(Postoffice is Lorraine, unless otherwise designated in parentheses)

Index and Abbreviations

Adzit, Almerion Cooley, ( Mannsville) r 49, 11 cows, farmer 60.

Adzit, Daniel C., (Mannsville) r 47, dealer in groceries, h and lot.

Adzit, Winfield A., (Mannsville) farmer 120.

ALLEN, AARON B., (Mannsville) r 47, 30 cows, 500 sugar trees, farmer 230.

Allen, Clark, (Adams) r 11, farmer, 44.

Allen, Edward (Adams) r 11, farmer, leases of W. N. Emmons.

Allen, Edward C., (Adams) r 11, farmer, leases of --- Emmons..

Allen, Eugene C., (Adams) r 1, 15 cows, farmer 116.

Allen, Frank, (Adams) r 1, farmer 66.

Allen, John, farmer 50.

Andrus, Louisa, (Pierrepont Manor) r 34, resident.

Bailey, Caleb, (Mannsville) r 35, 8 cows, farmer 111.

Bailey, Foster H., r 44, laborer.

Bailey, Frank, (Adams) r 1, farmer with his father, Henry.

Bailey, Henry, (Adams) r 1, 15 cows, farmer 97.

Baker, A. L., Rev., r 37, Protestant Methodist clergyman and farmer 100.

Baker, Augustus E., (Adams) manuf. of sash, doors, and blinds, farmer 2.

Barnes, Warren, (Pierrepont Manor) r 32, farmer 83.

Bartlett, Alfred W., (Adams) r 6, 18 cows, farmer 150.

BARTLETT, CHARLES S. r 38, 400 sugar trees, 14 cows, farmer 175.

Bartlett, Julius B., (Adams) r 8, 26 cows, farmer 240.

Bartlett, Willis P., r 38, 15 cows, farmer, leases of the Bartlett estate 177.

BATEMAN, LUTHER L., prop. saw-mill, manuf. of cheese boxes, planing, matching, and molding, carpenter and joiner, farmer, leases 41 1/2, h E. Main.

Bateman, Silas, farmer with his brother Luther L.

Bates, George, r 55, farmer 23.

Bates, John, r 55, 8 cows, farmer 78.

Beebe, Albert, (Adams) off r 1, farmer 10.

Becker, Samuel, r 26, 25 cows, farmer, leases of L. H. Brown 205.

Beeman, Lucius, (Mannsville) r 50, 10 cows, farmer 100.

Bellinger, Elijah, wagonmaker, farm 33.

Bellinger, Ezra D., wagonmaker, painter and barber.

Bilkey, Eugene, r 42, farmer 35.

Bilkey, Henry, r 42, farmer 35.

Bishop, Aaron B., (Adams) r 36, 20 cows, farmer 142.

BISHOP, ALLENA B., r 13, widow of John F., farm 100.

Bishop, Amanda A., (Adams) r 36, teacher, daughter of A. B.

BISHOP, LEVI B., r 13, 10 cows, 200 sugar trees, farmer, leases of Allena B. 100.

Bisner, Jesse, (Adams) r 14 cor. 15, 15 cows, farmer, leases of S. Stewart 105.

Blair, Henderson, r 18, laborer.

BOVEE, ABRAHAM, (Adams) r 3, 17 cows, farmer, leases 180.

Brigham, John, (Mannsville) prop. saw-mill and box factory, farmer 3.

Brigham, Martin V., (Mannsville) carpenter and joiner, farmer 5 1/2.

Brown, Aaron, r 40, teamster and farmer 25.

Brown, Adelbert M., r 18, prop. Maple Grove cheese factory.

Brown, Alonzo, 22 cows, farmer 160.

Brown, Bertie D., farmer with his father, Francis V

Brown, Brayton D., r 24, 15 cows, farmer, leases of W. R. Grow 120.

Brown, Charles, farm laborer. (Removed to Adams.)

Brown, Edward A., r 42, farmer 50.

Brown, Francis V., r 19, 15 cows, farmer 138.

Brown, Frank, farmer with his father, Alonzo.

BROWN, H. MARTIN, 4,000 sugar trees, 150 sheep, 130 cows, farmer 675, owns in Worth 771, sold on contract 130, and owns with his brother Levi 205.

Brown, Jennie, widow of Bradley, h E. Main.

Brown, Larome F., r 13, farmer 95.

Brown, Philo M., justice of the peace, h E. main.

Brown, P. M. Mrs., dealer in millinery.

Brown, Walter R., r 54, 15 cows, farmer 97.

Brown, Willie L., (Mannsville) r 50, farmer 84 and leases of W. L. Marsh of Mannsville 325.

Butler, Charles, r 18, laborer.

Butler, George W., (Adams) r 1, laborer.

Cadly, George, resident, aged 92.

Carpenter, Jeremiah, r 56, 10 cows, farmer 120.

Casler, Rosell, (Mannsville) r 50, 7 cows, farmer 177.

Castor, Joseph, r 39, laborer. (Removed to Worth.)

Caulkins, Abram, formerly farmer 75.

CAULKINS, BRADLEY A., 20 cows, 200 sugar trees, farmer 195, h E. Main.

Caulkins, Charles, r 42, 15 cows, farmer 82.

Caulkins, Eber D., (Adams) r 11, runs grist-mill, for L. F.

Caulkings, Edwin R., r 24, farmer 120.

Caulkins, Eli W., farmer 50.

Caulkins, Everett N., farmer, leases of L.

Caulkins, George A., r 39, 20 cows, farmer, leases on shares of Bradley A. 195.

CAULKINS, L. F., farmer and prop. grist-mill, and owns with William R. Grow an egg pickling establishment, farmer 82.

Chafin, Edwin H., (Adams) r 3, 12 cows, farmer 117.

Chafin, Gilbert, (Adams) r 6, laborer and farmer 2.

Chapman, Joseph, r 23, laborer

Charnick, George, r 36, farmer 11.

Charnick, William, r 36, farmer 45.

Chrysler, Jacob H., r 18, farmer 50.

Claflin, Henry, (Pierrepont Manor) r 29, laborer.

Clark, Charles W., (Adams) r 14, 12 cows, farmer 108.

Clark, Daniel M., (Adams) r 3, farmer 290.

Clark, George A., (Mannsville) farmer with his father, Luther H.

Clark, Giles L., Jr., (Mannsville) cheesemaker for E. L. Stone, factory No. 2.

Clark, Hezekiah G., r 40, farmer 45.

Clark, John B., (Mannsville) r 47, farmer with Luther H.

Clark, Luther H., (Mannsville) r 47, 12 cows, farmer 100. (Deceased.)

Clark, Monroe, (Adams) r 10, justice of the peace and carpenter, h and lot.

Clark, Oscar, (Mannsville) r 35, farm laborer.

Clark, Silas, (Pierrepont Manor) r 34, farm laborer.

Cole, Frank, r 54, farmer, leases on shares of his mother.

Coon, Charles, Baptist clergyman, h E. Main.

Corbin, Ransom, (Adams) r 13, laborer. (Deceased.)

Corey, William H., (Adams) r 1, mason and farmer 10.

Cornwell, Adelbert R., (Adams) r 8, 15 cows, farmer 122.

CORNWELL, E. B., farmer.

Cornwell, Eugene, (Mannsville) r 46, farmer, leases on shares of C. Hall.

CORNWELL, ORVIS B., r 19, manuf. of furniture and sleighs, and general repairer.

CRANDALL, JERRIE W., ( Adams) r 1, 20 grade Durham cows, 10 head other stock, farmer 119.

Cronk, Oscar, (Adams) r 13, farmer, leases on shares of M. Smith 100.

Cronk, Oscar, (Adams) r 36, teamster and farmer 4.

Cross, Charles, laborer, h School. (Removed to Worth.)

Curtis, Erskine, (Pierrepont Manor) r 30, farmer laborer and farmer, leases of Mary 21.

Dack, Alonzo, (Adams) r 1, farmer 13.

Davis, (---), (Adams), r 6, farmer, leases of T. P. Saunders of Adams 160.

Davis, Charles H., (Adams) r 6, 20 cows, farmer, leases on shares of M. Totman 317.

Davis, Moses, r 57, 11 cows, farmer 70.

Davis, Theodore H., farmer 25, and in Boylston, Oswego Co., 23

Dealing, Henry S., (Adams) r 30, farmer 44.

De Lano, Wesley, (Adams) r 2, farmer, leases on shares of D. Lyman.

Egan, Richard T., blacksmith, h School.

Elton, Patrick, r 58, farmer 25.

Emery, William R., (Mannsville) r 58, 10 cows, farmer 80.

Emmons, Ebenezer, (Adams) r 11, formerly blacksmith, aged 81.

Emmons, Ward N., r 11, dealer in horses and farmer 168.

Enos, Henry M., (Pierrepont Manor) r 32, runs E. L. Stone's cheese factory, No. 3.

Ernst, George, M.E. clergyman, h E. Main.

Farmer, Franklin J., r 24, 14 cows, farmer 110.

Fassett, Henry P., (Adams) r 17, 10 cows, farmer 128.

Faulkner, E.E., r 24, farmer 40.

Fawdry, William C., physician and surgeon,

Fee, Fayette, r 40, farmer 35.

Fee, Harriett, r 40, daughter of John, farm 49.

Fee, James, teamster, h E. Main.

Felt, Cyrus M., (Adams) r 3, farmer, leases on shares of ___ Clark.

Felt, Smith, (Adams) r 8, 21 cows, farmer, leases on shares of V. Chafin 240.

Fitzgerald, John, r 55, farmer 70.

Fitzgerald, Joseph, r 40, farmer 32.

Fox Cheese Factory, r 24, G. A. Fox, prop.

Fox, George A., r 24, prop. Fox cheese factory, 30 cows, farmer 275.

Fox, Leander, r 22, 25 cows, farmer, leases on shares of _____Grimshaw 146.

Fox, Myron H., r 24, farmer 65.

Frederick, Charles, (Adams) r 30, farmer, leases of Mrs. O. K. Estes 189.

Gardner, Albert, (Mannsville) r 53, 8 cows, farmer 75.

Gardner, Frank, r 55, farmer 34.

Gardner, Gilbert, (Mannsville) r 52, 37 cows, farmer 270.

Gardner, James J., (Mannsville) r 45, farmer 80.

Gillespie, Andrew J., r 18, farmer, leases of L. F. Caulkins 71.

Gillett, Alanson, r 26, 7 cows, farmer 89.

Gillett, George W. L., (Mannsville) r 58, farmer, leases 167 acres of L. Merrill.

Green, Henry, r 56, teamster and farmer 26.

Grimshaw, Charles B., 4 19, farmer 50.

GRIMSHAW, CHARLES D., supervisor, dealer in dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes, hats, caps, notions, hardware, etc., Main, h School.

Grimshaw, Clinton M., 32 cows, 10 horses, farmer 175.

GRIMSHAW, HENRY L., apiarist 33 colonies, farmer, owns with his brother Clintion 145, h School.

Grimshaw, Joseph, traveling salesman, farmer 128.

Grimshaw, Joseph, (Grimshaw & Tucker).

Grimshaw Levi H. r 22 farmer 145.

Grimshaw & Tucker, (Joseph G. and Claude L. T.) general merchants, Main.

Grimshaw, Stephen A., r 19, 22 cows, farmer 122.

Groves, John, r 41, farmer 50.

Groves, Royal, r 41, farmer 50.

Grow, Jay D., carpenter and joiner, h E. Main.

Grow, Oliver N., carpenter and laborer, h and lot.

GROW, WILLIAM R., owns with L. F. Caulkins an egg pickling establishment and with George F. Grow a cheese factory, 18 cows, farmer 120.

Hall, George H., (Mannsville) r 53, general merchant, 8 cows, dealer in wood, shingles, etc., farmer 90.

Hall, Harvey, (Mannsville) r 59, cooper and farmer 39.

Hall, Silas, r 40, farmer 76.

Hanson Edward D., r 13, farmer 66.

Harrington, Almon W., r 24, blacksmith, prop. grist-mill, farmer 143.

Harrington, Haley B., blacksmith, h and 6 acres.

Harris, Asahel, r 57, teamster and farmer 88.

Haskins, John, r 24, cheesemaker, emp. G. A. Fox.

Heath, Newell, r 24, 16 cows, farmer, leases on shares of Irene Overton 128. (Removed to Rodman.)

Herrington, Haley B., manuf. of axes, blacksmith and general repairer, Main, h do.

Hiney, Abram H., r 37, farmer 100. (has removed to Rome, N.Y.

Hitchcock, Allen, r 54, farmer with George A.

HITCHCOCK, BYRON D., (Mannsville) r 59, breeder and dealer in Percheron horses, 32 cows, 1,000 sugar trees, farmer, leases of his father, Truman B., 260.

Hitchcock, Clark R., (Mannsville) r 53, 15 cows, farmer 125.

Hitchcock, George A., r 54, 25 cows, farmer 110, and owns with William B. 108.

Hitchcock, Sarah, r 54, widow of M. T., 10 cows, farm 70.

Hitchcock, William B., r 54, 20 cows, farmer 87 1/2, and owns with George A. 108.

Hodder, Benjamin, (Adams) r 1, laborer.

Howard, Thomas, r 18, farmer, leases on shares of J. Grimshaw 120. (Removed to Watertown.)

Hughes, Curtis E., r 18, 13 cows, farmer, leases on shares of Mrs. S. A. Lowery 77.

Hull, Esther, widow of Oliver, weaver, aged 88, h E. Main.

Hunt, Leonard F., (Pierrepont Manor) r 34, 11 cows, farmer 109.

James, Fred, (Mannsville) r 34, farmer with his father, Harlow.

James, Harlow, (Mannsville) r 34, 10 cows, farmer 75.

James, Luther B., (Mannsville) 15 cows, 400 sugar trees, farmer 135.

Jemison, Alonzo, (Adams) r 28, 15 cows, farmer.

Jemison, William H., (Adams) r 14, farmer 65.

Joiner, Alonzo W., (Pierrepont Manor) r (---), farmer 80.

Keene, Robert, r 54, farmer 53.

Kenyon, Levi, (Adams) farmer 28.

Kiblin, Jerry, (Adams) r 6, 7 cows, farmer 220.

Kickland, Charles, Sr., r 18, farmer 80.

Kickland, Charles, Jr., r 18, laborer.

Kneeland, Erasmus D., (Adams) r 14, shoemaker and farmer 2 1/2.

Lamson, Riley, (Pierrepont Manor) r 33, 20 cows, farmer 260.

Landers, Michael, r 23, 18 cows, farmer 131.

Lanfear, Andrew C., emp. in cheese box factory, h and lot.

Lanfear, Fred V., r 24, farmer 118.

Landfier, Melida, r 18, farm 48.

Larmouth, George, (Mannsville) r 49, farmer, leases on shares of A. Brown. (Removed)

Lillie, Jackson, r 24, butcher and farmer 90. (Removed to Lacona, Oswego Co.)

Linney, Alfred, r 40, farmer 33.

Lloyd, James W., (Adams) r 14, farmer 27.

Loomis, Henry, r 37, 25 cows, farmer, leases on shares of H. Farman 160.

LORRAINE HOTEL, C. E. Thomas, prop.

Loucks, Chester, (Mannsville) r 44, 28 cows, farmer, leases on shares of W. L. Marsh.

Lowery, Eva L., r 18, widow of Stephen A., farm 77.

Lowery, Henry G., r 37, farmer 90.

Lowery, Henry T., 12 cows, farmer 78.

Lowrey, Brayton, D., (Mannsville) r 47, farmer 50, and leases on shares of his father.

LOWREY, DANIEL H., (Mannsville) r 47, 22 cows, 250 sugar trees, farmer 94.

Lowrey, Hannah, (Mannsville) r 34, resident, h and lot.

Lowrey, Henry D., (Mannsville) r 34, 10 cows, farmer 104.

Lowrey, Lorenzo, (Mannsville) r 35, 23 cows, farmer 210.

Lowrey, Orin H., (Mannsville) r 47, farmer with A. B. Allen.

Lyman, Caleb N., (Adams) r 2, 22 cows, farmer, leases on shares of the Penney estate 230. (Removed to Adams.)

LYMAN, ELAM S., (Adams) r 15, 10 cows, breeder of Hambletonian horses, served in Co. M, 14th N. Y. H. A., farmer 100.

Lyman, Frank C., (Adams) r 15, farmer with his father, Elam S.

Lyman, Henry C., (Adams) r 2, farmer, son of Caleb N. (Removed.)

Lyman, Joseph, (Adams) r 13, 10 cows, farmer 90. [Died May 10, 1888.]

Lyman, Sylvenus L., (Adams) dealer in livestock and farmer 164.

Lyons, Abram, r 40, laborer.

Maitland, George, (Mannsville) cooper.

Maple Grove Cheese Factory, r 18, A. M. Brown, prop.

Maynard, Augustus D., (Adams) r 3, farm 78.

Macomber, Charles D., (Adams) r 17, farmer 67. (Deceased)

Macoomber, George R., (Adams) r 13, farmer 102.

Macomber, Nancy Mrs. prop. 5 cent store, Main

McConnell, Robert W., r 42, farmer 44.

McDaniel, Catharine, r 56, widow of Alexander, farm 50.

Middleton, Charles J., r 19, student Adams Collegiate Inbstitute, son of James M.

Middleton, James M., r 19, 24 cows, farmer 112.

Miles, Luther S., (Mannsville) r 46, 10 cows, farmer 113.

Miles, Nelson M., (Mannsville) r 46, resident.

Miller, Henry C., (Adams) r 3, thresher and farmer 35.

Moore, C. C. & Son, (Frank A.) general merchants.

Moore, Carlton C., (C. C. Moore & Son).

Moore, Charles D., r 19, pump dealer, owns 8 acres.

Moore, Clark, (Mannsville) r 59, 8 cows, farmer 75.

Moore, Eber, r 40, carpenter, mason, cooper, and farmer 22.

Moore, Frank A., (C. C. Moore & Son).

Moore, Henry, (Mannsville) r 19, farmer 40.

Nichols, Luman, r 56, laborer.

Odell, Leonard H., r 44, 15 cows, farmer 123.

Olds, Jerome K., (Pierrepont Manor) r 29, one-legged veteran, farmer 33.

Overton, Martin L., physician and surgeon, School, h do.

Overton, Irene, (Mrs. Martin L.) 16 cows, farmer 128, h School.

PAGE, HINCKLEY, J., (Adams) farmer 63, h N. Main. [Deceased.]

Penney, Elizabeth, (Adams) r 1, farm 70.

Petrie, Willard A., (Mannsville) r 53, 25 cows, breeder of Percheron horses, farmer 213.

Phillips, Gilbert, r 13, farmer with Peter.

Phillips, Peter, r 13, 32 cows, farmer, leases on shares of Martin Brown.

Piddock, Alvin G., r 56, carpenter and joiner, farmer 55.

Piddock, Charles, r 42, farmer with his son Hiram.

Piddock, George, r 41, farmer 30, and in Worth 50.

Piddick, Hiram, r 42, 7 cows, farmer 65.

Piddock, John, r 41, farmer 50.

PIDDOCK, WILLIAM, r 39, 300 sugar trees, 23 cows, 20 sheep, farmer 150.

Piddock, William W., r 39, farmer with his father, William.

Pitkin, Allen, r 24, farmer 40.

Pitkin, Charles H., r 24, farmer with his father, Erwin, 40.

PITKIN CHEESE FACTORY, r 24, Erwin Pitkin, prop.

Pitkin, Cordelia Miss, r 43, farmer 106.

Pitkin, De Alton S., r 24, farmer with Allen.

PITKIN, ERWIN, r 24, 40 cows, prop. Pitkin cheese factory, farmer 400.

Pitkin, Luther S., r 24, farmer with his father, Erwin, 36.

Pitkin, P., widow of John, h E. Main.

Pitkin, Silas, r 24, 12 cows, farmer 50.

Place, John, (Pierrepont Manor) r 28, carpenter and joiner, farmer 4.

Pool, Jack, (Mannsville) r 48, 9 cows, farmer.

Pooler, Adelbert G., (Mannsville) r 59, 26 cows, farmer, leases of J. Cox 275.

Pooler, Alsom, (Mannsville) r 59, farmer 22.

Potter, Harley, (Mannsville) farmer 66.

Priest, Sally Ann, (Adams) r 7, widow of James, resident.

Purdy, Gilbert, r 13, farmer 68.

Ramsey, Benjamin, ex-postmaster.

Randall, Amos, (Adams) r 26, 400 apple trees, 10 cows, farmer 60.

Randall, Charles, 4 26, farmer 105.

Randall, David C., (Pierrepont Manor) r 29, 18 cows, farmer, leases on shares of Anna Willing 125.

Randall, Russell, (Adams) r 26, farmer, leases on shares of Amos.

Randall, Winfield S., (Pierrepont Manor) 6 cows, farmer 62.

REED, ALBERT C., general ins. agent, represents Glenns Falls, Niagara, North British, London and Edinburgh, Merchantile, Anglo, Nevada, California, Commercial, and Travelers' life and accident companies.

Reed, Erastus, r 19, laborer.

Reed, Herbert D., (Adams) r 11, ins. agent, h and 3 acres.

Reed, Lorenzo D., (Adams) r 11, carpenter and joiner, farmer 35.

REMINGTON, DANIEL J., (Mannsville) r 59, att'y and collecting agent, 25 grade Ayrshire cows, 800 apple trees, farmer 140.

Remington, Edmund, r 55, 7 cows, farmer 74.

Remington, Lucy, (Mannsville) widow of Eli, h and lot.

Remington, Menzo N., (Mannsville) farm laborer.

Rice, James, (Adams) r 8, laborer.

Richards, Hezekiah, (Adams) r 16, farmer, leases of D. Lynn 160.

Ripley, George, (Adams) r 2, farmer 42.

Ripley, Jerome, (Adams) r 2, farm laborer.

Roberts, George A., r 54, farmer for W. B. Hitchcock.

Rounds, Arthur D., (Pierrepont Manor) r 30, 10 cows, breeder of Chester white and Yorkshire swine, farmer 87.

Roy, Benjamin, r 56, farmer 33

Rudd, William H. H., (Mannsville) r 57, farmer 88.

Rumsey, William, (Pierrepont Manor) r 38, 11 cows, farmer 89.

Saunders, Samuel, (Mannsville) r 48, 22 cows, farmer 220.

Schell, Joseph, (Pierrepont Manor) r 32, 12 cows, farmer 93.

Schell, William, (Pierrepont Manor) r 32, farmer with Joseph.

Schuyler, A.B., (Adams) r 4, farmer 91.

Searles, Bernard D., r 54, farmer, leases on shares of W. R. Brown.

Seery, John, r 40, farmer 24.

Seery, Joseph, r 40, farmer 24.

Sharp, George P., r 22, farmer 139.

Shaver, Bridget, r 54, farmer 30.

Shaver, Charles, r 54, farmer, son of Jacob.

Shaver, George W., r 54, farmer, son of Jacob.

Shaver John, (Pierrepont Manor) r 31, farmer 30.

Shaver, Wesley, r 54, farmer with his mother, Bridget.

Shelmidine, Anna, widow of William, pensioner, h and lot.

Shelmidine, Burney, r 18, farmer 40.

SHELMIDINE, JEROME L., r ___, dealer in wool, groceries, provisions, shingles, and wood, 25 cows, 125 Shropshiredown sheep, 800 sugar trees, farmer 337, and in Adams 140, h E. Main.

Shelmidine, John D., farmer with his father, J. L.

SHELMIDINE, ORA L., teacher, farmer with his father, J. L.

Shick, Joseph, (Mannsville) r 53, canvasser and farmer 5.

Shuyler, C. Bishop, (Adams) r 5, farmer 243.

SILVER SPRING CHEESE FACTORY, C.J. Barnes, (Pierrepont Manor) prop.

SMITH, DANIEL, r 24, 100 sugar trees, 20 cows, farmer 155.

Smith, David Mrs., (Adams) off r 1, farmer 244.

SMITH, HERBERT L., M. D., physician and surgeon, E. Main, h do. [Removed to Rodman.]

Smith, Orson S., r 24, painter and farmer with Daniel.

Smith, Walter, (Adams) r 16, laborer.

Spicer, Franklin D., blacksmith, h and lot.

Spink, William, (Adams) r 8, farmer, h and lot.

Standish, William N., r 56, prop. saw and shingle-mill, 40 sheep, farmer 125.

Steele, Warren W., teacher, carpenter, and joiner.

Steele, William R., farmer 15.

Stevens, George, r 55, teamster and farmer, leases of J. M. Donnel 20. (Removed).

Stewart, Eugene, (Adams) r 26, farmer 4 1/2.

Stewart, Luzearn, r 13, farmer 43.

Streeter, Albert, carpenter and joiner, h E. Main.

Taber, Eri, (Adams) r 3, 25 cows, farmer, leases on shares of J. Brown 300.

Talcot, George, r 25, 11 cows, farmer 120.

Tanzer, Charles J., (Adams) r 4, farmer 100.

THOMAS, CHARLES E., prop. Lorraine Hotel.

Torry John, (Pierrepont Manor) r 34, farm 13.

Towle, Gardner, (Adams) r 2, stone mason, farmer 90.

Towle, Gardner, Jr., (Adams) r 8, mason, h and lot.

Towle, Ira, (Adams) r 12, stone mason and farmer 4.

Towle, John, (Adams) r 8, h and lot.

Towle, Martin V., (Adams) r 8, h and lot.

Tucker, Claude L., (Grimshaw & Tucker) town clerk, h School.

Tucker, Ora W., r 18, butcher.

Tuckler, Orville, r 18, dealer in cattle and farmer 55.

Wagoner, Abeel, prop. saw-mill, manuf. of cheese boxes, about 11,000 annually, E. Main, h do.

Wagoner, Jacob N., (Adams) r 30, 18 cows, farmer, leases on shares of John Barney 315.

Wagoner, James, r 26, 20 cows, farmer, leases on shares of M. Brown 108.

Wagoner, John, laborer, h E. Main.

Wagoner, Joseph, with his son Abeel.

Walker, Eurbane A., (Adams) 12 cows, farmer 98.

Waltz, Martin, r 31, farmer 22.

Warriner, Mary, r 40, widow of Solomon, farm 35.

Washburn, Henry G., (Adams) r 1, farmer 4.

Waters, David A., r 40, carpenter and joiner, 18 cows, farmer 114.

Waters, George, r 40, farmer with his father, David A.

Waters, Luther, r 40, farmer with his father, David A.

Weaver, Norman, (Adams) farmer 50.

Welden, Nelson, r 26, 10 cows, farmer, leases on shares of ____ Gillman 180. (Removed.)

Wells, Jerome, (Pierrepont Manor) farmer, leases on shares of Levi Brown 275.

Weston, Adelbert, r 40 cor. 22, farmer 23.

Wheeler, Abigail Mrs., (Mannsville) r 44, farm 20.

Wheeler, Erastus, r 36, laborer.

Whitley, Joseph, r 41, farmer 50.

Whittaker, Sanford, r 40, 8 cows, farmer 75.

Williams, A.P. (Mannsville) r 35, farmer with his father, William B.

Williams, Fred, (Mannsville) r 35, farmer, leases on shares of his father, William B., farmer 256.

Williams, William B., (Mannsville) r 35, 13 cows, farmer.

Wilson, Horace, harnessmaker, School.

WISE, D. BISHOP, r 19, 16 cows, 300 sugar trees, farmer 100.

Wise, Charles D., farmer. (Removed to Worth)

Wise, Sidney A., r 19, 12 cows, farmer 80.

Wiswell, Newell, (Adams) r 11, farmer 75.

Wiswell, Osro, (Adams) r 11, farmer with Newell.

Wright, Julia J. (Adams) r 11, (Mrs. Philip R.) farm 20.

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