(Postoffice is Rutland, unless otherwise designated in parentheses)

Index and Abbreviations

Ainsworth, Albert, (Feltís Mills) r 1, farmer 3.

Aldrich, Marenus C., (Feltís Mills) r 21, farmer 70.

Allen, Charles L., (Black River) jeweler, Main.

Allen, Delia J., off r 25, widow of E. D.

Allen, Herman L., r 25, town clerk, 14 cows, farmer 97.

Allen, Hiram, (Feltís Mills) dealer in goceries, tobacco, and cigars, h and lot.

Allen, Joseph, (Feltís Mills) farmer 10.

Anderson, Wesley, (E. Watertown) r 42, 19 cows, farmer 120.

Andrews, Charles, (E. Watertown) r 50, 15 cows, farmer 103.

Andrews, Cleantha, (E. Watertown) r 43, widow of William, resident, aged 70.

Andrews, Dwight, (E. Watertown) r 50, farmer with his father, Charles.

ANDREWS, HENRY, (S. Rutland) served in Co. A, 10th N. Y. H. A. Vols.. farmer 4.

ANDREWS, WILLIAM H., (E. Watertown) r 50, butcher and dealer in cattle, h and lot.

ANDRUS, CLINTON E., r 42 cor. 40, farmer with his father Stillman.

Andrus, Elon O., (Burrís Mills) r 54 n 62, 14 cows, farmer 84.

Andrus, Stillman, (E. Watertown) r 42 cor. 40, 18 cows, farmer 104.

Andrus, Wyon, (S. Rutland) r 59 cor. 57, 9 cows, farmer 102.

Angell, Zab, (Burís Mills) r 62, 18 cows, farmer, leases of W. Petrie 180.

Archer, Hiram, A., (Burrís Mills) r 54, cor. 62, 12 cows, farmer 100.

Archer, William U., (Burrís Mills) r 62, 13 cows, farmer 100.

Armstrong, Charles E., (S. Rutland) r 83, 13 cows, farmer 127.

Augsbury, John A., (Black River) farmer, owns in Theresa 175.

Babcock Henry D., (S. Rutland) r 59, farmer, leases of Hiram B. Churchill 195.

Bacon, Albert E. (Feltís Mills) carpenter and joiner.

BALL, WILLIAM P., (E. Rodman) r 65 cor. 66, 25 cows, farmer 200.

Barnes, George W., (Black River) pastor Baptist Church. h West.

Barry, Bartholomew, (Burrís Mills) r 65, 17 cows, farmer 127.

Bates, Joseph (Black River) r 6, pulpmaker.

Battle, Edward D., (S. Rutland) r 59, farmer leases of John Stebbins 118.

Bedell, Henry, (Black River) r 22, farmer 1Ĺ.

Beecher, John W., (S. Rutland) retired farmer 80.

Beecher, Washington, (S. Rutland) shoemaker and farmer 5, aged 77.

Benefit Glove and Mitten Co., (Feltís Mills) (C. H. Marshall and Catherine M. Shoots) manufs. of gloves and mittens, Henry Marshall, manager.

Bentley, Caroline H., (Black River) r 22, widow of David, 9 cows, farmer 86.

Bevitt, Byron, (Feltís Mills) r 18, cor. 19, farm laborer.

Bevitt, Edwin, (Feltís Mills) r 18, farm laborer.

BLACK RIVER HERALD, (Black River) P. B. Mereness, editor and prop., issued every Thursday, Main.

Black River Pulp-Mill, (Black River) H. Remington & Son, of Watertown, props., manufs. of wood pulp.

Blair, George H., (S. Rutland) r 82, farm laborer.

Blair, George W., (Burrís Mills) r 65, farm laborer.

Blair, Ira L., (S. Rutland) r 67, farm laborer.

Blanchard, Lucien, (Feltís Mills) r 17, served in Co. B 97th Regt. N. Y. Vols.

Bogart, James C., (E. Watertown) r 24, cheesemaker and farmer 76.

Boutwell, Lyman O., (Feltís Mills) r 19, farmer, leases of G. A. Moore 180.

Bovee, Ervin G., (E. Watertown) r 41, 20 cows, farmer, leases of Joseph Jones 157.

Bowen, Charles F., (Feltís Mills) attíy and counselor at law.

Brainard, Arthur E., (E. Watertown) r 61, physician and surgeon and music teacher.

Brainard, Carlos, (Burrís Mills) r 54 cor.61, retired farmer, aged 81.

Brainard, Veloria O., (Burrís Mills) r 54 cor. 61, 13 cows, farmer 112.

Bremnei, Robert, r 38, 35 cows, farmer, leases of Fred Lansing 285.

Bronson, Hiram I., (E. Watertown) r 44, farmer 50.

BRONSON, MARCUS, (E. Watertown) r 44, 11 cows, farmer 100.

Brooks, Almina, (S. Rutland) widow of Charles E., farmer 14. [Removed to Adams Center.]

Brower, Charles W., (Feltís Mills) r 9, farmer 6.

BROWN, ALEXANDER, wagonmaker and blacksmith, served as sergeant of Co. C, 1st N. Y. H. A., h and lot. [Removed to Burrís Mills.]

BROWN, ALICE M., (S. Rutland) r 83, widow of Charles, teacher of music on organ and piano.

BROWN, STANLEY W., (S. Rutland) wagonmaker, served in Co. I, 5th N. Y. H. A., farmer 3, h and lot.

Bull, Wilber C., r 35, 60 cows, farmer 467.

Bundy, Leonard R., (Black River) farm laborer.

Burington, Josiah, (Black River) carpenter, farmer 6, and owns in Lewis Co. 150.

Burlingame, Elizabeth S., (Black River) widow of Edwin, h and lot.

Burlingame, William, (Black River) r 6, laborer.

Burnham Charles D., (E. Watertown) r 42, 6 cows, farmer, leases of Chloe E. Hopkins 88.

Burnham, Frank D., (E. Watertown) r 42, 8 cows, farmer, leases of Chloe E. Hopkins 87.

BUTTS, FOWLER N., (S. Rutland) farmer in Champion 146, h and lot.

CAREY, FOSTER, (Black River) r 6, chairmaker, served in Co. I. 92nd N. Y. Vols.

CAREY, FOSTER Mrs., (Black River) r 6, h and lot.

CARPENTER, CHARLES A., (Feltís Mills) r 5, served in Co. D, 10th N. Y. H. A., farmer 100.

Carpenter, Charles H., (Feltís Mills) laborer, h and lot.

Carpenter, Jerri P., (Watertown) r 24, farmer 80. [Removed to Ox Bow.]

Carpenter, William G., (Feltís Mills) r 5, section hand on R., W. & O. R. R.

Castle, Charles E., (Feltís Mills) r 27, farmer 70.

Chamberlain, George, (Feltís Mills) painter.

Chamberlain, Peter, (Feltís Mills) painter.

Champlain, George, (Feltís Mills) constable and butcher.

Chisholm, Archibald, r 35, 27 cows, farmer leases of Jerry Crandall 250.

CHURCHILL, HIRAM B., (E. Watertown) r 59, farmer 116, and leases of John W. Beecher 80. [Removed to town of Watertown.]

Clark, Asa D., (Black River) r 13, 13 cows, farmer 119.

CLARK, CHRISTOPHER P., (Black River) r 13, retired farmer.

CLEMENTS, FRANK J., (S. Rutland) postmaster and prop. grist-mill.

Clements, Isacc, (S. Rutland) r 82, 10 cows, farmer 120.

Clements, Orrin, (Feltís Mills) teamster.

Clintsman, Charles H., (Black River) r13, 21cows, farmer, leases of Christopher Middleton 174.

CLOSS, WILLIAM, (Feltís Mills) retired farmer, served in Co. K, 10th N. Y. H. A.

Cocagne, Frank N., (Black River) upholsterer, emp. D. Dexterís Sons.

Coffeen, Frank B., (Feltís Mills) laborer and farmer 15.

Colligan, Edwin J., (Feltís Mills) teamster and farmer.

COLLIGAN, JOHN C., (Feltís Mills) r 22, cor. 17, farmer, leases of his father, Michael, 180.

COLLIGAN, MICHAEL, (Feltís Mills) r 22, 25 cows, farmer 480.

Comins, Henry H., (Black River) agent for nursery stock, h Main.

CONKLIN ALVIN, (E. Watertown) r 48, 16 cows, farmer 107.

Conroy, James, (Burrís Mills) r 65, 20 cows, farmer 142.

Conroy, Stephen, (E. Watertown) r 50, farm laborer.

Cook, James H., (S. Rutland) r 76 cor. 63, 18 cows, farmer 125.

Cook, Jay, r 33 cor. 31, farmer, leases of G. T. Hamlin 260.

COON, WILLIAM H., (Black River) carpenter, served in Co. B, 35th N. Y. Vols., and in Co. D, 17th Vt. Vols.

Corey, Joseph H., (S. Rutland) r 61, retired farmer, aged 83.

Corey, Norman J., (S. Rutland) r 61, 9 cows, farmer 86.

Cornwell, Elias, (Black River) r 7, farmer 11.

CORY, FAYETTE F., (S. Rutland) r 71, blacksmith, h and lot.

Cotton, John, (Feltís Mills) laborer, h and lot and farmer 3.

CRAMER, CHARLES H., (S. Rutland) r 60 cor. 61, assessor, 17 cows, farmer 155.

Cramer, Charles W., (S. Rutland) r 60, farmer.

Cramer Darius, (Feltís Mills) r 27, farm laborer.

Cramer, Lansing J., (S. Rutland) physician and surgeon, Main.

Cramer, Lydia, (S. Rutland) widow of Henry, aged 87.

Crandall, Jerry, r 35, retired farmer.

Crane, David E., (Black River) farmer 46.

Crane, George, (Feltís Mills) carriage ironer.

CRANE, JESSE, (Feltís Mills) r 1, blacksmith, served in Co. I, 94th N. Y. Vols., and in Co. D, 185th Regt. N. Y. V., h and lot.

Crane, William G., (Feltís Mills) r 28, 24 cows, farmer leases of this father, David E., 173.

Croan Warren, (Black River) served in Co.A, 35th N.Y. Vols., and in Co. K., 10th N. Y. H. A.

Cross, Charles, N., (Feltís Mills) r 17, 15 cows, farmer 126.

Cross, Clinton, (Feltís Mills) r 18, 20 cows, farmer 215.

Cross, Frank H., (Black River) r 17, 20 cows, farmer 200.

Cross, Samuel J., (Feltís Mills) speculator and farmer 20.

Crossett, Albert, (Feltís Mills) laborer, h and lot.

CROUCH, CHARLES E., (E. Watertown) r 44, 20 cows, farmer 135.

Curtis, Chester L., (S. Rutland) r 82, 20 cows, farmer, leases of Anthony Scidmore 173.

Daley, John, (Black River) r 6, pulpmaker.

Damon, John J., (Feltís Mills) carpenter.

Davenport, George T., (Black River) prop. livery stable and boarding-house, Main.

Davis, Mary C., (Feltís Mills) r 17, farmer 6.

Davis, Robert, (Feltís Mills) r 18, 9 cows, farmer 97.

Dawson, Elizabeth E. Miss, (Feltís Mills) h and lot.

Day, Charles N., (S. Rutland) general merchant, farmer, owns in Champion 40, h Main.

Day, Franklin, (S. Rutland) r 69 cor. 59, 28 cows, farmer 280. [Removed to Watertown.]

Day, Lyman E., (S. Champion) r 69, farmer, leases of David Waldo 83.

Day, Warren, (S. Rutland) r 73, farmer.

De Groat, James, (Feltís Mills) teamster.

De Lano, Olive Miss, (Black River) milliner.

Devendorf, Clark, (Watertown) r 15, farmer, leases of John Lansing 129.

Dexter, David E., (Black River) (D. Dexterís Sons).

DEXTERíS D. SONS, (Black River) (Everet A. and David E.) manufs. of cane and wood-seated chairs, splint-seat and back rockers and the Dexter rocker, farmers 60.

DEXTER EVERET A., (Black River) (D. Dexterís Sons) owns 4 dwellings in village.

DEXTER, HENRY C., (Black River) (Dexter & Co.).

Dexter, Maria, (Black River) widow of David, resident, aged 77.

DEXTER, SIMEON, (Black River) (Dexter & Co.) h in Le Ray.

DEXTER & CO., (Black River) (Simeon and Henry C.) manufs. of patent rockers and folding chairs.

Dickinson, Byron, (S. Rutland) r 68, 6 cows, farmer 43.

Dobbin, William, (Feltís Mills) r 1, farmer 60.

Doney, Lewis, (Feltís Mills) laborer.

Douglass, Ansel C., (Black River) h Main.

Douglass, John, (E. Watertown) r 42, 20 cows, farmer, leases of W. Henderson 160.

DRAKE, ANDREW Z., (Feltís Mills) wagonmaker, and dealer in furniture, served in Co. A, 10th N. Y. H. A., h and lot.

Drake, Charles J., (Feltís Mills) r 27, 10 cows, farmer 80.

Drake, Henry F., (Black River) supt. Black River pulp-mill.

Duffany, Alexander G., (Black River) blacksmith.

Dulan, James H., (S. Rutland) r 56, farmer 103.

Dunaway, David, (S. Rutland) r 82, farm laborer.

Dunn Alexander, (Black River) r 27, retired, farmer.

Dunn, Lewis C., (Feltís Mills) r 1, farmer 54.

Durham, Chauncey, (Watertown) r 24, 11 cows, farmer 140.

Durham, Oren, (E. Watertown) r 34, 25 cows, farmer 143.

Eames, Henry Clift, (E. Watertown) r 56 cor. 47, prop. cheese factory, 30 cows, farmer 180.

EDDY EGBERT H., (Feltís Mills) r 31, cor. 28, 14 cows, 90 head fat cattle, farmer 585.

Empire Wood Pulp Co., (Black River) Christopher Poor, pres.; George C. Hazleton, secíy and treas., manufs. of wood pulp, Main.

Enos, John H., (Black River) r 25, farmer 25.

Fairbank, Franklin A., (Black River) chairmaker.

Felt, Ann A. Miss, (Feltís Mills) h and lot.

FELT, HARRIET, (Feltís Mills) owns with Maria farm 250.

FELT, JOHN, (Feltís Mills) 9 cows, farmer, leases of Harriet and Maria 250.

FELT, MARIA, (Feltís Mills) owns with Harriet farm 250.

Feltís Mills Hotel, (Feltís Mills) Curtis Walker, prop.

Ferguson, Charles, r 36, 26 cows, farmer 178.

Fish, Frank, r 25, farmer with his mother, Zeruah C.

FISH, ZERUAH C., r 25, widow of Merritt, 12 cows, farmer 83.

Fisher, John, (Black River) r 8, farmer 50.

Fitzgeralds, John, (Black River) r 6, pulpmaker.

Flint, Robert, (Black River) pastor M. E. Church, h West.

Forbers, George H., (Black River) emp. in paper-mill.

Ford, Jennie, (Feltís Mills) widow of John S., owns farm in Champion.

Foster, Sanford W., (Feltís Mills) r 10, general merchant, dealer in fat cattle, farmer 118.

FRANCIS GILBERT E., (Feltís Mills) carpenter, served in Co. B, 10th N. Y. H. A.

FRENCH, ALBERT A., (Feltís Mills) r 18, apiarist, 150 swarms, farmer 75.

French, Delbert D., (Feltís Mills) r 18, teacher and agent for nursery stock.

French, Lorinda A., (Feltís Mills) r 18, widow of D. D.

French, Minnie A., (Feltís Mills) r 18, school teacher.

Frink, Anna, (Black River) r 22, widow of A. T.

Frink, Asa, r 34, farmer, son of Samuel.

Frink, Carl H., farmer 105.

Frink, Freeman, (Feltís Mills) r 17, 12 cows, farmer 127.

FRINK, SAMUEL, r 34, 40 cows, farmer 294.

Frink, Walter F., (Feltís Mills) r 17, dealer in drugs and medicines.

FULLER, CHARLES A., (S. Rutland) r 60, 22 cows, farmer 144.

Fuller, Elbert J., (E. Watertown) r 42, farmer.

Fuller, Willaim S., (E. Watertown) r 43, farmer 104.

Fulton, Eleanor R. Miss, (Watertown) r 24, farm 65.

FULTON, JESSE, (Watertown) r 24, 25 cows, farmer 195.

Gifford, George, (E. Watertown) r 47, 36 cows, farmer, leases of A. Strickland 186.

GIPSON, CYRUS B., (Feltís Mills) justice of the peace, carpenter and builder, building mover, served in Co. H, 11th N. Y. Cav.

Glass, Daniel D., (Black River) carpenter and joiner, owns one-third interest in h and lot.

Glass, Mattie H. Miss, (Black River) ownes one-third interest in h and lot.

GOLDTHRITE, CHESTER C., (Feltís Mills) section foreman on R., W. & O. R. R., served in Co. B, 97th N. Y. Vols.

Gonya, Joseph, (S. Rutland) r 71, 19 cows, farmer 150.

Goodrich, Robert L., (Feltís Mills) shoemaker.

Gould, John, (Black River) (Waful & Gould).

GOULD, RICE, r 25, 54 cows, farmer 300.

Goutermont, John, (Feltís Mills) farmer.

Gragg, Albert, (Burrís Mills) off r 65, 40 cows, farmer 330.

Gragg, Morris S., (Burrís Mills) r 63, 15 cows, farmer 145.

GRAVES, HUBERT, (Black River) retired farmer.

GRAVES, MARTIN L., (Feltís Mills) r 20, 11 cows, farmer 243.

Gray, Nelson, (Black River) teamster, emp. Dexter & Co., h and lot.

GRAY, WILLARD A., (Black River) prop. grist-mill, dealer in flour and feed.

Greenfield, Abner, (Feltís Mills) cheesemaker, and lot.

Gregory, Elnathan, (Feltís Mills) r 61, farmer 25.

GREGORY, GEORGE, (E. Watertown) r 43, 25 cows, farmer, leases of Sophronia Merwin 127.

Greib, Edward, (Feltís Mills) painter.

Griffin, Morris N., r 37, 16 cows, farmer 123.

Griswold, Laura Miss, (Feltís Mills) h and lot.

Hadcock, Charles E., (Watertown) r 53 cor. 50, 28 cows, farmer 194.

Hadcock, Fred J., (E. Watertown) r 41, farmer.

Hadcock, George B., (Watertown) r 24, farmer, leases of Jesse Fulton 191.

Hadcock, Hiram, (S. Rutland) retired farmer, aged 75. [Removed to Henderson.]

Hadcock, Joseph, (E. Watertown) r 41, 20 cows, farmer 186.

Hadley, Samuel G., (Black River) chairmaker and farmer in Theresa 100.

Hall, Amos, (S. Rutland) r 70, farmer 22.

Hall, Charles A., r 36, farmer, leases of William Southworth 227.

Hall, Lyman, (S. Rutland) 16 cows, farmer, leases of Luther Reed, 132.

Hardy, Charles C., (Burrís Mills) r 53, 41 cows, apiarist, 90 swarms, farmer 226.

Hardy, Robert C., (E. Watertown) r 34, farmer 4.

Hardy, Robert C. Mrs., (E. Watertown) r 34, farmer 4Ĺ.

Hart, Albert W., (Black River) blacksmith, h and lot.

Hart, Carlton, (Black River) r 5, farmer 25.

Hart, Henry H., (Black River) blacksmith, h West.

Hazel, Charles, (S. Rutland) r 81, 18 cows, farmer 136.

Hickox, George F., (E. Rodman) r 65 cor. 66, farmer with William P. Ball.

Hill, Rotier S., r 33, 31 cows, farmer, leases of Mary and Flora Petrie 180.

Hodge, Edwin, (S. Rutland) r 71, farmer, leases of Charles E. Knapp 90.

Hodge, Ellsworth C., (S. Rutland) r 71, mason.

Hodge, Henry, (S. Rutland) r 72, farmer 80.

Hopgood, Jesse, (S. Rutland) r 83, 10 cows, farmer 63.

Hopkins, Chloe E., (E. Watertown) r 42, widow of Henry, farmer 175.

Horton, Albert, (Black River) farmer 1.

HORTON, WELLINGTON J., (Black River) chairmaker, served in Co. A, 10th N. Y. H. A., h Main.

Hosmer, Albert, (E. Watertown) r 41, farmer 30.

Howard, Henry, r 25, butcher and dealer in fat cattle, farmer 2.

Howard, Philip, farm laborer, h and lot.

Howe, George B., (Black River) laborer.

HOWLAND, FRED, (Black River) r 14, farmer with his father, William.

HOWLAND, WILLIAM, (Black River) r 14, 15 cows, farmer 110.

Hoxbey, Allen, (Burrís Mills) r 53, 31 cows, farmer, leases of O. P. Hadcock 220.

Isham, Alfred E., (E. Watertown) r 55 cor. 49, 15 cows, farmer 100.

ISHAM JOSIE E., (E. Watertown) r 60, widow of William L., 20 cows, farmer 147.

Isham, William R., (E. Watertown) r 60, farmer, son of William L.

JACKSON, AARON, (Feltís Mills) r 21, cheesemaker.

Jackson E., (Feltís Mills) r 10, farmer.

Jackson, Jason, (Black River) r 14, farm laborer.

Jackson, Polly, (Feltís Mills) r 1, widow of Jason, farmer 3Ĺ.

Jackson, Robert, (Feltís Mills) r 10, farmer with E. Jackson.

Jacobs, Augustus M., (Burrís Mills) r 63 cor.64, 30 cows, farmer 225.

Jefferson Paper Co., The, (Black River) Frank H. Munson, pres.; F. W. Herrings, secíy and treas., manufs. of wood pulp. Poor Island.

Johnson Brothers, r 36, (Silas and Jacob) 43 cows, farmers, lease of Sarah Hadcock 319.

Johnson, Frank, (Black River) painter.

Johnson, Hetty, (E. Watertown) r 34, widow of Oren, aged 86.

Johnson, Jacob, r 36, (Johnson Brothers).

Johnson, Oscar, (E. Watertown) r 34, 14 cows, farmer 100.

Johnson, Sherman W., (E. Watertown) r 34, 27 cows, farmer 19, and leases of his father, Warren W., 183.

Johnson, Silas, r 36, (Johnson Brothers).

Johnson, Warren W., (E. Watertown) r 34, retired farmer.

Jones, Amos F., (S. Rutland) carpenter, h and lot.

Jones, Joseph, (E. Watertown) r 41, 20 cows, farmer 160.

Joubert, Augustus, (Black River) shoemaker, Main.

KELLOGG, CHARLES S., (S. Rutland) deputy state dairy commissioner, justice of the peace, agent for Poor & Woulf Press Co., h and lot, resides in Watertown.

Kidder, Timothy, (Feltís Mills) r 1, farmer.

KIMBALL, HENRY N., (Burrís Mills) r 52, n 51, 30 cows, farmer 220.

Knight, Emma J., (Black River) widow of Josiah A., teacher of penmanship, h and lot.

Lacey Elberton, (Feltís Mills) r 19, 15 cows, farmer, leases of G. A. Moore 125.

Lacy, Milo, (Feltís Mills) r 8 n 13, farmer 30.

Lacy, Orrin, (Feltís Mills) r 13 n 17, farmer 3, and leases of Mrs. Sally Humphry 50.

Ladd, Walter E., (Black River) r 7, farmer, leases of A. C. Middleton 220.

Lamork, Eli, (Feltís Mills) laborer.

Lamork, Peter, (Feltís Mills) trader.

Lane, Zebrina, (S. Rutland) wagonmaker.

Lane, Zebrina Mrs., (S. Rutland) owns wagon shop, h and lot.

Lasher, Frank C., son of Warren J.

LASHER HOUSE, Warren J. Lasher, prop.

LASHER, WARREN J., prop. Lasher House, farmer 113.

Lawrence, Richard, (Watertown) r 15, 10 cows, farmer 61.

LAWTON JAMES W., (Feltís Mills) carpenter and builder.

LEE, GEORGE A., (Black River) stonecutter.

Lester, Charles W., (Black River) butcher.

Lester, Frank W., (Black River) r 8, farmer, leases of Emogene Ware 25.

Lester, William, (Feltís Mills) laborer.

Levine, Louis, r 41, farmer, leases of George W. Hammond.

Lewis, Byron L., (Black River) chairmaker.

LEWIS, WILLAIM 1., (Black River) teamster, emp. D. Dexterís Sons, farmer in Le Ray 12, served in Co. D, 10th N. Y. H. A., h and lot.

LINDELL, FREDERICK B., r 35, postmaster, served in Co. F, 1st U. S. Art.

Loomis, Leonard, (Black River) r 13, 19 cows, farmer 130.

Maguire, James, r 35, 24 cows, farmer 154.

Mallery, A. Williston, (E. Watertown) r 34, 26 cows, farmer, leases of H. C. Normander 200.

Maltby, C. Eli, (S. Rutland) r 73 cor. 74, 15 cows, farmer 105.

Manigold, Lucien, (E. Watertown) off r 44, 30 cows, farmer 170.

Marshall, Edward H., (Feltís Mills) mechanic and farmer 5.

Marshall, Henry, (Feltís Mills) prop. saw-mill and cheese box factory, manager Benefit Glove and Mitten Co., farmer 176.

Martin, Jerome B., (Black River) r 6, chairmaker, farmer 2.

Matthews, Joel, (E. Watertown) r 41, farmer 33.

Mattraw, William H., (Black River) chairmaker.

Maxim, Eugene, r 50, 11 cows, farmer, leases from Wilber Bull 85.

Maxim, Frank E., (E. Watertown) r 41, farmer, leases of Albert Hosmer 30.

McCormick, Willaim, (S. Rutland) r 81, 15 cows, farmer 125.

McOmber, Edmond, (Black River) farmer 70, h and lot.

McOmber, John, (Black River) chairmaker.

McOmber, Stephen, (Black River) resident, aged 88.

Mearns, Bailey R., (Watertown) r 52, prop. cheese factory, farmer 2.

Megan, Henry F., (Black River) papermaker.

Mellen, Henry M., (Feltís Mills) farm laborer, h and lot.

MERENESS, PETER B., (Black River) editor and prop. Black River Herald, Main, h Maple st. in Le Ray.

Merriman, Stephen A., (Black River) 25 cows, farmer in Le Ray 186.

Merriman, Stephen A. Mrs., (Black River) h and lot.

Merwin, Sophronia, (E. Watertown) r 42, widow of Talcott, 23 cows, farmer 196, and owns in St. Lawrence Co. 90.

MIDDLETON, ANDREW C., (Black River) r 7, justice of the peace, 22 cows, farmer 220.

Middleton, Emily F., (Feltís Mills) widow of Robert, h and lot.

Miller, Aaron S., (S. Rutland) r 82, farmer 75.

Miller, Emma J., (S. Rutland) widow of Lewis, h and lot.

Miller, John H., (Feltís Mills) (Roberts & Miller).

Miller, Lorenzo R., (E. Watertown) r 56, 30 cows, farmer 204.

Miller, Morris, (S. Rutland) r 82, farmer, leases of D. L. Cornwell 120.

Mink, Sarah C. Mrs., (Black River) P. M. Paige & Co.).

Miser, Nathan E., (E. Watertown) r 23, farmer.

Montaney, William H., (E. Watertown) r 41, farmer 50.

Montaney, William R., (E. Watertown) r 41, farmer, leases of his father, William H., 50.

Montondo, George, (Felts Mills) teamster.

MOONEY, SAMUEL J., r 25, highway commissioner, farmer with his father, Thomas.

MOONEY, THOMAS, r 25, blacksmith, farmer 61.

Morgan, Benjamin R., r 31, farmer, leases of H. P. Dunlap 70.

Mullin, George W., r 32, farmer for H. M. Ball, of Watertown, 300.

Myers, Orville, (Feltís Mills) teamster.

OAKES, DORR B., (S. Rutland) com. traveler.

OAKES, HENRY D., (S. Rutland) r 71, 17 cows, farmer 98.

OíDELL, GEORGE C., (Feltís Mills) r 1, com. traveler.

Olney, George W., (S. Rutland) r 61, 18 cows, farmer 100.

Olney, Volney, (S. Rutland) r 67 cor. 74, 50 cows, farmer 540.

Orvis, Chester, (Feltís Mills) r 31, 24 cows, farmer, leases of Henry 137.

Orvis, George E., (Feltís Mills) r 31, farmer, son of Chester.

Ostrander, Leroy J., (Watertown) r 24, farmer, leases of Miss Eleanor Fulton 65.

OTIS, GEORGE, (Black River) r 25, 20 cows, farmer 150.

OTIS, JOHN D., (Black River) r 25, farmer.

Overton, Orrin N., (S. Rutland) r 75 cor. 79, 28 cows, farmer, leases of Marcus Reed 147.

PAIGE, P. M., (Black RIver) (P. M. Paige & Co.).

PAIGE, P. M. & CO., (Black River) (Mrs. Sarah C. Mink) general jobbers and machinists, horseshoers, and wagonmakers, Main

Parker, David D. Rev., (Feltís Mills) superannuated clergyman.

Parker, E. F. Mrs., (Feltís Mills) h and lot.

Parker, John W., (Watertown) r 15, 21 cows, farmer, leases of J. McMullen 155.

Parker, Maurice M., (Feltís Mills) postmaster and merchant, h and lot.

Parkinson, James B., (Watertown) r 24, (Phineas C. & James B. Parkinson).

Parkinson, Mathew, (Black River) (M. Parkinson & Son - see Le Ray) h Main.

Parkinson, Mathew A., (Black River) (M. Parkinson & Son - see Le Ray) h Main.

Parkinson, Olive, (Watertown) r 24, widow of Asa, aged 88.

Parkinson, Phineas C., (Watertown) r 24, (Phineas C. & James B. Parkinson).

Parkinson, Phineas C. & James B., (Watertown) r 24, props. cheese factory, 30 cows, farmers 150.

Pasino, William F., (Black River) chairmaker, h and lot.

Payne, Adelbert E., (S. Rutland) painter.

Phillips, Hugh, (Feltís Mills) cheesemaker.

PHILLIPS, ORIN A., r 31, 18 cows, farmer 140.

Phillips, William, r 37, farm laborer.

Pickett, Mary, r 37, widow of Fred, resident.

PIERCE, EPHRAIM J., (Black RIver) carpenter and contractor, served in Co. K, 10th N. Y. H. A., h Main.

Pohl, Charles F., (Black River) r 27, 20 cows, farmer, leases of Peter 210.

Pohl, Peter, (Black River) r 24, 18 cows, farmer 140.

Pool, Charles, r 36, farmer 65. [Died Nov. 11, 1889.]

POOL, EDWARD S., (E. Watertown) r 34, 21 cows, farmer 118.

Poor, Christopher, (black River) pres. Empire Wood Pulp Co.

Poor, Emerson L., (Black RIver) chairmaker.

Poor, Julius, (Black River) resident.

Poor, Prudence, (Black River) widow of Peter, h and lot, aged 82.

Putney, Clarissa, (Black River) r 6, widow of John H., farmer 3.

PUTNEY, CLINTON M., (Black RIver) r 6, chairmker.

Randall, James A., (E. Watertown) r 50, butcher and farmer 10.

Randall, John D., (Black River) r 13, farmer 40.

Randall, Melvin R., (Black River) r 13, 23 cows, farmer 160.

Rankin, Frank, blacksmith.

Reniff, Melvin L., (Black River) r 13, farmer 2Ĺ.

Reynolds, George, (Feltís Mills) resident.

Riordan, Charley J., (S. Rutland) general merchant, Main, h do.

Ritter, Elias, (Feltís Mills) farmer, h and lot.

Ritter, Jerome, (Black River) miller.

Ritter, Loren, (Feltís Mills) laborer.

ROBERTS C. & SON, (Feltís Mills) (Frank L.) manufs. of axe helves and handles.

ROBERTS, CHARLES, (Feltís Mills) (C. Roberts & Son) supervisor, farmer in Philadelphia 70.

ROBERTS, FRANK L., ( Feltís Mills) (C. Roberts & Son).

Roberts, Mariah, (Feltís Mills) r 5, widow of William.

ROBERTS, MOSES C., (Feltís Mills) (Roberts & Miller) farmer.

Roberts, Moses C., Mrs., (Feltís Mills) farmer 6.

Roberts, William Pharcellus, (Feltís Mills) r 5, farmer 35.

Roberts & Miller, (Feltís Mills) (Moses C. R. and John H. M.) blacksmiths and carriage ironers.

Rockwell, Simeon, r 34, cor. 40, 17 cows, farmer 90.

ROCKWOOD, F. LANSING, (Feltís Mills) justice of the peace, carpenter, farmer in LeRay 112, served in Co. A, 20th N. Y. Vols., h and lot.

Rose, M. Henry, (S. Rutland) farm Laborer.

ROSE, MYRON E., (E. Rodman) r 79, dealer in horses, 11 cows, farmer 112.

Rowe, John, (E. Watertown) r 34, farmer 30.

Russell, Arthur A., (S. Rutland) r 60, carpenter, served in Co. A, 10th N. Y. H. A.

SABIN, GEORGE G., M. D., (Black River) physician and surgeon, graduate University of Michigan, served in Co. D, 6th Ohio Inf.

Schrodt, Michael, (Black River) r 14, 20 cows, farmer 147.

SCOTT, DANIEL H., (Black River) general merchnt, h and lot, served in Co. A, 35th N. Y. Vols.

SCOTT, EMERSON H., (Black RIver) served in Co. I, 20th N. Y. Vols., farmer with his father, Thomas H.

Scott, Gardner B., (Black River) r 14, 19 cows, farmer 170.

Scott, George H., (Black River) chairmaker, h and lot.

SCOTT HOUSE, (S. Rutland) R. B. Scott, prop.

SCOTT R. BYRON, (S. Rutland) prop. Scott House, 13 cows, farmer 115, served in Co. D. 10th N. Y. H. A.

Scott, Thomas H., (Black River) farmer 100.

SEAMAN STEPHEN G., (S. Rutland) r 83, carpenter and builder, farmer 70.

Seaman, Ward J., (S. Rutland) r 83, farmer.

Shannon, Timothy, (E. Watertown) r 41, farmer, leases of D. Moore 154.

Shead, Bronson A., r 33, 35 cows, farmer, leases of Mrs. John Winslow, of Watertown, 275.

Sherman, Lansing S., (Burrís Mills) r 52, 14 cows, farmer 175.

Sherman, Charles L., (Burrís Mills) r 52, farmer.

Sherman, William P., (Burrís Mills) r 52, farmer.

Shepard, Edward, (S. Rutland) r 69, 25 cows, farmer, leases of Franklin Day 270.

Shepard, Joseph, (S. Rutland) r 69, farmer.

Shortsleave, Joseph, (Feltís Mills) shoemaker.

Segler, George, (Black River) r 6, pulpmaker.

Sischo, Irwin, (S. Rutland) farmer.

Slack, Albert W., (Feltís Mills) station agent R., W. & O. R. R.

Slack, Albert W., Mrs., (Feltís Mills) h and lot.

Slack, William, (Feltís Mills) resident, aged 87.

Slater, Fred E., (Black River) chairmaker, h and lot.

Smiley, James, (Feltís Mills) harnessmaker, h and lot.

Smith, Byron J., r 37, 22 cows, farmer 173.

Smith, Charles W., (Black RIver) r 6, 16 cows, farmer, leases of his father, B.P., 112.

Smith, E., (Feltís Mills) laborer.

SMITH, GEORGE W., (S. Rutland) r 61, 18 cows, farmer 126.

Smith, Hezekiah H., (S. Rutland) r 68, farmer 19, aged 85.

SMITH, LURA T., (Feltís Mills) widow of William, h and lot.

Smith, Lyle O., (S. Rutland) r 61, farmer, son of George W.

Smith, Sidney L., r 37, 22 cows, farmer 200.

Smith, William C., r 33, 28 cows, farmer, leases of Polly and Flora Petrie 186.

Snell, Sherman, (Feltís Mills) r 11, cooper and farmer 30.

SOUTHWORTH, WILLIAM, r 36, 35 cows, farmer 227.

Sowva, John, r 37, laborer.

Sowva, Joseph, r 32, farmer 5.

Spaulding, Leonard, (S. Rutland) r 56, 14 cows, farmer, leases of Allen Winslow 93.

Springsteen, William H., (Black River) painter, h and lot.

Staplin, Charlotte Miss, r 25 farmer 30.

Staplin, Frank, off r 25 (Geroge S. & Frank Staplin).

Staplin, George S., off r 25, (George S. & Frank Staplin).

Staplin, George S. & Frank, off r 25, (Frankís estate) 14 cows, farmers 125.

Starks, Angeline, (Black River) widow of Allen, farmer 3.

Stebbins, Elizabeth, (S. Rutland) r 59, widow of Lyman.

Stebbins, Harley A., (S. Rutland) r 59, carpenter and builder, farmer 121.

Stebbins, John, (S. Rutland) r 59, 15 cows, farmer 118.

Stockwell, Frnk J., (S. Champion) r 69, 21 cows, farmer 160.

Stoddard, Melvin W., (E. Watertown) r 43 cor. 47, 21 cows, farmer, leases of Charles Brown 140.

Storring, Adeline, (Feltís Mills) r 5, widow of Issac, farmer 50.

Stott, Charles, (Black River) r 25, farmer 25.

Taylor, A., (Feltís Mills) r 18, farmer.

Terpning, Peter, (Feltís Mills) farmer 10.

Thompson, Starr H., (E. Watertown) r 24, 15 cows, farmer 81.

Tifft, Charles F., (Feltís Mills) laborer.

Town, John R., (Black River) carpenter and builder, h and lot.

Treadway, Amanda L., (Black River) widow of William P., farmer 50.

Treadway, Hudson C., (Black River) farmer with his mother, Amanda L.

Treadway, Jonathan F., r 34, farmer.

Treadway, Otis J., r 34, 17 cows, farmer, leases of Mrs. William Wench 100.

Trembley, Fred, r ó, farmer.

Trembley, Gideon, (S. Rutland) blacksmith, h and lot.

Trembley, Joseph, (S. Rutland) 10 cows, farmer, leases of Mrs. A. Webb 100.

Trembley, Orvis, (S. Rutland) farmer 126.

TREMBLEY, SOLOMON, (S. Rutland) r 44, 34 cows, farmer, leases of David Hamlin 200.

Trickey, Ward, (S. Rutland) harnessmaker.

Tucker, Arthur, (Feltís Mills) r 1, carpenter and builder, farmer 61.

Tucker, Washington, (E. Watertown) r 50, cor. 40, retired farmer.

Underwood Brothers, (Burrís Mills) r 63, (Franklin and Francis) 24 cows, farmers 210.

Underwood, Francis, (Burrís Mills) r 63, (Underwood Brothers).

Underwood, Franklin, (Burrís Mills) r 63, (Underwood Brothers).

Underwood, Maria, (Burrís Mills) r 63, widow of H. A.

Van OíLinda, Cornelius, (S. Rutland) r 68, apiarist 15 swarms, 7 cows, farmer 70, and in Lewis Co. 150.

Van OíLinda, James J., (S. Rutland) r 83, farmer 50.

Van Slyke, Charles, A., (E. Watertown) r 56, farmer with his father John.

Van Slyke, John., (E. Watertown) r 56, 12 cows, farmer 270.

Van Volkenburg, Fletcher, (S. Rutland) r 62, 26 cows, farmer, leases of William Petrie 180.

Veber, Albert D., (S. Rutland) farmer 32, h and lot.

Veber, Festa, (Feltís Mills) h and lot.

VISSCHER, CHARLES H., (S. Rutland) r 81, cor. 82, farmer.

VISSCHER, JOHN B., (S. Rutland) r 81 cor. 82, justice of the peace, farmer 56.

Vosburgh, Alonzo, (Feltís Mills) photographer, h and lot.

Wadsworth, Junius E., (S. Rutland) r 82, 11 cows, farmer 105.

Waful, Fred, (Black River) (Waful & Gould) butcher, h and lot.

Waful & Gould, (Black River) (Fred W. and John G.) props. meat market, Main.

Waldo, David, (S. Champion) r 69, 14 cows, farmer 83, and leases of Emma Weller 185.

WALDO, JAY W., (S. Rutland) r 57, prop. sawmill and creamery, 20 cows, farmer 115.

Waldo, Theodore, (S. Champion) r 57, 15 cows, farmer 90.

Walker, óó, (S. Rutland) widow of L. A.

Walker, Curtis, (Feltís Mills) prop. Feltís Mills Hotel.

Walker, Henry, (S, Rutland) 12 cows, farmer 40, and leases of Jane D Webb 100.

Walker, Hugh P., (S. Rutland) com. traveler.

Ware, Emogene, (Feltís Mills) farmer 28, h and lot.

Ware, Horace, (Feltís Mills) r 18 cor. 11, farmer 200.

Watson, Byron, (Feltís Mills) r 2, emp. on railroad.

Wauful, George W., (Burrís Mills) r 52 cor. 51, farmer.

Wauful, Sylvia Mrs., (Burrís Mills) r 52 cor. 51, farmer 11.

WAY, DANIEL W., (E. Rodman) r 77, 25 cows, farmer 157.

Way, William H., (E. Watertown) pastor Rutland Cong. Church.

Weaver, John M., (Black River) r 8, farmer, leases of Orvill Lacy 20.

Webb, Jane D., (S. Rutland) widow of Arnold, farmer 100.

Weller, Emma, (S. Champion) r 69, widow of Silas.

Wells, Eugene, (Black River) r 6, teamster.

Wheeler, Henry W., (E. Rodman) r 78, 20 cows, farmer, leases of C. M. Wait 132.

Wheeler, Mary A., (Feltís Mills) widow of Joel B., resident.

Whitaker, Nye W., r ó, farmer.

White, Benjamin, (Feltís Mills) r 10, farmer 2.

White, Cynthia, (Feltís Mills) h and lot.

White, Henry O., (Feltís Mills) shoemaker, farmer in Lewis Co. 43, h and lot.

White, Parley, (Feltís Mills) painter.

Whitlock, Rhoda, (Feltís Mills) widow of Welcome, h and lot.

Wilcox, Albert H., (E. Watertown) r 44, farmer 210.

Wilcox, Fred B., (Black River) (W. S. Wilcox & Son) h West.

WILCOX, HORACE, (Black River) r 27, n 22, 40 cows, breeder of Holstein cattle, farmer 300.

Wilcox W. S. & Son, (Black River) (Fred B.) manufs. of and dealers in furniture, Main.

Wilcox, William S., (Black River) (W. S. Wilcox & Son) bds. West.

Williams, John L., r 35, prop. The E. J. Williams cheese factory, No. 2.

Williams, William H., (Feltís Mills) r 10, farm laborer, h and lot.

Wilson, Frank E., (Watertown) r 15, 20 cows, farmer 205.

Wilson, Lucy, (E. Watertown) r 24, widow of Samuel, farmer 30.

Winbourn, William, (S. Ruland) r 46, 40 cows, farmer 330.

Wirtz, William, (Black River) shoemaker, Main, h do.

Wood, Albert, (Black River) r 6, retired.

Wood, Frank, (Feltís Mills) laborer.

Wood, Frink, (Feltís Mills) laborer.

Wood, John T., (Black River) farm laborer.

Wood, Joseph, Sr., (Feltís Mills) laborer.

Wood, Joseph, Jr., (Feltís Mills) laborer.

WOOD, WALKER B., (Feltís Mills) formerly prop. Feltís Mills Hotel, farmer 12.

Wood, Wilber, (Black River) r 6, laborer.

Woodard, Jefferson, (S. Rutland) r 83, 16 cows, farmer, leases of Harriet Wauful 129.

Woods, Josephine S., (Feltís Mills) widow of George.

Woodward, Adolphus, (Feltís Mills) r 10 cor. 11, farmer 25.

Woodward, Albert M., (Black River) r 15, 21 cows, farmer 125.

Woodward, Clarence, (Black River) r 15, farmer.

Woodworth, Eliza, (E. Watertown) r 23, widow of Nicholas, farmer 45.

Woodworth, Henry, (Watertown) r 23, apiarist 7 swarms, farmer 60.

Wooley, Mary Mrs., (E. Watertown) r 24, farmer 2Ĺ .

Wooley, Samuel, (E. Watertown) r 24, farmer.

Wooley, William, (Black RIver) r 8, farmer 50.

Worden, Merinda Miss, (Black River) h and lot.

WRIGHT, LUTHER, (Feltís Mills) sawyer, served in the late war.

YOUNGS, RICHARD, (S. Rutland) carpenter and joiner, 1st sergeant Co. A, 94th N. Y. Vols., h and lot.

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