sort of a groceryman, Le Ray st., positively refused to give information.

Hungerdord, Edwin O., (Evans Mills) dealer in hardware, agricultural implements, stoves, and tinware, Le Ray st., h Main.

HUNGERFORD, ELBERT, (Evans Mills) dealer in flour and feed, Main, h do.

Hungerford, Elva E. Miss, (Evans Mills) milliner, bds. Main.

Hungerford, Emily F. Miss, (Evans Mills) school teacher, bds. Main.

HUNTINGTON, HENRY G., (Black River) r 114, 6 cows, 200 sugar trees, farmer 75, and woodland 25.

JABAS, GEORGE F., (Sanford's Corners) r 83, served 3 enlistments in the regular army, farmer, lease of Mrs. L. 33.

JABAS, PHILIP A., (Sanford's Corners) r 63, 6 cows, breeder of grade Holstein cattle, farmer 6.

Jackson, Jason, (Black River) farmer, leases of Matthew Poor 115, h Main.

Jeffers, Barney H., (Sanford's Corners) r 100, 16 cows, farmer, leases of Milton C. Dunton 125.

Jefferson House, (Black River) r ___, John Carey, prop., livery stable connected, School.

Jefferson Valley American Cheese Factory, Jeremiah & Issac Schell, props.

Jewett, Abram, (Sanford's Corners) r 82, retired farmer 35.

Jewett, Caroline S., (Sanford's Corners) r 81, widow of Thomas J., farm 190.

Jewett, Willie M., (Sanford's Corners) r 81, 25 cows, farmer, leases of his mother, Caroline S., 190.

Jones, John, (Sterlingville) r 51, farmer and pasture land 57.

Jones, John J, (Evans Mills) Presbyterian cleryman, bds. Chadwick House.

Jones, Le Roy E. (Evans Mills) allo. physician and surgeon, Main, h Le Ray st.

JONES, NATHAN, (Evans Mills) r 1, prop. saw and feed mills, manuf. of cheese boxes and shingles, bds. with Sydney Schell.

Jones, Robert O., (Black River) clerk for Whipple & Hadsall, bds. Jefferson House.

Joubart, Augustine, (Black River) shoemaker, h Main.

Kanady, Alexander, (Evans Mills) capitalist, farm 25, h Main.

Keller, Almiren M., (Evans Mills) r 8, 14 cows, farmer 143.

Keller Brothers, (Evans Mills) r 9, (John M. and David) 22 cows, farmers, lease of Jonas Petrie 162.

Keller, David, (Evans Mills) r 9, (Keller Brothers).

Keller, John M., (Evans Mills) r 9, (Keller Brothers).

Keller, Reuben, (Evans Mills) r 9, resident.

Keller, Simon, (Evans Mills) r 17, apiarist 175 colonies, farmer 84.

Keller, William, (Evans Mills) r 16, 12 cows, farmer 134.

Keller, William H., (Sterlingville) r 49, farmer 120.

Kelly, Patrick, (Sanford's Corners) r 100, gardener.

Kinney, John J., (Evans Mills) 10 cows, farmer 226, h Main.

Kinney, Joseph W., (Evans Mills) section hand R. W. & O. R. R., h and lot Peck.

Kinney, Patrick H., (Evans Mills) r 37, teamster and farmer 27.

Kohler, Edward, (Le Raysville) r 49, farmer 102.

Labonta, Joseph J., (Felt's Mills) r 93, farm 100.

Lacy, Henry, (Watertown) r 115, 8 cows, farmer 60.

La Fleur, Amos D., (Black River) r 107, farmer 100.

La Fleur, John A., (Black River) r 107, medical student.

Lancor, John, (Black River) r 105, laborer.

LANPHEAR, PERRY, (Black River) r 104, 10 cows, farmer 75.

Lapatra, George, Sr., (Black River) farm laborer.

Lapatra, George, Jr., (Black River) laborer.

La Rock, William J., (Evans Mills) r 26, farmer 76.

Larrabee, Cyrus, (Black River) r 98, laborer, h and lot.

Larrabee, Nelson, (Black River) r 98, laborer, h and lot.

Lashaw, Charles, (Evans Mills) r 34, farmer with Peter 56.

Lashaw, Peter, (Evans Mills) r 34, farmer with Charles.

Lashaw, William, (Evans Mills) r 34, farmer, leases of Mrs. Francis Marsaw 40.

Lawrence, Edwin J., (Evans Mills) r 2, farmer 176.

Lawrence, Emogene, (Evans Mills) r 24, farmer, owns farm in Philadelphia, and leases the Beckwith estate 444.

Lawrence, Ephraim, (Evans Mills) r 4, 8 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire cattle, farmer 120.

Lawrence, Jacob, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 20, farmer 86.

LAWRENCE, NELSON J., (Evans Mills) r 24, 45 cows, breeder of Holstein cattle, farmer, leases of the Misses Beckwith 444.

LAWTON, FRANK W., (Evans Mills) r 39, 25 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire cattle, farmer 215.

Lawton, George H., (Evans Mills) hay presser, h Le Ray st.

LAWTON, HENRY L., (Evans Mills) r 57, general dealer, farmer 140.

Lawton, Henry W., (Evans Mills) r 39, stock dealer and retired farmer 215.

Lawton, Reuben, (Evans Mills) clerk Chadwick House.

Le Duke, John, (Evans Mills) shoemaker and dealer in hides, h and lot.

Legacy, Joseph, (Black River) r 98, farmer 14.

Legacy, Julius, (Black River) varnisher, emp. Dexter & Co., h and lot.

Lenway, Peter, (Black River) r 96, laborer, h and 2 acres.

Lester, Elsie, Black River) r 98, widow of Warren, 9 cows, farm 100.

Lester, Thomas, (Black River) r 89, farmer 10.

Lewis, Albert M., (Evans Mills) r 57, laborer.

Lewis, George D., (Evans Mills) r 48, 9 cows, farmer, leases of Maria Woodard 98.

Lewis, John, (Evans Mills) r 63, farmer, leases of Melvin Briant 80.

Lewis John H., (Evans Mills) retired farmer, h and 7 acres Le Ray st.

Lewis Sophia, (Evans Mills) r 57, widow of Frank.

Linder, Raymond, (Evans Mills) r 45, Limburger cheesemaker, h and lot.

Lobdell, Charles, (Evans Mills) r 58, farmer 63.

Lobdell, Clarence, (Le Raysville) r 58, with his father, Charles.

Locke, Sophia, (Evans Mills) r 43, widow of Reuben J.

Loomas, Byron A., (Black River) clerk for C. J. Sweet, bds. Arthur House.

Lortscher, Christopher, (Evans Mills) r 24, foreman for R. F. Carter, of Watertown, on farm 170.

Lortscher, Godfrey, (Evans Mills) r 9, 48 cows, farmer, leases of George Martin 300.

Lortscher, Gotlib, (Evans Mills) r 9, Limburger cheesemaker, h and lot.

Lortscher, John, (Evans Mills) r 9, farmer 91.

Luce, Adam, (Evans Mills) r 10, 36 cows, farmer, leases on shares of William H. Reese 240.

Lunderman, Edward, (Black River) served in Co. E, 1st N. Y. Lt. Art., h Maple ave.

Lyon, George W., (Black River) dealer in lumber and real estate, bds. Arthur House.

Lyon, John L., (Sterlingville) r 49, 6 cows, farmer 66.

Lyons, Charles C., (Black River) r 106, emp. Black River Bending Co.

Madley, Edward, (Evans Mills) r 13, farmer, leases of W. H. Reese 279.

March, Frank E., (Evans Mills) r 24, laborer.

March, Henry, (Evans Mills) r 15, thresher and farmer 10.

March, Jeremiah, (Evans Mills) r 10, farmer 70.

Marino, Augustus, (Black River) r 98, laborer.

Marino, James, (Black River) r 98, laborer.

Marsaw, Jennette, (Evans Mills) r 34, widow of Francis, farm 33.

Martin, Carroll A., (Black River) r 105, night watchman.

Martin, James M., (Black River) r 79, 12 cows, farmer with William on the E. B. Martin estate 124.

Martin, Noyes L., (Black River) r 105, teamster and cartman for The Wolcott Co., prop. boarding-house, h and lot.

MARTIN, SAMUEL, (Evans Mills) r 43, gardener and farmer, h and 1 acre.

Martin, William, (Black River) r 79, 12 cows, farmer with James M. on the E. B. Martin estate 124.

Martin's Limburger Cheese Factory, r 9, George W. Martin, of New York City, prop.; Gotlib Lortscher, cheesemaker.

Matthews, Charlie E., (Black River) r 107, emp. D. Dexter's Sons, h and lot.

Matty, Henry B., (Le Raysville) r 56, farmer 116.

Matty, Marvin H., (Sanford's Corners) r 101, postmaster, station and express agent R. W. & O. R. R., telegraph operator, and telephone manager.

Matty, Milford J., (Le Raysville) r 56, farmer with Henry B.

Maynard, George N., (Sanford's Corners) r 100, carpenter and joiner, h and lot.

McCallops, Eli W., (Black River) r 104, laborer.

McIntosh, George D., (Black River) r 107, carpenter and builder, h and lot.

McIntyre, John W., (Watertown) r 112, market gardener, leases of Oscar Cory 100.

McIntyre, Sidney, (Black River) r 106, emp. Dexter & Co.

Mellen, Melvin, (Black River) r 106, market gardener, h and 5 acres.

Mellen, Sumner C., (Black River) r 105, supt. for Dexter & Co.

Merriman, Clark G., (Black River) r 103, 25 cows, farmer 13, and leases of Stephen A. 186.

Merriman, Stephan A., (Black River) r 103, retired farmer 186.

Merrit, John M., (Evans Mills) r 37, farmer, leases of Henry D. 78.

Merritt, Henry D., (Evans Mills) r 37, retired farmer 78.

Merritt, Wesley, (Black River) r 98, laborer, h and 2 acres.

Middleton, Christopher, (Black River) retired farmer in Rutland 174, h Maple.

Midmer, William, (Evans Mills) r 34, laborer, owns 3 acres.

Miller, Marshall M., (Evans Mills) deputy sheriff and collecting agent, h and lot Main.

Millot, Charles, (Le Raysville) r 67, horse dealer and trainer.

Millot, Martilla, (Le Raysville) r 67, widow of Louis.

Millot, Robert, (Le Raysville) r 67, horse dealer and trainer.

Mix, Charles W., (Black River) r 105, emp. Black River Bending Co.

Mix, George E., (Evans Mills) r 22, conducts John Timerman's farm.

MIX, LYMAN P., (Black River) r 98, 5 cows, farmer 40, served in Co. A, 35th Inf., and discharged for disability.

MIX, SIMON C., (Black River) r 105, stone mason, h and lot.

Mix, William P., (Black River) r 105, emp. Black River Bending Co.

Monnick, Joseph, (Sanford's Corners) r 102, laborer, leases of O. Blank, h and lot.

Montondo, David, (Black River) r 106, wood splint worker, emp. D.Dexter's Sons and Dexter & Co., h and 12 acres.

Montondo, Ezra, (Black River) r 106, horse trader and trainer.

Moore, Curtis D., (Evans Mills) r 39, blacksmith and repairer, h and lot.

Morris, Joseph K., (Evans Mills) general merchant, n R.R. depot, h Peck.

Morris, William C., (Evans Mills) clerk for Joseph K.

Morrow, William A., (Sanford's Corners) r 84, breeder of grade Ayrshire cattle, 6 cows, farmer 90.

Mosher, Catherine, (Sanford's Corners) r 100, widow of Charles, h and lot.

Mosher, Charles E., (Le Raysville) r 56, axe helve manuf., farmer 50.

Mullin, Joseph, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 23, farmer, leases of Clarence J. Stewart 125.

Munson, Catherine M., (Evans Mills) widow of Joseph W., h Le Ray st.

MURPHY, ADAM, (Evans Mils) carpenter and joiner, served in Co. I, 14th N.Y.H.A. Vols., h and lot Church.

Nellis, Henry, (Evans Mills) r 5, retired farmer, h and lot.

Nellis, John D., (Theresa) r 5, farmer 45.

Neth, Jacob, (Evans Mills) r 10, farmer 231.

Nicholas, George H., (Black River) r 113, carpenter and joiner.

Northrop, Alice A. Miss, (Evans Mills) r 64, farmer 52.

Northrop, Elam, (Evans Mills) r 64, farmer for his daughter Alice A.

Northrop, John W., (Evans Mills) r 21, farmer 123.

Olvert, John H., (Black River) r 105, harnessmaker, h and lot.

Ostrander, John J., (Watertown) r 115, 15 cows, breeder of grade Durham cattle, farmer 70, and in Pamelia 70.

Owen, Judson, (Evans Mills) r 27, retired farmer 17 1/2.

Palmer, Betsy, (Le Raysville) r 56, widow of John, h and lot.

Palmer, William S., (Sterlingville) r 49, resident.

Parkinson, M & son, (Black River) r 106, (Matthew A.) general merchants.

Parkinson, Matthew, (Black River) r 106, (M. Parkinson & Son).

Parkinson, Matthew A., (Black River) r 106, (M. Parkinson & Son).

Paul, Albin, (Evans Mills) r 27, farmer 105.

Paul, Charles E., (Pamelia Four Corners) off r 39, carpenter, 7 cows, farmer 104.

Paul, Edwin L., (Evans Mills) r 39, 32 cows, farmer 195.

Paul, William E., (Evans Mills) r 39, with his father Edwin L.

Pearce, Joseph, (Evans Mills) r 1, carpenter.

Peck, Aaron, (Evans Mills) r 61, farmer 72.

Peck, Leonard L., (Evans Mills) r 37, breeder of grade Holstein cattle, farmer 56.

Pennell, John R., (Evans Mills) r 6, breeder of Holstein cattle, farmer 186.

Pennell, Samuel F., (Evans Mills) r 63 1/2, harnessmaker, h and lot.

PENNELL, WILLIAM P., (Evans Mills) r 6, 25 cows, 200 sugar trees, breeder of grade Holstein cattle and dealer in fine horses, farmer 150.

Perkins, Benjamin, (Black River) r 109, farmer with his brother William.

Perkins, William, (Black River) r 109, farmer 20.

Perkins, William H., (Black River) r 105, emp. Dexter & Co.

Petrie, Charles, (Evans Mills) retired farmer 175.

Petrie, George, (Evans Mills) r 39, retired farmer and capitalist, h and lot.

Petrie, Jonas, (Evans Mills) retired farmer, owns with George 594, h and lot Le Ray st.

Petrie, Lucinda, (Evans Mills) r 43, widow of Solomon, h and 2 acres.

Petrie, Sylvester, (Evans Mills) r 41, 27 cows, farmer 200.

Petrie, William, (Evans Mills) r 17, 14 cows, farmer 140.

Petty, Ira, (Sterlingville) r 51, laborer.

Phelps, Julia, (Le Raysville) r 77, (Mrs. William S.) (house known as the Le Ray mansion) 15 cows, farm 2,000.

Phelps, Frederick J., (Le Raysville) r 77, postal clerk on N.Y.C. & H.R.R.R., farm 9 1/2.

Phelps, William L., (Le Raysville) r 77, farmer.

Pierie, Samuel H., (Sterlingville), r 32, 10 cows, breeder of Ayrshire cattle, farmer 82, and wood lot 60.

Ponchou, Fred J., (Evans Mills) r 36, farmer 33.

Ponchou, Peter, (Evans Mills) retired farmer 114, h and lot Main.

Poor, Aaron, (Black River) r 109, farmer 50.

Poor, Andrew, Black River) r 107, h Maple.

Poor, Lucena, (Black River) r 105, widow of Aaron, farm 90.

Poor Matthew, (Black River) pres. Black River Bending Co., 16 cows, farmer 115, h Main.

POOR, PERON V., (Black River) postmaster, sec'y and treas. Black River Bending Co., bds. Main.

Porter, Benjamin S., (Sanford's Corners) r 103, 6 cows, 50 sugar trees, farmer 65, served in Co. G, 94th N.Y. Vols.; discharged in Jan., 1863.

Porter, Eugene, (Sterlingville) r 51, emp. Richard Swift.

Porter, Frank S., (Black River) r 114, 13 cows, farmer, leases of John Gathan, of Watertown, 110.

Porter, Jeremiah, (Black River) r 104, 9 cows, farmer 50.

Porter, Samuel S., (Black River) r 104, 9 cows, farmer 100.

Powell, George H., (Sterlingville) r 49, 8 cows, farmer 100.

Powell, Sarah W., (Sterlingville) r 49, widow of Jonathan, aged 85.

Price, Henry J., (Evans Mills) r 4, 12 cows, farmer, leases of David Anstead 127.

Priest, Brayton G., (Evans Mills) orderly in Capitol at Albany, h and lot Main.

Priest, George M., (Evans Mills) off r 10, 16 cows, farmer 100.

Putman, Elisha W., (Watertown) r 111, 24 cows, apiarist 15 swarms, farmer 208.

QUINN, JAMES (Evans Mills) r 59, 20 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire cattle, farmer, leases of Isaac A. Wood 312, wood lot 30.

Quinn, William, (Watertown) r 51, farmer 180, resides in Watertown.

Reed, Henry C., (Evans Mills) carpenter and joiner, h and lot Le Ray st.

Reed, John C., r 1, farm 125, resides in Carthage.

Reed, Lucetha, (Evans Mills) widow of Albert, h and lot Le Ray st.

REESE, WILLIAM B., (Evans Mills) r 25, general dealer and farm 517.

Remor, Jeremiah, (Watertown) r 110, carpenter and joiner, h and 3 acres.

Reviere, Samuel, (Watertown) r 115, iron molder and farmer 57.

REYNOLDS, GEORGE W., (Black River) r 106, served in the 35th and reenlisted in the 10th H. A., h and lot.

Rice, Hiram A., (Sanford's Corners) r 100, 12 cows, farmer 77.

Rice, Michael, (Evans Mills) r (---), section foreman N.Y.C. & H.R. R.R., h and lot Pearl.

Rich, Lucinda, (Sterlingville) r 31, widow of Horace, farm 109.

Rich, Rosell, (Sterlingville) r 31, lives with his mother, Lucinda.

Richardson, James M., (Black River) r 109, farmer 22.

Richardson, Seth, (Black River) r 109, 10 cows, farmer 102.

RICHNER, RUDOLPH, (Black River) prop. Arthur House and livery, free 'buss to all trains, barber shop connected, Main cor. Friendship.

Rider, Charles G., (Sanford's Corners) r 99, 10 cows, farmer 90.

Riley, Ceylon D., (Black River) r 105, painter, h and lot.

Riley, Fred W., (Black River) r 105, painter, emp. Dexter & Co.

Riley, George W., (Black River) r 105, painter, emp. D. Dexter's Sons. h and lot.

Riley, William M., (Black River) r 114, 8 cows, farmer on the Riley estate 128.

Ritter, Jerome, (Le Raysville) prop. grist mill.

Rivers, Celestia, (Evans Mills) r 39, widow of John.

Rivers, George F., (Evans Mills) r 39, laborer, h and lots.

Roberts, Samuel C., (Black River) r 89, carpenter and farmer 100.

Roberts, Stephen, (Le Raysville) r 66, retired farmer, h and lot.

Robinson, La Fayette H., (Black River) r 105, pastor Free Methodist Church.

ROGERS, JESSE L., (Evans Mills) r 41, 16 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire cattle, 1 Percheron horse 3 years old, farmer 145.

Rogers, Kate, (Le Raysville) r 56, milliner, h and lot.

Rogers, Wolcott A., (Evans Mills) r 42, 11 cows farmer 133, and wood lot 10.

Root Eliza Miss, (Evans Mills) h Main.

RULISON, WESLEY, (Evans Mills) dealer in drugs, groceries, hardware and proprietary medicines, Le Ray st. cor. Main, h Le Ray st.

Saulsbury, Sally Ann, (Evans Mills) resident, h and lot.

Saunders, John W., (Evans Mills) r 48, 15 cows, farmer, leases of John Weickard estate 275.

Savage, Delilah A., (Le Raysville) r 56, h and lot.

Savage, George, (Great Bend) r 74, leases h and 3 acres.

Savage James F., (Sterlingville) r 51, sailor and farmer.

Savage, William H., (Le Raysville) r 56, emp. Mrs. Julia Phelps.

Schell, Henry J., (Evans Mills) r 4, dealer in stock, farmer 100.

Schell, Hiram, (Evans Mills) r 6, 9 cows, farmer 97.

Schell, Isaac, (Evans Mills) r 4, 13 cows, farmer 132.

Schell, Jeremiah, (Evans Mills) r 5, 13 cows, farmer 170.

Schell, Sydney, (Theresa) r 7, prop. saw and feed mill with Nathan Jones, farmer 65.

Scofield, Amos C., (Black River) r 89 cor. 90, 14 cows, farmer 90.

Scofield, Ebenezer, (Evans Mills) r 48, farmer 81.

Scofield, Myron V., (Black River) (Black River Bending Co.) h and lot Maple Ave.

Scott Brothers, (Evans Mills) r 4, (Walter and Stewart) 37 cows, farmers, lease of Lawrence 252.

Scott, Byron N., (Black River) supt. Black River Bending Co.

Scott, Lawrence, (Evans Mills) r 4, retired farmer 252.

SCOTT, NELSON R., (Evans Mills) r 39, 4 cows, farmer 50.

Scott, Reuben, (Sanford's Corners) r 99, 9 cows, farmer 96.

Scott, Stewart, (Evans Mills) r 4, (Scott Brothers).

Scott, Walter, (Sanford's Corners) r 100, farmer and laborer, h and 4 acres.

Scott, Walter, (Evans Mills) r 4, (Scott Brothers).

Scovill, Charles G., (Sanford's Corners) stone mason.

Sellers, John B., (Black River) barber, bds. Main.

Sharp, Benjamin A., (Watertown) r 61, 11 cows, farmer, leases of Amos Goulding, of Watertown, 135.

Shead, James D., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 4, 52 cows, farmer, leases of Catherine Doxtater 400, wood lot 50.

Sheldon, John, (Le Raysville) r 56, h and lot.

Shields, George, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 20, laborer.

Shimmel, David, (Evans Mills) r 57, retired farmer.

Shimmel, Morgan, (Evans Mills) r 26, 14 cows, breeder of Norman horses, farmer 132.

Shufty, Charles, (Black River) r 98, laborer.

Shumway, John, (Evans Mills) r 48, prop. grist mill, farm 40.

Simonet, Delle J. Miss, (Evans Mills) r 47, school teacher.

Simonet, Joseph, (Evans Mills) r 37, farmer 66.

Simonet, Louis, (Evans Mills) r 47, 4 cows, carpenter and farmer 77.

Simonet, May M. Miss, (Evans Mills) r 47, school teacher.

Simson, James, (Black River) r 106, painter, emp. Dexter & Co., h and lot.

Sixbury, Charles E., (Evans Mills) r 41, farmer 13.

Sixbury, Frederick E., (Evans Mills) r 24, laborer.

Sixbury, Jacob, (Evans Mills) r 8, apiarist 25 colonies, farmer 24.

Sixbury, Jacob Jr., (Evans Mills) r 8, 10 cows, farmer 102.

Sixbury, John, (Evans Mills) r 10, laborer, has been blind 12 years, aged 86, h and lot.

Sixbury, Robert C., (Le Raysville) r 56, has been blind 18 years, h and lot.

Slack, Moses G., (Sanford's Corners) r 111, 7 cows, farmer 208.

SLACK, PETER W., (Pamelia Four Corners) r 20, teacher of vocal music, 3 cows, 250 sugar trees, farmer 80.

Slocum, Caleb, (Evans Mills) clerk, bds. Chadwick house.

Slocum, Phebe, (Evans Mills) r 33, widow of Samuel G.

Smith, Edward H., (Sterlingville) r 49, 20 cows, farmer 150, and wood lot on Plains 566.

Smith, Eliza Miss, (Sterlingville) r 49, farm estate of the late Daniel Smith 88.

Smith Frank W., (Sterlingville) r 49, 20 cows, farmer 104, and leases on shares of Leland M. 143.

Smith, Frederick, (Black River) r 109, bricklayer, h and lot.

Smith, Harriet C. Miss, (Sterlingville) r 30. farm 88.

Smith, Horace W., (Sterlingville) r 30, farmer 25, and leases of Miss Harriet C. 88.

Smith, Leander (Evans Mills) boatman on Hudson River.

Smith, Leland M., (Sterlingville) r 49, retired farmer 143.

Smith, Lyman P., (Sterlingville) r 30, 8 cows, farmer 65.

SMITH, RICHARD, (Evans Mills) r 24, farmer, foreman for R. F. Carter, of Watertown, served in Co. H, 86th N. Y. Inf. Vols. [Removed to Felt's Mills, Rutland.]

Smith, Robert A., (Evans Mills) allo. physician and Surgeon, bds. Brick Hotel)

Smith, Sanford, (Evans Mills) r 40, 31 cows, farmer, leases of Van Brocklin estate 100.

Snell, Edward, (Evans Mills) r 7, justice of the peace, 9 cows, farmer 78.

Snyder, Philip, (Evabs Mills) r 26, farmer 47.

Sorrow, Charles, (Great Bend) r 74, farmer 100.

Spalsbury, William A., (Theresa) r 2, 13 cows, farmer, leases on shares of John D. Nellis 130.

Spohn, David, (Sanford's Corners) r 63, farmer 71.

Spohn, Rueben A., (Sanford's Corners) r 86, 8 cows, farmer 56.

Spraker, Charles, (Le Raysville) r 67, has been blind 20 years, h and lot.

Stanford, Joseph, (Black River) r 98, 8 cows, farmer 130.

Steinhelber, George W., (Evans Mills) r 45, 20 cows, farmer 170, and leases the Steinhelber estate on shares 155, owns wood lot 10.

Steinhelber, Peter, (Evans Mills) r 39, 12 cows, breeder of grade Holstein cattle, farmer 142.

Steinhelber, Philip J., (Evans Mills) general merchant, Le Ray st., bds. Brick Hotel.

STEWART, CLARENCE J., (Pamelia Fours Corners) r 23, retired farmer 125, h and lot. [Now in California.]

Stewart, Danford, (Evans Mills) r 61, farmer 160.

Stewart, Emma M. Miss, (Evans Mills) r 61, school teacher.

Stewart Limburger Cheese Factory, r 13, John Gerber, of New York city, prop.; Charles Hahn, cheesemaker.

Stewart, Wayne, (Evans Mills) retired farmer 505, h Main.

St. Louis, Catherine, (Black River) r 106, widow of John, h and lot.

ST. LOUIS, HENRY, (Black River) r 107, contractor and mason, h and 2 acres, served in Co. M, 2d Regt. Art.

St. Louis, James J., (Black River) r 107, mason and contractor, h and lot.

ST. LOUIS, JOSEPH, (Black River) r 107, emp. Black River Bending Co. served in Co. A, 10th N. Y. H. A. Vols., h and lot.

Storing, Sydney, Evans Mills) r 15, cheesemaker.

Stratton, B. M., (Evans Mills) clerk for W. Rulison.

Stratton, Belle C., (Evans Mills) school teacher.

Stratton, Cora E., (Evans Mills) school teacher.

Stratton, Jonathan, (Evans Mills) retired farmer, owns in Theresa 160, h and lot Main.

Strong, Barzell, (Evans Mills) r 39, speculator and retired farmer 84, h and lot.

Strong, Patrick, (Evans Mills) r 35, farmer 50.

Sweet, Charles J., (Black River) asst. postmaster, general merchant, and ins. agent, bds. Arthur House.

Sylester, George E., (Black River) (Davis & Sylvester) physician and surgeon, Main, bds. Maple Ave.

Taft, Myron E., (Black River) r 106, turner, emp. D. Dexter's Sons, h and lot.

Taylor, Cyrus W., (Evans Mills) carpenter and joiner, h and lot Peck.

TEN EYCK, CHARLES, (Black River) r 115, farmer 60, h Wall.

Thayer, Walter P., (Evans Mills) r 1, farmer 63.

Thompson, Fred W., (Evans Mills) Methodist clergyman.

Thomson. James W., (Philadelphia) r 29, 6 cows, farmer 68.

Timerman, Aaron, (Black River) r 107, retired farmer, h and lot.

Timerman, Abel, (Evans Mills) retired farmer, h and 2 1/2 acres.

Timerman, Albert, (Evans Mills)r 4, farmer 80.

Timerman, Calvin, (Evans Mills) r 24, com. traveler.

Timerman, Hamilton, (Black River) r 107, miller and well driller, h and lot.

Timerman, Joel, (Evans Mills) carpenter and joiner, h and lot Peck.

Timerman, John, (Pamelia four Corners) r 4, 7 cows, farmer 60.

Timerman John J.r 22, 12 cows, farmer 143.

Timerman, Lawrence L., (Evans Mills) retired farmer, h and lot Main.

Toohey, Thomas, (Evans Mills) r 39, laborer, h and 3 acres.

TOWN, JEROME, (Black River) r 114, 6 cows, farmer, leases of Mary Ann 64.

Town, Mary A., (Black River) r 114, widow of Otis.

Tozer, Rezot, (Evans Mills) r 41, 15 cows, retired farmer 170.

Tozer, William F., (Evans Mills) prop. grist mill.

Turner, Abner, (Evans Mills) r 25, peddler, h and lot.

VAN ALLEN, DANIEL L., (Evans Mills) r 1, engineer, h and 20 acres.

Van Allen, Jacob, (Evans Mills) r 6, lives with his son Warren.

Van Allen, Warren, (Theresa) r 6, owns farm subject to life lease of his father, Jacob, 10 cows, farmer 98.

Van Brocklin, Abraham, (Evans Mills) r 8, 7 cows, farmer 63.

Vandewalker, Chauncy G. (Evans Mills) r 61, 14 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire cattle, farmer 184.

Vandewalker, Everett, (Evans Mills) school teacher, h and lot Main.

Vandewalker, George B., (Evans Mills) r 39, 10 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire cattle, farmer 82. [Deceased.]

Van Wagner, Martin, (Le Raysville) r 79, 6 cows, farmer, leases of Stephen Roberts 140.

VEBBER, PERRY, (Evans Mills) r 41, stonecutter, leases of William S. Cooper h and lot, served in Co. C, 10th N. Y. H. A. Vols.

Waful, Barbara, (Sterlingville) r 31, widow of John, farmer 18.

Waful, Charles, (Le Raysville) r 67, laborer.

Waful, Hiram J., (Le Raysville) r 55, 30 cows, prop. steam threshing machine, farmer 222.

Waful, Jemima, (Le Raysville) r 67, widow of Heman, h and lot.

Waful, Lester D., (Le Raysville) r 66, laborer, h and lot.

Waggoner, Addison, (Evans Mills) r 39, retired farmer 81, and owns in Orleans 245.

Wagoner, Walter, (Sterlingville) r 51, 7 cows, pasture land and farmer 48.

WALRATH DANIEL, (Evans Mills) cheese manuf., h and lot Main.

Walrath, Henry, (Evans Mills) retired shoemaker, h Main.

Walrath, Isaac, (Evans Mills) r 9, 13 cows, farmer 100. [Deceased.]

Walrath, Isaac, (Evans Mills) resident.

Walrath, James H., (Evans Mills) r 10, farmer, leases of Jacob Neth 181.

Walrath, John H., (Evans Mills) r 19, 11 cows, farmer on the estate of Daniel 100.

Walrath, Joseph, (Evans Mills) wagonmaker and repairer, h and lot Main.

Walrath, Lewis Sidney, (Evans Mills) farmer on the estate of Isaac 100.

Walrath, Oscar J., (Evans Mills) off r 14, 29 cows, farmer, leases of Emogene Lawrence 235.

Walrath, Paul, (Evans Mills) cheesemaker, h and lot Main.

Walrath, Sylvia J., (Sanford's Corners) r 69, widow of William H., 21 cows, farmer 139.

Walrath, Peter, (Evans Mills) r 63, farmer 55.

Walrath, Willis G., (Sanford's Corners) r 63, farmer.

Walts, Alonzo, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 19, farmer 115.

Walts, Amos, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 19, carpenter and farmer.

Walts, Herman, (Evans Mills) r 39, farmer, leases the George B. Vandewalker estate 82.

Walts, Hiram, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 19, 6 cows, farmer 100.

Walts, Orville, (Pamelia Four Corners) r 19, farmer.

Ward, Buel F., (Evans Mills) r 46, farmer 225.

Ward, Charles E., (Evans Mills) r 13, 8 cows, farmer 100.

Watson, Samuel, (Theresa) r 4, Protestant Methodist clergyman.

Weaver, Mary, (Evans Mills) resident, h and lot.

Weed, Anson, (Sanford's Corners) r 81, retired farmer 141. [Deceased.]

Weed, Henry C., (Sanford's Corners) r 81, farmer on the Anson Weed estate 141.

Welch, James, (Evans Mills) r 41, retired, h and lot.

Werner, Conrad, (estate) (Sanford's Corners) conducted by James Gartland, 7 cows, farm 158.

WHIPPLE, FRED E., (Black River)(Whipple & Hadsall) h Maple ave.

Whipple & Hadsall, (Black River)(Fred E. W. and Albert W. H.) general merchant, Main.

Whitney, Holland, (Black River) r 98, 12 cows, farmer 118.

Whitney, Rodney, (Black River) r 98, 12 cows, farmer 134.

Whitney, William M., (Evans Mills) r 24 cor. 39, retired farmer.

Wilbur, Hiram, (Evans Mills) r 56, farmer 9.

Wilkie, Edward L., (Evans Mills) r 61, 10 cows, farmer 99.

Willard, Irwin, (Black River) r 79, 12 cows, farmer 122.

WILSON, GEORGE A., (Sterlingville) r 49, 6 cows, farmer 55, and wood lot 40.

Wilson, James E., (Sterlingville) r 49, 16 cows, farmer 118.

Wilson, Mary J., (Sterlingville) r 49, widow of Henry.

Wilson, Nelson J., (Evans Mills) off r 19, farmer 100.

Wilson, William M., (Le Raysville) r 49, prop. steam threshing machine and saw mill, farmer 61, and owns 100 acres on Pine Plains.

Winner, Daniel C., (Evans Mills) retired farmer, owns in Philadelphia 117, h and lot Le Ray st.

Winslow, Chandler, (Sanford's Corners) r---, farmer 8.

WOLCOTT COMPANY, THE, (Black River) (Eugene R. and George H. Wolcott and A. E. Cory) contractors and builders, dealers in lumber, sash, doors, and blinds.

WOLCOTT, EUGENE R., (Black River) (The Wolcott Co.) h Maple ave.

WOLCOTT, GEORGE H., (Black River) (the Wolcott Co.) h Maple ave.

Wolf, Charles, (Black River) r 106 cor. 107, (Black River Bending Co.) Com. traveler, h Main.

Wood, Eli, (Felt's Mills) r 93, farmer 100.

WOOD, ISAAC A., (Evans Mills) r 59, 14 full blood Ayrshire cows, one full blood Ayrshire bull, imported dam "Lady Mary," No. 304, sire "Duke of Hamilton. 2d," No. 61, farm 312. [Removed to Watertown.]

Wood, John, (Felt's Mills) r 93, farmer 100.

Wood, Sarah A., (Le Raysville) r 56, widow of Pardon, Friends minister, owns 6 acres.

Wood, William, (Le Raysville) r 56, peddler.

Woodard, Edward, (Evans Mills) r 46, dealer in live stock, farmer 286.

Woodard Limburger Cheese Factory, r 57, John Gerber, of New york City, prop.; George Sheadler, cheesemaker.

Woodard, Maria, (Evans Mills) r 48, widow of Darius, farm 90.

Woodard, Spencer, (Black River) r 89, leases the Crown estate 100. Positively refused to give information.

Woolever, John P., (Le Raysville) r 56, farmer 50.

Woolever, Julia, (Le Raysville) r 55, widow of Hiram, farmer 96.

Woolever, Orin, (Le Raysville) r 56, upholsterer and feather bed renovator, h and lot.

Wooley, Clarissa, (Evans Mills) widow of Schuyler, h and lot Main.

Young, Alvah, (Sterlingville) r 51, grazing Plainland 300.

Youngs, Warner, (Sanford's Corners) r 99, laborer.

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