1.  ALFRED COMINS, (son of JAMES and (---) COMINS, Jr) was born 3 Jul 1781
in Putney VT.  As early as 1800, Alfred Comins owned land in the Town of
Rutland, Jefferson County.  Later he bought land in Brownville, and in
1820 at the first town meeting of the Town of Pamelia, formed from
Brownville, he was elected Commissioner of Highways.  In 1831 with his
second wife he bought land in the Town of LeRay.  He died 7 Nov 1851 at
the age of 71 years wand was buried in Sanford's Corners Cemetery in
Calcium, Town of LeRay.

He married (1) 17 Apr 1803

LYDIA WHITE, (daughter of ELISHA and SARAH (CARTER) WHITE) who died 28 Sep
1828 aged 47, and was buried at Sanford's Corners.

Children, COMINS:

      2     i      a daughter COMINS

      3    ii      FRANKLIN COMINS

      4   iii      GUY COMINS

      5    iv      a daughter COMINS

He married (2) 7 Jul 1829 

was born 13 Jan 1797 at Granville, Washington County NY.  She died 25 Nov
1880 aged 83 in Black River and was buried at Sanford's Corners.

Children, COMINS:

      6     v      ALFRED COMINS d.y.

      7    vi      ORVILLE COMINS married JANE ANN THURSTIN

      8   vii      LYDIA A. COMINS married MATTHEW PARKINSON

      9  viii      HEWLET COMINS

     10    ix      HARVEY/HENRY COMINS married CYNTHIA WELLER

     11     x      CHLOE R. COMINS married 

     12    xi      ALFRED (HINES)

7.  ORVILLE COMINS, (son of ALFRED and LYDIA (SPENCER) COMINS) was born 20
Jan 1830 at Five Corners, near Black River, Town of LeRay, Jefferson
County.  He died 15 Jan 1899 at Black River and was buried in the Village
Cemetery there.

He married 14 Oct 1858

who was born in the Town of Hounsfield, Jefferson County.  She died 17 Jan
1894 and was buried with her husband in the Village Cemetery, Black River.

Children, all but MARIA born in Black River, COMINS:

     13     i      MARTHA COMINS married GEORGE MARSHALL ALLEN

     14    ii      MARY COMINS married (1) JOHN SCHUYLER; 
                                       (2) WILLIAM H. RANDALL

     15   iii      HATTIE COMINS d.y.

     16    iv      JENNIE COMINS d.y.

     17     v      ALFRED T. COMINS

     18    vi      JEANNETTE (Nettie) COMINS married 
                                        JOSIAH RANDOLPH BENNETT

     19   vii      MARIA COMINS married GEORGE JOSEPH FINNEY

     20  viii      VERNON SPENCER COMINS married GRACE RUTH PAUL

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