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ACKLEY, JONATHAN M. Hon., (Worthville) retired farmer 7. [Died Aug. 15, 1889, aged 79.]

Ackley, William P., (Worthville r 7, 15 cows, farmer 110.

Alexander, Robert H., (Worth Center ) 10 cows, farmer 125.

Allen, Anson, (Lorraine) r 30, blacksmith and farmer 50.

Atkins, David H. (Worthville) farmer 188.

Atkins, Franklin A., (Worth Center) r 6, 22 cows, farner, leases with Fred D. 188.

Atkins, Fred D., (Worth Center) r 6, farmer with Franklin A.

Baglow, Jaqueth (Worth Center) farmer 50.

Banks, George H., (Worthville) Served through the war in Co. G, 35th N.Y. Vols.

Barret, Eugene, (Barns Corners, Lewis Co.) r 13 1/2, farmer 150.

Bates, William Mrs., (Lorraine) r 30, 6 cows, farmer 80.

Bellinger, George, (Lorraine) r 25, farmer 125.

Bellinger, Isaiah, (Lorraine) r 25, farmer 87.

Bert, George,Sr., (Worthville) r.16, prop. saloon, 20 cows, farmer 189.

Bert, George Jr., (Worthville) 25 cows, farmer 236, h Main.

Bert, Peter.(Worthville) r 9, 18 cows, farmer 206.

Bice, Henry, (Worth Center) r 26, farmer 50.

Bice, William (Worth Center) r. 26, farmer 2

Bidwell, John, (Barnes Corners,Lewis Co.) r 13, farmer 50.

Bowman, Abram, (Lorraine) r 25, farmer 15.

Bowman, Charles, (Lorraine) r 25, farmer 20.

Boyd, Alexander, (Worthville) r 1, chessemaker and farmer 100.

Brady, Jack, (Barnes Corners, Lewis Co.) r 13 3/4 , laborer.

Brady, Terrence, (Barnes Corners,Lewis Co.) r 13 1/2, farmer 100

Breman, Philip, (Lorraine) r 33, owns steam saw-mill with Edward Lyng and 353 acres.

Brown, Almanzo (Lorraine) r 6, farmer, leases of T.V. 17.

Brownell, Washington I., (Barnes Corners, Lewis Co.) r 12, 6 cows, farmer 100.

Bullock, Eddie M., (Worthville) teacher, son of Munroe.

Bullock, Leonard C., (Worthville) r 2 cor.5, 15 cows, dealer in horses, farmer 120, and on the Bullock estate 11.

Bullock, Munroe, (Worthville) hunters' guide, prop. Worthville cheese factory, farmer 10.

Butler, Charles, (Worth Center) r 16, farmer 50.

Butler, Edwin, (Worth Center) r 28, emp.H. Woodard.

Calahan, Hugh, (Barnes Corners, Lewis Co.) r 131/2, farmer 60.

Carpenter, John, (Lorraine) r 30, farmer 50.

Carroll, Matthew, (Barnes Corners, Lewis Co.) r 131/2, farmer 50

Caulkins, Lindsley, (Worthville) r19, farmer in Lorraine 30, and leases of C.C.Moore 160.

Cleveland, Newton, (Lorraine) prop. steam saw-mill, wild land 16.

Conroy, Michael, (Worthville) r 15, 6 cows, farmer 80.

Coon, Charles R., (Worthville) r 2, 22 cows, farmer 132.

CORNELL, EDWARD, (Worth Center) postmaster and blacksmith, prop. saw-mill, 25 cows, 12 horses, 2 yoke oxen, farm 330, woodland 600.

Cornell, Emma J., (Worth Center) (Mrs. William M.) school teacher.

Cornell, Leon L., (Worthville) school teacher, son of Edward.

Cornell, Sidney E., (Worth Center) Prop. saw-mill, son of Edward, farm 25.

CORNELL, WILLIAM M., (Worth Center) runs saw-mill for his father, Edward, resides in Rodman.

Cornwell, Orrin D., (Worth Center)r 21, farmer 50.

CORNWELL, WASHINGTON A., (Worthville) dealer in furniture.

Cox, Samuel,(Lorraine) r 30,laborer

Crawford, Albert, (Worthville) teamster, h and lot Mill.

Crawford, Frank, (Worth Center) farmer, leases on shares of George Bert.

Cross, Charles, (Worth Center) r 28, farmer, leases of Mrs. Jane Hull 50.

Cross, Emanuel, (Lorraine) r 18, farmer,leases of L.F. Caulkins, of Lorraine, 325.

Cutting, William, (Lorraine) r 25, farmer 25, and wildland 62.

Dailey, Daniel,(Lorraine) r 25, rector Episcopal Church.

Davis, George D.,(Worthville) r 8, farmer 50.

DONEBURGH, JOHN, (Worthville) dealer in groceries, farmer 80.

Downs, John, (Worth Center) r 22,farmer100.

Dunning, Frank, (Barnes Corners,Lewis Co.) r 13 cor.13 3/4 prop. steam saw-mill, farmer 200,and wild land 1,600.

Elkins, Henry, (Lorraine) r 25, farmer 50.

Ellinwood, Edwin E., (Worthville) town Clerk, miller, emp. S.B. Kellogg, h and lot.

Ellsworth, William H., (Worthville) r 14, farmer 100.

Elmer, W. De Estang, (Worthville) r 19 cor.12, thresher and shingle sawyer, farmer 50.

England, William, (Barnes Corners, Lewis Co.) r 13 1/2,farmer 40.

Ettleman, Henry, (Lorraine) r 31, farmer 111.

Ferry, Benjamin F., (Lorraine) r 22, mason and farmer 10.

Flaherty, Arthur M., (Worthville) r 6,farmer with Demster C.

Flaherty, Demster C., (Worthville) r 6, 20 cows, farmer 140.

Flaherty, Frank D,.(Worthville) r 6,farmer with his father,Demster C.

Flanders, Edward, (Worthville) r 10,farmer 50.

Folsom, Chester, (Lorraine) r 30, Laborer and farmer 100.

Fox, John. (Worthville) r 7, formerly farmer, aged 75.

FRALICK, ADAM N. (Worthville) r 7 cor.17, 7 cows,16 sheep, farmer 96.

Fralick, Peter, (Lorraine) r 25, farmer 25.

Frederick, Alvin L., (Lorraine) r 22,11 cows,dealer in Ethan Allen horses, farmer 125.

Frederick, Andrew, (Lorraine) r 22,farmer with Alvin L.

Frederick, Franklin L., (Lorraine) r 22.farmer with his father, Alvin L.

Gardner, Seymour, (Lorraine) r 29, farmer 25.

Gilbert, C. Duane, (Worthville) r 15, farmer, leases of L.D. Munroe, 209.

Gillett, Andrew B. (Worthville) prop. saw and planing-mills, farmer 13.

GILLETT, BISHOP E. (Lorraine) r 18, 13 cows, 7 head other stock, 500 sugar trees, apiarist 10 swarms, farmer 120.

Greenley, Catharine, (Worthville) widow Timothy, h and lot Mill.

Greenley, Eugene E., (Worthville) r 6, 20 cows, farmer 172.

GREENLY, OREN, (Worthville) r 15, 500 sugar trees, 30 cows, farmer 337, and in Rodman 92.

Greggory, John K., (Worthville) soldier, h and 5 acres.

Gregory, Frank, (Worthville) soldier, h and 5 acres.

Gregory, Frank, (Worthville) soldier and laborer, h and 2 acres.

Groves, Daniel, (Lorraine) r 23, 14 cows, farmer 100.

Groves, Patrick, (Lorraine) r 23, farmer.

Halliday, Rowland P., (Worth Center) r 16, stage prop. from Worth Center to Adams, farmer 3, h and lot. (Removed to Belleville.)

Hannahs, Cyril E., (Barnes Corner,Lewis Co.) r 12, farmer, son of Matthew.

Hannahs, Emmet A., (Barnes Corners, Lewis Co.) r 12, farmer with his father, Matthew.

Hannahs, George M., (Barnes Corners, Lewis Co.) r 12, farmer, son of Matthew.

HANNAHS, MATTHEW, (Barnes Corners, Lewis Co.) r 12, 500 sugar trees, 20 cows, farmer 240.

HANNAHS, SOPHRONIA R., (Barnes Corners, Lewis Co.) r 12, daughter of Matthew.

Harrington, Albert, (Worhville) blacksmith and repairer, farmer 10.

Harrington, William, (Worth Center) farmer 50.

HASKINS, ABEL, (Barnes Corners, Lewis Co.) farmer 40.

Haskins, George B., (Barnes Corners, Lewis Co.) son of Abel, farmer 8.

Hayes, Thomas, (Worthville) r 10, 15 cows, farmer 114.

Hayes, Timothy, (Worthville) r 10, 20 cows, farmer 136.

Hazard, Caleb, (Lorraine) r 33, carpenter and farmer 96.

Hazzard, William, (Lorraine) r 33, laborer, owns wild land 25.

Henderson, Herbert M., (Barnes Corners, Lewis Co.) r 13, prop. steam saw-mill, farmer 100.

Hitchcock, Henry, (Worthville) formerly shoe maker, aged 78.

Horin, James, (Barnes Corners, Lewis Co.) r 13 1/2, farmer 128.

Horth, Amelia,(Worthville) (Mrs. E. C.) milliner and general merchant, Main h do.

Horth, E. C., (Worthville) blacksmith, Main, h and 10 acres do.

Hoselton, Manie, (Worthville) farmer, leases on shares of Levi Wilcox 50.

Houghtaling, Charles, (Worth Center) r 22, farmer 30.

HOUGHTALING, DAVID, (Worth Center) r 21, 5 cows, farmer 30.

Houghtaling, Ed., r 26, laborer, farm 64.

Houghtaling, Frank, (Worth Center r 21, farmer, son of David.

Houghtaling, George, (Worth Center r 22, farmer 17.

Houghtaling, Malvina V., (Worth Center ) r 22, widow of Peter, farm 52.

Houghtaling, Melvin V., (Worth Center) son of David.

HOUGHTALING, MINNIE BELLE, (Worth Center) r 21, daughter of Tyler.

HOUGHTALING, TYLER, (Worth Center) r 21, farmer 31.

Howard, Aaron S., (Worth Center) r 16, farmer 46 1/2.

Howard, Philip, (Worth Center) r 27, farmer 77.

Howard, Thomas, (Worthville) r 16, 10 cows farmer 120.

Hull, Jane Mrs., (Worth Center) r 21, farmer 50.

Hyde, Noah H. Capt., (Worth Center) prop. stage route from Worth Center via Worthville to Lorraine and Adams, daily.

Jenkins, Jerry,(Worth Center) farmer 25.

Jenks, Edwin D., (Worthville) r 7,dealer in horses, farmer with Henry V. 101.

Jenks, Henry V., (Worthville) r 7, 25 cows, farmer 84.

Jewett, Henry, (Barnes Corners, Lewis Co.) r 11, 16 cows, farmer 127.

Johnson, Ashley, (Worthville) laborer, h Main.

Johnson, George, (Lorraine) r 30, farmer, leases on shares of C, Hazard 96.

Johnson, Henry, (Barnes Corners, Lewis Co.) r 13 1/2, farmer 50.

Johnson, Marcus (Worthville) Laborer, h Main.

Kehoe, Thomas, (Lorraine) r 33, laborer.

Kelly, Eugene,(Barnes Corners, Lewis Co.) r 13, farmer 100.

KELLOGG, SAMUEL B., (Worthville) supervisor, prop. Worthville grist, saw, and planing-mills, also saw-mill on r -, 30 cows, farmer 8, woodland 344, and farm in Rodman 188,served in Co. C, 186th N.Y. Vols.

Kellogg, Solomon W., (Worthville) formerly farmer, aged 70.

Kelly, Michael, (Lorraine) r 29, farmer 75.

Kelly, Sarah, (Barnes Corners, Lewis Co.) r 12, farm 70.

Kilmer, Wayne, (Worthville) r 16, Cheesemaker.

King, Lewis, ( Worth Center) r 21, farmer, 50.

King, Philip, (Lorraine) r 22, farmer, leases on shares of E. Palmer 50.

Larrabee, James, (Worth Center) r 28, stone mason and farmer 135.

Larrabee, Jasper, (Worth Center) r 28, farmer 150.

Leepy, John, (Worthville) r 19, 30 cows, farmer with his brother Joseph, and leases on shares of his father, Nicholas, 207, wild land 50.

Leepy, Joseph, (Worthville) r19, farmer with his brother John.

Leonard, James, (Worthville) r 13, farmer 10.

LOWE, GEORGE A. (Worthville) r 19, prop. Springside cheese factory, 300 cows.

Lyng, Edward, (Lorraine) r 33, owns steam saw-mill with P. Breman.

Lyng, J. F., (Lorraine) r 33, farmer 60.

Lyng, P. M., (Barnes Corners, Lewis Co.) r. 13 1/2, farmer 50.

Lyon, Abel G., (Worthville) r 8, farmer 110.

Macklin, Jack, (Worthville) r 8, farmer 80.

Macomber, George D., (Worthville) general merchant.

Mandigold, George, (Lorraine) r 25, thresher and farmer 25.

Marquette, Henry, (Lorraine) r 25, farmer 50.

Marvin, Jerry, (Worth Center) r 28, emp E. Cornell, 8 cows, farmer 90.

MATTOON, CATHATINE H., (Lorraine) r 18 widow of Rufus, 13 cows, 25 sheep, farm 102.

MATTOON, COURTLAND G.,(Lorraine) r 18, farmer with his mother,Catharine H

McCarger, James, (Worthville) r 19, stone mason and retired farmer, h and lot.

MONROE, JAMES, (Barnes Corners, Lewis Co.) r 12, 100 sugar trees, 7 cows, farmer 40 .

Moore, Eli, (Worthville) r 7, 13 cows, farmer 100.

Moore, Thomas, (Worth Center) r 26, farmer 50.

Morgan, Alanson, (Worth Center) r 20, formerly peddler and laborer, aged 70.

Morse, John, (Barnes Corners, Lewis Co.) r 12, farmer 50.

Moy, Edward (Lorraine) r 33, farmer 50.

Moy, Hannah, (Lorraine) r 33, widow of Patrick, Sr., farmer 89.

Moy, Patrick, (Lorraine) r 26, farmer 62.

Munroe, Lorenzo D., (Worthville) r 15, 25 cows, farmer 209.

Murrock, Fred, (Worthville) r 20, farmer 78.

Murrock, William, (Worthville) r 8, farmer 30.

Nichols, James, (Lorraine) r 25 farmer 135.

Nichols, Luman, Jr., (Worthville) r 17, farmer 30.

Nichols, Pamelia, (Lorraine) r 25, widow of John, farm 25.

Nobles, Charles, (Barnes Corner, Lewis County.) r 13, emp. in saw-mill in Montague, Lewis Co., woodland 100.

O'Conner, Daniel, (Worth Center) r 28, 6 cows, farmer 96.

O'Donnell, Patrick, (Worthville) r 15, farm and wild land 218.

Overton, Albert H., (Worthville) farmer and laborer, son of Lamont W.

Overton, Charles E., (Worthville) farmer, son of Lamont W.

Overton, Frank D., (Worthville) farmer, son of Lamont W.

OVERTON, LAMONT W., (Worthville) farmer 40, h Mill.

Palmer, Eliza, (Lorraine) r 22, farmer 48.

Parrish, Jim Henry, (Worth Center) r 26, laborer.

Peltier, Augustus, (Lorraine) r 25, farmer 25.

Perkins, Emery A., (Worthville) retired farmer 3, and owns in Rodman 140.

Petrie, John, (Worth Center) r 21, farmer 100.

Phillips, Michael, (Worthville) r 15, 10 cows, farmer 100, and leases on shares of T. Pierce 300.

Pickard E., (Worth Center) Methodist Protestant clergyman.

Piddock, Jane, (Lorriane) r 24, widow, farm 60.

Piddock, Waite, (Worth Center) widow of Thomas, farm 25.

Piddock, William, (Lorriane) r 24, farmer 39.

Potter, Anthony, (Worthville) r 17 cor. 20, 12 cows, farmer 100.

Potter, Augustus, (Worthville) r 20, farmer 25.

Priest, Alphonzo D., (Worthville) Carpeneter and laborer, h and lot.

Prouty, Edgar K., (Barnes Corners, Lewis Co.) r 11, 6 cows, farmer 40.

PROUTY, WILLIAM H., (Worthville) r 14, prop. saw, shingle, planing and matching-mills, manufs. 400,000 feet of lumber and 300,000 shingles annually, farmer 280.

Quimell, John, (Worthville) r 16, resident.

Ramsey, Charles P., (Worthville) prop. Worthville Hotel, 30 cows, farmer 200, h Main cor. Mill.

Ramsey, Harlow, (Worthville) shinglemaker and prop. steam thresher, h Mill.

Ramsey, William, (Worthville) formerly farmer, aged 73.

Ray, Robert, (Worth Center) r 20, laborer and farmer 10.

Reid, George W., (Worthville) r 17, farmer 100.

Reynolds, Richard (Lorraine) r 25, farmer 50.

Richards, Albert, (Lorraine) r 29, laborer.

Richards, Benjamin S., (Barnes Corner, Lewis Co.) r 10, farmer 90.

Robbins, George, (Worthville) r 9, 12 cows, farmer 129.

Roberts, Frank (Lorraine) r 25, farmer 70.

Russell, Normantha, (Barnes Corners, Lewis Co.) r 12, widow of John K. farm 63.

Russell, Veranus B., (Barnes Corners.) r 12, farmer 50.

SAVALL, JOHN, (Worthville) speculator

SCOTT, DEXTER B. (Worthville) r 15, 14 cows, farmer 193.

Silsby, Royal, (Lorraine) r 26, farmer 50.

Sloan, John, (Worthville) r 8, 22 cows, farmer 225.

Smiley, Lydia A., (Worthville) school teacher.

Snyder, John, Sr., (Worthville) r 9, farm laborer and farmer for Margaret 50.

Snyder, John Jr., (Worthville) r 10, farmer 51,

Snyder, Margaret, (Worthville r 9, (Mrs.John, Sr.) farmer 50.

SPALSBURY, LORENZO D., (Worthville) wagonmaker, blacksmith, and repairer, served in Co. G. 10th N.Y.H.A. Vols., farmer 90, Main cor. Mill, h do.

SPIES, WILLIAM (Worthville) r 14, leases on shares of his father, George, saw-mill and farm 436.

Stafford, ---------, (Barnes Corners, Lewis Co.) r 13, farmer 300.

Stafford, Brayton, (Barnes Corners, Lewis Co.) r. 13, farmer 40, and leases of Emma S. 40.

Stears, Albert, (Worthville) r ---, school teacher and farmer 113.

Streeter, Walter, (Worthville) r 7, cooper and laborer, owns 5 acres.

Sutliff, Simeon F., (Worth Center) farmer 100.

Taber, Carden L., (Lorraine) r 6, farmer 65.

Taber, Lemuel M., (Worthville) r 17, justice of the peace, farmer 40.

Thompson, Albert, (Worthville) r 7, laborer.

Thompson, Levi W., (Worth Center) r 16, carpenter and joiner, h and lot.

Tiffany, Albert W.., (Worthville) teamster and farmer 31.

Trudell, Charles, (Worth Center) blacksmith and farmer 35.

Tucker, Douglas, (Lorraine) r 30,prop. steam saw-mill and farmer 85.

Tucker, John, (Lorraine) r 25, farmer 25.

Turner, Sidney, (Barnes Corners, Lewis Co;) r 11, prop. creamery, farmer 180.

Tyler, James, (Worthville) r 8, carpenter and joiner, farmer 31.

Vallier, Charles E., (Worthville) carpernter and joiner, farmer 4.

Vallier, Edward N., (Worthville) teacher and book agent, son of Charles E.

Van Auken, Charles, (Lorraine) r 29, farmer 25.

Van Brocklin, Benjamin, (Lorrine) r 29, farmer 100.

Van Brocklin, Charles G. (Worthville) postmaster, grocer, and cooper, Main, h do.

Van Brooklin, Joseph, (Lorraine) r 25 cor. 29, farmer 50.

Van Camp, Howell, (Worth Center) r 16, farmer 50.

Van Camp, John, (Worthville) r 19, assessor and farmer 102.

Van Norman, Eugene, (Lorraine) r 33, farmer 25.

Waite, Charles, (Worthville) r 13, laborer and farmer 50.

Waite, Frank, (Worthville) r 13 1/2 , farmer 50.

Waite, Henry, (Worthville) r 13 3/4, farmer 75.

Waite, Willard, (Worthville) r 13 3/4, farmer 75.

Ward, Henry, (Worthville) Baptist clergyman, h Mill.

Weaver, David, (Worth Center) r 21, farmer 50.

Western, Willard, (Lorraine) r 30, farmer 62.

Whittaker, Edward, (Lorraine) r 31, farmer 60.

Wilcox, Charles G., (Worthville) retired farmer 65, h. Mill.

Wilcox, Frank, (Worthville) laborer, h Mill.

WILCOX, GILBERT H., (Worthville) 350 sugar trees, 35 cows, 5 horses, 10 head young stock, breeder of Percheron horses, farmer 180.

WILCOX, LEVI, (Worthville) farmer with his son 243.

Wilcox, William, (Worthville) r 3, cooper, h and lot.

Woodard, George, (Worth Center) r 27, farmer 110.

Woodard, Henry V., (Worthville) r 28, prop. steam saw-mill, owns woodland 183.

Woodard, Lyman, (Worthville) r 6, laborer.

Woodard, Sidney, (Worth Center) r 27, emp. in saw-mill, farmer 90

Woodard, William, (Worth Center) r 28, emp. Henry V.

Worthville Hotel, (Worthville) Charles P. Ramsey, Prop., Main cor. Mill.

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