(Postoffice isTheresa, unless otherwise designated in parenthesis)

Index and Abbreviations

Ackler, Andrew, r 29, laborer, leases of Mrs. Jennie Goule h and 15 acres.

Adams, Elias, r 24, 6 cows, breeder of Ayrshire cattle, farmer 50, and woodland 38.

Albertson, Rhoda, (Rossie, St. Lawrence Co.) r 4, widow of Josiah, farm 90.

Allen, Charles B., r 60, lives with his father, Cook.

Allen, Cook, r 60, retired farmer 97.

Allen, John, r 60, farmer 94.

Allen, Prince, r 60, farm 19. [Deceased.]

Alton, David, r 44, 27 cows, farmer 218.

American Cheese Factory, r 50 cor. 51, I. C. Cooper, prop.; C. B. Still, cheesemaker.

American Cheese Factory, r 33 cor. 34, I. C. Cooper, prop.; Charles Day, cheesemaker.

American Cheese Factory, I. C. Cooper, prop.; H. E. Essington, cheesemaker, E. Mill.

American Hotel, Rice & Seaman, props., Main.

Andrews, Robert K., off r 31, superannuated Methodist Protestant clergyman, h and lot.

Augsbury, David D., r 40, carpenter and joiner, h and lot.

Augsbury, R. B. Mrs., resident, h Main.

Avery, Matthew W., retired merchant, farmer with H. P. Cheeseman 256, h River.

BABCOCK, GEORGE, r 54, farmer, h and 17 acres, served in Co. A, 94th N. Y. Inf. Vols.

Babcock, John W., r 54, laborer.

Bacon, Harrison, (Orleans Four Corners) r 38, 30 cows, farmer 548.

Bacon, Philander, (Rossie, St. Lawrence Co.) r 3, 20 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire cattle, farmer, leases of John H. Simons 140, and owns wood lot on Muskallonge Lake 35.

Baker, John, r 28, laborer, h and 10 acres.

Baker, Ruth E., off r 30, widow of Harvey A., farm 181.

Ball, Chauncy, (Plessis) r 16, farmer 47.

BALL, EGBERT, (Plessis) r 16, retired farmer 139.

Ball, Norman W., r 30, 20 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire and Jersey cattle, farmer, leases on shares of Abram Walradt 140, wood lot 33.

Ballard, Davis. retired carpenter and joiner, h and lot River.

Barnes, Orrin, (Plessis) r 16, farmer for his wife 60.

Barnes, Royal, (Redwood) r 14, 10 cows, farmer 94.

Bartlett, Charles E., teamster, h E. Mill.

Bartlett, Milton F., farmer, bds. with Jane Pollock, E. Mill.

Bartram, Edward, r 11, farmer 25.

Bates, Adeline Mrs., book agent, h Pine.

Bates, John, constable, h and lot Pine.

Bates, John S., stonecutter and mason, h and lot High.

Bauter, De Elton, (Plessis) r 16, 14 cows, farmer, leases of Egbert Ball 141.

Bearup, David, att'y and counselor at law, owns 450 acres of land, Commercial, h Main.

Beebe, Louisa, r 57, widow of Alfred.

Bellamy, Emeline, widow of Charles, h Stockwell block.

Benson, Amos C., r 11, farmer.

Benson, Ephraim W., r 11, 20 cows, farmer 133.

BICKOM, JOHN, r 28, laborer, h and 5 acres.

Bidleman, George, foreman for his father, Jonas C., h River.

Bidleman, Jonas C., merchant tailor, River, h do.

Biggers, John, Jr., laborer and farmer, leases of Alexander Countryman, of Pamelia, 62.

Bilow, John W., laborer and farmer, h and lot Pleasant.

BODMAN, ATWOOD R., r 43, 22 cows, 400 sugar trees, farmer 223.

Bodman, Atwood R., Jr., r 39 cor. 40, farmer 35.

Bodman, Sylvester B., r 43, foreman for his father, Atwod R., prop. stock horse "Robin Hood."

Booth, William D., telegraph operator R., W. & O. R. R., bds. American Hotel.

BOWEN, LEMON C., (Redwood) r 13, farmer, leases of Ellen Plimpton 50..

Branaugh, Henry G., (Redwood) r 13, farmer.

Branaugh, John W., Sr., (Redwood) r 13, farmer 114.

Branaugh, John W., Jr., (Redwood) r 13, lives with his father, John W., Sr.

Brittan, A. N. & Son Mfg. Co., H. O. Gardner, pres., chair manufs., Foundry cor. Mill.

Britton, Judith, r 47, widow of Loren.

Britton, Peter, r 47, 8 cows, farmer on the Britton estate 85.

Brooks, Peter, off r 52, laborer.

Brown, Charles S., prop. summer hotel at Red Lake, h River.

Brown, George T., retired blacksmith, h and 34 acres Rivers, was one of the prisoners transported to Van Diemen's Land, in 1838, for participating in the Patriot war in Canada.

Brown, Henry, laborer, h W. Mill.

Brown, William F., teamster, emp. Snell & Makepeace, h Mill.

Bullard, Clarnece D., painted, h River.

Bullard, Percival D., retired merchant, farm 135, h River.

Burke, Charity G., r 18, widow of William E.

Bush, John M., (Redwood) r 10, 20 cows, breeder of grade Holstein cattle, farmer, leases of Samuel Roberts 305.

Butler, Mary, (Redwood) r 2, widow of James, 14 cows, farmer 100.

BUTTERFIELD, JULIUS F., r 58, 18 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire cattle, farmer 210, served in Co. D, 32th N.Y. Inf. Vols., from 1861 to 1863, then served nearly 2 years on board the gunboat Foster.

Call, Albert R., carpenter and joiner.

Call, Albert R. Mrs., dressmaker.

Call, Byron E., carpenter and molder, h and lot Quarry.

Call, Charles, r 54, farmer, h and lot.

Carpenter, Albert E., carpenter and carriagemaker, Main, h High.

Carter, Ruth, widow of Solomon K., h and lot Commercial.

Casey, James, (Casey & Fayel) 27 cows, breeder of Ayrshire and Holstein cattle and Hambletonian horses, farmer 200, h Main.

Casey & Fayel, (James C. and Joseph F.) general merchants, Main cor. Commercial.

Casler, Barbara A., r 40, widow of John S., h and 13 acres.

Casler, Sanford, carpenter, h High.

Casson, John, r 19, farmer 5.

Cavanaugh, Cornelius, r 27, 29 cows, farmer 300.

Cavanaugh, Dennis, r 27, carpenter.

Cavanaugh, Edward E., r 27, farmer.

Cavanaugh, James C., retired farmer, h and lot.

Cavanaugh, John C., r 27, farmer with his father, Cornelius.

Cavanaugh, Michael J., r 27, farmer.

Chadwick, Emma, widow of Chauncy, farm 430, h Commercial.

Chapman, Arthur L., att'y and counselor at law, Commercial, h do.

Chapman, Dudley, miller, emp. Snell & Makepeace, h Foundry.

Chapman, Simeon P., r 21 1/2, 10 cows, farmer 105.

Chapman, W.D., Son & Co., (William D. and Byron W. Chapman, and John H. Carnige) manufs. and importers of fishing tackle, Commercial, office and salesrooms at Rochester, NY.

CHAPMAN, WILLIAM D., (W.D. Chapman, Son & Co.) watchmaker and jeweler, patentee and mauf. of reverse motion rotary show-case, Commercial, h do.

Chase, Levi, r 43 cor. 44, 19 cows, farmer 196.

Chaumont, George W., r 33, farmer on the Martin V. Cole farm 100.

Cheeseman, Amos W., r 20, 10 cows, farmer 100, and leases the estate of Clifford 89.

Cheeseman, Benjamin P., r 24, 21 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire cattle, farmer 175.

Cheeseman, Clifford, r 31, 10 cows, retired farmer 89. [Deceased.]

Cheeseman, Edward S., M.E. clergyman, farm 166.

Cheeseman, Fred, r 24, ins. agent and farmer, leases of his father, Benjamin P., 175.

Cheeseman, Harvey, r 20, 9 cows, farmer 150.

Cheeseman, Henry P., (Cheeseman & Courts) breeder of Ayrshire cattle and farmer with M. W. Avery 256, h River.

Cheeseman, John S., r 20, farmer 101.

Cheeseman, Marcius, r 29, 15 cows, farmer 172.

Cheeseman, Melvin V., laborer, h and 10 acres E. Mill.

Cheeseman, William, (Pool & Cheeseman) resides with Charles Pool.

Cheeseman & Courts, (Henry P. C. and John C.) dealers in boots, shoes, and groceries, Commercial.

Cheney, Alonzo E., clerk, h and lot Main.

Chismore, Edwin F., farmer.

Chrysler, Andrew J., cooper, carpenter, and joiner, h and lot E. Mill.

Chrysler, Lodoiska I. Miss, school teacher, bds. with her father, Andrew J.

Chrysler, Wendell, resident.

Churchill, Samuel, r 20, laborer.

Clark, Jacob, r -, farmer.

Clark, William, off r 46, laborer, h and lot.

Closs, Charles W., (Ox Bow) off r 4, 12 cows, farmer, leases of N.J. Cooper 90.

Closs, Jefferson, (Ox Bow) r 4, farmer.

Closs, Martha, (Ox Bow) off r 4, widow of Isaac, retired farmer.

Clute, John, teamster and thresher, farmer, leases of D. A. Salisbury, h Main.

Coe, David L., dental surgeon, Comercial, h do.

Coe, George A., dentist, graduate Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgeons, farm 272, Main, h do.

Coe, Mariette, widow of Horace A., h and lot Main.

Cole, Alanson, retired farmer, h and lot River.

Cole, John W., laborer, h Tyler block, Main.

Cole, Martin V., r 40, farm 100, h and 10 acres on r 33.

Colvin, Benjamin M., r 19, 15 cows, breeder of Ayrshire and Jersey cattle, farmer 114.

Comstock, Lodoiska, widow of Ichabod, lives with A. J. Chrysler.

Cook, Edward S., cheesemaker, h and lot Foundry.

Cook, George N., r 38, 23 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire cattle, farmer 300.

Cook, Lydia B., r 30, widow of Luther J., aged 85.

Cook, Melvin D., carpenter and joiner, h and lot E. Mill.

Cook, Milton L., blacksmith and horseshoer, Main, h and lot E. Mill.

Cook, Munson, (Philadelphia) r 44, 25 cows, farmer 165, in Antwerp 240, and in Philadelphia 213.

Cook, Munson Mrs., (Philadelphia) r 44, farm in Antwerp 160.

Cooper, Alexander H., r 41, 20 cows, farmer 210.

Cooper, Alexander, Sr., retired farmer, h and lot Commercial, refused to give accurate information.

Cooper, Edward, r 40, laborer.

Cooper, Edward E., laborer, h Pleasant.

Cooper, Emmett, inventor of a hay fork.

Cooper, Irving C., 40 cows, breeder of reg. and high grade Holstein cattle, farmer 411.

Cooper, Jerome, farmer 90, h Commercial.

COOPER, JOSEPHINE Miss, r 40 h and 10 acres.

Cooper, Victor, r 41, prop. tannery, capacity 16,000 skins and 1,000 hides annually, farmer 55, h River.

Corbin, Daniel W., r 21, farmer with Ephraim G. 75.

Corbin, Dolly, r 21, widow of Daniel, blind, aged 85.

Corbin, Ephraim G., r 21, farmer with Daniel W. 75.

Cornwall, George, farmer 42, h Main.

Cornwall, Melvin E., retired druggist, h Commercial.

Couch, Erastus, dealer in and trainer of horses, h and lot Commercial.

Countryman, Charles E., r 62, laborer.

Countryman, John S., r 48, farmer, leases of Caroline Dresser 50.

Countryman, Lansing, off r 52, laborer.

Courts, John, (Cheeseman & Courts) h Main.

Coyer, Alexander, hotel clerk, h and lot Main.

Coyer, Frank, laborer, h off Commercial.

Coyer, Frank, laborer, bds. Main.

Crabb, Charles C., dealer in house furnishing goods, tinware, crockery, and glassware, five and ten cent goods a specialty, Commercial, h River.

Crabb, James H., (Redwood) r 7, farmer.

Crage, David B., off r 9, farmer 14.

Crandall, William, r 30, served in the War of 1812, pensioner, aged 93.

Cuppernull, Marcellus C., emp. Stockwell & Parker, h and lot E. Mill.

Davis, Franklin E., laborer, h and 3 acres.

Davis, Isaac N., r 60, laborer.

Davis, Levi, r 60, laborer.

Day, Charles, cheesemaker, bds. Foundry.

Dempster, David, r 54, cheesemaker and hay buyer.

DEVENDORF, WILLARD L., laborer, h and lot E. Mill, served in Co. C, 1st N.Y. Lt. Art. Vols.

Dickhaut, George, (Redwood) r 14 cor. 15, retired farmer, prop. Limburger cheese factory.

Dickhaut Limburger Cheese Factory, r 14 cor. 15, George Dickhaut, prop.

Dingman, Jason H., r 14, 10 cows, farmer 100.

Dingman, Mary E., (Evans Mills) r 62, farmer.

Donald & Morrow, (Thomas H. D., of Redwood, and Jason C. M.) fire ins. agents.

Doolittle, Charles T., r 20, farmer, owns with his siter Mary M. 210, prop. Doolittle Park House.

DOOLITTLE, MARY M., Miss, r 20, owns farm with her brother Charles T., lives do.

Doolittle Park House, Charles T. Doolittle, porp., summer hotel.

DOUGLASS, JOHN P., r 49, 60 cows, Holstein bull "Duke of Theresa," No 288, sired by "David" F. H. B., dam, pure blooded Fresian, "Bessie," reg.; milk record of dam, 10 days' trial, 624 8/10 lbs., on ordinary feed, farmer 500.

Douglass's American Cheese Factory, r 54, John P. Douglass, prop.

Dowen, George W., r 29, farmer 21.

Dowen, Jason C., street commissioner, h and lot Main.

Draper, Edward, r 14, 10 cows, farmer, leases on shares of Peter Kissel 95.

Draper, Edwin H., r 53, 24 cows, farmer, leases of Jerome Snell 240.

Dresser, Caroline, widow of George W., farm 50, h Commercial.

Dresser, Eliza Ann, widow of William, h Dresser block, Commercial.

Duffany, Frank, Jr., carriage and house painter, h Main.

DUFFANY, LEWIS, r 24, farmer for J. E. Kelsey, leases h and lot do, served in Co. M, 10th N.Y.H.A. Vols.

Dunn, Alonson F., laborer, owns woodland 65.

Dunn, Buell B., r 40, laborer.

Dunn, William H., teamster, h E. Mill.

Dyer, William, (Redwood) r 1, farmer, h and 1 acre.

Eager, George N., (Ox Bow) off r 3, 15 cows, farmer 126.

Ebblie, Charles W., r 54, 7 cows, farmer, leases of G. H. & Alexander Countryman 200.

Eddy, Charles C., r 56, 14 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire cattle, farmer 144.

Eddy, Frank O., off r 45, 12 cows, farmer 157.

Eddy, Jason, r 52, prop. custom saw-mill on outlet of Hyde Lake, h and 11 acres.

Eddy, Jason M., r 52, prop. saw-mill, leases of Daniel, h and 11 acres.

Eddy, Mary E., widow of Arthur C., h and lot Pine.

Eddy, Milon, off r 52, thresher and teamster.

Emhuff, Nicholas, r 24, lives with C. H. Miller, aged 72.

Essington, Henry C., cheesemaker, h Mill.

Evans, Charles, r 32, 30 cows, farmer, leases of Aaron Parkhurst 230, h Quarry.

Evans, Gilman P., clerk, h Commercial.

Evans, Mary A., widow of Gilman.

Fairbanks, Julia A. Miss, carpet weaver, h and lot E. Mill.

Farrell, Patrick, r 55, 22 cows, farmer, 205.

Favel, Joseph, (Casey & Fayel) h Commercial.

Fenton, Mary, dressmaker, Chapman block, Commercial.

Ferginson, Joseph, r 46, farmer for William Walradt 130.

FETTERLEY, WILSON E., off r 52, engineer, emp. John C. Reed & Co., h and lot.

Fikes, Erwin, r 24, carpenter.

Fisher, Elbert V., station and American Express agent R., W.& O. R.R., h Main.

Fisher, William A., (William A. Fisher & Co.) h Main.

Fisher, William A. & Co, (Lee W. Tyler) dealers in furniture and undertaking goods.

Fisk, Eliza A., widow of Charles M., h Commercial.

Fleming, James H., (Redwood) r 1, farmer, leases of Noah Peck 60.

Flemming, Archie, r 43 cor. 44, 20 cows, farmer leases of Levi Chase 146.

Flemming, James, r 43 cor. 44, lives with his son Archie.

Flora, Joseph, r 49, butcher and farmer, leases of S. G. Hadley 100.

FOLTS, WILLIAM W., (Redwood) r 1, 12 cows, 1,000 sugar trees, breeder of grade Holstein cattle, prop. stock horse "Stephen A. Douglass, Jr., half-blood Hinsdale, Black Hawk, and Pilgrim, farmer 148.

Foster, Chauncy, 6 cows, farmer 20.

Fowler, Jefferson, off r 52, sawyer, emp. John C. Reed & Co., h and lot.

Fox, George P., retired wagonmaker, h and lot Main cor. Pine.

Franklin, David C., carpenter, h and lot Main.

FRIZZELL, WILLIAM D., r 60, farmer, leases of George Hoover 66, served in Co. C, 35th N.Y. Inf. Vols. [Removed to Watertown.]

Fuller, Clinton R., (Ox Bow) r 3, 12 cows, farmer, leases of David Bogart 117.

Fults, Adam, r 42, 11 cows, farmer, leases of L. F. Shurtleff 123.

Fults, Chester, (Plessis) r 36, 23 cows, farmer 200.

FULTS, FRANK W., r 50, clerk for John C. Reed & Co.

Fults, Victor L., (Orleans Four Corners) r 52, 9 cows, farmer 62, and leases of Mrs. Hattie Walters 180.

Gardner, Anson D., dealer in groceries and provisions, E. Mill, h do.

GARDNER, HENRY O., cashier Bank of Philadelphia, pres. A. N. Brittan & Son Mfg. Co., h in Philadelphia.

Garner, Albert J., r 57, 19 cows, farmer, leases of Jesse L. Rogers, of Le Ray, 190.

Garner, John, r 57, retired farmer, aged 77.

Garso, Joseph, r 30, pensioner.

Gates, William H., (Redwood) r 2, trapper.

Gaudett, Frederick A., prop. marble works, John Haffrey, Manager, Commercial, h at Redwood.

GEORGE, NORMAN c., carpenter and laborer, h and lot Pine, served in Co. F, 10th N.Y.H.A. Vols., wounded in front of Petersburg by the bursting of a shell.

George, Sanford, (Plessis) r 27, 20 cows, farmer, leases of Harrison H. 175.

Getman Brothers (Edgar, of La Fargeville, Edward, and Edson) props. Getman House and Getman hall, commercial cor. Main.

Getman Hall, Getman Brothers, props., Commercial.

Getman House, Getman Brothers, props., Commercial cor. Main.

Getman, Thomas, r 55, laborer.

GILTZ, CHRISTOPHER, stone mason, h and lot Main.

Giltz, George, laborer, bds. Main.

Giltz, Leonard J., off r 42, 15 cows, farmer, leases of Mrs. P. D. Bullard 130.

Godfrey, Oscar, r 24, 30 cows, farmer, leases of Avery and Cheeseman 270.

Godfrey, Orson J., r 19, 13 cows, breeder of grade Holstein cattle, farmer 149.

Golby, Alfred G., (Redwood) r 3, farmer 2.

Golby, Elizabeth H., (Redwood) r 2, widow of Joseph, farmer 70.

Golby, William H., (Redwood) r 2, laborer, h and lot.

Goodenough, John, carpenter, joiner, and farmer, h and lot in Carthage, h River.

Goule, Alfred, r 29, fishing rod and tacklemaker.

Graham, Edward M., r 58, 7 cows, farmer, leases of N. E. Smith 153.

Gray, Adam, retired farmer, owns farm in Orleans 107, in Alexandria 125, and in Theresa 150, h and lot River.

Gray, Benjamin S., (Redwood) r 1, farmer.

Gray, Justin, farmer, owns wood lot near Hyde Lake 53, h River.

Gray, Simeon T., (Redwood) r 1, 8 cows, farmer 64.

Greene, Ransom H., turner, emp. A. N. Brittan & Son Mfg. Co., h and lot River.

Grieb, George, r 17, 8 cows, farmer 66.

Grieb, Gottlieb, prop. saloon, Main, h and lot High.

Griffin, Albert A., r 21, 12 cows, farmer 126.

Hass, John, Limburger cheesemaker, h and 8 acres.

Hackman, John D., (Redwood) owns cleared land 25, and woodland 99.

Haffrey, John, marble cutter, manager marble works for F. A. Gaudett, Commercial, bds. Getman House.

Hagan, Barnard J., r 19, laborer.

Hagan, John, r 19, farmer 30.

Hale, Jennie P. Mrs., dressmaker. [Removed to Henderson Harbor.]

Hale, Orville, r 42, 14 cows, farmer 100.

Hall, Walter E., hotel keeper, Main. [Removed to Lyme.}

Hannahs, Sarah C., widow of Lucius, h and lot River.

Hanson, Byron, (Rossie, St. Lawrence Co.) r 4, 12 cows, farmer 105.

HANSON, HENRY F., r 62, 30 cows, farmer, leases of Sylvester Petrie, of Evans Mills, 270. [Removed to Antwerp, r 63]

Hanson, Irving, (Rossie, St. Lawrence Co.) r 4, 25 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire cattle, farmer 186.

Hanson, Victor P., (Rossie, St. Lawrence Co.) r 4, retired farmer.

Hanson, Willit F., r 62, farmer.

Harder, John F., (Redwood) r 1, 11 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire, Holstein, and Durham cattle, farmer 100.

Harder, Sarah, (Redwood) r 1, widow of Charles.

Harger, Charles G., retired farmer, bds. Getman House.

Harger, Charles W., painter and paper hanger, h and lot High.

Harger John, r 30, farmer and produce dealer, barber, Getman block, h and 4 acres.

Harger, William, painter, High.

Haringer, John B., r 18, cor. 26, Limburger cheesemaker.

Harris, Charles, r 9, 21 cows, farmer 40, and leases of L. W. Tyler 350.

Harris, James, (Redwood), r 2, farmer for Mary Butler.

Harris, Moses, (Redwood) r 2, 14 cows, farmer 94.

Harris, William J., (Redwood) r 2, farmer 55.

Hart, Charles H., laborer.

Hart, Thomas C., (Rossie, St. Lawrence Co.) r 3, 30 cows, breeder of grade Guernsey cattle, farmer, leases of J. E. McAllaster 230.

HARVEY, JOHN P., section foreman R., W., & O. R.R., h and lot Park.

Heller, George, carpenter and joiner, h and lot Pine.

Henry, Goodrich W., dealer in hardware, tinware, and agricultural implements, h and lot Commercial.

Herrick, Almira, off r 11, widow of Edward, farm 36.

Herrick, William M., off r 11, farmer.

Higgins, Archie, r 4, (Higgins Brothers).

Higgins Brothers, r 4, (Charles C. and Archie) 15 cows, farmers on the Ransom Higgins estate 92.

Higgins, Charles C., r 4, (Higgins Brothers) com. traveler for W. D. Chapman, Son & Co.

Higgins, Erastus, r 20, laborer, h and 2 1/2 acres.

Higgins, Rawson, r 4, farmer 32.

Hild, Adam, laborer, h and 2 lots High.

Hildreth, John, (Hildreth & Hoover) h and lot E. Mill.

Hildreth & Hoover, (John H. and Gamaliel D. H.) butchers, dealers in butter, eggs, hides, pelts, etc., Commercial.

Hindey, John, (Redwood) r 1, laborer.

Hindey, William W., (Redwood) r 1, lives with his father, John.

Hinman, Lydia, r 57, widow of Alvah, aged 92.

HINMAN, WILLIAM R., r 57, farmer 521.

HONEYWELL, LORENZO, (Redwood) r 6, 10 cows, farmer, leases of Cheeseman Curtis 157.

Hoover, Adam, r 55 cor.61, dealer in groceries and provisions, farm 94.

Hoover, Gamaliel D., (Hildreth & Hoover) h Foundry.

Hoover, George, r 55, 18 cows, farmer 133, and leases of Milo 55.

Hoover, Joel, (Evans Mills) r 55, 7 cows, farmer 160.

Hoover, Levi, r 55, retired farmer.

Hoover, Milo, r 55, retired farmer 62.

Hough, George G., r 12, 12 cows, farmer 95.

Houghton, William, r 4, farmer 288.

House, Ephraim, r 11, farmer.

House, George, (Reamer, House & Pool) h and lot Commercial.

House, John, r 11, farmer, leases on shares of Ephraim 65.

House, William, laborer, h and 2 lots.

HOWLAND, JOSEPH, r 30, 18 cows, farmer 150, served in Co. F, 10th N.Y. H.A, Vols.

Hubbard, Elmer E., r 56, 11 cows, farmer, leases of Mrs. Beebe and Mrs. Rosetta Jones 100.

HUBBARD, HENRY, r 20, 34 cows, 200 sugar trees, farmer, leases of Emma Chadwick 495.

Hubbard, Henry H., r 57, 10 cows, farmer 158.

Humphry Brothers, r 21, (William S. and Ruel M.) farmers 133, and wood lot 13.

Humphry, Cordelia D., r 21, widow of Benjamin F.

Humphry, Ruel M., r 21, (Humphry Brothers).

Humphry, William S., r 21, (Humphry Brothers).

Hungerford, Lyman C., watch repairer, Commercial.

Hunneyman, Byron R., r 19, 20 cows, farmer, leases of Franklin Parker 200, and owns river flat 50.

Hunt, John, (Redwood) r 11, 12 cows, farmer, leases of George Piper 144.

Hunt, Robert, (Redwood) r 11, 7 cows, farmer 100.

Huntington, Abner P., painter, emp. A. N. Brittan & Son Mfg. Co., h and lot Commercial.

Huntington, George B., paper hanger and decorator, h Main.

Huntington, Isaac L., h and lot River.

Huntington, Nathan F., painter, paper hanger, and decorator, h River.

Irvin, William, r 46, 14 cows, farmer 128, [Removed to Le Ray].

James, Jesse, r 28, laborer, h and 5 acres.

JARVIS, AGAR J., molder, emp. C. Wakefield & Son, served in Co. F, 18th N.Y. Cav., h and lot Foundry.

Jeffers, Irving, r 46, farmer, leases of L. Drake 128.

Jenkins, Walter, farm in Orleans 127, h Foundry.

Johnson, Wallace A., Photographer, Commercial, h River.

Johnson, William, (Redwood) r 10, 10 cows, farmer 110.

Jones, John E., blacksmith and horseshoer, Foundry, h River.

Jones, Rosetta A., r 47, widow of Peter, farmer 85.

June, Sarah, (Redwood) r 7, widow of Peter H. aged 89.

Jury, William, (Redwood) off r 1, on Butterfield Lake, laborer.

Kearns, James Jr., r 55, blacksmith, horseshoer, and repairer, h and lot.

Keller, Christopher, prop. saloon and restaurant, Commercial, h do.

Kellett, John F., (Redwood) r 2, school teacher and farmer.

Kellett, Michael J., (Redwood) r 2, 19 cows, farmer 225.

Kelly, Patrick, harnessmaker and repairer, dealer in harnesses, lap robes, and horse furnishing goods, Commercial, h and lot Cemetery.

Kelsey Bridge Limburger Cheese Factory, r 58, owned by the patrons, George Gebler, milk purchaser.

Kelsey, Charles A. r 24, 15 cows, farmer 100 and wood lot 40.

Kelsey, Charles H., laborer.

Kelsey, Darius, r 57, 10 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire cattle, farmer 114.

Kelsey, George, (Kelsey & Schwarz) h Commercial.

Kelsey, George W., emp. A. N. Brittan & son Mfg. Co., h and lot High.

Kelsey, Herbert D., r 57, farmer with his father, Darius.

Kelsey, James E., M.D., physician, graduate of Syracuse Medical College, farm 168, Exchange block, h Commercial.

Kelsey & Schwarz, (Geroge K. and George P. S.) general merchants, Commercial cor. Main.

Kesson, John, (Redwood) r 15, laborer, h and 6 acres.

Kesson, William, r 19, foreman on railroad, h and 1 acres.

Kickley, William, r 38 cor. 52, blacksmith, horseshoer, and repairer, owns 10 acres off r 52, h and lot.

Kinner, Peter W., miller, h Foundry.

Kinner, Wardy, emp. John P. Douglass.

Kissel, Henry A., mason, dealer in cement, plaster of Paris, putty, and mortar, apiarist 130 colonies, dealer in and breeder of Italian and Holy Land Queens.

Kissel, John, prop. 10 cent store, bds. with Peter.

Kissel, Peter, mason, prop. lime kiln, owns 2 houses Pleasant.

Kissel, Peter J., carriagemaker, emp. M. L. Stotter, h and lot Pine.

Ladd, Maria J. Mrs. tailoress, h and lot River.

Ladd, Ondley M., prop. livery stable and boat livery, Main, h do.

LAFAVE, ALONZO S., r 35, 28 cows, 225 sugar trees, breeder of grade Ayrshire cattle, farmer 219.

La Favour, John, laborer, h off Foundry.

Lambert, Alfred, r 52, blacksmith, horseshoer, and repairer, h and 8 acres.

Lambie, William M., dealer in dry goods, clothing, boots, shoes, and carpet, Commercial, h River.

Landmake, Lewis, r 54, 12 cows, farmer 100.

Lanphier, Elester W., off r 41, laborer.

Lapatra, George, r 22, 35 cows, farmer, leases of Zalmon Pool 385.

LARIVIERE, JOHN B., (Redwood) r 10 cor. 13, carpenter and joiner.

Lariviere, John H., (Redwood) r 10 cor. 13, carpenter and joiner.

Laterner, Adeline, widow of Dr. John, aged 81, bds. High.

Lawton, Bertha V. (Redwood) r 8, school teacher.

LAWTON, EDWARD C., (Redwood) r 8, 20 cows, farmer 137, and leases of Ann Cole 218.

LAWTON, GEORGE W., carpenter and joiner, h and lot Foundry, served in Co. B, 142n N.Y. Inf. Vols., wounded May 20, 1864. [Removed to Watertown.]

Lawton, Minne E. Miss, (Redwood) r 8, school teacher.

Lee, George, (Redwood) r 1, laborer.

Leeffler, Gottlieb, section boss R., W. & O. R.R., h and lot High.

Lehr, Charles G., clerk for his father, George.

Lehr, George, general Merchant, Commercial, h High.

Lehr, Henry, retired farmer, h and lot Main.

Linstruth, John, r 58, 33 cows, breeder of Holstein and Ayrshire cattle, farmer, leases of A.A. Holmes, of Redwood, about 70, and in Philadelphia 190.

Linstruth, John, Jr., r 58, farmer and hay presser.

Loucks, George B., laborer.

Loucks, Welburt M., farmer in Orleans.

Louks, Andrew M., retired farmer, owns in Orleans 275, h River.

LOWE, DEWITT C., (Orleans Four Corners) r 52, laborer.

Lyon, Jason, r 32, farmer and teamster for Stockwell & Parker.

Mahony, Jeremiah H., barber, hair-dresser, and saw filer, Stockwell block.

Makepeace, John J., Snell & Makepeace) h E. Mill.

Mallet, Henry, r 41, 30 cows, farmer 237.

Manning, Charles J., (Ox Bow) off r 4. cooper and farmer, leases of J. Closs 66.

MANNING, NEAL, (Ox bow) off 4, 3 cows, farmer 59, served in Co. K, 14th N. Y. H. A. Vols.

March, Louisa L., r 58, widow of Charles.

Mathews, George D., (Redwood) r 14 cor. 15, 15 cows, breeder of Ayrshire and Holstein cattle, farmer, leases of George Dickhaut 120.

Mattraw, Frank, laborer, h and lot off E. Mill.

McAlister, James R., laborer.

McAllastar Limburger Chees Factory, r 3, George Gebler, of Philadelphia, prop.

McAllister, Isabell, widow of Alexander, resides River.

McAllister, James J., (Redwood) r 5, farmer 96.

McAllister, William H., laborer and engineer.

McBride, Joel, r 11, 12 cows, farmer, leases 94.

McCartin, Barnard, r 48, resident, aged 82.

McCormac, Mary E., dressmaker, Main.

McCulloch, George A., teamster.

McDonald, Felix, (Redwood) r 1, prop. lime kiln, lumberman and farmer 73.

McDonald, John, (Redwood), r 1, farmer.

McGarvey, Samuel, r 44, laborer.

McHugh, John, r 48, farm foreman for C. C. Noble.

McHugh, Thomas F., r 28, 11 cows, breeder of grade Holstein cattle, farmer 111.

McIntyre, Christopher C., r 29, laborer, h and lot.

McNeal, John, r 50, 30 cows, farmer, leases of William McNiel 256.

Mellett, Charles, laborer, h and lot Pine.

Mellon, Elizabeth A., widow of Hugh.

Mellon, Hugh, dealer in hay and grain, Main.

Middleton, Hannah M., widow of Andrew, bds. River.

Middleton, John S., carpenter, h River.

Miller, Charles H., r 20, 9 head young cattle, farmer 145, h Mill.

Miller, Edwin J., r 24, farmer.

Miller, George D., r 21, farmer.

Miller, Henry G., sailor, h River.

MILLER, JOHN b., laborer, h off Main.

Miller, Lott, r 21, prop. lime kiln, retired farmer 77, h Foundry.

Mix, Elisha, r 56, 18 cows, farmer, leases of Geroge Hoover 112.

Moak, Mary J., widow of Jesse D., h and lot Commercial.

Montondo, Frank J., splintmaker, h and lot Main.

Montondo, Nelson, carpenter and laborer, h and lot.

Montondo, Oliver, r 33 cor. 40, laborer.

Montondo, Peter, splint and splint-bottom chairmaker, h and lot Main.

Morgan, Elijah D., r 19, farmer for Hannah 22.

Morgan, Joseph, r 19, retired farmer 22, aged 83.

Morrow, Jason C., (Donald & Morrow) notary public, cashier in George E. Yost's bank. h Main.

Nash, Arthur A., r 20, laborer.

Nellis, John, retired farmer, h River.

Nenning, Joseph D., (Redwood) r 1, lives in cheese factory.

Newrath, Valentine, r 18, 14 cows, farmer 132.

Noble, Charles C., r 48, 53 cows, breeder of grade Jersey cattle grade Berkshire swine, farmer 397.

Northup, Daniel, (Redwood) r 7, farmer.

Nugent, Andrew, r 52, 30 cows, breeder of grade Holstein cattle, farmer, leases of John Parker 400.

Ogsbury, Moses, gentleman, h Main.

O'Mara, Frank, (Redwood) r 5 cor. 6, 12 cows, farmer, leases of N. Kimble 160.

O'Niel, William, off r 52, laborer, farm 50.

Ostrander, Allen, r 39 cor. 40, 26 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire and Durham cattle, farmer for Amelia 240.

Ostrander, Jacob, r 16, 9 cows, farmer 95.

Ostrander, Oliver B. Mrs., r 40, widow, 16 cows, farmer 128.

Paddock, Geroge F., off r 43, farmer.

Paddock, Peter H., off r 43, 15 cows, farmer 120.

Parker, ALvin, r 38, retired farmer, h and lot.

Parker, Arza, r 19, 8 cows, farmer 75.

Parker, Charles J., r 38, farmer.

Parker, Edson D., (Piessis) r 36, 12 cows, farmer 153.

Parker, Frank D., com. traveler, h River [Removed to Clayton.]

PARKER, FRANKLIN, retired merchant and farmer 234, h Main.

Parker, John, r 52. (Stockwell & Parker), farm 318, h and lot Commercial.

Parkhurst, Aaron, retired farmer 230, h E. Mill.

Parkhurst, Chauncy W., retired liveryman, owns in Orleans farm 300, h 20 Commercial.

Parkhurst, Eugene F., laborer, h and lot Main.

Parkhurst, Eugene F. Mrs., dealer in millinery and fancy goods, Main, h do.

Parkhurst, George, teamster and butcher, h and lot River.

Parkhurst, Varnay F., r 34, 30 cows, farmer, leases of Aaron 230, and in Antwerp 106.

Patterson, Charlotte, r 9, widow of Oliver.

Patterson, Merwin, r 9, 45 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire cattle, Hambletonian horses, and Berkshire swine, farmer, leases of L. W. Tyler 400.

PEARCE, CHARLES, painter and laborer, served in Co. B, 94th N. Y. Inf. Vols., h h and lot Quarry.

Peck, Andrew, r 49, 20 cows, farmer, leases the Henry Zeller estate 232.

Peck, Cornelia T., (Plessis) r 16, widow of John S.

Peck, Ellen, widow of William, bds. Main.

Peck, Frank M., general merchant, Commercial, h do.

Peck, Woolsey, retired farmer 20, and owns in Orleans 273, h River.

Pedder, Thomas, blacksmith, horseshoer, and repairer, Main, h do.

Perkins, Charles, carpenter and farmer 94, h and 4 acres.

Perkins, William L., carriagemaker, bds. Getman House.

Perrine, George G. Rev., rector St. James's Episcopal Church, rectory Commercial.

Phillips, Frank L., carpenter, manuf. of sash and blinds. [Removed to Clayton]

PHILLIPS, FREEMAN, carpenter and joiner, h and lot E. Mill, served in Co. B, 94th N. Y. Inf. Vols.

Phillips, George W., r 26 cor. 28, 32 cows, farmer 320.

PHILLIPS, WILLIAM D., (Plessis) r 27, 6 cows, farmer 51, served in Co. F, 10th N. Y. H. A. Vols.; promoted to corporal Sept. 11, 1862, and to sergeant may 19, 1864; wounded April 2, 1865, in front of Petersburg; his leg was amputated above the knee by rebel surgeons the day he was wounded, at Chester Station, near Richmond, VA.

Phillips's Limburger Cheese Factory, 6 16, owned by the patrons.

Pierce, Charles, constable, painter, and laborer.

Pierce, Linal, constable and laborer, h and lot Davison Lane.

Pierce, Marlin, blacksmith, bds. E. Mill.

Pierce, Freeman E., r 47, laborer.

PIERCE, WILLARD A., road commissioner and laborer, h and lot Pine.

Pierce, William C., r 52, gardener and farmer 14.

Piper, George M., (Redwood), r 11, 25 cows, farmer 515.

Place, Frank, r 21, farmer. leases of Eliza Saddler 108.

Place, Horace L., (Plessis) r 16, 19 cows, farmer 151.

POLLOCK, ALONSON, r 42, farmer 60, and leases of Milo Shurtleff 100.

Pollock, Alonson, r 43m 30 cows, farmer, leases on share of Jacob H. Snell, 220.

Pollock, Daniel M., journeyman blacksmith.

POOL, CHARLES, (Pool & Cheeseman) real estate owner about 540, h Commercial

Pool, Joseph W., (Reamer, House & Pool) h Commercial

Pool, Laura S., widow of Harvey, lives E. Mill.

Pool, Lester H., r 21, 20 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire cattle, prop. three-fourths Percheron stock horse "Defiance, 2d," farmer, owns one-half of 212, and leases of Munson G. 156.

Pool, Munson G., Veterinary surgeon, h E. Mill.

Pool, Zalmon, retired farmer 302, h 13 Commercial.

POOL & CHEESEMAN, (Charles P. and William C.) props, grist and saw-mills and manufs. of shingles, off Foundry.

Pool's Cheese Factory, r 22, Zalmon Pool, prop.; Joseph Vock, milk purchaser.

Porter, Louisa M., widow of Leonard C., h and lot W. Mill.

Porter, W. C. Mrs., dealer in millinery and fancy goods, Main.

Porter, Willard C., resident, h Main.

Price, Henry J., r 54, farmer 107.

Priest, Charles E., r 54, farmer, leases of George N. 38.

Priest, Frank G., r 54, farmer 55.

Putnam, Jerome, r 24, laborer.

Rappole, Carson J., r 50, farmer and school teacher.

Rappole, John, r 52, retired farmer, aged 92.

Rappole, John G., r 50, 18 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire cattle, farmer 119.

Reamer, George H., (Reamer, House & Pool) h Main.

Reamer, House & Pool, (George H. R., George H., and Joseph W. P.) manufs. of and dealers in doors, sash, and blinds, door and window frames, French and American window glass, painters and glaziers, Foundry.

Reed, Hiram, (Redwood) r 1, glassblower.

Reynolds, Elvira, widow of Stephen, lives E. Mill.

Reynolds, William H., laborer, h E. Mill.

Rice, J.E., (Rice & Seaman) h Main.

Rice & Seaman, (J. E. R. and David S.) props., American Hotel, Main.

Richardson, Alvin F., ex-postmaster, h and lot River.

Rivers, Alexander, carpenter, h and lot Main.

Robbins, Daniel E., r 40, farmer 64.

Robertson, John R., r 19, salesman, bds. with Joseph Morgan.

Robertson, Russell D., r 30, farmer for his mother, Sarah J.

Robertson, Sarah J. Mrs., r 30, farmer 64.

Robinson, Francis, 8 cows, farmer 66.

Rodenhurst, Fred S., clerk for his father, Richard.

RODENHURST, rICHARD, dealer in hardware, stoves, tinware, agricultural implements, paints, oils, and furnaces, Commercial, h do.

Rodewick, Jacob, r 33, section hand R., W. & O. R. R., leases of C. Glitz h and 8 acrees.

Rogers, Angeline H., widow of Chandler, h River.

Rogers, Chandler W., emp. in sash and blind factory, bds. River.

Rogers, Edwin S., (Redwood) r 7, laborer, h and lot.

Rogers, Kendrick A., emp. in sash and blind factor, h and lot River.

Rogers, Warren S., (Redwood) r 7, 9 cows, farmer 167.

Roof, John C., r 40, retired farmer, owns in Alexandria 124, h and 5 acres.

Root, William L., dealer in groceries, provisions, crockery, glassware, confectionery, fruits, tobacco, and cigars.

Ryan, John, r 48, lives with John McHugh.

Ryan, Michael, r 48, lives with John McHugh.

SADLER, ELIZA, off r 21, widow of Joseph, farm 108.

Salisbury, De Alton A., resident, h Main.

Salisbury, Eliza, widow of Lodowick, h and lot off Main.

Salisbury, Hiram P., marble cutter, Commercial, bds. off Main.

Salisbury, Jerome D., harnessmaker and repairer, farm 44, Commercial, bds. off Main.

Salisbury, Joshua L., emp. W.D.Chapman, Son & Co., h Cemetery.

Salisbury, Mary A., widow of Amos P., h and lot Main.

Salisbury, Percival B. mechanic, emp. W.D.Chapman, Son & Co., h River.

Santway, Frederick L., M. D., physician and surgeon, graduate Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital, Chicago, Ill., Commercial, h do.

Sardam Limburger Cheese Factory, r 7, Sylvester C. Sardam, prop.

Sardam, Reuben H., (Redwood), r 7, farmer.

Sardam, Sylvester C., (Redwood) r 7, prop, saw, feed, and shingle-mills, cheese box and cheese factory.

Sartwell, Julia, (Mrs. George E.) h and lot Foundry.

Sartwell, Lucius H., laborer, h and lot Quarry.

Sawdy, Elizabeth, (Evans Mills) r 62, widow of Philip S., retired farmer 50.

Schell, Nelson H., r 46, 17 cows, farmer 122, wood lot 10, and leases of William Irvin 128.

Schults, Adam, Limburger cheesemaker, h and lot High.

Schwartz, Charles A., clerk for A. T. Smith.

Schwarz, Emma J. Miss, school teacher, bds. E. Mill.

Schwarz, George P., (Kelsey & Schwarz) bds. E. Mill.

SCHWARZ, PETER, retired business man, owns 21 acres on r 43 cor. 32, h and lot E. Mill.

Scott, Merton E., r 30, 13 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire cattle and Percheron horses, farmer 96.

Scott, Stephen, r 30, retired farmer.

Seaman, David, (Rice & Seaman) h Main.

Seeber, John D., millwright, h and lot Pine.

Seymour, Albert, teamster, emp. E. B. Fisher, bds. High.

SEYMOUR, JOHN, stone mason, served in Co. A. 10th N. Y. H. A. Vols, h and lot High.

Seymour, Levi, mason and laborer, h and lot High.

Seymour, Oliver, splint and splint-bottom chairmaker, h and lot High.

Shannon, Austin W., (Redwood) r 7, farm laborer.

Shannon, Daniel, (Redwood) r 7, 10 cows, farmer, leases of Michael Ely 163.

Shannon, Dennis, (Redwood) r 6, laborer.

Shannon, Jeremiah, (Redwood) r 7, lives with his son Daniel.

Sharp, William, butcher, prop. meat market, Stockwell block, Commercial, h Quarry.

Sharpe, Charles E., butcher, h and lot Quarry.

Shea, Betsey, (Redwood) r 14, widow of James.

Sheldon, Eugene, driver and stableman, emp. O. M. Ladd, bds. do.

SHELEY, ABRAHAM, laborer, h E. Mill.

Sheley, Ann, widow of John, aged 85.

Sheley, Barney H., farmer 20.

Sheley, Chester, clerk Getman House.

Sheley, Edward D., contractor and builder, manuf. of sash, doors, and blinds, dealer in hardware, house trimmings, paints, and oils. E. Mill, h W. Mill.

Sheley, James J., r 32, carpenter and joiner, h and 8 3/4 acres.

Sheley, John H., stone mason, h Main.

Sheley, Nelson, carpenter and joiner, h and lot E. Mill.

Sheley, Will D., foreman and book-keeper for his father, Edward E., h E. Mill.

Shults, Adam, cheesemaker, h High.

Shurtleff, James, r 42, farmer 52.

Shurtleff, Loren F., retired farmer 120, and owns with his sister Martha A., in Philadelphia, 151, h River.

Shurtleff, Martha M. Miss, dressmaker with Mrs. D. Walradt, River.

Shurtleff, Milo, farmer 95.

Simons Brothers, (Redwood) r 5, (Charles R., Fred I., and Don L.) 38 cows, farmers on the Rodney Simons estate 570.

Simons, Charles R., (Redwood) r 5, (Simons Brothers)

SIMONS, CORA Miss, farmer.

Simons, Don L., (Redwood) r 5 (Simons Brothers).

Simons, Fred I., (Redwood) r 5 (Simons Brothers).

Simons, George B., r 11, farmer with his father, William F.

Simons, Henry C., steamboat captain and owns woodland, farm 116, h and 1 acre Main.

SIMONS, JOHN H., (Redwood) r 5, dealer in nursery stock, prop. thoroughbred English coach stock horse "Prince Imperial," farmer 166, served 3 years in Co. F, 10th N. Y. H. A. Vols., as duty sergeant, h and lot.

SIMONS, NELSON E., r 20, 5 cows, farmer 76, and woodland 30.

Simons, William F., r 11, 30 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire, Jersey, and Holstein cattle, and Blucher and Black Prince horses, farmer 540.

Sluman, Thomas, r 58, 8 cows, breeder of Ayrshire cattle, farmer 133.

Smith, Almanson T., dealer in drugs, groceries, confectionery, stationery, paints, oils, tobacco, and cigars, Commercial, bds. Getman House.

Smith, Charles, (Redwood) r 7, 30 cows, farmer leases of S. C. Sardam 250.

SMITH, DUAIN D., 20 cows, farmer, leases of William Houghton 300.

Smith, Grace, widow of George w., lives Foundry.

Smith, Harvey, carpenter, h Foundry.

Snell, Gideon, Sr., retired miller, aged 82, h and 3 1/2 acres, E. Main.

Snell, Gideon, Jr., (Snell & Makepeace) h and lot Mill.

Snell, Herman, (estate of Justin) 17 cows, steam saw-mill n W. Theresa, capacity 10,000 feet per day, farmer 215.

SNELL, JACOB H. (Snell & Makepeace) farm 220, h and lot E. Mill.

Snell, James, emp. Snell & Makepease.

Snell, Jerome, (Orleans Four Corners) r 53, 23 cows, farmer 240.

Snell & Makepeace, (Jacob H., and Gideon Snell, Jr., and John J. M.) manufs. of Hungarian roller flour, meal, feed, and mill stuffs, Mill.

Snyder, Adelbert, (Plessis) r 16, cheesemaker.

Soper, Norris M., r 38, 20 cows, farmer 215.

Soper, Orange (Redwood) prop. saw-mill, manuf. of shingles and cheese boxes, farmer 253.

Soper, Philo M., r 38, 14 cows, farmer 120.

Spaulding, Cora Miss, school teacher.

Spaulding, Esther, widow of Charles, h and lot Commercial.

Sprague, Adelbert J., r 11, laborer.

Sprague, Cushman, r 11, 22 cows, farmer 260.

Sprague, Hubbard, r 11, farmer with father, Cushman.

Sprague, John M., r 21, farmer. [Removed to Alexandria.]

Sprague Limburger Cheese Factory, r 11, Cushman Sprague, Robert Hunt, and George Piper, props.

SPRAGUE, MARCELLUS W., r 11, mason, served in Co. C, 20th N. Y. Cav. Vols.

Stage, Eliza Ann, widow of John, h Mill.

Stephenson, Jerome C., r 40, carpenter and joiner.

Stephenson, Laanthel, r 40, carpenter and joiner, h and lot.

Stephenson, Mirah, r 40, widow of Norman, h and 4 acres.

Still, Calvin B., r 51 cor. 37, 45 cows, cheese maker and farmer 107.

Still, Horatio O., r 36 cor. 37, farmer 260.

Stockwell, Elijah S., marble cutter, Commercial.

Stockwell, Emmons R., (Stockwell & Parker) h Commercial.

Stockwell & Parker, (Emmons R. S. and John P.) manufs. of lumber, shingles, cheese boxes, snow shovels, clothes-bars, and toboggans, owns 78 acres.

Stone, George, r 22, 10 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire cattle, farmer 113.

Stone, Loren, retired farmer 84, and in Antwerp 200, h Main.

Stonehouse, Mary, (Redwood) r 8, widow of Louis, h and 13 acres.

Stotter, Mordecai L., carriage and sleigh manuf. and repairer, Main. h do.

Stratton, Elbridge J., dealer in groceries, provisions, and crockery, Commercial, h E. Mill.

Stratton, Lewis W., r 55, 6 cows, farmer, leases of Jonathan, of Evans Mills, 150.

Strickland, Albert K., r 41, laborer.

Strough, Perrin A., (Orleans Four Corners) 15 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire cattle, farmer 212.

Sturtevant, Jeremiah R., physician and surgeon, graduate Albany Medical College, Main, h do.

Suits, Alanson W., (Redwood) r 14 cor. 15, 17 cows, farmer 154.

Swan, Warren F., carpenter and joiner, h and lot Foundry.

SWEET, BENJAMIN J., off r 30, 20 cows, farmer, leases on shares of Ruth Baker 166.

THERESA SENTINEL, (Antwerp) Myron H. Bent, editor and prop., issued weekly.

Thomas, Clark, off r 11, farmer, leases of Almira Herrick 36.

Thomas, Sylvia C., widow of Marshall, h and lot River.

THOMPSON, CHARLES W., att'y and counselor at law, Commercial, h Davison cor. Davison Lane.

Thrasher, Joseph S., r 40, carpenter and joiner, h and 3 acres.

Thwing, Curtis, custom boot and shoemaker and repairer, Commercial, h do.

Tibbles, Alvin A., (Redwood) r 6, laborer.

TIBBLES, WILLIAM A., (Redwood), r 6, mason and laborer, 6 cows, served in Co. G, 20th N.Y. Cav. Vols.

Tibles, Ervin J., r 38, farmer for H. Bacon.

TIMERMAN, GEORGE H., r 33, 250 sugar trees, farmer 100.

Timmerman, Edgar, (Orleans Four Corners) r 53, farmer.

Timmerman, Mary, (Orleans Four Corners) r 53, widow of Isaac, farmer 50.

Timmerman, Milo, r 56, 11 cows, farmer, leases of George Hoover 100.

Timmerman, Morgan, (Redwood) r 13, 30 cows, farmer 270.

Tompkins, Elphina C., widow of John L.

Townsend, Marcus D., blacksmith, horseshoer, wagon ironer, and repairer, Commercial, h E. Mill.

Townsend, William H., r 22 cor. 23, laborer and farmer, h and 1 acre.

Tozer, Franklin, millwright, emp. A. N. Brittan & Son Mfg. Co., h and lot Commercial.

Tyler, David W., laborer, h Pine.

Tyler, Hiram, r 24, resident.

Tyler, Joseph, laborer and trapper, h and lot E. Mill.

Tyler, Lee W., (William A. Fisher & Co.) retired farmer 747, h and lot Main.

Van Allen, Benjamin, r 54, farmer. [Removed to Alexandria.]

Van Allen, Charles A., r 54, school teacher and farmer.

Van Allen, Hiram, r 54, 10 cows, farmer 132.

Van Allen, Warren, r 54, 13 cows, breeder of high grade Ayrshire cattle, farmer 130.

VAN TASSELL, SALLY A., (Redwood) r 7, widow of Sylvester, h and 3 acres.

Vock, James B., manuf. and dealer in Limburger cheese, h and lot High.

Vock, Joseph, manuf. and dealer in Limburger cheese, farm 230.

Vock's Limburger Cheese Factory, r 15, Joseph Vock, prop.

Von Tassell, Dennis (Redwood) r 1, farmer, leases of Charles F. 66.

Wakefield C. & Son, (James W.) props. iron foundry, machinists, plow manufs., and repairers, Foundry.

Wakefield, Ceylon, (C. Wakefield & Son) h Commercial.

Wakefield, James W., (C. Wakefield & Son) bds. Commercial.

Walker, John W., r 48, 43 cows, farmer, leases of John P. Douglass 396.

Walradt, Abram, retired farmer 161, h and lot Main.

WALDRADT, DORMAN, postmaster, appointed Aug. 1, 1885, Commercial, h River.

Walradt, Dorman Mrs., dressmaker with Martha M. Shurtleff, h River.

WALRADT, GEORGE D., clerk for Frank M. Peck, h and lot.

Walradt, William, justice of the peace, clerk for Kelsey & Schwarz, farm 125, h River.

Walter, Charles M., r 37, 9 cows, breeder of Holstein cattle and Hambletonian horses, farmer 180, h off High.

Walter, Cornelius, r 37, 10 cows, farmer 80.

Walter, Enas U., r 36, 30 cows, farmer 230.

Walter, Martin H., r 51, farmer 98.

Walts, Betsey, r 36, widow of John, aged 88.

Walts, George H., laborer, h Commercial.

WALTS, ZALMAN D., r 55, 18 cows, farmer, leases of J. P. Douglass 150, served in Co. F, 10th N. Y. H. A. Vols.

Ward, Andrew, r 54, farmer 55.

Ward, Charles H., emp. Stockwell & Parker, h off Foundry.

Ward, James, laborer.

Weeks, Orzellous D., clerk for W. D. Chapman, Son & Co., bds. River.

Welch, Alcesta, widow of Jonathan, h and lot River.

WELCH, WILLIAM, shingle sawyer, emp. Stockwell & Parker for 15 years, served in Co. F, 10th N. Y. H. A. Vols., bds. American Hotel

Wenrick, George W. S. Rev., pastor First Presbyterian Church, parsonage River.

West, Alanson, (Redwood) r 18, farmer.

West, Charles H., contractor and stonecutter, h and lot Quarry.

West, George, r 36, laborer.

West, Silas G., Jr., r 15, 27 cows, farmer, leases of Joseph Vock.

WEST, WILLIAM L., (Redwood) r 18, 18 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire, Durham, and Holstein cattle, farmer 168.

Westcott, Frederick C., miller, bds. Quarry.

Westcott, Jason, gardener, h and lot Quarry.

Westcott, Jerome, tinsmith, bds. Quarry.

Westcott, Lester, blacksmith, emp. M. L. Stotter, h and lot Main.

Westcott, Milton, quarryman, bds. Quarry.

Wheeler, George A., r 35, carpenter and builder, prop. steam saw and planing-mill, manuf. of sash, doors, and blinds.

Wheeler, Gilbert H., r 35, carpenter, builder, and farmer.

Wheeler, Milton E., r 35, 21 cows, breeder of grade Holstein cattle, farmer 182.

Wheeler, Philander E., r 58, 30 cows, breeder of grade Holstein and Ayrshire cattle, farmer, leases of G. E. Tucker, of Philadelphia, 246.

Whipple, ELiza M., r 42, widow of Calvin D.

Whitaker, Hiram, (Redwood) r 14, farmer 46.

White, Everland F., (Plessis) r 16, 14 cows, farmer, leases on shares of D. T. 152.

White, John, (Redwood) r 1, laborer.

Wicks, Wallace A., r 24, teamster.

Wilcox, Arnold, laborer, h and lot Foundry.

Wilcox, Charles R., carpenter and joiner, h and lot W. Mill.

Wilcox, Julia, (Ox Bow) r 4, widow of Allen, h and lot.

Will, Jacob, dealer in boots, shoes, and rubbers, custom boot and shoemaker and repairer, h Commercial.

Willard, Sylvanus, r 3, laborer.

Williams, Ephraim, r 19, farmer 28.

Williams, James, r 29, 8 cows, farmer 73.

Williams, John D., r 19, 20 cows, 1 pure blood Jersey cow, farmer, leases of P. D. Bullard 159.

Williams, Richard, r 53, laborer.

Willson, Sewell, Jr., bricklayer, bds. Foundry.

Wilson, Charles A., r 28, 20 cows, farmer, leases of Philista 185.

Wilson, D. G. & Co., (R. A. Wilson) dealers in drugs, etc., Commercial.

Wilson, David G., (D. G. Wilson & Co.) h Main.

Wilson, Philista, r 28, widow of Charles J., farm 185.

Wilson, Robert A., (D. G. Wilson & Co.) h River.

Wilson, Warren, (Redwood) r 10 cor 13, 8 cows, farmer 62. [Deceased.]

Wilt, Buel G., r 51, laborer.

Wiswell, Henry, bricklayer, stone mason, and plasterer, h and lot Park.

Wood, John H., r 46, 12 cows, farmer 112, and wood lot 7.

Woodruff, Charles, r 49, 15 cows, farm r 150.

Worsley, Byron J., carpenter, joiner, and glovemaker, h and lot Foundry.

Worsley, Jerome, r 24, 20 cows, farmer 280.

Worsley, Maria J., Miss, h and lot Foundry.

Worsley, Mary Jane, widow of Jesse, resides Foundry.

Worsley, Sophia, r 24, widow of John G.

Wring, Frederick O., laborer, h Foundry.

Yost, Charles G., farmer 99, h Davison Lane.

Yost, George E., banker, farm 163, and in Antwerp 600, Comercial, h Main.

Yost, Magdalene, widow of Nicholas D., h Main.

Youngs, Absolom B., r 56, 23 cows, farmer 203.

Youngs, Jacob S., r 55, 12 cows, breeder of grade Ayrshire cattle, farmer 131.

Youngs, Louisa, farm 130.

Zapf, Lewis, r 9, Limburger cheesemaker.

Zellar, Absolom, r 50, 14 cows, farmer 100.

Zeller, Benjamin, r 49, laborer, h and lot.

ZELLER, JOHN J., r 49, with Andrew Peck, served in Co. D, 186th N. Y. Vols.

Zeller, Norris E., r 49, laborer, h and lot.

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